Rubber Katie and Latex Jenny Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – Exploration

I awoke in darkness. Aroused, sticky-mouthed, hot and momentarily disorientated. I was still in the rubber suit and the dildo was still inside my pussy.

It was moving!

It jogged again and for a moment I thought I was dreaming but then it twisted in me and I came fully awake.

“Hello Katie,” said Jenny’s voice out of the darkness, “I see you’ve discovered my little secret!”

Inside the rubber hood, I choked from the sudden realisation that I had been discovered. Caught in the act – dressed in her rubber catsuit, with her massive dildo still buried deep inside me.

Before I could answer, Jenny flicked on the light on the cabinet beside the bed. I choked a second time. Like me, Jenny was dressed completely in rubber. “May I join you?” she cooed in a syrupy, seductive tone.

Her arms were sheathed in long black gloves and black stockings covered her legs. Over this she had put on the short black dress with the high neck. The dress covered the gloves high up on her arms and stopped high across the tops of her thighs, forming an uninterrupted expanse of black rubber from neck to toe. Jenny’s breasts stretched the latex taught across her chest and even through the thick material I could see her nipples were tight erect bumps just as, I quickly realised, mine were.

Jenny was kneeling on the bed, straddling me, one knee either side of my hips. With one hand, she lifted the edge of the dress and presented me with a view that I had never before that evening expected to see. Between her legs she was shaved completely bare. The other hand was holding the tip of the free end of the dildo against the opening of her vagina. I watched, transfixed, as she began to rock gently backwards and forwards and ease the dildo into herself.

Slowly her labia parted and spread to swallow the head of the dildo as she lowered herself gradually down its length towards me. The dildo was moving inside me in response to Jenny’s movements and in that moment of shock, I orgasmed; my muscles jerking the end of the tool and pushing it further up into Jenny.

“Ohh, very good,” Jenny sighed. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’d done this before!”

“I, eh… I…” I stammered, unable to take in what was happening and still half believing that it was a dream.

“What’s the matter Katie? Cat got your tongue?” Jenny laughed as the dildo slipped further up inside her.

My first reaction was to push her off and flee – a mixture of fear and embarrassment gripped my guts. This lasted only a few moments and was quickly submerged beneath the waves of arousal pulsing through me as the sight of Jenny in the latex dress and stockings and her gentle rocking movements brought me back close to orgasm once again.

I lay on the bed stunned; fascinated by the view of the dildo disappearing deeper between Jenny’s shiny wet pussy lips.

“I had a little hunch that you’d be into this.” Jenny explained, “After all the compliments you gave your sister when she wore that rubber dress at Todd’s party, I guessed that you liked the idea of rubber clothing. And I noticed how fidgety you got whenever there was a girl-on-girl scene on the TV.”

With a little yelp, she made a final push against the rod and settled herself across my hips. The contact of her body, warm through the rubber skin, brought me to the brink of orgasm yet again.

“I was surprised though that you went the whole way with the rubber on your first try!”

She stroked my cheek gently.

“It usually takes a few sessions before I can persuade someone to try on the hood.”

She smoothed out the dress around herself then stretched her arms behind her. Like me, her feet were clad in high-heeled patent leather shoes and she now leaned backwards grasping a heel in each hand, thrusting her breasts forward and up and starting a gentle rocking movement back against my hips.

Jenny was beautiful. I had seen her a few times around the flat in her underwear and, once, when we had sunbathed on the terrace, in a bikini, so I had known that she had a good figure. But now, in the half darkness, encased in rubber and with breaking beads of perspiration forming across her forehead, she was magnificent.

Emboldened by my newly discovered kinkiness, I acknowledged my desire and tentatively reached out my rubber-clad hands to her. I placed them around her waist. It felt strange to be holding another woman in this intimate way. I ran one hand up over her stomach feeling the muscles working against the rubber covering and the other I slid nervously under the hem of the dress finding the bare top of her thigh above the rubber stocking. I ran a finger under the curling latex edge. Jenny shuddered slightly at my touch and moaned encouragement as I began to run my fingers across her hip and down over her thigh.

She hooked her ankles against my knees and, still leaning back, gripped my shins to balance herself. The two layers of latex covering our legs squeaked as they rubbed together. Gripping the sides of my thighs kartal escort with her own, she pushed her groin hard against mine so that the dildo shook within us both.

