Sarah’s Catfight Adventures Pt. 18

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All women in this chapter are 18 years old and seniors in high school.

It was the day of the girls’ state soccer championship. The team had pulled off a miraculous run of close victories, defying all odds, and leading them to their first ever state championship game. They defeated powerhouse after powerhouse, as Sarah, Samantha, and Elizabeth led the team to victory, over and over.

Unluckily for the team, Sarah was feeling under the weather. She was running a fever, her nose was stuffy, and her body was aching. On top of all that, the weather conditions were awful and the girls had to play in the rain.

A normal person would have stayed home in bed, but Sarah was an exceptional athlete, and nothing was going to stop her from helping her teammates. She didn’t tell anyone how awful she felt. She didn’t want to be held out of the game.

Once the match started, Sarah did her best, but the other team dominated. Their opponents had possession of the ball for most of the first half. Luckily, they were unable to capitalize, missing several scoring opportunities.

Unfortunately, Sarah’s started to develop an unbearable headache. While receiving a pass, she became preoccupied thinking about the pain, when a girl from the other team stole the ball from behind. It eventually led to a quick opportunity to score, which the opponents finally took advantage of, netting the first goal of the game.

Sarah was really down on herself as she walked into the locker room for halftime. Not only was her headache unbearable, but she felt she let the team down and possibly cost them the game.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Elizabeth, trying to lift her spirits. “We know you’re doing your best!”

“I’m sorry for letting you guys down,” Sarah responded, feeling pity for herself.

“Everything is going to be okay,” Samantha said, being as encouraging as she could possibly be. “You never let us down. Just do your best and we will win this, together.”

“I am doing my best. It’s just that…”

“It’s just that what?” Elizabeth asked.

“It’s just…nothing,” Sarah said, as she put her face in her hands.

Samantha started to rub her back. “Sarah, we know you’re sick. But you’re doing an amazing job of hiding it so you can help us win the championship.”

“You guys know I’m sick?”

“Yes,” Elizabeth answered. “You’ve been sniffling and holding your head the entire game.”

“And you just seem out of it,” Samantha also added. “But none of that matters!”

“It doesn’t?” Sarah asked.

“No!” Samantha answered. “Because we know how strong you are. And we know you’re going to come through for us, no matter what!”

“You’re right,” Sarah agreed. “You know I’ll never give up.”

The girls went out for the second half and continued to fight. Though the other team still dominated the possession, Sarah felt a little more encouraged, fighting through her illness as she gave everything she had.

The game was sloppy and there were few opportunities to score, but finally they had a chance as Samantha sent a corner kick into the box. As the ball traveled into traffic, Elizabeth out jumped everyone, using her height and strong legs, to head the ball right into the goal.

The girls all celebrated like crazy. They couldn’t believe they just tied the championship game up at one goal apiece. Time was winding down fast, and they knew there was a chance they could pull the upset in overtime.

Their opponents went on a terror, trying to score a winning goal before the end of regulation. Fortunately, nothing came of it as the score remained tied.

Just as regulation was about to end, Elizabeth blocked another shot that was entering the box. She then cleared it out where Samantha was able to outrun the other girls and take possession. She looked up and saw Sarah one on one with another girl from the opposing team. Samantha trusted in Sarah’s speed and determination, and sent the ball flying down the field.

Sarah was able to beat the last defender and take possession of the ball. As the defender got back in front of her, Sarah faked a shot, before running around her and taking the ball into the box.

She was one-on-one with the goalie, with anticipation at its highest point. The entire crowd held its breath as they expected Sarah to take the shot. But instead of shooting, Sarah passed the ball back to her left side, where she knew Samantha was trailing.

Samantha appeared out of nowhere with an empty net right in front of her. She smashed the ball with her right foot, straight into the net, guaranteeing them the victory and their first ever state championship.

The girls all celebrated emphatically, as the final seconds ticked off the clock. The whistle blew, ending the game and crowning them champions of the entire state.

Samantha and Elizabeth jumped around, partying and celebrating like never before. They were so proud of themselves and their teammates, especially Sarah, for persevering through all her pain. The girls lifted the trophy and went to the locker room to pendik escort finish their celebration.

Once the party was over, they finally got to their bus for their ride home, after a hard-fought victory and a long, agonizing season.

Sarah was elated from the results. She was just happy that Samantha, Elizabeth, and the other girls got the award they had been fighting for.

