SA E01v2: A Medieval Romance

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Glass Butt

Foreword: This is the rewritten version of my first submission to Literotica and My first Sexual themed story. I enjoyed the feedback I got from writing it and have since made it into a novel length story, but I did feel this one really needed to be rewritten, and have finally done so.

I have added a new character to this chapter; she is a secondary character in this story, but returns in chapter 4, and is a key player in chapter 5. I have also chosen to reissues chapter two, only minor changes occur, nothing major, but this part has heavy rewrites, the story will not change much, but how I tell it will, I have included many more details and even a description of the town. It has however increased in size by a factor of five.

Again feedback is always appreciated. I will reply to all feedback if you give me your email, or at least try. A thanks goes out to Mindfiend for his help in correcting chapter one and making me dig deeper into my bag of tricks, his comments motivated me to extend an explanation in chapter one and thus create the character of Eve, I really like her for her innocence and gentle nature, I hope she grows on all of you too.


I stood there my mouth agape, still not quite able to believe what I was seeing and feeling. My God I still have a hard time believing it. I am reminded by her soft breath that she is real, but I am still not certain it isn’t a dream. I stood there, in front of me the most glorious creature I have had the pleasure of laying my eyes upon. Her only desire was my happiness. I knew not then but she had fallen in love with me already. I hardly knew her but I also was rapidly falling in love with her. Guess love at first sight is possible after all.

Sorry, maybe a little background as to what is happening and how it came to be is required… It all started about 2 weeks ago. I had just made my mind up to go on a weekend outing with some of my co-workers. We had settled on a fantasy weekend, we believed it would be fun, they still had a hard time convincing me, I never would have thought that I could have this much stimulation in an area devoid of electricity, running water and no showers or warm water for 50 miles.

I was on a weekend in a medieval recreation town. I, normally, was a simple payroll officer. However this week I had been knighted, I was Sir David, lord of Yorkshire and for the first time in my life wore real armour. It had taken a few days to start to enjoy myself, and a few days to get used to wearing armour, man was it heavy and inflexible, no wonder they always moved slowly in the movies. I had chosen to participate in a tournament. The grand prize was a mystery, but we were promised it would be unique.

I was finally getting into being a knight, so I did not really care about the prize. The mere thought of a chance to improve my skills was enough for me. The tournament would be decided in 10 rounds of combat. Nine one-on-one elimination matches. Three rounds of Jousting, starting with eight competitors. Three rounds of Mace combat, again starting with eight competitors. Three rounds of sword combat, again starting with eight competitors. All of these finished with a single victor, single elimination, to five points. The final round would be an archery contest; there were again eight of us in the archery contest.

I was the only one in all four contests. Most participants were in two or three of the challenges. The man with the most points at the end of the day would be declared the overall winner. A first place would net 5 points, a second 3 and a third a single point.

We had all been watched for the last three days and ranked based on our performance, the competition made certain that the best would meet only at the end of the tournament. I was the heavy favourite in all events. I managed to get top rank in all events.

I first faced Glenn in the first round of the joust, he was not very good, and I dispatched him quickly. He was a friend from the advertising department. I then faced off against His brother Bruce, he was in the warehouse, he was a powerful man, but only average at jousting, he also went down quickly, he and I had also become close friends. My last opponent was named Richard, he and I were only acquaintances; he worked in the shipping department, he was a nice guy. I had a little trouble beating him, it was close fight, but I won three points to five. I now had five points; Richard three and Bruce had picked up a point from fighting Richard’s last opponent and winning.

Richard was not competing in the mace competition. Glen and Bruce however were both in it, and they were much better ranked, Bruce was second overall and Glen fourth. I was first again, so I faced the worst overall first. His name was Tim, I knew Tim only mildly; he was on the LAN team; however he was not a challenge. Next I faced Glen, this time he was a much greater challenge; I did however beat him again. For the last round you guessed it, I faced Bruce, He was good, I barely casino şirketleri beat him, four to five, but I won again. So with the second challenge over, I had ten points, Bruce had four, Richard had three and Glen picked up third place and had a point.

