Seducing Taylor

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A couple of fans of my stories FORBIDDEN FRUIT and PAPER ROUTE SURPRISE have requested more stories with my friend Taylor as one of the characters. This is a story written some time ago relating her first time with me. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Taylor dipped her foot into the pool to check the temperature as she waited for Laurie to finish her cigarette. Before Laurie took the last puff, she handed it to Taylor and said, “Go ahead. I know you want to take a hit.”

Taylor let her eyes drift toward the house and said, “My mom might see it.”

Laurie shrugged and said, “So. What if she does? You think she never smoked a cigarette?”


“Yep,” Laurie said. “I’ve seen her.”

“You’re kidding me,” Taylor said as she accepted the burned down cigarette Laurie handed her. She put it to her lips and inhaled a little deeper than Laurie expected. She then blew out a stream of smoke without coughing.

“Hmmmm,” Laurie said. “You’ve done that before.”

“A time or two.”

“What else don’t I know about you? What are you girls over at Southern Christian Academy up to?”

“Let’s get in the pool first. Maybe then I’ll tell you.”

“Okay,” Laurie said as she reached behind her to undo her top.

Taylor’s eyes widened and she said, “What are you doing?”

“Taking off my bikini. I want to skinny dip.”

“You’re kidding.” Laurie shrugged and said, “Come on there’s no guys here.”

“But my mom and yours and Michelle are inside. So’s Judy’s mom.”

“So. If they want to swim they have to take their suits off too.” Taylor hesitated and Laurie said, “Come on, chica. Be a little bold.”

Then Laurie tossed her top to the table and bent over to slide her bottoms down her shapely legs. She stepped out of them and tossed them onto the table with her bra. She looked at Taylor who still had her bikini on, and said, “Come on. Don’t be embarrassed.”

Taylor reached her hands behind her and unclasped her top. Before she removed it, she turned away so that Laurie wouldn’t see her breasts.

“Hey,” Laurie said. “None of that. You saw me.”

Taylor trembled a little and turned back around and let her top fall to the concrete surrounding the pool. Her tiny breasts stood out proud and firm with the exposed nipples erect and razor sharp.

Laurie whistled softly, and Taylor said, “Please don’t make fun of me.”

“I ain’t making fun of you,” Laurie said as she stepped closer. “I’m just admiring you.”

Then she kneeled down in front of Taylor and said, “Here, let me help you with the rest.”

Then she began to slowly roll Taylor’s bikini bottoms down her thighs, past her knees, and to her ankles antalya escort so that Taylor could step out of them. As she did this, Laurie’s face was only inches away from Taylor’s fresh, blonde, mound of pubic hair. She resisted the urge to take her right then, and stood up. She smiled at Taylor and reached her hand out and took Taylor’s hand in her own.

“Come on, sweetie. Let’s get in the pool and have some fun.”

Taylor let Laurie lead her into the water. They waded out about four feet and Laurie let her walk in front of her and put her hands on Taylor’s shoulders to guide her where she wanted to go. They reached the area of the side of the pool where the water was pumped into the pool.

Laurie leaned into her so that Taylor could feel her nipples pressing into her back and said.

“Here we go. Reach your hand against the wall of the pool, and feel from where the fresh water gets circulated into the pool.”

Taylor fumbled around for it and Laurie reached her hand around and took Taylor’s so that she could guide her to it. All the while still pressing her breasts into Taylor’s back. When she had led Taylor’s hand to the water pressure, she said, “There. Feel that?”

Taylor nodded her head and said, “Yes.”

Laurie leaned her lips to Taylor’s ear and said, “Press your pussy up against it.”


“Against where the water is coming out. Lean your hips up to the wall and press your pussy right against it so that you feel the pressure.”

Laurie put her hands on Taylor’s ass and gently steered her to the spot. As soon as the water began to pulse against Taylor’s pussy, she let out a little gasp.

“That’s it. How’s that feel?” Laurie asked.

Taylor gasped again and said, “Oh god. It feels great.”

Laurie kept one of her hands on Taylor’s ass and helped hold her against the wall of the pool. She let her other hand slide up in front of Taylor until she was able to cup one of Taylor’s breasts. As Laurie slowly began to roll Taylor’s nipple between her thumb and forefinger, the young girl began to moan.

She leaned her lips to Taylor’s ear and said, “Spread your legs a little bit.”

Taylor did exactly as she was told and Laurie slipped her other hand from Taylor’s ass to in between her legs and slowly entered her pussy with one finger. In seconds, Taylor was moaning. She leaned her head back and struggled in her mind between wanting to push back against Laurie’s finger as it entered in and out of her and wanting to press harder against the water that was pulsating against her clit. Laurie continued working her finger in and out and playing with Taylor’s nipple with her other hand. She pressed her body firmly against Taylor’s so that the young antalya rus escort girl would be able to stay pressed to the side of the pool. When Taylor leaned her head back, Laurie began to kiss the side of her neck. Taylor moaned a little louder. Laurie worked her finger in and out a little faster. Taylor began to gasp. Laurie felt her going a little limp and pressed more firmly against her, using her body to hold her against the wall.

