Sea Sickness Ch. 08

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The next two days moved quickly by. But the upcoming funeral provided some healing between the family. Ryan and Alexis stayed a safe distance apart from one another and Sandra and her daughter found some common ground to converse over again. Every one was eager to talk about their memories of Allyson, her personality, and the way she had affected them. Sandra opened up a bit more about their one time encounter together, avoiding graphic details, and sticking to the more sentimental portions of the story.

Finally the day of the funeral would arrive. Silence ruled again, the family having little to say as they returned to their innermost connections to Allyson. Sandra had her to thank for the confidence and wholeness she sensed within herself. Alexis was grateful that she and Ryan were together. Ryan was thankful for the same reason.

The somber mood would continue to pervade the atmosphere as they walked slowly up the neatly trimmed hillside of the graveyard. The trio had left the limousine to wander towards the grave and listen to the final words on a beautiful life cut short.

The world was eerily silent. The funeral home grounds were well maintained, the colors more vibrant then nature, the trees more regal and poised. But it was quiet. The birds chirped softer, their footsteps fell muffled in the grass, and somewhere in the distance a bugle sounding Taps trailed off into a thickening air. Each of the little stone slabs that were intended to sum up and define life, stood stoically against the bright green blades of growth around them. Even the occasional bouquet seemed artificial and somehow irreverent.

He would stand alone for the entirety of the funeral service, opposite his mother, sister, and his infrequent partner, Simone. The three women clung to one another, their unified black dresses forming some sort of barrier which he could not cross. Ryan would remember later on, a Catholic priest’s Latin incantation, but for now, just the muffled drone of the distortion of the graveyard.

Someplace in side of himself, he didn’t think that this was the way that Allyson would have wanted to be remembered. She had been too proud to have been buried this way. She was a queen and they had been her subjects. The queen was dead. Long live the queen, thought Ryan as the service drew to a close and the group slowly turned away from the graveside.

Two limos waited at the base of the hillside. Once more, the older man who had greeted their returning yacht, rode with Simone and the family returned to their hotel. Ryan had started to think that the old man was death, come to collect his due.

The ride back to the hotel was uneventful. Sandra stared out the window, her forehead resting against the cool tinted glass. Ryan had barely recognized his sister’s arms sliding around his and her head coming to a rest on his shoulder. It was the first sign of affection that had been allowed in days. But some things seem small when compared to the eternally manicured grass and polished marble of a cemetery. Nothing moves at the right pace there. Everything; light, sound, time, moves in a shuffling step that is abandoned by the rest of the world. Perhaps, life would seem more important then death.

Sandra had shut herself away from her children. Pouring a glass of chilled wine from the mini-bar, she slipped into the bathroom and disrobed. For a few moments, as steaming water filled the Jacuzzi tub, she sat on its lip, one hand trailing the glass by her thigh while the other propped up her head. She had thought she would get over Allyson’s death with the finality of the funeral. But that had not been the case and she felt the pervading sense of silence and sloth that came with depression. Alexis’ and Ryan’s mother would lower herself into the tub, one hand still clutching the thin fluted stem of the wine glass. As her eyes examined some distant place on the opposite wall of the bathroom, Sandra would forget about her drink.

Ryan sat on the edge of the king sized bed in the suite. His head was in his hands and his eyes were hollow and empty. Where would they go from here? Life back home and its monotony would never be acceptable, and he wasn’t sure that any of them could survive its return. The soft hiss of a zipper brought him out of his own little world and back to reality. His eyes turned towards the opposite end of the room and the bank of windows that divided it from the outside.

Framed perfectly in the soft amber glow of the afternoon sun as it peeked through the blinds, was the silhouette of his sister. Her hips were shifted slightly to the right, her black dress following her curves closely. The zipper had descended to the young woman’s waist and her head turned slowly over one shoulder. A cascade of brown locks dropped with it, covering some of the skin which had peeked from beneath the dark garment.

The sleeveless dress had been very similar to the one worn by Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Now the two pieces of material which had arced dvd full porno around her neck, now slid downward, onto the gentle turn of her arm. With a wishful glance, Alexis dropped the dress a little further, pushing it down over her hips and letting it drop to the floor in an ebony pool beneath her. Torturously she bent to pick the gown from her feet. The lacy panties she wore rode ever higher between the pale golden flesh of her backside and Ryan felt something stirring to life within him, other then depression.

