Renee – The Fiery Rose Pt 1

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Renee – The Fiery Rose Pt 1
Renee – The Fiery Rose
(This story about a man saving a girl’s life and that girl repaying him seven years later after reconnecting with him.
Note: This is not a taboo story.)

It was seven years ago..

Seven long years on an oddly cold summer night. If you asked me to remember everything about that night, I’d be at a loss, but the one thing I will remember. It was the night I met her. I was walking on a bridge over looking the lake down below. I remember thinking to myself, “Why put a side-walk on this long ass bridge? No one except my dumb-ass would walk it!” It was also that same night I had my final fight with my ex-fiancee. I walked out. Everything before then, total blur. I watched as the lake’s waves flowed in a seemingly endless forward direction when I heard tires screeching followed by a loud crash. I turned to find a small truck had crashed into the railings, having jumped the curb on to the sidewalk, half hang off the bridge. “Oh, Shit!”

I ran. I ran for what felt like forever while pushing myself beyond my limits to reach the vehicle. I was no spring chicken. In fact, I was fat. Still am, but not enough to warrant being slow. “Hey, are you alright!” I screamed, praying for a response of some sort. All I see is a man’s face bloodied and resting against what was the airbag infused steering wheel to the right of me and that’s when I heard a voice crying, “Help! Please! Help me!” I quickly turned my head to notice a little redheaded girl banging against the small rear cab glass, crying, panicking and bruised. “Damn it! Hold on!” I quickly look for hard objects in the back toolbox to strike the back glass with. I had to be careful, one strike could send this truck over and kill her and presumably her father inside. “How is your dad?! Can you tell if he’s breathing?” I asked her loudly as I continued to search, “I can’t tell! Please! Get us out of here!” That’s when I found it. The small crowbar in which could be this girl’s salvation. I had to get her out first. I grip the crowbar in baseball-like fashion preparing to strike the glass, “Okay! I want you to get down while I break the back glass! Okay? Get down!” It was then that I could see the fear in her eyes as she cried. She didn’t want to get down or hide, she wanted out, “Please get down for me? I will get you out, I promise! Please!”

“Will you help my dad?” Goddamn it! I didn’t know what to do. My only concern was her. The only one reachable enough. What would he have done in this position? I knew what I had to do, “Get down, now!” I screamed. She ducks for cover as I strike the glass as hard as I could. I strike several more times cracking and breaking the glass apart when I heard it. That dreaded sound of a creak. “Oh, shit!” I finish breaking out the glass and call out for her,”Okay, I need you to crawl out!” She screams,”I’m scared!”
“I know you are. I will not let anything happen to you, okay? You are going to fine, I promise!”
She reaches out for me and I grabbed her hand. She quickly pulls herself out the back window, cutting herself up as she crawled out. Not once did she let go of my hand. The creak sounded again and then again, and another. “Come on, you can do it!” The little girl quickly got to her feet long enough to jump into my arms and push me down when the truck fell. The little girl quickly lifted herself off of me as she noticed the truck was missing. “Daddy?” She whimpered.
“Daddy!!” She wailed hysterically.

Slow to my feet, the girl quickly grabs hold of me tight as she cried for her father. No one has ever gripped me like that before. It was new and somewhat shocking. What do I do? I quickly kneel down and embraced her as she continued to cry while sirens begin to sound from a distance. That damned bridge. I remember that event so vividly. What came next left me with even more questions than answers.
The police, ambulances and fire trucks arrive to the scene shortly after I pulled the girl out. I watched as they questioned her to see how coherent she was,”What’s your name?”
“How old are you?”

I continued to watch on helplessly as she recounted the events leading up to the crash with very little emotion.
She gripped the cover the paramedics placed over her hard as each question kept driving in the fact that her father had died in front of her. I couldn’t help but, to place my hand on her shoulder as she began to weep again.

