Sara’s Car Trip Ch. 02

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For maximum reading enjoyment I would advise you first read all of the first installment of ‘Sara’s Car Trip.’ I’ve had endless requests for this sequel.

Sara’s Car Trip – Daytona

This is the continuing story of a brother and sister who happened to both come home from college for summer and end up going on a car trip with their parents:

“Rub my back why don’t ya?”

I was just opening my eyes as she tipped her back to me. The sun was streaming in our room and I looked down at the sheet which had pulled down exposing her narrow waist to me and I could just see the crack of her ass. It was my sister laying naked in bed with me. I had an instance where I felt this was one of those times that happen to you once maybe twice in your entire life.

“Come on,” she looked over her shoulder pouting. “You little shit.”

I lay my hands on the small of my sister Sara’s back.

I rejoined, “Little shit? I think you’re the one . . .”

She interrupted, “I don’t think that I was the one who fucked me last nigt. Four times!” She lifted the sheet up and looked at her naked body, “Nope, don’t think that I can do that with this equipment.”

“I was going to say, SEDUCED me.”

“Come on,” she was whining now and bouncing on the bed. I could see her breasts as she turned toward me. “Rub my back!”

I lay there with my hand on the small of her back drawing small soft circles on her. My cock had already grown so hard that it hurt and I began to shift myself so as to slide it into the crease of her ass as I massaged her.

“Ah, ah. No No. Just a . . .”

I kept pressing myself toward her and felt her ass tipping toward me, arching all the way back and I slid along the length of her between her legs.

I could hear her growl again, before she said, “God damn it. Stop!” She growled her growl again.

“I’m going to have to call you Tigger,” I laughed.

And we began to slide our bodies together, twining our legs into one another. I held my hands on her hips and began to guide myself into her. She was lifting herself up positioning on all fours and I was following her with my dick. As my cock slid inside she pressed back hard and I filled her entirely. She began to grind herself against me, when just then we heard a loud pounding on the door between our room and our parents.

“Shit shit shit,” I literally leapt back off Sara and off the bed onto the floor, away from view of the door.

My sister tipped her head up at the door and then dropped into the bed and grabbed the sheet up around herself. Luckily we had started out in both beds, so they both lay there with covers pulled down, disheveled.

My mom opened the door and stepped inside, “Are you kids ready?”

And she saw Sarah still in bed. “Are you still in bed?”

“Mom! I hate when you do that. We . . I could have been naked in here! I was waiting for Jason. . . He’s. He’s in the shower.”

I was laying flat on my stomach on the floor scootching myself close to the edge of the bed.

“I don’t hear any water.”

“Uh, he just went in there. Give us a few minutes mom.”

“Well dad wants us on the road by seven. We can get there by noon. If we leave on time.”

“We’ll be ready in fifteen minutes.”

“Ok then,” And she closed the door.

I let my head drop to the floor. Fuckin Aye!! that was close.

My sister threw herself back on the bed.

“We didn’t lock the door.” Then she started laughing and rolled herself toward me and looked over the edge of the bed down at me laying supine on the floor my head touching the carpet.

“Yeah, Mom. We could have been naked. Or . . . Fucking.”

Between gasps I said, “We’re idiots, you know that.” I could not belive how close we came.

She was laughing, letting the nervousness out. Still hanging her head over the bed she looked down at me and said, “You look like a dork” She lay her hand on my back. “My dork.”

There was just silence. It had been close. So much for that vision of a perfect morning.

“I told mom we’d be ready in fifteen minutes.”

My cock was still rock hard and it stuck out straight as I stood up off the floor. My sis took it in her hand, “Got a problem?”

“You could fix it.”

She was looking at it, “We don’t have time J.”

And she walked over, her naked ass bending in front of me, giving me a quick peek of her puss between her legs, before pulling her panties on. Next a little pair of short jeans and then a half top. No bra today.

She was dressed, just like that, I was still naked. She mouthed to me, “Sorry,” held out her hands.

I got dressed, the horniest I had ever been – ever in my life.

As we walked to the door, she cupped her hand over my cock. I let her. It stood straight up, almost poking out of the top of my pants.

“How is that possible? We fucked like four times.”

I just literally moaned, “I am so hungry for you right now.”