Glen bowed out of the Sword fight, Richard was third over all, and Bruce Second, I was again the best overall. My first opponent was Henry, a close friend from the accounting department, he was not very good, but a nice guy. I beat him with no effort. Richard was my next opponent, he fought valiantly, but I dispatched him again, with relative ease. Bruce and I again fought for first place, he was very good with a sword, he scored three points unchallenged, but I scored the next five and won. I congratulated all my opponents, but it was already decided that I was the overall winner, but I wanted to win the archery competition so we kept going. The score at this point was 15 points for me, four for Richard, seven for Bruce, and 2 points for Glen.

The archery competition was to be held in two or three rounds, first round had eight of us firing at a target set at a distance of 50 feet, we had three arrows apiece to get a bullseye, all those who manage to get one would move on to the second round. Glen and I were ranked first and second, Bruce was not participating, Tim was third and Richard was fourth overall. We all shot, Glen and I got perfect bullseyes on our first shots. Bruce hit the side of the bullseye, and Tim was just a little farther away. The other four competitors were not even close. Tim and Richard nailed a bullseye on their next shoot, and soon the four of us were moved to the next round.

This time the target was placed at a hundred feet, and we only had two arrows this time to get a bullseye. Glen and I shot and nailed the bullseye once again on the first try, we both knew there would be a third round. Tim and Richard barely managed to hit the target, but never got close to the bullseye. Glen and I were now going to the third and final round, a shoot off with the target set at 200 feet. Just at the limit of the range of the bows we were using. This was going to be a single arrow; winner takes all, in case of a tie we both shot again. Since neither of us had ever shot at this range, we asked for a test shot or two. I shot first; I shot about 10 feet short of the target. Glen shot, over the target, landing behind it. We both shot again, we both hit the target dead on, me slightly above the bullseye and Glen slightly below. We indicated we were ready.

We were both shooting at the same target, Glen went first, I went second. Glen got a bullseye. I then shot and landed my arrow just above his, also scoring a bullseye. We had to shoot three more time before Glen finally missed the bullseye and I won the competition. Glen shook my hand and said: “You are one hell of an archer, I am happy to admit defeat at your hand.” I was congratulated by all the other opponents also. It was a good competition, I was happy to have participated, and I hade just won.

I was told that The King had beckoned me to his side. King James was the CEO of the company. He is a close friend. He praised me for wining the tournament, and had the entire court stand as he bestowed upon me my reward. I had been chosen for a quest. The quest was to retrieve the beautiful maid Alicia from bandits who had kidnapped her. Of course this was a made up story to add a sense of adventure to our stay. I was suspicious when King James when he said: “You will be further rewarded by saving the fair maid Alicia.”

Something appeared questionable to me, I knew all the members of the Company who had decided to participate, yet knew not a person called Alicia. The first rule we had set forth was that we were to use our true names at all times. The staff of the town had agreed to only provide non meaningful roles. They did all the menial jobs we needed to have fun, bartender, waitress, blacksmith and heralds but no damsels in distress. So I wondered who this Alicia was. I none the less took the quest on, figuring it would be fun.

It was growing late; the tournament had taken up all the sunlight hours of the day. I made preparations, and decided I should wait till the next morning to set out on the quest. Early the next morning I woke to the crow of the cock. I decided to skip breakfast; I got into my armour and prepared to leave. I was aware it may take most of the day to reach the keep on the neighbouring hill. Unlike this town it was actually an actual authentic piece of work commissioned for an experiment, conducted by a recreation group, but it was fairly isolated. I had packed provisions for up to a week of absence. I set out.

I was to rescue Alicia from the evil Count Smith, who had had her kidnapped just a few days ago. I knew that Count Smith was actually John Smith from accounting, we had our difference and I looked forward to having a duel with him. The rules stipulated that since we were all in armour and had wooden training casino firmaları swords we were to fight each other with these weapons. I had fun crossing swords with 4 friends and winning every battle, so I was quite ready, I was actually looking forward to it. Yet at the back of my mind still lingered the question of who Alicia was and what was this reward I was to get.

