Richard’s First Time…

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It was Richard’s first time. I had been talking to him for some time at work. He like me is a cashier at Sainsbury’s.

I discovered he was gay quite by accident when I discovered some letters he had dropped in front of his locker. And being the rather inquisitive guy I am I had a quick glance and saw he was writing to a gay math club. So he was looking for a guy. And there was me thinking he was straight all that time, in my mind wishing he wasn’t because he looked so stunning.

I wanted to enhance a stronger than just working colleagues relationship so jumped in where angels fear to tread, told him about the letters and how I was so naughty looking at them, but was delighted to discover his sexual leaning matched mine.,

That was the start of a wonderful closeness I have rarely experienced in former partners – and all the much more thrilling because it was his very first time with another guy.

I showed him pictures of Danny, my former partner who emigrated to Australia, intimate too because I wanted to see Richard’s reactions.

“He looks nice, Pete -d o you miss him?”

“I have to admit I do terribly, he was a great lover, take a look at this one, tell me what you think, Richard” I said passing another picture to him as he sat there next to me on my sofa, those tight brush jeans looking so good on him and that very desirable mould in his crotch.

“Wow! Is that you sucking Danny? I can’t quite see from that angle.”

“It is, look here is another, you can see me plainly in this one, look see how I take him so deeply?”

Richard looked a trifle uneasy so I told him to take his time and look through the rest.

Ashe did so I snuggled closer to him noticing a swelling in his crotch which was most enticing.

But it was early days, I didn’t want to spoil it all by appearing to be too forward, this his first time too.

Richards face flushed when I asked what he thought. “I have never sucked a guy, what is it like?

casino şirketleri you seem to be enjoy Danny, Pete.”

“Divine, to me there is nothing more soothing in preparation for fucking as a nice slow mutual sucking.”

“Did you and Danny do it quite often then?”

“Every time we met, it was so lovely, Danny had such a wonderfully pliable cock and I really got to adore the taste and smell of him.”

I could see Richard was struggling with himself, this being all so new to him. I th9ught it would be the right time to give him a little early caressing saying I could see he was pleased with the pictures and would he like some touching. He sort of nodded apprehensively but I went ahead anyway and for the very first time felt his very pleasing cock beneath his jeans feeling so wonderful and sensual.

“Would you like me to unzip you and show you how it is done?” I asked as I longer to explore and taste him.

He whispered he would like that very much, already parting his legs as I massaged him. He felt good and I wanted more, unzipping him I saw he wore red and blue boxer shorts – slipped down his jeans fully and said; “You are lovely, Richard, what a shame you have had to wait so long, now watch and learn and before long we are going to be a real item.”

I went down on him, spreading his thighs a little more apart as I ran the tip of my tongue along the inside leg up and up until I could smell his scent, that certain aroma I had got to know so well wit Danny, the distinct smell of cock. I sniffed and enjoyed, gently stretching his foreskin back and getting a real whiff of virgin cock. It was so lovely as I started to lick it, gradually working its head into my mouth as I gently wrapped my tongue around it tasting his p-hole which made him shudder and moan,

I took my time to thoroughly suck him, teasing and squeezing his balls, it felt so good to be sucking cock again, I had missed that so much and hadn’t realised just how much casino firmaları , and here I had the bonus of a sweet new young cock, Richard as just eighteen and to think he’d been untouched was real pleasure and thrill indeed..

“That was so good, Pete, would you like me to suck you now?” “He wasn’t bashful at all and I loved his outright frankness.

“If you are ready.”

I pulled my cock out between my unzipped trousers for him to see first. The thrill of him taking his first look was great in itself but then the feel of his hand feeling me like that was wondrous.

“I have always dreamed of this, Pete but now this is for real. I want to be my all for you.”

You will want to fuck me too?” I asked taking the bull by the horns as I saw him kneel before me and start to take my throbbing cock into his mouth, just like I had done with him he was a good learner and that suck was really something, “taste and enjoy” I said as he started to draw it in and I felt the warmth of his mouth and tongue caressing my stiff cock..

Then , breathless he replied to my question saying he felt he was really ready for that but I would have to show him how.

For the next half hour we were engaged in the most wonderful teacher pupil session I had ever known, showing him how to rim and lube me ready for penetration, feeling his cock grow as I masturbated him, teasing and sucking his balls and watching it grow and grow as I felt his keen fingers rim and touch me up, me stretching my ass wide apart top give him the best of me, all ass and hole ready for his first fuck.

“It is all so really sensual, Pete – I never imagined it could be so heavenly between two guys and I so want that first fuck with you.

I said I was only too thrilled that he wanted me that way, asked him how he would like me.

“You mean for fucking, Pete?”

“Yes, maybe the first time would be best doggy style.

“How is that?” He asked.

I showed him, placing a güvenilir casino cushion below my knees on all fours I spread my thighs for him to kneel between.

“There, Richard, how’s that?”


I twisted my hand behind me so I could take a feel of his ready cock, working it, preparing it for its first fuck with a good spread of lubrication, It felt as good as it had tasted and I longed to feel it up inside me. Especially knowing for him it would be his first time experience of ass fucking.

“Just take you time and enjoy, Richard, let it flow, that can sometimes be as much fun as the ultimate fuck itself. Anything you’d like to do first tell me, I wont bite not yet anyway” I teased.

” I never thought I would want to do this but I am going to anyway, Richard ann9unced pushing his face between my buttocks, sniffing and sucking everything down under. What a real delight that was, first time for him too, we were going ton have a rapturous time..

He must have sucked and licked and everything with me for a good five minutes when he came up for air with the biggest stiffest cock so throbbing and it was a delight to get the first feel of it rubbing up against my hole, feeling his fingers stretch my ass cheeks wide apart like he had done it all before and then, the feel of cock starting to squeeze its head into me, the feeling of his thrust starting to work into me as I swayed my ass and helped him work it in, deeper an d deeper making me yell for his fuck.

It was so lovely, me just spread on all fours for the pleasure of his first time, and then feeling him build inside me, stopping occasionally to enable us to enjoy that wonderful sensation of cock in ass, feeling the mutual throb of our fuck and then he came up for the final rapid thrust making me yell for more and more , hearing his moans until finally he gave one last massive surge into me, and then that familiar sound announcing his cuming deep up inside my hole, me holding it there, tightening my rectal muscles around it feeling it start to come out of me.

It was all so divine that first time with Richard.

Wwe had lots more to enjoy, he was a natural and gave me the most wonderful fuck.

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