She laughed. Loving her effect on me.


We were in the car again, windows ankara escort pulled up. The car speeding along — fast. Dad was mad. The goal was Daytona by noon, and already we were running ‘late.’

Sara was sitting on her side of the car, smiling and stealing glances at me. It was truly unbelievable what we had been doing to each other last night. I was so uncomfortable. I still had this horrible erection. After about an hour Sara slid to the middle of the back seat and sort of hung her arms over the middle of the front seat and started looking out the front window between mom and dad.

“Did you guys sleep ok last night?”

“Oh yeah. It’s not as dark as I like it. Better than the other night.”

She had this adorable little girl voice when she talked to the parents.

“You kids were comfortable last night?” Mom looked back at us.

I lay my hand on the small of her back just then, and she looked a wicked grin at me before continuing.

“Yeah, the beds were really comfortable. Sorry we were. . .”

And she paused lightly as I let my hand slip up and around to her front as I began massaging her breast which was just below and behind the front seat. Out of view. I had to have her. I could NOT stand it and there she was leaning right in front, right beside me in her little half top. I could see her soft swelling breasts pressing against her half top. No bra, just the pressure of her body against the thin fabric.

She continued, “ . . . late this morning.”

But she made no move to shew me away, she just sat with her arms slung over the seat. I massaged down to her bare tummy then and down further trying to press into her jean shorts which were hugging her hips tightly. While they set real low on her tummy, they were still too tight to get under.

She swatted my hand just then, but then after a pause she reached down and unsnapped every one of the buttons that ran down her front and looked back at me, biting her lower lip, and giving me a kind of ‘ok go for it’ look.

I wasted no time. I could not even sit still in my seat. God I wanted her! How was I going to get through this day?

And she opened her legs as wide as she could and sucked her belly in as I let my fingers slide under her panties and reaching reaching between her legs, into the soft tangle of hairs. I worked her shorts down her thighs as far as I could, she wiggling her ass to help me along. I slid my fingers into her puss and pressed her lips open wide. The softness between her legs yielding in my hand. Her pussy hairs were still a little stiff from last night. And I was pressing and slipping into her, as she lay her head down on top of the front of the seat. I could see her blushing, her lips going red the way they did. I was learning my sisters body.

“Why don’t you sit back,” said my mother looking at her.

“No. This feels nice.” She took a breath, “Comfortable,” my sister said looking me right in the eyes.

And she stayed like that as I worked her puss, she rocking her hips against me and sighing. Staying silent. I could feel her moving more steadily, slipping back, moving her hips to direct me onto her clit and I grasped it with my fingers, and she about jumped straight up.

She just said in diversion to her suddenness, “What’s that?” She would have pointed at anything just then.

Both our folks looking, “That’s . . . just one of those parks where they do outdoor safaris.”


She was getting ready to cum, I could feel her creaming onto my hand she was so wet. And then her shuddering shaking hips, her thighs tensing and twitching as she contained her orgasm in silence and fell down into my hand with her bottom. I could hear her exhale deeply. A deep satisfied sigh.

Without a word she closed her jean shorts and then settled back into her seat on her side.

I tried to sit forward a little and hide behind the seat and began to open up my own shorts. ‘My turn!’ I was trying to silently indicate ‘My Turn!’

She just smiled, shook her head ‘no.’ Then she let her hair drop in front of her face, and turned herself so she was looking out the window.

I was in such agony.


When we finally got to our hotel. This was it! We would be here for almost two weeks. My sister and I would share a room for two weeks! We got out of the car, found our rooms and I was after my sister within one second of closing the door.

She was backing away from me holding her hands out in front of her, “If you think I am going to lay in here all day!” She kept backing away laughing, “J!!”

“Oh come on. I did you. Come on. Please.” I was stupidly begging, “I can’t stand it.”

“I am going to the beach,” and she was pulling her half top off standing before me topless now, her perfect tear drop breasts. My cock was tenting my shorts.

She would have none of it. “We have plenty of time. Behave!”

I came around behind her and wrapped my arms around her. “Be-HAVE!” And she squirmed in my arms laughing, strugging against me. I was lifting her, escort ankara “Jason BEHAVE!. . . I’ll scream. JA-S . .!!!”