I was on route to Count Smith’s keep; it resided upon the hill to the north. It was a fairly straight forward route, I knew that I was going to be in the open the entire way, but that was unavoidable. I was wary of an ambush, but knew if one was to occur that it would most likely occur close to the keep. It took me three hours of horse back to reach the base of the hill where the keep had been built. It was a very strategic setup.

The hill was about 60′ or 20m high and about half a mile or a km wide and long, but the secret here was that the hill had a circular depression in the center forming a valley a 100′ or 33m wide with a hill in the center rising 30′ or 10m higher than the side, that’s where the keep was built. From the top of the keep you could see the valley as well as the plains below, surprise approaches were impossible, and the valley made a wonderful place to ambush your enemy. It was extremely well designed.

I was starting my climb of the outer hill when I saw a signal arrow fired from the keep. I realized that I had been seen and an attack was imminent. I got off my horse, unsheathed my sword and raised my shield, just in time to see a horde of ten lightly armoured figures coming over the rim of the hill. I was ready for a fight. Five had swords, five had maces. I block an initial strike with my shield, and started to combat the enemy who were quickly surrounding me. I fought for nearly half an hour before being able to claim victory. I had disarmed the lot.

I gave chase to those who tried to escape, soon I had all ten bound and gagged, I knew that it was expected that I be captured, and noticed that the main gate was still open. I removed the house crest and banner from one of my assailants, and placed it on my armour, I hope that it would not be questioned who I was till it was too late to close the gate. I made certain that none of my captives were hurt, they were after all employees of the park; they wished me luck. I headed towards the keep on my horse.

I rode slowly so as to not appear to be a threat, it worked, I was at the gate when a guard noticed me and demanded to know who I was. I drew my sword, and raced into the keep, as he sounded the alarm, I was in: it was too late. I was soon greeted by the remaining guards, another thirty, fifteen in light armour, archers I predicted, they were not going to be able to attack me, so I ignored them, ten in the same armour as the first batch, all brandishing swords this time, they would take a little time, and five in heavy armour like myself, they would be a challenge.

I also noticed Count Smith standing at the end of the courtyard, with a fine golden haired maiden standing beside him with her hands and feet tied together. I assumed that was the maid Alicia. Count Smith gave me a quick look and then yelled: “Capture him!!” I dropped from my horse and engaged the first volley of guards. They were not as well trained as the ones I encountered outside, and soon they fell. Only the five elite guards and Count Smith remained. These were well trained fighters; they were members of the permanent staff of the town. I was told later, the Mace teacher, the three sword teachers and the master trainer for combat strategies and jousting, they were good, but I eventually was victorious, leaving only Smith and I.

I knew from the stories I had heard, that Smith had been here before, he had actually suggested this particular town, and that he was a champion at the sword. He threw his captive at a pile of hay and drew his sword; he then headed towards me and said: “Hi Sir David, I have been told you won the tournament, and even beat my record, let’s see how good you really are, EN GUARD.”

We crossed swords, he was good, and I was tired, I had been fighting for nearly an hour by now. I took me another hour to finally tire him enough to disarm him, he surrendered, and admitted I was better then him. He released Alicia to me. I was quite tired yet very happy; I cut the bonds on Alicia wrist and ankles, then climbed onto my horse and helped her up. We were off. I had been too tired to realize I did not know this Alicia, and too caught up into my role to realize that I should probably introduce myself, she for her part offered no resistance, she however did have a look of fear in face until I helped her on the steed. She appeared to smile a little as she got on.

I had not even taken a good look at her yet, just a passing glance. The sun was setting fast and I decided we should stop for the night. I had cleared the hill and found a quiet little clearing beside the tree line to the west. I stopped the horse and helped her off, güvenilir casino that’s when it hit me that I did not know her, I then got off the horse and introduced myself as Sean David and inquired who she was, she stayed in character and refused to answer me when I was out of character, so I played my role and said I am the legendary Sir David, I was too tired to question why she was so insistent.