“Sir, Can I have you step over here?” The sergeant quickly called my attention away from Renee for a moment. I assumed it was to ask me questions about the accident.
“Do you know this little girl?”
“No, I was walking along the bridge walkway when I heard the truck crashing into the railing.”
I didn’t want to go through it again. I told my side of the story and that was that. Oh yeah, not to mention, to ex-fiancee kicking me out as well as it lead me to this point.
“Okay, we’re going to take the girl to County General so they can check her out. Do you need anything? A lift? A smoke?”
“No, I’m fine.”
“Can he come with me?” The little voice asked from behind.
“I don’t want to go alone…”
“Sir, we only allow family to ride along.” The paramedic calls out.
“Please? I want him with me!” she cried.
“Her mother will meet her there.”
“I’m not going without him!” another plea.
“Renee, you’ll be okay. I promise!”
“As long as you are with me!”
Damn it. Now what?
“I don’t suppose an exception can be made for our hero here, can it?” The officer candidly asks.
“Fine. You can ride along.”
“Back here with me!”
“Yeah, back there with you.” The paramedic responds.

The ride was silent. Too silent. All the while, Renee held my hand without any intention on letting go.
“Thank you…” I smiled back at her. It was a shame she had to go through this.

The following few hours came and went slowly. The mother had arrive kaçak casino having to come from two towns over to see her daughter in the ER. A uptight business woman type, I assumed. She shook my hand and gave me a hug, thanking me for saving her daughter’s life.
After all was said and done, I prepared to leave and as I began to walk out Renee called to me, “Hey mister. What’s your name?”
Damn. I was close to escaping. Not that I didn’t care or didn’t want to stay, but her mother was there and she was safe, “Daemon.”
“I like your name!”
“Thanks, Renee.”
The mother was sitting there watching us interact.
“Hey, would you give me your address? I got something for you as a gift for saving Renee and she
could write you.”
Shocked, I stammer, “I..i.I don’t know.”
“It’s completely fine. After all, you are our hero.”

That was that.
A month or two later I got something in the mail. It was a check. This woman was loaded. I tried to send the package back stating that I felt it was wrong to take anything for doing what I thought I had to do to ensure the safety of another person.
She insisted.
Many years have gone by since then. Renee continued to write me every month until she graduated. For a year or two, nothing. I haven’t moved. I invested the money I was forcibly given wisely into some high-yield savings and CDs. It worked out well. However, I still work.

I work in a low-rent office for a security firm. It was tedious, but it kept me out of trouble for the last fifteen years.
After work on my Friday, I decided,” What the hell?” and went to the closest Sex Shop I could find. I walked into the building, walls laced with sexy women and men strutting the very things one would expect to find in such a place. There’s a bit of embarrassing discomfort walking into this place. I stood there picturing myself in a stereotypical trench coat, mustache, and sunglasses which would broadcast my intention to patronize this establishment and the
obvious perversion within.
I’ve been to this particular store a fair amount of times, but this time was different. I was tired of masturbating with just my fucking a lube coated hand.
I was determined; years of fucking my cherry favored lubed covered hands to the sounds of my own moans and sadness had to come to an end.
“Can I help you sir?”
A quick call back to reality by the store clerk as I found myself perusing the Pocket Pussys and Simulators.
Many were decorated in a nice thick brightly color rubber that one would expect at a high price. Others, However, looked cheap and ready to spread a UTI or any other infection from the point of first insertion.
I slowly turned around to notice the hot blonde in front of me wearing a red and black corset along with the same themed skirt with no shorts on underneath. I quickly assessed she liked the way Harley Quinn dressed…and I was dumbstruck by the sight.
“You’ve been staring at that masturbater for awhile. Are you interested in it?”
Her voice, innocent, and cute. Hiding a naughty side that men wish to tread but, ultimately dream about.
“One-hundred and twenty dollars. Nope.” I’m still a cheap skate. A well off cheap skate loser…and I’m okay with it for now.
She spends about twenty minutes telling me about the best ones they had to offer that didn’t have the price tag of a first-rate date. Her knowledge of the device made me think that she did her homework with many of these devices.
All the while, All I could think about was bending her over and shoving my hard throbbing cock into her wet pussy and fucking her until she couldn’t walk any longer. Or have her luscious red lipstick covered lips sucking down my juices as I climaxed in her mouth. Her breast, I just wanted to suck on them and have her suffocate me with them.
“Sir?” She called me back.
“So uh, listen…um” As I bravely dived head first into an out of nowhere question.
“Would you like to…maybe get to know each other sometime?” Wow. Did I really just say it like that? She probably thinks I’m a Mormon with the way I asked that simple question.
“I’m sorry. I do not date customers.” Shot down as expected. A nervous pit in my stomach began to develop as I start to slightly shut down due to her rejection. While nothing knew, getting rejected by a girl this hot was embarrassing.
“You might want to cover your erection, Sir.” I looked down quick and began to wish I was having a dream about being in school doing a presentation on the human anatomy with no pants on.
“Shit!” I said to myself as I covered my hard-on from her. Note to self: Do not wear exercise pants with no boxers ever again!
“So, you want this one?” She asked, shit-face grin and all.
“I’ll take it!”
“Want Cherry Flavor lube with that?”
“That’ll be one-hundred twenty dollars and forty-three cents.”
“Fuck.” I said in my shame. I quickly exited the building with a brown paper bag in tow. I assumed Passerbys knew what this was as the devilishly smile at the lonely man who has to fuck silicon rubber in the shape of a woman’s vagina. Or at least my paranoia told me.