I let go, and threw myself into a chair, she walked over to me, and trying to placate said, “I’ll let you undress me.”

I looked at her.

“But that’s it. Try anything else and I’ll change in the bathroom.”

She stood there topless. Some threat.

But I agreed and she let me ever so slowly unbutton her shorts and pull them down around her legs, down to her ankles and she stepped out of them. Now only in her white panties. I hooked my fingers around the string and slid them down letting my face drop down to her tummy and lower settling my nose into her muffin. The smell of her sex was intoxicating, so sweet. I was so hungry.


“Ja-SON!” and she jumped back. “You little fucking pervert.” And she took her swim suit in her hand and held two small pieces of fabric out to me. “Now dress me.”

I purred at the offer. I was this little dog. If I had a tail it would have been wagging.

I took the red top from her hand as she held it out to me. “Top first,” I said.


And she turned around. I looked up and down the length of her. Her bare back, her narrow waist perfect perfect ass. She had this fantastic pouty ass and wide hips. Her thighs parted right at her puss and you could see hairs dropping down dark between her legs.

“Wait,” I said. “Just a sec.”

She waited, and I began to take my own clothes off.

She began to turn.

“Don’t look.”

“What are you doing?” And I stood up behind her and wrapped my arms around her again touching her with my bare cock leaving a wet trail of cum on her bare skin.

“Jason behave. PLEASE.”

“I am.” I protested. I’m just putting your top on,” and I lifted the top over her head in front of her.

“Uh, huh,” she looked back at me . . .

and as I let my cock slide between her legs, my arms wrapped around her, she did not move. I brought the top around, she putting her arms through, I clasping the back. Through the endeavor, she was ever so lightly undulating her hips onto my cock. Slippery. Heaven!! I had her . . . But then stepping away.

And she next held out the smallest little red bikini bottom. The same one she had modeled only a week ago.

“Now these please,” she chirruped.

I took them bent down in front of her puss, looking right between her legs, and she stepped in. I pulled them up around her hips and now she was dressed.

She looked at me, now I was the only one who was naked. Second time today.

She pointed, “Sit on the bed.”

I complied.

“Now what are we going to do with you?” She held her hand on the tip of my cock and stared at it, not me, it.

“If I do this, can you PLEASE behave the rest of the day. You fuckin little perve.”

“Depends, what are you going to do?”

And she smiled and just went down in front of me.


I watched her open her perfect mouth and take the tip of my cock all the way into her mouth. No warning just slipping my whole length in, letting her white teeth scrape me lightly. It felt as if the room went white, her wet mouth sliding on my head. I lay my hands on her, curling my fingers in her hair. Melting into her.

And then she pulled her mouth back and looked up at me smiling her white teeth at me.

“Is it a deal? I take care of this thing and you behave the rest of the day?”

I nodded. “Promise,” I croaked.

And she tipped her mouth down and so lightly kissed the tip.

“MMMMM,” I was so aroused, every pent up desire was releasing at once. I just said, “I needed this all day. Oh fuck, so good.” I was watching her head tipping back to my cock.

And she said, “I WAS a bit of tease.”

And then she opened and slowly let her lips part around the tip of my cock, slower this time and began to pump her head up and down in a perfect steady rhythm. With her right hand she wrapped her fingers around my balls and let her fingers tipple back so she was rubbing the surface of my anus and she continued to suck on me. I let her set the pace. I wanted this to last forever. Just laying my fingers on her, playing with her soft hair.

As she quickened, she also let my cock sink deeper into her mouth. she could take my full length and I watched her head move back so that her mouth was wrapped just around the tip and then steadily back down the full length of my cock. I felt her begin to press her finger into my anus and slide her finger up into me and then press forward toward my cock.

That was it! I could feel the cum rising inside. And I began to buck lightly into her mouth. She let me. I began to cum in a wave that left me falling back in my chair. She was literally holding me in place by her finger in my ass and pulling me toward herself. She began to suck and drink the cum as it sprayed out, again and again.

“So good. Oh my god,” I whispered, turning my head to the side, tensing my thighs around her, closing my eyes. This wave ankara escort bayan of pleasure and release.