Unfortunately, Sarah was still having trouble with her headache. She did her best to stay awake on the two-hour ride home. But by the time they made it back, she was in no mood to stick around.

“I’m not going to shower or get changed here,” Sarah explained to Samantha in Elizabeth. “I’m just going to go straight home and get into bed.”

“I understand,” said Samantha.

“Get home and get some rest, champ,” said Elizabeth, as she gave Sarah a big hug.

“Yes, we will celebrate when you feel better!” Samantha added.

After Sarah left, the girl stayed back and took a shower in the locker room. They were the last two remaining, but they heard a noise, and assumed it was just one of their teammates who forgot something. But to their surprise, when they came out, they saw Courtney and Mariah waiting for them in the locker room.

“What are you guys doing here?!” Samantha asked, in shock. She and Elizabeth were just in their towels after leaving the shower.

“We’re sorry that we couldn’t make it to the championship,” Courtney said. “But we saw that you guys won state on social media!”

“Yes, we did!” said Elizabeth.

“We wanted to come and congratulate you!” Mariah said, as she took a step towards Samantha.

“Congratulate us?” Samantha asked. “How did you plan on doing that?”

“Oh, I don’t know. But it would be an honor if I could lick the pussy of a state champion soccer player.”

“Oh, yeah?” Samantha asked, as she started to blush.

“It would be a dream come true to eat out a girl that scored in the championship game,” Courtney said, as she approached Elizabeth.

“Well, lucky you,” said Elizabeth. “I just so happened to score in the game.”

Mariah took Samantha’s towel off, leaving her completely naked and wet from the shower. Courtney did the same to the tall blonde, leaving her beautiful body exposed, as well.

They both got to their knees and positioned themselves between the legs of the soccer girls. They each placed their warm tongues on the freshly cleaned clits of the newly crowned state champions.

“Oh, my God! You girls have gotten so brave!” Elizabeth said, as she watched the girls eating them out.

“Yeah!” Samantha moaned in agreement. “I wasn’t expecting this!”

“When I heard you won state, I wanted to lick your pussy so badly!” Mariah responded, as she flicked Samantha’s clit with her tongue.

“I got so hot thinking about eating your pussy,” Courtney said, as she put her mouth over Elizabeth’s clit while looking up with her bright blue eyes.

The naked soccer girls moaned uncontrollably as the warm sensations sent chills throughout their entire bodies. The more they moaned, the more encouraged Courtney and Mariah became, knowing that they were doing a good job of worshiping their hot soccer friends.

“That feels so good, baby!” Samantha moaned out, as she struggled to stay on her feet.

“I know it does,” Mariah responded, watching her squirm. “I know how to take care of you, mommy.”

Elizabeth moaned uncontrollably, as she held onto Courtney’s shoulders and hair. “Your tongue is so warm!”

“I want to give you the best head of your life,” Courtney said, before grabbing Elizabeth by the ass cheeks and forcing her tongue harder against her soaking wet pussy.

No matter how much they squirmed, Mariah and Courtney would not let up on eating Samantha and Elizabeth out. They relentlessly licked up and down, stroking their clits with all the enthusiasm in the world.

“Oh my God, Mariah!” Samantha squealed. “You’re going to make me cum!”

“Yes, mommy! Cum for me, mommy!”

“I’m going to cum, too!” Elizabeth cried out.

“Cum all over my face!” Courtney begged and pleaded, as she continued licking her clit like a lollipop.

Both girls erupted, experiencing very intense orgasms as they shivered violently. Although the soccer girls were bigger and stronger than the cheerleaders, Mariah and Courtney were able to easily hold them in place through sheer will and determination. Nothing was going to keep them away from worshiping them until they were left completely exhausted.

“Oh, my God, Mariah!” Samantha moaned out, trying to collect herself. “What has gotten into you? That was so fucking amazing!”

“Thank you so much!” Elizabeth said, trying to regain her balance.

“We should be thanking YOU!” Courtney responded.

“Yeah! We are honored to do that!” said Mariah.

“I really feel like a champion after that,” Elizabeth joked.

“I almost forgot we won state,” Samantha also joked.

“We can do that anytime you want,” the two cheerleaders both assured.

Samantha and Elizabeth maltepe escort finished getting dressed before spending the rest of the night celebrating with Mariah and Courtney.