After that train wreck, I got home and decided walk around the house in the nude as always. A habit that transferred from my younger years as a young exhibitionist who defied his mother to play naked in the rain while innocent people drove by and stared in abject horror. With the days events over with, I finally decided to take my frustrations out on my new masturbater, and quickly grabbed my copy of Creampie Lilly 4, pressed play and sat in my recliner. A slow pump to get started as the previews started. Somehow, some of the previews are always hotter than the actually video. The crime against my sexuality at work here is that I have to watch Lilly pretend to get pregnant by her uncle’s unrealistically huge cock after the preview of the school girl with black pigtails and a delicious camel casino oyna toe pussy flashes across my screen. Cock in erect position, drenched in cherry flavored lube and pocket pussy in hand. I slowly slip my hard cock into this device. It slipped in with no difficulty as it was being massaged as I slowly began to pump. I start pumping away slowly. Fucking my pocket pussy, i began to think of the last time I saw Renee. It was a photo after her 18th birthday. She was hot. Renee had turned into one of those emo scene girls for awhile and I began to take notice due to the similarities they have with goth girls. I loved goth girls. Still do. The thought of seeing Renee again gets my cock to pulsating as an all too familiar feeling begins to boil. With the head of my dick, engorged and red, I pumped furiously as The hot redhead on the screen was being cummed in and on by several men in a movie theater playing another unrelated fuck movie. Faster and Faster, I pumped as the girl’s moans became more intense. I could feel my cock getting ready to explode with hot cum into my pocket pussy. Faster and Faster, I begin to moan and just like that.
A loud knock at the door and a quick fumbling of my pocket pussy, I quickly stuff my pocket pussy into the recliner, turned off the DVD and quickly grabbed a tank top and shorts to throw on.
“Give me a second!” I struggled. Placing one foot into one short leg and placing the other one in the same. Fuck! It’s a dress.
I quickly adjust it to where both my legs were in the right holes. This had better be good and better not be a cop with a complaint about loud masturbating.
With great anxiety and anticipation, I slowly open my front door.
And there she was. Beautiful smile, dark green eyes and fiery red hair. Not to mention, black low cut shirt and skin-tight jeans.
Oh damn, tanned skin – medium size breast and an ass to boot.
“Daemon! Hi!”
She quickly leaps into my arms, clutching me tightly and somewhat choking me.
“It’s been so long!” she exclaims.
“It’s..been..too…long! I was just thinking about you!” She quickly lets go.
“Me too.” I quickly catch myself before admitting I want to mount her.
“Uh, Nothing. Want to come in?” Nice Save.
“Yes!” Her eyes lit up with excitement and the perceived innocence I only witness one other time.
We sat there for a few minutes catching up with one another. She sat in my recliner as I sat on the adjacent couch.
The conversation was your typical fair of small talk any and everyone goes through.
Apparently, she is about to start up college in New York, but refused because of her burn out of a boyfriend going as well having cheated on her several times with her best friend and mother. Renee quickly becomes silent. Almost solemn for a moment before looking at me with those big beautiful eyes and smiling.
“Remember that night you rescued me?”
“I never did thank you properly.”
Renee seemed to be hinting at something. Growing up, I was never good at reading women and the hidden agendas that men are supposed to pick on. I was about as dense as the dumbest man alive at the time. Now, however, was different. Something was in the air. Renee continued stared at me in the eyes with a longing. A longing I couldn’t understand.
“You did. you and your mom both were grateful. I’m just glad to see you grew up into a beautiful young woman.”
“Well…” Renee hesitated. Oh shit, I hate moments like this. More often than not it’s some huge bombshell capable of busting the most stubborn of bubbles. Though, her face began to redden more and more with each second that ticked away.
