Secrets Untold Ch. 01

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***This is a part of the Born to Love series. If you didn’t read Born to love. You will not understand this story. This is it’s sequel because I wanted to add more to it and felt it was a great story. You don’t like some romance with your sex this isn’t a story for you. Lots of sex and twist and turns to come.***

I held my wife’s hand as our plane landed. It had been ten years since Rachel and I had been home. Soon after graduating we moved out of state settling into a nice home with our inheritance and going to school together as lovers and not siblings.

The winter we moved Rachel gave birth to our son Mikey and two years later we welcomed our daughter Rebecca into the world. Our grandparents came to visit us as often as possible but two years ago our grandfather had a stroke making it difficult for them to travel. We remained in contact and spoke daily but our jobs were demanding and travel wasn’t good for us.

Rachel stared out of the window of the plane biting her nail. It was something she started in college whenever she was nervous.

“Darling, it’s alright. Just breathe.” I kissed her hand gently and kept hold of it on the arm rest between us. Rachel simply nodded and told the kids to put their things back in their carry-ons.

Since the day I married Rachel I had made it a point to show her that our life together could be everything we hoped and dreamed about. What I didn’t think about were the things in life I had no control over. Like my grandfather being stubborn and doing as he wished.

I remember the phone call that brought us here. It was heartbreaking to hear our grandmother so lost. She had been in the hospital with my grandfather all day after one morning he got out of bed and decided he could walk down the stairs “without feeling like a damn invalid” as he so gently put it.

He fell down the stairs and broke two ribs. One of which punctured his lung causing him to go into respiratory arrest and having his heart stop.

That was four days ago and I still felt every ache in my wife’s heart along with my own. My children were lost without the man in their lives who would buy them sweets and tell them stories.

Grabbing our bags we jumped into our rental and drove to the lake house. The funeral would be tomorrow followed by a wake at the lake house.

Rachel played with her wedding ring and looked out at the trees the whole ride. Only stopping to call our grandmother telling her we were fifteen minutes away.

Once we pulled into the dirt drive way the kids leapt from the car and rushed out to the lake. Mickey began to show Rebecca how to skip stones on the water.

I grabbed the bags from the trunk and placed them on the porch. Expecting Rachel to be behind me I turned to ask her about rooming to only find her standing by the mobil porno garage.

She pulled a sheet off the old truck and saw the newly restored truck complete with a new paint job. “He must have finished it before his stroke.” I sighed heavily.

Hearing no response from my sister I turned to see her brushing her fingers over the old tools sitting on the counter top. “He must have wanted to surprise you. Why didn’t we ever come back here?”

“Rachel, we work for demanding companies and have two children to raise.”

“We could have tried harder. They needed us and we left them here alone.” Rachel was fully crying now and it was breaking my heart.

I took her in my arms and kissed her gently. The passion grew like wildfire. It was as of being back here ignited something in us. Something that this place always held for us. I lifted her up onto the counter top. She wrapped her legs around my waist. I pushed my hand under her shirt to grab her breast through her bra. She moaned as she unzipped my pants and reached for my cock. Stroking it slowly I began pumping into her hand to get the speed I wanted.

We have always been very sexual people but seeing as we rushed to come back here we hadn’t made love in four days. Looking over at our children they were too busy by the lake to come back toward us. They couldn’t see us but we could see them out a small window in the back of the garage.

Pinching her nipple with my left hand, I moved my right into her jeans and rubbed her clit intensely. I moved my mouth to her neck and bit the sensitive skin.

“Mmm Michael please, I need to feel you cum.” Pumping my cock faster, I moaned and moved her hand out of my pants. I took my cock out of my pants and stroked it, teasing her with it. I knew she hated it when I stroked myself. She always said it was a waste of cum.

“Rachel, get on your knees for me. Now!” All to eager to taste my cum she leapt off the counter and took my rock hard cock into her mouth. She took me deep into her throat. I grabbed the back of her head and moved her up and down on my cock.

After only a few minutes my load shot into the back of her throat. Swallowing all my cum she licked my cock clean. She zipped my jeans back up and licked her lips.

While she got herself straightened out I fixed the counter top back to how it was. Turning around I took her in my arms and began to kiss her passionately knowing I gave her what she so desperately needed.

Our kiss continued as a familiar voice spoke to us, “Well, I see you two haven’t changed much.”

Breaking the kiss, Rachel ran towards our grandmother and hugged her tightly. “Grams, I’m so sorry about grandpa.”

“Shh, it’s not your fault. Now, don’t go beating yourself up about not being here either. There’s nothing mofos porno wrong with living the life that makes you happy and that’s what you two did.” Grams rubbed Rachel’s hair and held her close.