As Sarah was driving home, all she could think about was how much she wanted to get in bed. The headache and fever were becoming too much to handle. She just wanted to get home as fast as possible.

Suddenly, her phone rang, and Britney’s name popped up on her phone. “What could she possibly want?” Sarah asked herself.


“I need your help!”

“With what?”

“Please come over! I’ll tell you when you get here. But it’s important!”

Sarah became frustrated and let out a big sigh. “Brit, can this wait? I have a big headache and I’m so tired from the game.”

“Please, just help me really quickly!”

As much as Sarah didn’t want to go, she decided she might as well stop by Britney’s house. Doing a big favor for her rival could help finally bury the hatchet.

“I did just give you that speech about being a better person. So, I guess it’s only right that I help you.”

“Yes! You wouldn’t want to be a hypocrite, would you?”

“This better be important,” Sarah said, before hanging up.

As Britney put her phone down, she clasped her hands together, thinking of a way to execute a spiteful plan. She knew that Sarah would be easy to defeat and humiliate after being worn out from a tough soccer match.

As Sarah’s car pulled up, Britney immediately met her outside, where she continued to act distressed.

“Thanks for coming!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I’ll tell you inside. It’s about my prom date!”

“Your prom date?” Sarah asked, trying to keep herself from becoming upset. She knew that prom was important to Britney, but she wouldn’t consider that an emergency.

“I’m already here,” she thought herself. “Might as well listen to her problem.”

She was also very aware that Britney could be quite dramatic. Being a spoiled brat made little problems seem like emergencies. Just because it wasn’t important to her didn’t mean it wasn’t an emergency to Brit.

“So, what’s the problem?” Sarah asked, as she entered the Britney’s bedroom.

Britney closed the door behind her as she responded, “The problem is you, bitch.”


“Yes, you!”

“What did I do?!”

“I don’t have a prom date anymore, and it’s all your fault!”

“How is it my… You know what? I’m not arguing with you. I don’t have time for this.”

As the brunette walked towards the door, Britney made it visually clear that she would not let her out without confrontation.

“We are going to talk about this right now!”

“Brit, I don’t have the energy to deal with you, right now.”

“You don’t have a choice!”

“Fine!” Sarah shouted back. “How in the hell is it my fault that you don’t have a date anymore?”

“Because my phone was on my bed last time we had sex and he heard everything!”

“Really?” Sarah asked, completely caught off guard. She felt sympathetic and didn’t have the heart to argue. “I didn’t mean for him to hear us.”

“Now he thinks I was cheating on him with some guy.”

“Did you tell him it was me?”

“Of course not!” Britney shouted. “I don’t want people thinking of some kind of lesbo!”

“I understand,” said Sarah. “That really sucks. I never meant for you to lose your prom date. But I’m just really sick right now and all I want to do is get some rest. I’ll try to fix this tomorrow or something.”

Britney suddenly came to a complete stop and forgot about everything she just said.

“You’re sick?” she asked.

“Yes!” Sarah responded in frustration. “I already told you this!”

“You didn’t say you were sick. I just thought you were exhausted from your game.”

“I am. But I also woke up with a fever. I also have a massive headache and my nose is running.”

For some reason, the blonde rival lost all motivation to take advantage and hurt Sarah. It didn’t matter anymore, all the things that she wanted to get revenge for. Knowing that Sarah was actually ill opened up a soft spot in her heart and made her want to be nice for once.

She walked up to Sarah slowly in a nonaggressive manner and carefully started to pull her rival’s shirt off.

“What are you doing?” Sarah asked, blushing.

“Your clothes are dripping wet. You’re not going feel any better until get out of these cold wet clothes and warm up.”

“Oh…okay…” Sarah responded. She was confused at Britney’s sudden change of demeanor. Though she still thought there was a strong probability that Britney was tricking her, she did not have the strength to fight it.

“You have goosebumps all over you.”

“I’ve been cold all day.”

“Why are your clothes so wet?”

“It rained the entire game,” Sarah answered. “And I didn’t bring anything to change into, because I just planned on going straight home.”

Britney just stared at her for a moment, feeling the most sympathy she ever did for her arch nemesis. kartal escort She remembered prior times that she was sick in the past. Being such a spoiled girl growing up, she always handled being sick very poorly.

“I’ll be right back,” said Britney. She left the room for a moment before coming back and quickly saying, “Follow me.”