Becoming more confident, I ran my now adventurous fingers along the taught tendons straining between her legs and then over the bare, hairless opening of her vagina. I slipped a finger into the opening next to the purple rod. It was slick with the combined products of our arousal.

“I like to keep myself bare down there; and everywhere else for that matter.” Jenny explained, spotting my interest in her hairless state, “It has some useful benefits if you’re a rubber fetishist like me. Sometime I’ll show you what I mean – if you’re interested that is.”

“Very interested.” I replied, liking the sound of those words, ‘rubber fetishist’.

I took hold of her waist again and lifted my bottom off of the bed. We both groaned in pleasure as the wide, fake phallus moved within us.

She took my hands in hers, our black rubbery fingers lacing together, and bracing her knees against the bed, began to lift away from me. Her swollen pussy-lips slid up the shaft of the great dildo as it pulled out of her, wet with her vaginal juices. She plunged back down, her groan answered by one of my own.

I was being fucked by a woman! I was fucking a woman! We were dressed in rubber! My god – what a night!

Jenny continued her rise and fall against the dildo, each cycle generating moans from us and squeaks from the rubber. She leant forward and I gripped her breasts, firm and heavy. It felt good to hold them, to feel their weight and the shock waves of her movements trembling through them.

We were both close to orgasm when Jenny unhooked her ankles from my knee pits. She lifted and then straightened first one leg and then the other. Jenny was now sitting between my thighs, our legs each spread wide apart, mine underneath and hers above. She wriggled and pulled closer to me so that the last inch of dildo disappeared somewhere within us and our pussy-lips were actually in contact through the rubber opening in my catsuit.

Taking my hands in hers, she gradually hoisted me up into a sitting position and pulled me close to her wrapping me in a tight embrace. The sensation of her breasts squashing against mine was unique and new. I placed my arms around her waist and pulled her to me as well.

Her face came closer and closer, shrouded by her damp hair, until her eyes were right in front of my own. Her face closed further and she licked my rubber covered chin, then my nose and check. Finally, her tongue, found the mouth opening in the hood and brushed my lips.

I came again and she followed me in a delicious collision of joint passion.

As the bursts of our orgasms subsided, I opened my mouth to receive her tongue. The tip pushed between my teeth and found my own tongue waiting. Jenny brought her lips to mine and, through the small opening in the rubber we kissed.

After a kiss that seemed to last for an age, Jenny gently unclipped the studs around my throat and neck and removed the rubber hood. She kissed me again. My hair was wet and the skin of my checks and forehead felt chilled by the evaporating perspiration formed under the rubber. She sucked on my tongue. For a long time we remained seated, still, holding each other tightly whilst we explored each other’s mouths and faces with tongues, lips and teeth. I tasted her sweat and tasted my own – latex-flavoured – from her tongue. We kept up a continuous motion of our hips keeping the dildo busy inside us and holding us on the edge of climax. We each came again a couple more times.

By now this was a record for me. No man had ever made me climax more than twice – even Tom who had been the most vigorous and skilful of my former lovers. But now, with Jenny, there seemed to be no end to them.

Finally we pulled apart and laid side-by-side on the trashed bed, holding rubber hands in a silence broken only by the heavy breathing of two exhausted females.

After a while Jenny sat up. She rolled around and went to the dildo which was still inside me pointing like a glistening mutant digit at the ceiling. She began to slowly withdraw it from me.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“You don’t think we’re finished yet do you?” Gently she withdrew the dildo from my vagina. It felt like a blessed release to have the huge thing removed, I was convinced that it had stretched me beyond a point of no return.

She licked the end that had been inside me then opened her mouth and, forming a circle with her lips sucked it in.

“Mmmh, you taste good.” She said with her mouth full. She stretched to place the purple invader on the bedside table. Next she pushed my knees apart.

“If you’re comfortably, I’ll begin.”

Rubber squeaked against rubber as she crawled over my left leg and stretched out between my knees with her head resting on my left thigh.

A hollow and breathless “Yes.” was all that I could manage to say in anticipation of what maltepe escort bayan I guessed was coming next.

