Sara TG Gives it up

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Sara TG Gives it up
Note: This is a story I found online written by a man I knew. It is written from his side of the story but I will agree things happened pretty much the way he said. I use to wonder why I was getting hit on so aggressively online all the sudden and after finding his story on a CD/TG dating site I understood why.

I’m reposting this as i have another new update.


Hey guys whats up? just a quick intro to my story. I consider myself straight but when i get horny i dont mind if a fag sucks me off. Ive always felt a real man shouldnt have to “jerk off” and if there aint no bitches around i go to one of the local “gloryhole” places and get serviced.

I am also what is called a “tranny chaser”. That is a guy who actively pursues crossdressers or transvestites, whatever they call themselves. But I only like the ones who are good at it and look like real women. Theres lots of them around my area and Ive learned all the places they go and over the years Ive learned how to hit on them and pick them up easily. Its kinda like a game to me. You find one and chase “her” and get her ass then move on to her friends.

Since theres a lot of other tranny chasers out there theres a lot of competition to get at the real pretty ones so to get into ones panties is like a thropy you can brag on. “Hey I got “Brandi CD’s” ass!” LOL

Anyway theres a lot of them that play hard to get or try and say they are “straight” so they dont do men. But I always think there lying cause to me if a guys dressing up like a woman and wearing sexy stockings and perfume and all that shit somewhere down inside hes gay but he just dont wanna admit it. Those are the ones I try and get at most. Its more of a challenge.

Theres one in particular who lived not far from me who goes by the name of Sara. Really fucking hot and has a killer female looking body. I seen her pics and profiles online for years but there was never anything sexual and the couple of times I talked to her she seemed to brush off my advances. Most guys woulda gave up pretty quick but she was just the kind of tranny slut I like to go after. The pretty but stuck up classy looking and acting ones. Its way sweeter when you finally get your cock in them. LOL.

It took me a couple of years but I finally got her to meet me at her place and i went there expecting she was gonna put out but she was not giving it up. I mean she looked hot as shit and was teasing me by showing me her stockings and bending over in front of me a couple of times but basically she was so boring I finally left and went home and wrote her off as unfuckable.

But i was wrong.

i went up to the porno theater by aberdeen last saturday night because i was looking for some action an i had already
gotten blowed by one guy an since i’m usually good for 2-3 loads i was just hangin out and watching people an jackin my cock. i was over in the corner of one of the main “therater rooms” when this real sexy lookin crossdresser came in. blonde hair short miniskirt an stockins. she sat down and me an this other guy both go over and sit on each side of her and we start feelin her up an shit and we got her pretty horny an open legged an then she goes down on her knees an starts suckin both of our dicks. after a bit she says she needs to get fucked so i said i’d do it. then she comes up an was sittin there an she starts tellin me this long story about how shes been illegal bahis dressin for like 10 years but aint
never fucked yet an how she had a reputation an was always all classy an always avoided sex but now she was gettin older an was missin out and wanted to start fuckin but after holding off for so long she was havin a hard time givin it up for the first time. she did say that she fucked her self with dildos an shit like that. she was sayin that there was like 100s an 100s of guys who had tried to get in her pantys over the years an that she had turned them all down an that i’d be able to brag to people online about how i was the first one to fuck her. all kinds of crazy shit. the whole time shes talkin she was jackin on my cock.

as shes goin on i realized. It was fucking Sara!. i didn’t regognize her at first because it is dark in the theaters rooms and she had different style hair. But when she was saying sumthing about having men at her place in east Baltimore it all clicked into place and I looked at her closer and recognized her. I couldnt fucking believe it! I guess she didnt recognize me even though i met her and was at her place a couple of hours. I wanted to say, “I was one of them guys you teased bitch!” but i kept my mouth shut and just agreed with what she was sayin.

finally she said she was ready but first the other guy who had been sittin there said he wanted to go down on her a bit. she didn’t really want that but we pulled her dress up and he got down there an started blowing her anyway. she might not have wanted it but soon she was moaning pretty loud and pumping her hard dick into this guys mouth. after he got her really smokin he stopped an got up an she just laid back with her legs open an her dick all hard humping the air. Man after knowing it was Sara and remembering how stuck up she always was seeing that was a crazy sight! LOL

i had her get down an suck my dick some more. since i had already cum once i knew i was good for a long while. she said she needed to get fucked so i had her lean over me as i sat on one of the sofas an suck my dick while i finger fucked her to loosen her up. i used some lotion she had brought in her pocket book. after a bit i figured she was ready an i made her get down on her hands an knees and take her pantys all the way off. i took them from her an i guess she thought i put them down next to her pocket book or sumthing but i put them in my pocket. then she took out one of her rubbers and put it on my cock.

i decided to have a little fun with her first so i got down behind her and was teasin her with the tip of my dick rubbin it at her hole til she was trying to push back on it. i made her beg me for my dick awhile an when she had did that enough i started goin in. Man she was pretty tight yet but loosened up quick an i got most of my cock in her after a couple of minutes of pushing.

now i don’t wanna sound like i’m braggin but i have a pretty good sized cock and i really know how to fuck. an since i had already got one load out i knew i had a lot of fuckin in me. man i fucked that teasing stuck up little crossdressin bitch senseless. i ain’t fuckin lyin either. Knowing it was that Sara I was finally doing i took my time an used every trick i knew an i fucked her brains out. i had her beggin for more an moanin like a whore for me. i guess after not givin it up
for so long she needed it real bad. right in the middle canlı casino of it all i stopped a few times just to hear her beg for more or to beg me to fuck her harder an i was whisperin in her ear tellin her i was going to tell everybody online that i had fucked her an she said she didn’t care. so here i am tellin everybody!. of course i was givin her 8 hard inches at that time an she probly would have agreed to anything. hahahahaha.