“Where are we going?”

“I started you a warm bath. You need to wash up and get into some clean clothes.”

Although Sarah was still skeptical, knowing Britney’s history of lies and deceit, she followed her to the bathroom where she realized that Britney had told the truth about starting a bath.

“You were serious…”

“Of course, I was,” she responded. “Now take off your clothes and get in.”

“Get naked…in front of you?”

Britney sighed in frustration. “You’ve been naked in front of me before. Just take off your clothes!”

She started to undress Sarah, pulling her shorts and panties down to the floor. Sarah was now even more surprised at Britney’s nurturing actions.

“Are you going to stay here and watch me?”

“What do you want me to do?” Britney asked sarcastically. “Do you want me to take a bath with you?”

Suddenly an idea popped into her head. Saying it out loud made her realize what a good idea that was. That way she could quickly get Sarah cleaned up and into bed.

She started to undress herself, leaving both Sarah and her completely naked in the bathroom, right next to the nice hot bubble bath.

“I guess I will bathe with you.”

Sarah stepped in cautiously while Britney got in without hesitation. The blonde immediately started pampering Sarah, putting warm water all over her body and cleaning off any dirt and sweat.

“You’re cleaning me?” Sarah asked, almost flattered.

“Just shut up,” said Britney, tired of the questions and confusion.

She took a big loofah and used it to scrub Sarah’s back. The exhausted brunette let out a gasp, almost moaning as she felt her back being scrubbed.

Although Britney tried to maintain her upset and annoyed demeanor, she was really happy inside to see Sarah feeling better.

“Would you like me to wash your hair?”

“Umm…yes please…” Sarah answered, still confused by Britney’s generosity.

The blonde positioned herself behind Sarah in the tub. She lathered her hair with moisturizing shampoo and scrubbed all the way down to the roots. Sarah was so relaxed as she leaned her head back into Britney’s chest.

“This feels so good…” Sarah admitted.

“Would you like conditioner?”

“Yes, please.”

The blonde washed out her hair before applying the conditioner and continuously putting her fingers through Sarah’s long dark hair. Sarah enjoyed every moment of it, almost feeling like she was at a salon. Although she had long beautiful hair, she wasn’t the type to allow others to pamper her.

After rinsing out Sarah’s hair, Britney decided that she would continue washing the brunette’s strong, yet exhausted body. Still sitting behind, she reached her hands around and lathered Sarah’s breasts with soap.

Sarah let out a quick and sudden moan, losing her breath as she felt the sensation from her nipples being touched.

“What are you doing?” she whispered, between breaths.

“I’m washing you,” Britney whispered into her ear, causing goosebumps to appear all over her body. “You have a problem with that?”

“Ugh! No!”

“Then shut up and let me wash you.”

Sarah nodded, feeling so turned on she almost forgot she was sick. For the first time that day, her headache wasn’t on the forefront of her mind.

Britney stretched her hands out as she fondled Sarah’s nice perky breasts. Her soapy hands glided against her tits as she admired and appreciated every inch of them. She even made sure her nipples were squeaky clean by pinching and twisting them ever so gently with her bubbly hands.

Sarah’s moans bounced off the walls, echoing throughout the entire bathroom as her nipples were being stimulated. She leaned back against Britney’s body as goosebumps took over her entire body.

“I like playing with these hot tits,” the blonde whispered into her ears, causing Sarah to gasp.

“I…like it…when you touch them!”

“Is that so? Maybe I need to wash them for a bit longer.”

“Yes, please!”

After fondling the Sarah’s breasts for a while longer, Britney finally rinsed off her upper body, before standing up.

“Thank you for the bath,” Sarah said, looking up at the naked blonde. “That was really nice.”

“Shut up,” Britney responded, looking down at the cute brunette. “Your bath isn’t over yet.”

“It isn’t?” Sarah asked in confusion. “I thought you were getting out of the tub?”

“No. I’m helping you stand up because I need to wash the rest of your body.”

She grabbed both of Sarah’s hands and helped her up to her feet. The beautiful rivals stood next to each other, with their lower bodies covered in bubbles.

Britney bent down and began washing Sarah’s legs, sensually. As she washed her, she allowed her hands to inch closer and closer to Sarah’s pussy, almost forcing her to beg for it. Every time she let her fingers glide right next to her clit, she quickly pulled her hand away and started washing her lower legs again.

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