Jenny’s tongue licked its way across my rubber covered inner thigh and circled around my mound. I was momentarily disappointed when she seemed to be heading upwards again, but this was a tease and she quickly lowered her mouth to the expected target.

Resting her chin between my thighs, she breathed hotly against my opening before bringing her mouth in contact with my pussy-lips. She gently blew air against my clitoris. I was getting impatient and jiggled my bottom up towards her face.

“Patience, my dear Katie, good things come to those who wait.” Jenny mumbled from between my legs.

She brought her hands up. With her right she cupped the left cheek of my bottom, squeezing it through the latex. Her left hand slid under my thigh and sneaked into position against my vagina.

A latex sheathed finger crept into the opening and wriggled its way downwards tickling the walls of my pussy as it went. A second finger followed. She spread them apart and I felt the familiar stirrings of arousal begin once again. Next she placed her rubber-wrapped thumb on my clitoris and began to press and stroke the button, rotating the thumb-tip in a circular motion.

I was by now moaning loudly. I brought my legs up across Jenny’s back, holding her in place and, conveniently, opening the gap between my legs so that Jenny’s face nudged right up against my labia.

She took the hint, and withdrew her fingers before she pushed her tongue into the waiting, aching hole. She thrust it deep into me and I brought my thighs tight to the side of her head, feeling the warmth of her face through the latex.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and for several minutes we remained like that, Jenny working her tongue in and around my vagina and me groaning in ecstasy, surely loud enough to disturb the neighbours.

Eventually, my orgasm came and the muscles of my vagina squeezed tight against Jenny’s tongue as energy smashed through me.

When the contractions had abated, I let her free and she crawled back up my chest to kiss me again. She was lighter than I had expected, lighter than a man would have been and the two promenent mounds of her chest pressing down on my own was another difference. This time, her tongue and face tasted of my juices and I eagerly licked her face over. She hugged me tightly.

“I’ve wanted you for so long.” She said with her face just an inch from my own.

“I tried to engineer situations when something might occur so many times without success that I thought this was never going to happen.”

“What d’you mean ‘tried to engineer situations’?” I asked in surprise.

“Well y’know.” she said, suddenly shy, “haven’t you noticed that almost every time I’ve suggested we rent a video it has a lesbian love scene in it? And most of the books in my room have got an erotic encounter between two women.”

“Eh, I had noticed one or two, but these days so many things seem to be trading on lesbian chic that it hadn’t occurred to me it was deliberate. Your little plan didn’t click.” I laughed.

“I thought as much, which is why I came up with the idea of nicking your new dress. I’ve been into rubber for years and I guessed you liked the idea of it so I thought, given the chance, you might be interested in something a little bit more ‘out-there’ as well. I knew that you’d get annoyed and go looking for the dress if it went missing, so I planted my rubber collection and the dildo somewhere you’d be bound to find them and hoped for the best.”

I plucked the rubber material covering my stomach and let it snap back into place. “So this is all one big set-up?”

“Yep! The dress is safe in its bag under your bed.” She laughed.

“It worked.” I said, “Was I what you’d hoped for?”

“Yep. Very definitely – more so.”

I rolled her over and pinned her to the bed.

“You were right Jen, I’ve always wanted to get a rubber dress but never had the courage. When I saw your stuff, I couldn’t resist the temptation, and once I’d started I just got carried away.”

“You certainly did, but I’m glad. I was almost ready to give up. It was getting painful being around you without having you and was thinking of moving on.”

“Not now though?” I asked in alarm. I didn’t want to lose something this good so soon.

“No, I think after tonight’s little escapade I might be persuaded to stay.” Jenny smiled.

“Have you had many relationships with other women?” I asked.

“A few. I had a relationship in my last two years at university with a girl in my tutor group. It was she that introduced me to rubber. I’ve had a number of shorter ones since but none of them lasted more than about a year. I’ve also dated a few men but even when the sex was good those relationships always had something missing.”

“So you’re bisexual?”

“Yeh, I suppose so – to an extent, but I prefer women to men and I’ve never dated both at the same time. escort pendik I think that would make things too confusing. That’s why the relationships with Peter and Mark both ended – they both knew that I was into women and they wanted threesomes which I wasn’t prepared to do. Mark even suggested you, but I didn’t want to share you, so I got rid of him.”