i fucked her a good long time. a half hour or more. by the time i was almost done there was 3-4 other guys hangin around watchin and playin with their dicks. i finally shot my second load an i was done with her. i got up and was takin off my rubber an cleanin up with some of her paper towels. that bitch had come prepared. hahaha. she just stayed down there on her hands an knees with her ass in the air an her face resting down on the floor moanin and shit. I smiled to myself as i looked at her. her ass had been pretty tight when i first started but now it was a large gaping hole! LOL

as i’m cleanin up the other guy who had been working on her with me when she first arrived came over and undid his pants then got down behind her to have his turn. i headed out but just before i left the room i took one last look back and saw she was gettin it from both ends! that other guy was behind her an he was fuckin her and one of the other guys was kneelin in front of her and had his cock in her mouth . hell she may have gotten fucked 3-4 more times after i left for all i know with all those guys standing around jerking off and watchin her get laid.

anyway this bitches screen name is “sara tg in md” on AOL and she lives here in maryland. shes on aol and yahoo. as soon as i got home i went an looked at her website just to be sure it was her and it was her in all the pics. I hadnt looked at her profile in a couple years cause I had given up on her but there was new pics with her looking like I had seen here that nite at the theater. at least the face and hair. None of the pics on her profile showed her wearing a mini skirt! LOL

i laughed my ass off when i read what her website said because it had all this shit about how she was “non-sexual with” her dressing and you better not contact her lookin for sex or im her about no sexual shit and all these pics of her lookin all prissy and stuck up. man i almost fell out of my chair laughin as i read that after i had just fed her my cock an then had that little bitch beggin for my dick.

if you wanna see her website let me know. so if you are one of those 100s an 100s of guys who tried to score her over the years an you are readin this you can be happy knowin that someone finally got her to give it up an gave her what she desreved. also i got her pantys here on my dresser. hahahaha.

o by the way if you are one of those guys she said she turned down maybe you should go back an try your luck again now that shes gotten a taste of some cock. i know after the fuckin she got saturday night shes gonna get that itch an be lookin for more of it real soon.

UPDATE (Added about 6 months after the theater meeting):

this bitch Sara is now a confirmed cock slut and even tho her website and profile still says she aint lookin for sex, she is. I found her posting in a few of the dirtierYahoo crossdresser groups and she’s arranging to meet men for sex. She also has a private Yahoo group where she posts dirty pics and vids kaçak casino of herself.

SECOND UPDATE (Added about a year after the theater meeting):

i contacted her recently and reminded her of who i was and she was thankin me for poppin her cherry and she asked me if I wanted to come to her place some time so i could throw her some more cock. I said sure but still didnt say I had been there before years ago.

Man it was a lot different going to her place the second time. When I had gone there the first time a couple of years earlier she was wearing some conservative like womens business suit. Like a skirt and matching jacket. And she was acting all uptight and stuck up.

This time when I got there she answered the door in just a black corset and panties with thigh high stockings on and high heels. Once I was in she asked me if I wanted anything to drink then she was sitting next to me on the sofa as we talked. She placed her hand on my leg down near my knee but as we talked she slowly worked her way up until she was feeling my cock thru my pants. Other than her feeling my cock it was obvious from what she was wearing and the horny look on her face she was hot and ready to be fucked

She asked me if I had any problem finding her place and at that point I told her about coming there several years before. I told her I had left early cause she was so serious and standoffish. She said she remembered and she had done the same to a lot of men and she was apologizing and saying she was sorry she was such a tease and said she was being stupid it took her a long time to learn who she was and what “girls” like her were for. I told her she was a stuck up bitch before and she agreed and kept saying she was sorry and she was going to make it up to me. Then she got on her knees, pulled my cock out and started blowing me. Once she had me good and hard she finished undressing me and then she pulled me into her bedroom by my cock and I fucked her all afternoon.

I remember back in my original post I had said, “if you are one of those guys she said she turned down maybe you should go back an try your luck again now that shes gotten a taste of some cock. i know after the fuckin she got saturday night shes gonna get that itch an be lookin for more of it real soon.”

I was only half serious but i guess after not giving it up for so long once she did get some cock she couldn’t handle it and she just went complete slut! I cant say for sure how many guys have already fucked this Sara but it must be a LOT and Ill tell you why I think that.

First off when I saw her before her asshole was just a tight little hole and the skin around it was white and smooth. Now it has a bruised, very “used” look to it.

Secondly as I mentioned earlier I have a pretty big cock and the first time i fucked her up in that porno theater her ass was pretty tight and it took me a minute
or two of pushing to get in and then another couple minutes of slow fucking til she was loose enough to fuck comfortably. But when I went to her place like a year later and
fucked her my cock went in pretty easy right away. Her ass has definitely been stretched out! LOL

And finally when she opened the drawer on her bedside night stand to get a condom to put on me I saw there was a BIG box of them in there as well as a couple of tubes of lube. Once we finished fucking later I saw there was already a couple of other used condom wrappers in the little trash can next to her bed and when I went back out to the living room to get dressed I saw another condom wrapper in the little waste basket next to the sofa!

go get her guys! Maybe she’ll “apologize” to you too LOL

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