“Oh shit, Laurie,” Taylor whispered between gasps. “I want to scream so fucking bad.”

Laurie lifted her hand from Taylor’s tit and used it to turn Taylor’s face to hers. As she worked her finger even faster, she pressed her lips to Taylor’s and slipped her tongue into the girl’s mouth. Their tongues twisted together and massaged each other. Now Laurie let Taylor fade away from the wall and turned her so that they were facing. She lifted her up out of the water and set her on the side of pool.

“Lay back,” she commanded.

Taylor did as she was told and spread her legs as Laurie put her mouth to Taylor’s clit and entered her with her finger again. As soon as Laurie’s tongue went to work, Taylor began to explode with the orgasm that had been rising up inside her. It took all her effort and self control to keep from screaming and screeching. Holding in her screams only seemed to intensify the orgasm as she gripped Laurie’s hair and thrust her hips up to grind her mound up into Laurie’s face.

After what seemed like an eternity, Taylor slowly began to back down from her orgasm and slipped back down into the pool. Laurie cupped her face and pulled her mouth back to meet hers. Again, their tongues slowly and sensually massaged each other, and Taylor got her first taste of pussy as she licked her own juices off of Laurie’s lips. They continued to kiss until Taylor felt Laurie breaking the kiss and gently nudging her head down to Laurie’s breasts. Without further prodding, Taylor quickly sucked one of Laurie’s nipples into her mouth and began stroking the other one with her thumb.

Laurie allowed Taylor to take over and was surprised that the girl quickly pushed her to the same spot on the side of the pool where Laurie had just had her. Taylor wasn’t as strong as Laurie, so Laurie placed both her hands flat on the edge of the pool and pushed up as Taylor lifted her up out of the water. Then Taylor climbed out of the water and lay beside Laurie on the concrete. She began to kiss Laurie’s neck and again worked her way down to Laurie’s breasts. As she sucked one of Laurie’s nipples back into her mouth, Taylor happily thought to herself that her own breasts seemed to be just a tiny little bit larger than Laurie’s were. She then kissed antalya ucuz escort her way to Laurie’s stomach and enviously kissed and licked Laurie’s pierced navel. She had to talk Tammy into letting her go to the island with Laurie and get hers pierced too. She kissed a little lower and hesitated before she reached the flesh above Laurie’s tangled, brown, mass of pubic hair. She lifted her eyes toward the door leading out to the pool and felt Laurie laying her hand to the back of her head and gripping her soft blonde curls with her fingers.

“Don’t worry about Tammy,” Laurie said as she guided Taylor’s head lower. “I happen to know she’s busy right now herself.”

Taylor questioned her no further and immediately dipped her face into the slit between Laurie’s legs. She had no idea what she was doing, but what she lacked in experience she made up for with enthusiasm. And, she lustily lapped at the lips of Laurie’s pussy as if she were an excited young puppy licking its’ owner’s face. Then she went for the button at the top of Laurie’s pussy, and began to greedily suck at the same spot she worked on with her fingers when she masturbated. Laurie’s moans quickly let her know that she was doing something right. As Laurie grew more excited and more blood rushed to her clit, it began to swell out of its’ protective hood of flesh and exposed itself to be about the size of a small nipple.

Taylor continued to suck and concentrate at Laurie’s clit. Encouraged by Laurie pushing against the back of her head and grinding her face down into her cunt, Taylor continued to suck at Laurie’s clit as if she were a starving baby finally receiving a long awaited meal. Remembering what Laurie did to her, she slipped her middle finger into the moist hole inside the lips of Laurie’s pussy and slowly worked it in and out as Laurie lost all control and began to scream with the ecstasy that Taylor had brought her to.

When Laurie began screaming, Taylor broke her lips from Laurie’s exposed clit. But, before she could look to the door to see if they were being watched, Laurie quickly pushed her face back down to her cunt and screamed, “NOT YET. NOT YET. NOT YET. DON’T YOU FUCKING QUIT YET!”

Forgetting about whether they may or may not get caught, Taylor went back to sucking on Laurie’s clit until her friend slowly had wound herself down from the climax and lay on the side of the pool limp as a rag doll. Taylor let her eyes drift upward to meet Laurie’s and then slowly kissed her way up Laurie’s torso until their lips were meeting and again they softly kissed. Thinking back to the cigarette she had watched Taylor expertly drag on, Laurie said, “Is this one of those things you’ve been keeping from me about you and the girls at that Christian academy?”

“Just in my mind,” Taylor said as she shook her head. “You’re the first person to ever get me off, and you’re also the first person I ever helped get off.”

Laurie softly sucked Taylor’s top lip with her own and said, “Good God, girl. You’re certainly a natural.”

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