Robert Meets Rebecca Ch. 2

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Rebecca’s Dad open his door, and heard Rebecca and Bobby going at it. Since talking to Rebecca, he has been semi-hard. Following the sounds, he rounded the corner and saw his baby girl was getting fucked, really fucked. Bobby was slamming his cock in her pussy hard and fast. Tom unzipped his pants, drop them to the floor and took off his shirt too. Walking over to the bed. “Hello my dear loving daughter. are you ready for my cock?” Tom said.

“How are you Tom?” Bobby asked.

“I’m fine, my friend. How are you doing?” Tom asked.

“Hello Daddy,” Rebecca said.

“Watching you two was better than watching a porno movie, it was hotter to say the least,” Tom answered.

Rebecca look down to see Daddy’s cock was as huge as Bobby’s, and it look ready to explode. She sat up and reach for Tom’s cock, running her finger up and down his length. “Tom let her suck your cock. mannnn, she is the best!” Bobby said.

“Well, what are you waiting for, come suck your Daddy’s love tool” Tom said.

Rebecca crawled over to him, and took him in her mouth doing the same thing to him, as she did Bobby. Tom was in agreement with Bobby, Rebecca is the best cock sucker he’s ever had. 30 minutes later she was still going strong, but Tom wanted to be inside her when he exploded. Tom pulled Rebecca off his cock and climb on top of her. using his knees he push her legs apart wider, lifting her ass, he positioned his cock at the entrance.

“Get ready baby, Daddy’s going to fuck your brains out” Tom bursa escort said. Tom grasp Rebecca’s ass cheeks, squeezing them. He plunged in her pussy hard, pumping his cock faster and faster, harder and harder. Tom exploded, but didn’t stop. He was still hard.

“Oh Daddy I want Bobby up my ass,” Rebecca said. Tom rolled them so Rebecca was on top, Tom put one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking her nipples hard. Tom opened Rebecca ass and Bobby rubbed body oil into her ass and all over his cock. Bobby held his cock, squeezing his cock, getting his cock head even bigger. He eased his cock up her tight, hot asshole. She was so tight that this would take some time. Rebecca was tighter than a virgin, but she knew how to use her ass. She was helping Tom, by pushing out, that in turn was opening her asshole up.

Tom thrust his cock in, deep inside her now. He grab her hips and pull her to him as he thrust. They were driving Rebecca crazy, When Bobby thrust in her pussy, Tom was pulling out of her ass. Tom knew his time was short. “Oh baby I’m cumming” Tom yelled. Following Tom, Bobby thrust in Rebecca as deep as he could get and exploded. Rebecca didn’t care that she didn’t cum yet, she knew that the guys would take care of that later. “Bobby, Daddy I’m going to take a shower then I’ll fix something for us to eat” Rebecca said.

“Well Rebecca your cooking is great as always. How about going into the Den and watching some movies I brought back with me.” Tom said.

“I’ll be in after I get this clean bursa escort bayan up” Rebecca said. Tom and Bobby move the furniture around. the sofa bed couch now sat facing the TV.

“Open it up while I get the sheets and stuff” Tom said. Rebecca walks in, she helps Bobby.

“Rebecca I want you to know that you’ve made me the happiest man when you let me fuck you. I have never had as much pleasure as I did with you. Not even my wife gave me what you did.” Bobby said.

“That goes for me to my dear. Your dear mother would never let me have her ass, and she never suck my cock. She thought only whores did that stuff. I think it was her mother, she never like me, because I took her little girl away” Tom said.

“I know Daddy. Mom told me once about her mother, and that what her mother told her and what you told her, but she could never bring herself to let you and herself enjoy it. She also ask me to try and make you happy, by giving myself to you. But you never show any interest, so I wanted” Rebecca said kissing her father. Rebecca climb in the middle of the couch lean back. Bobby got her left and Tom on her right. Tom click on the tape.

“This tape I found in an adult store. I hope you like this. It’s a threesome, Dad, daughter, and his best friend,” Tom said smiling. The tape showed the girl stripping, and the men stroking their cocks. “Your tits are better than hers” Bobby told Rebecca. Rebecca felt Bobby cup her tit. Rebecca caressed Bobby thigh. the next scene showed the girl sucking escort bursa the guy’s cock, while he’s sitting in the chair. The girl has her ass in the other guy’s face, and he’s licking her pussy good.

“Mmmmm” Rebecca moans. “Baby get up on your hands and knees, facing the TV” Tom said. Rebecca did, and she felt her Daddy’s tongue on the crack of her ass. Rebecca looked up to the TV and saw one man easing his cock up the girl’s ass. the girl is bobbin her head up and down real fast. the man in her ass is half in, and the other is exploding in her mouth. drank every drop, she sucks him hard again. Bobby moves up, his hips facing Rebecca. “Rebecca I want in your mouth” Bobby said. Rebecca turns and licks Bobby’s cock, slipping him in her mouth.

Rebecca suck Bobby deep down her throat, kept him there while she cupped his balls. “Suck my cock baby, I love being in your throat” Bobby said. Tom had a finger up Rebecca’s ass, fucking her fast, her hips are meeting Tom’s finger. With Tom’s other hand he holds his cock and removes his finger and pushes his cock in. His cock head is resting in her ass, he grabs some pillows and piles them under Rebecca. Tom bends over her back and reaches for her tits, squeezing them and rolling her nipples between his finger and thumb.

“Ohhhhhhh, mmmyyyyyy, gooooddddddd, fuuuuuuuck me!!” Rebecca screamed. Tom and Bobby heard the urgency in her voice. Tom threw the pillows out and Bobby slide under Rebecca. With Tom’s help Rebecca ease down onto Bobby’s cock. Buried deep inside Rebecca, Bobby and Tom ram their cocks in her and she had her orgasm. The guys kept pounding their cocks into her, she could feel both cocks throbbing, stiffen and exploded filling her with their sweet, hot cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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