He pushed himself from the bed, pacing slowly to his sister’s once again statuesque silhouette. As he neared within an arm’s reach of her, her long arms slid behind her and popped the clasp on her bra. As soon as they released it, the black strap which had rounded its way around her back fell away, and the outline of her breasts appeared in the sunlight. Ryan prayed that this vision was real, and that he wasn’t lost in some dream or fantasy.

In a cautious disbelief, his right arm rose and reached for his sister’s stilled form. His strong hands found her shoulder, and she did not disappear at his contact. His fingers applied the slightest pressure to their resting place, and as if on command, Alexis turned. Once more, Ryan found his breath leave him when he needed it most.

He had forgotten the beauty of his sister’s beautiful form. The perfection of her feminine shoulders and waist, the pert and full soft orbs that occupied her chest, the coy pout of her lips as she watched him examine her as a hungry man examines a feast.

The hungry man’s feast would begin at her hips. At first his hands had just drifted to her side as their gaze met, but once Ryan’s attention returned to her body, his hands would examine whatever his eyes wished. They moved from the slight protrusion her hips to the flatness of her belly. Then with thumbs pointing upward they drifted over her abs and ribs till each hand formed a cup at the base of her perfect breasts.

Ever so gently they moved then, sliding, stroking, petting and caressing. Alexis hissed in pleasure as her brother’s familiar touch returned. She savored the sanctity of his hands on her flesh and delighted in the reverence with which he explored her. Her own hands moved to the backs of his own, and guided his palms and fingers to the places she wanted to be held. When her nipples ached she would guide his hands over them until they had been satiated. With the gentle steering of captain, she corrected and steered. Soon her breathing was deep and dissatisfied.

Ryan listlessly watched as his sister guided his caresses. Then, still holding his hands, she turned way from him, her own arms crossing in his embrace and her body sliding in close to his. Then once again her directing returned and her breasts were covered by the splay of their unified hands once more. Ryan knew his sister’s patience had worn thin when her hands pushed his downwards away from her tits and to the edge of the black panties which had so perfectly framed her ass moments ago. His right hand would slip beneath the material while his left would be pushed up and down the curve of her waist and abdomen.

Pressing his own needy sex into her backside, Ryan groaned as Alexis guided him to her wet center. Together their fingers pushed between her parted thighs and split her moistened lips. Alexis’ hand would remain behind as Ryan pressed two digits on his hand further into her. When they could reach no further they slid back out, to the waiting clasp of her hand. Alexis would not allow his hand to leave its invasion there, and so he did what was instinctive.

Alexis writhed as her brother’s fingers once again found their way inside of her, pumping an inch within her at a steady pace. Her quivering thighs pushed together, locking his hand and hers in their place over her womanhood. By now his second hand had returned to her breast, toying with its soft weight and the pink erect nipple that crowned it. She could feel his need pressing between her ass cheeks, pulling her underwear tightly into the crevice.

When Ryan’s lips found her ear lobe she let out a small whimper of delight and pressed her backside into his groin. He was thrusting against her now, in timing with his fingers invasion of her twat. Alexis rocked with his movements, her feet tilting onto their toes as she deepened his access to her pussy. With a cry, she felt her first orgasm in days wave over her. IT had not taken much, but her need was great and she was still unsatisfied.

Ryan felt his sister’s trembling movements, like a marionette with its strings cut. His strong arms carried her weight as she went limp at the orgasm’s final rush. He carefully guided her to the bed and lay her across its center. Standing at the foot of the bed, his eyes drunk in her beauty once more as his hands grappled for the edges of her panties and pulled them quickly down her long smooth legs.

Still in his suit, Ryan dropped to his knees before her spread knees ensest porno and lowered his head to her legs.