Before I actually had time to react Alicia was removing her dress while she said: “I am your prize sir, do with me as you wish.”

I was not prepared for this, I stood dumbfounded. Alicia’s long brown hair now sat upon her bare back, as she slowly disrobed. My mind was in a frazzle as my body stood frozen and helpless. I was not certain why this was happening, it did however have a hold on me and I could not respond. I was mesmerized, I could not move as this lovely angel, with her pale white skin was undressing in front of me. Her body was supple and light, she moved with grace, poetry in motion. I was watching her performance, not able to rip myself from her grasp. I still do not understand what happened to me.

The sun was setting as she seemed to rise from her clothes. Slowly she turned, her locks hiding her bosom only slightly, and the most awe inspiring sight I have ever seen took shape and seared an ethereal image in my mind, she was glorious, truly angelic.

Until now it truly felt like I was dreaming, the illusion was shattered as she shivered slightly. My mind finally free, I returned to reality, my senses returned to normal. With lightning fast movements, she had no chance to finish disrobing. Her dress slightly above her waist at the front, I removed a soft woollen blanket from my pack and wrapped her in it. Such was my speed that she was now unsure of what was happening and had a puzzled look quickly cover her beautiful face.

I spoke softly: “Fair maiden thou must be cold.” I had already wrapped the blanket around her shoulders with my arm. Her face turned to look at me, I continued softly: “I would not be able to face thee, if you were to take ill while in my care. I must insist that you permit me to start a fire and warm you up.” This seemed to relax her and brought a never before seen tenderness in her eyes, she was still uncertain of herself, however she appeared to be relaxing a little. My heart was warmed by the thought.

Alicia gazed at me, her face brightening, she was about to speak, I motioned to her to not, she stopped, I softly said: “I do not know why you chose to perform your earlier actions, but I would like to setup camp, and possibly get the fire going before I let you speak, it will give you a little time to chose your next words.”

Alicia’s face appeared to relax and she started to run the events of the evening through her mind, this gave me time to start setting up camp. I removed my pack from my horse and placed it on the ground by Alicia. We were close to a small patch of trees, but just outside a forest, the site did not appear to have been used as a camp site recently, but a partial circle of rock sat in the middle of the clearing, I walked my horse close to it, where I removed the saddle bags, saddle and blanket from my horse’s back. I then guided him to a small patch of grass and placed a large rock on his reins.

I walked back to Alicia, she was still standing with my blanket on her shoulders; her dress was now lying at her feet. I was about to speak when she stopped me, she had a look of fear and uncertainty as, for the first time, she spoke to me out of character: “I am new to the company; I was told to strip for the man who came to rescue me, or I would be fired. I was also told not to talk to you out of character. This, it was explained to me, was the price for joining. I really need this job. However you have been too kind to me for me to be able to keep this charade up.” Fear still filled her eyes.

First thing to come into my mind is who is the Motherfucker who did this, and when do I fire him, Just as I was about to boil over, Alicia reached up to me and gave me a kiss, just a small one, but none the less, I was completely taken by surprise, I involuntarily stepped back, tripping on my own backpack. Luckily I was able to stagger back a few steps before falling with a loud clank. I lay on the floor with my head ringing and the wind completely knocked out of me. I stared at the sky in a complete stupor.

I am uncertain how long I remained there. But before long Alicia dropped to my side, the blanket falling from her shoulder as she did, with an expression of concern on her face, saying: “Are you alright Sir David?” reaching for my face as she did. I could not help but admire her beautiful and firm breast and her large areolas, with her nipples were quite hard, from the cold air.

I for a second found myself wanting to reach for them and suck and fondle her breast, but my noble side won and I reached with my armour clad arm to her face and tenderly caressed it as I said: “Fair Alicia you need not worry about a clumsy knight like myself, but please cover yourself. If you do not you may fall ill.” this caused her to giggle and fall to the floor on her exposed bottom, I groaned as I got to a sitting position.

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