“You know…I fell in love with you that night. I wanted to kiss you in the ER that night and never let go.”
What? I was dumbfounded by her words. She quickly took my hand into hers. “I would have let you take me that night, if you wanted.” She spoke softly.
What the fuck is this? She was too young to be thinking such things! Then again, I thought worse when it came to a very attractive high school cousin. I’ll let it slide.
“I…I…” I struggled to get my words out as I stammered. Here I am, Thirty-two and unable to talk to that same little girl I rescued as she hit on me with sexual intent. She stops for a moment and reaches for the inside of the recline. Oh shit!
She slowly pulls out my pocket pussy. Her face goes from smile to intrigue as she looks at it, “What is this?!”
“Don’t laugh. I was….”
“Horny?” She interrupted.
Renee inspects the pocket pussy slowly. Looking at every detail and even opening it up. “It’s wet! Were you jacking off when I knocked?”
Shit. Cornered. How can I let a nineteen year old corner me like this!
“You know…you could always ask me.” Damn, she was direct. Too direct for me to handle.
“Were you thinking of me?” What is it with Renee and her loaded questions. She quickly notices the DVD casing. Fuck! I forgot that detail.
“Guess not. I suppose I’ll have to change that.”
She stands up slowly, leaving the Pocket Pussy on the recliner and stands directly in front of me. She slowly takes both hands and removes her shirt revealing her unbound breast. Her nipples, light pink and hard, her chest heaving up and down from nervousness, I assumed. Renee turns around, pointing her small round ass at me as she undid her belt and pants button, slowly pulling them down to reveal her hairless slit. Holy shit! What’s happening here?
“I dreamed of this day since we met. ” She spoke softly, going down to her knees as she placed herself right in front of my now throbbing cock. “Damn it woman! quit making it awkward!” I thought to myself. Powerless, I watch on as she digs her fingers into the hem of my shorts to pull them down revealing my massive hard-on throbbing for her hands or lips to touch them. She slowly wraps her fingers around my cock slowly pumping it up and canlı casino siteleri down. Her eyes locked on to time, she leaned in opening her mouth wide with her tongue slightly sticking out and wraps it around the head. I grip the couch as she slowly licked my cock and pumping slowly. Her eyes point directly at me as she stops for a second, “Do you like what I’m doing, Daemon?”
“Oh god, baby. Yes…” She smiles briefly before slowly taking my cock and wrapping her soft lips around it. She slowly moves up and down, sucking each time she went down. Oh god, I haven’t felt this in years. She continued to suck my throbbing cock while she started to fondle my balls in tandem. Soft moans escape her as she continued to savor every moment with her tongue in her mouth and he tongue caressing the head. Slowly removing herself, she moves down to my balls and begins to suck on them one by one while she wrapped her hand around my cock once more and starts pumping it up and down. I could feel my cock beginning to tingle and my balls tighten as I began to climax, “I’m going to cum, baby!” Renee moans softly as she takes my cock into her mouth and pumps my cock with her hand as hard as she could. She continues to moan as I respond in kind,”Oh, baby. Oh yeah, here I cum…here I cum baby.” I explode. All the years of pent up sexual frustration and neglect all in the same moment. She sucks as my cock continued to pump out my cum. My hands tightly gripping the couch cushion in which I sat the sensitivity in my cock gives way.
She release my cock her the grip of her lips as she looked up with me and smiled. Did she just swallow? Holy shit.
“Taste better than I imagined.”