Alexis dreaded the touch of his lips as they moved ever closer to her sensitive skin. She knew what was coming, she needed and wanted it, but she feared the torture of its intensity. Each kiss on her thigh was preceded by the soft rush of warm air from his lungs. Then the softness of his lips would press into her skin and just as they departed, there was a gentle brush of his tongue on the same flesh. Alexis tingled all over as Ryan drew closer and closer to her desire. As his tongue traced a glistening connect the dots up her inner thigh, she could hold back no longer.

Ryan’s eyes fell upon its prize, just as Alexis’ hand slid over its pink outer lips in a forceful crush and then pulled back. Skillfully, her forefinger and middle finger parted the folds just as his mouth moved over her pussy. Ryan found his mouth was watering as he looked up her arm to her face as it stared back at him, a feral look covering the familiar beauty. Then his tongue found purchase on the spread tissue of her vaginal opening. Quickly the torturous intent of his caress and kiss descended into oral fucking. Alexis’ fingers kept her pussy spread wide as his tongue buried itself over and over again in her depths.

Soon Alexis’ pussy was covered in the wet juices of her own pleasure and his hunger. His tongue was flipping up and down, lacing her inner lips with divine sensations. And each caress of the muscle over her clit sent her trembling with happiness. As Ryan drank in his sister’s heady juices, he felt her erupt into another orgasm. As she twisted and turned on the bed, he did not allow her to escape, his tongue burying itself in her folds. It fluttered there, breezing against the top and bottom of her twat, causing her to cry out loudly in pleasure and relief.

As her orgasm faded, Alexis’ hands drifted to the sides of Ryan’s hair and pulled his head gently up from its clasp over her pussy. She could have let him eat it all day, but she knew that he was as needy as she was. And as he was her lover, it was time that he got what he wanted.

Ryan stood to his feet and hastily disrobed. He had little desire for any foreplay, his cock already threatening to tear through his trousers. By the time his boxer’s hit the floor, Ryan was already on top of his sister.

Alexis did not allow him immediate entrance as they rolled around on the bed. Ryan’s thick cock head jabbed and speared at her more then ready opening, but Alexis wanted to be in control of the ride. Once Ryan had been rolled onto his back and his cock proudly surged upward. Alexis slid into position. She looked down at her brother’s body as she knelt over his thighs, one hand moving to cradle his thick member. Ryan gasped as her cooler hands caressed his length and pulled it up and away from its resting place against his stomach and crotch. With the angry broad head pointing towards the ceiling, Alexis shifted her weight forward. She could not raise her pussy high enough off the bed in the kneeling position to comfortably sit on the cock, so she allowed it to bend forward, then pulled it back by hand.

Ryan moaned as his cock head was pulled back across her pussy lips until it finally came to rest at the tight hole of her twat’s tunnel. It pulsed there, until Alexis finally rose up on her knees and then plunged back downwards, taking three inches of his length and this broad helmet into her depths.

“God, sis. You’re so tight,” he managed between gasps, as she lowered herself farther onto his prick.

“It’s been way too long, Ry. I need this,” she replied as inch after inch of his penis forced its way deeper and deeper into her channel. She was already impaled by six inches of his fat cock and still had more to go.

When Alexis’ pussy finally managed to take the entirety of his length, Ryan and she sat frozen, as they both acclimated to the extreme sensations of penetration. Ryan felt his pulse working through the vein covered surface of his length and emanating throughout her tight clasp. He gently rocked his hips upward until her hands quickly descended on his stomach to stop him.

“It’s too much. Give me a minute. I can’t handle that quite yet,” she hurriedly explained. It really hadn’t been to long, but the limited amount of sex in her life had not quite loosened her up to be able to take a cock the size of Ryan’s entirely without some discomfort. She waited for a moment or two, squirming slightly on the invasive rod, testing her body’s preparedness. Once she was confident that she could handle a more aggressive ride she began to move.

Ryan watched as his sister’s perfect body reared up on his cock, releasing over half his shaft from its grip. Then for a second it paused and down it raced. Their two sexes met with a slurping noise and a slap as their bodies crashed together. Then Alexis was up again, her hips tilting forwards as she did so. Ryan watched as her pussy lips fake agents porno turned a bright pink color as more blood rushed to their sensitive surface with each stroke of his penis into her body. Each up and down movement on his cock brought a little exhalation from his sister.