I took a moment to truly look at my grandmother. Her hair was pulled back and she hadn’t aged a day since we left ten years ago. Grams was only 69 years old but she could pass for 50 any day. It always stunned me how young she looked.

“Grams! Grams!” the kids came running up from the lake taking me out of my thoughts.

As soon as they reached our grandmother they wrapped her in a big hug. I knew they missed her deeply and part of me felt guilty because I knew Rachel was right. We should have tried harder to come visit and spend time with our family.

“Now, there are cookies on the table why dont you go have a few while I talk to your parents.” the kids raced into the house as soon as they heard cookies.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t get here sooner Grams. How have you been holding up?” I put my arm around her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her.

“I’m alright sweetheart. Just taking it a day at a time. I think what’s makes it the hardest are all the memories.” she held Rachel and I close as she began to cry. I wiped her tears away and kisses her cheek gently.

“Everything will be ok Grams. We are here now and we are going to take care of you.” Rachel said as she led us all in to the house.


Rachel and I had just finished putting the children to bed and were closing the door to my sister’s old room. We headed down the stairs and into the kitchen.

As soon as I saw Grams doing dishes I let go of Rachel’s hand and walked up behind her. I placed my hands on her shoulders and walked her to the table. “I’ll finish these dishes up. Why don’t you two talk for awhile?” I took the dish towel off my grandmother’s shoulder and kissed my sister tenderly before washing up the rest of the dishes.

It had been thirty minutes later and I hadn’t noticed that Grams and Rachel had moved into the living room. I stood leaning against the wall just watching them talk and laugh. It was good to hear my grandmother laugh again.

It seemed that they had found my grandfather’s supply of old brandy. He showed it to me on the night before I married Rachel and we shared a few drinks talking over the loves of our lives.

Coming back to the present I decided to intervene seeing as how Rachel was a light weight when it came to alcohol and they appeared to have consumed one bottle already.

“Are you two getting yourselves into trouble?” I chuckled standing in front of them both now.

“Baby, I was wondering when you would come keep us company.” my sister got up and stood in front of me grabbing the collar of my button up. She was cute naughty america porno when she was drunk but tonight she is alittle too drunk.

“Come on, lil sis. Time for bed.” I picked her up in my arms and looked to our grandmother. “I’ll be back once I put her down. She’ll be asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow.”

Grams held up her hand with a smirk on her face and said “I’m not going anywhere. Take care of her.”

As soon as I put Rachel into bed she fell fast asleep. I took off her heels and slipped the bed sheet over her body. Slipping out of the room I made my way back down to the living room.

As I walked in I saw my grandmother looking through an old book with photos in it. She still held her glass in her hand and as I got closer I realized she was crying.

I took her into my arms and held her close. She wrapped her arms around my neck and cried onto my shoulder. “I miss him so much. Why did he have to be such a stubborn bastard?!”

“Shh, it’s alright Grams. We are here for you now and we aren’t going anywhere.” I gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek and rubbed her back slowly.

“Rachel is lucky to have a man like you. I know when she was younger she worried so much about how your mother would feel about you two being together, but I knew it was what she wanted and I stood by her. Your mother was a bitch anyway for treating me like that. William never forgave her for the way she treated us.”

By this time she had stopped crying and I looked at her with great confusion. “Grams, I think you have had a little too much to drink tonight. You’re not making much sense. What are you talking about?”

She looked back at me with shock and realization, “I’m just tired don’t listen to me. I’m going to get some rest. Goodnight, Sweetheart.”

She kissed me on my cheek and made her way up the stairs and to her room. Still thinking about what she said I got up from the couch knocking over one of my grandmother’s books in the process.

When I picked it up an old picture slipped out. In the photo was Grams and Grandpa next to what appeared to be my mother. But it couldn’t have been my mother. Having seen pictures off my mother when she was younger it looked just like her but what was strange was that Grams and Grandpa looked to be only a few years older than her.

Turning the photo over I saw in my Grams handwriting “William, 23, Beth, 21, and Carol, 17.”

Holding the picture in my hand I thought back to what my Grams had just said. She was drunk but the look she had after saying it looked as if she hadn’t meant to say so much out loud.

Folding the picture in my pocket, I put the book back on the coffee table and went to prepare for bed. After changing my clothes and I put the picture in the drawer if my night stand and brushed my teeth.

Slipping into bed beside my sister I took her into my arms and thought about the picture and the writing on the back. I would ask her about it tomorrow as soon as we were alone. My thoughts ran around in my mind until I finally fell asleep from the exhausting day.

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