I join Renee on the floor, with my deflated cock in tow as I lay her down slowly. Lying beside her, I begin to kiss her neck as my fingers found her hairless mound. With the tip of my index finger, I slowly move it around in circles as she was extremely sensitive to touch. I straddle her slowly, As I began to kiss downward towards her tits. I lean in slowly, licking around her aureola and gently grasping the other. My finger playing with her nipple as I begin to suck on the other. She gasp as I slowly pinched on her erect nipples with my teeth and lightly pinched the other one with my fingers. Her sweet moans growing more intense as it is making my cock hard again as it comes into contact with her drenched slit. I looked up at her, her eyes closed, beginning to sweat and heaving from the please, I smile and slowly move back and forth, rubbing my cock on her pussy lips as I sucked on her nipples. I could hear that voice in my head screaming to penetrate her and make her scream, but no. I have better plans,”Oh fuck…ooh…my god…” I continued to rock back and forth before I slowly moved down, kissing her breast, stomach and mound respectively. I spread her legs wider as I slowly lean in to start licking her. Slowly, I begin to use the flat surface of my tongue to lick her clit sending shivers down her spine with each lick. Her perfect, camel toe pussy becoming more drenched with each second that goes by, inviting my tongue to penetrate it’s folds and enjoy its flavors. Extending my tongue, I slowly insert it into her pussy as both of her hands grasp the back of my head, pulling me in. Back and forth, I fuck her with my tongue as her moans become louder and her grip on my head tightens. Her juices filling up with flavor, her breathing more intense, Renee lets out a loud moan as she forced my head into her heaven as I continued to tongue fuck her. She goes silent and looks down. Her eyes, satisfied and waiting for more, I remove myself from between her folds and join her. We lock lips as she slowly flips me over and straddles my waist. Renee, Leans forward, using one hand to stabilize herself and another to grip my cock to guide it into her await pit of fiery passion. She leans back slowly as my cock begins to penetrate her, Renee’s eyes slowly closing as she pushes herself deeper and deeper into me. She lifts up…and slowly slides back down. She starts to ride my cock faster, pumping my cock into her like she never had a real man before.
“Oh my god…I…can’t believe I waited this long for this…” Her breathing becomes more intense as well as her moans as she lies down on me. Her breast compressed against my chest and her lips locked into mine, her begins to move fast and faster.
“Cum with me…” She whisper as she looks into my eyes. “Come one, I want to feel you…”
I start pumping back more as I attempted to match her rhythm. My cock becoming more engorged, my balls tightening, I can feel it about to come. Looking into each other eyes, she smiles, “I’m gonna cum..” she whispers.
“Me too.”
“Come for me baby. Let me feel you.” She encouraged me more and more. I begin to moan as I feel that I’m about to explode inside her, “Here I cum. I’m cumming.” Matching the loudness and intensity of her passion moans, I unload into her awaiting uterus as we cum together. “Oh, god. Yes.” she whispers as I shot rope after rope of cum into her wet pussy. Everything slows she lies down on my chest with my cock still inside her. Both of us heaving hard to catch our breaths, Renee grips me lovingly
“Was it good for you too?” Intent on spoiling the moment. Renee begins to laugh.
Hours go by as we lie there talking. I regaled her about my boring job and my pursuits outside of work and failed dating experiences. She spoke of how lonely her mother was and how she believed that her mother would be less bitchy with a rough fucking from some two bit donkey dick. After awhile, things grew silent and we just lied there and eventually…A knock at the door signaled to me that it was day time. I get up and looked at Renee sleeping and thought about how I potentially fucked her into a c***. Ego boost confirmed.
With shorts and tank top on, I slowly walk towards the door as I yawned in exhaustion from the previous night’s fuck.
Unlocking the door and opening it, my eyes are met with a sight to behold.

Her mother standing at the door.

To Be Continued…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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