“Wow, greedy. I hope you’re more generous with your clothes, I’m afraid you are going to have to share the rubber.”

“I think something can be arranged.” She said and pinched my still hard nipples through their rubber covering.

“You’ve gone down on me, now it’s my turn.” I replied.

“You don’t have to if you’re not ready.” said Jenny, “I know this is all totally new for you and I don’t want to move things too far too quickly. I can wait until you’re more prepared for this whole thing.”

For a moment, doubt flitted through my mind. Could I really do this? Would it be unpleasant?

So far that night I had raided my friend’s wardrobe, stolen her clothes and her dildo, dressed myself in rubber, masturbated myself silly and had hot lesbian sex for the first time. If anyone had told me in advance that I could do even one of these things I would have called them mad. Now though they all seemed quite unexceptional. One further step in this journey of exploration no longer seemed impossible. Jenny enjoyed doing it and it surely couldn’t be worse than giving a guy a blow job.

“I’m ready now.” I said, definite. I motioned for her to lay on her front with her hips in the air.

She grinned as she took position with her head over the side of the bed and her backside high in the air. I was planning an attack from the rear. As I positioned myself between her legs, she wiggled her perfect bottom seductively and spread her knees wide apart to give me a good view of my target. Her feet in their spike-heeled shoes pointed to the ceiling.

“How’s this?” she said and laughed.

I turned back the flared skirt of the dress and moved in, placing my tongue in the small dimple at the top of her backside where the two cheeks separate and spread. I gently began running my tongue along the crack between the globes moving downwards towards my goal. I could taste and smell her sweat mingling with the remains of that day’s perfume – Chanel No. 5.

I have always loved that scent and often wear it myself. In fact, I had given it to Jenny for her previous birthday. Maybe it had been an innocent gift then, but now the sweet aroma mingling with the musk of another woman’s sweat made me wet again and yearn for the dildo’s penetrating force or Jenny’s caressing tongue.

I reached Jenny’s opening.

I’ve looked at myself in the mirror and have, of course, touched myself there, but I’ve never had the chance to see a vagina up so close. Naked as it was, unobscured by untidy pubic hair, Jenny’s opening looked wonderful. Beautifully formed and very inviting. I extended my tongue and, holding my breath, darted it quickly between the two red and fleshy folds of skin.

Jenny did not taste bad. She was delicious. As my tongue made its first tentative entry I could feel Jenny’s muscles quivering with delight. I held my tongue in place between the two engorged lips then pushed further and deeper into her vagina, seeking out her sensitive interior.

Jenny’s pussy responded to my intrusion with a series of small muscle contractions. It felt deeply strange but hugely erotic to feel the stirrings of a female orgasm from “the other side”. I licked away inside Jenny and brought my hands up to the front of her hips to pull her closer to my face. Jenny was now half off the bed. She was supporting herself off of her hands braced on the floor and her bum was rammed tight against my face.

Encouragingly, Jenny was making a series of squeaks and gasps as I probed her clitoris with my tongue. I could feel more and more frequent trembling inside Jenny until, with a rush, the vibrations joined and formed an ascending series of pulsing waves, releasing the pent-up energy.

Jenny groaned deeply as her orgasm hit and her backside jumped and bucked against my face. Now my tongue was trapped in the crushing contractions. I rode the waves tasting her deeply until the contractions subsided and I could withdraw.

I fell on the bed and Jenny crawled back on to it with a massive smile across her face.

“Thank you,” she said, “You’ve no idea how many nights I’ve finger-fucked myself to sleep wishing this could happen.”

I leaned over her and held her face under the chin. We kissed – slowly – each tasting ourselves again on the other’s lips and tongues.

I released her and laughed, “If you’d told me that you’d felt like this some other way, I would probably have kicked you out of the flat or run a mile – possibly both. Thank you! This has been the most unexpected, amazing, wonderful night! I’ve never had sex so hot or so fulfilling. I’ve never come close to love making like that!”

I was kneeling on the bed and Jenny sat up facing me. She positioned herself sitting between my thighs and knees with her legs crossing over them and passing each side of me. She pulled me to her, rubber arms around rubber body. She leant forward and kissed each of my shoulders, then locked her arms and her legs firmly around me.

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