Once she was moving on his cock, Alexis could not get enough. It became a race to the top and then down again. Her petite frame worked in overdrive to spear itself on her brother’s organ. It was large and filled her completely, not allowing room for anything but her pussy, her juices, and itself.

With her own pace set she encouraged Ryan to match it.

“Fuck me brother, fuck me. Deeper. Please pound me. Harder.”

Ryan grunted as his hips raised from the bed with her downward slide, his penis hammering into her depths. The violence and urgency of their sex caused Alexis’ breasts to bounce and shudder with each meeting of their bodies and soon they rode up and down in residual movement from the fucking.

“You’re goddamn tight, ‘sis. So fucking tight. Shit.”

Alexis felt so wanton as she penetrated herself over and over again on her brother’s cock. She could feel the broad underside of his penis head as it slid downwards out of her tunnel and stretched it to new maximums. Then it would be racing upwards again, arching for her womb and her most private of recesses.

Ryan loved the tugging across the surface of his cock as her pussy drank up his length and width. His crotch was a glistening mess of vaginal fluid and pre-cum, as were her pussy lips. The significant amount of fluid made the sex even messier and noisier. Combined with their own cries and groans, the room became a cacophony of orgiastic pleasure.

Growing tired of being on the bottom, and eager for a more avaricious pounding, if such a thing was possible, Ryan grabbed his sister’s thighs, just above the knee and rolled her weight to the side.

Alexis felt a sense of vertigo as her brother’s penis vacated her pussy and she fell to the side. As her head hit the bed and her back came to rest on the sheets, she managed to cry, “More!”

Not one to stall, Ryan rolled up into position on his own knees and pointed his cock downward at her pussy. Alexis accommodated him by raising her legs and dropping them on his shoulders.

Now with her pussy well exposed Ryan’s dark red penis head pushed forward once more. It parted her lubricated lips with ease and quickly took up its residence within her pussy once more.

Then the most energetic and physically explosive sex of Alexis and Ryan’s life would begin. The eager young brother leaned his weight onto his cock, pushing it farther and deeper into her then ever before. With her legs only bearing some of his weight, it did not take much for the tip of his cock to find the entrance of her cervix. Then with a clench of his muscular hips, his cock slid backwards a half foot before driving home again.

The delivery of such a rough fucking to her pussy was sensational for Alexis. Although she was certain that every muscle in her body would be sore afterwards, she loved the precocious combination of immense pleasure with slight pain. Over and over and over again Ryan’s thick member penetrated her to the fullest extent of the word. Her breasts continued their free bouncing on her chest as his cock and hips powered into her body.

The quicker pace and complete penetration of his cock into his sister’s gorgeous body would finish Ryan off. He had been saving up his fluid and his need for several days and now he just wanted to come. And come he did.

“Fuck it! I’m gone! I’m coming, sis!”

Alexis felt the cock come to rest against her pussy’s deepest wall as it spurted its precious load into her waiting womb. Ryan’s seed filled every remaining open space and coated the inner workings of her twat. The sudden release of the liquid heat caused her to cry out in her third orgasm. Her ankles locked behind his neck, pinning his body in place within her.

She whispered over and over into his ear, “Fill me brother. I want all of it. Come in me. Come in your sister’s pussy. I want your children. Make me pregnant. I’m yours.”

Ryan’s hips twitched with each of her sultry desires revelation. He wanted her filled with his baby as well. He wanted her breasts to fill with life sustaining milk and her stomach to expand with their child. As spurt after spurt faded from his penis and into her womb, he became more and more certain that she would bear him a child. It was not until the final drops of his semen had left his cock that he slid out.

Her body went limp the moment his weight was removed from her stretched gluts and leg muscles. A thin but steady stream of their fluid would pour from her pussy as they dropped to the bed. The cooling liquid aroused her somewhat. There was a blatant sexuality to laying in the combined juices of their release. Her hand lightly stroked his cock as he panted beside her and as her other petted a well aroused nipple.

Repeatedly their lips would meet in gentle brushes and kisses. Finally with a coy grin Alexis slipped from the bed and headed towards the restroom, the white mixture of Ryan’s semen sliding down one thigh and smearing on the other as she sashayed across the room.

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