She brought her mouth back, her bright red lips, now smiling up at me. Her white teeth. That sparkle in her eyes. Tipping her head back, brushing her hair out of her eyes.

I breathed out, “That was the . . .I never”

She just said, “Now get dressed.”

I pulled my swimsuit on and as I was walking out the door she cupped her hand around my swimsuit feeling my soft little member.

“Now that’s better.”

She walked out the door in front of me, sand immediately beneath our feet, and I watched in utter amazement at the sway of her hips as she headed toward the ocean.

Our secret.


We found a nice secluded area of the beach with one of the cabana structures provided by the hotel and lay our stuff out there. I tended to remain in the shade. She was going to sun herself, and I knew that meant very short times on each side at first, and then longer and longer until she was out a good chunk of the day. Tanning was a very delicate art.

Mom and dad came out shortly and settled in, also in the shade their out of shape white bodies plopping down in two nearby chairs. Relaxation. I usually would sit around for a while but then would go around and find the activities of the place. I wasn’t one to just sit around. But Today! Today I could have lain there and watched my sister spread out on her towel surounded by white white sand all day long; but thought I should stick to my routine.

“A day late and a dollar short, but this is what we came for,” my dad grunted as he sat back in his chair.

“Can’t plan for everything,” says mom.

“ I think this has been a great vacation so far daddy,” chirrups my sister. I am looking straight up her legs. She catches my eye and says, “Jas could YOU put on some of this sunscreen for me?”

Fuck. The little bitch.

She knew what she was doing and she smiled all innocence, and looked down at my suit.

“I uh. . .”

“She isn’t going to bite you,” says mom.

“I didn’t want to get up is all.” I was hugging the towel to myself.

She held the cream out to me. “Pleaaase?” Her little girl voice, both parents looking at me.

I rose and carefully knelt by her, whispering, “Little bitch.”

She laughed. “Behave,” she whispered back. And rolled back onto her stomach.

I dollaped a small amount on my hand and began at her shoulders, the soft skin sliding beneath my palm, sliding my hand along the curve of her shoulders, only a thin string for her bikini, and could feel my cock twitch and harden. I let my hands slide lower around the edges of her ribcage, glistening from the sunscreen in the sun. soft white skin. And then that small of her back where I tippled and drew small circles there, she lay her head to the side and smiled at me, pushing her hips ever so lightly into my hand. That curve of her hip back into my hand was so erotic. I was looking at her and could perfectly picture her bare ass laying down before me. I went rock hard.

“My legs too.”

Another dollap and starting at her calves rotated my hands around the back of her legs and up up to her bikini bottom and then even up over her bare ass following the line of her suit to the small string at her hip. One leg then the other. I was down on my knees. She loved that too! I had dressed her naked body not half hour ago and now she had me rubbing her in front of mom and dad. I was going to go crazy.

“Thanks,” she breathed out not moving.

I now could not turn around to go back to my chair, so I simply rose and began walking away from everybody. I looked rediculous.

“Where you going?” Mom called out.

Sara lifting her head to look after me.

I looked back, to see her laughing.

“I’m just going to see what there is to do around here.”


Sara was laughing so hard she couldn’t hardly sit when we were back in our room. She was bending and clapping her hands together.

“You looked pretty paniked there,” she said catching her breath

“You shit,” and I swatted at her.

“Uh, I’m just going to see what there is to do around here,” she mimicked my voice. She finally wandered to the corner of the room, laughing still as she fell into a chair. “You find anything interesting J??”

She was sprawled out on the chair still in her swim suit, one leg hanging over the armrest and the other sticking straight out onto the floor. The effect being that her legs were held wide open in front of me.

“Ha ha ha. You couldn’t even turn around!”

I ignored her simply answering her question directly, “They have jet skis, and para-sailing. I’ll be able to do that tomorrow. I signed up. Pretty cool”

“Good, good.” She cooed more to herself, calming down now. Silence. She was looking down at herself rubbing her tummy.

I continued to fill the silence, “I had fun.”

“I bet you did.” She was looking down at herself. “Do I look tanner?” She pulled the top of her bikini down a bit,showing just a little of her boob to me.

“Uh,” I was staring openly at her body now splayed out on the chair her top half pulled down. “Not really. I can’t tell.” I stepped a little closer.

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