Rebecca’s Adventure Ch. 04

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The hike around the lake was all set, they even packed a lunch and headed out at 9 am. The drive took only 45 minutes and as they put on the backpacks they began to hike at a fast pace to begin with. They all worked up a good sweat as the heat of the day was rising. The sun was nearly right above them and the noonday heat was starting to be oppressive.

They had hiked about four miles and were at the other side of the lake. They had followed the paths but it wasn’t an easy hike under most circumstances. By the time they reached the little picnic area they all were drenched in sweat. Rebecca sat herself down at the picnic table that someone had long ago hauled across the lake by someone and deposited it at this clearing bordered by a grass field next to the lake.

After everyone had shed their packs and placed them on the table they realized how hot they were. Clothes started to fly off as everyone was now in a rush to cool off. It had the opposite effect though. Julie immediately went over and planted a big wet kiss on Becca’s lips, she responded and soon their embrace was that of two lover who had found each other after a long absence. Not to be left out Rebecca’s brother went over and started to rub Julie’s ass and torso from behind even reaching around her to caress his sisters body. They soon turned, brought him into the fold and began kissing him also.

Needing a place to lie down they soon moved to the field and lay down in the tall grass. Julie lay down and her mouth went right to Rebecca’s pussy. She could smell her musky scent from the walk and she was very turned on. After dipping her tongue into Becky’s snatch she lifted her head and said,

“I see you had a head start on us,” and then went back to her ministrations on Becky’s clit.

Becky was licking her brother cock and he in turn was kissing his way up Julie’s legs to her pussy. Soon there were groans all around as each was getting close to orgasm. Julie came first and she pulled him off of Rebecca’s mouth telling him she wanted him to fill her up!

Rebecca was getting there and with her brother pounding away at Julie their guttural grunts as he fucked her deep coupled with the slapping of his balls on her skin every time he thrust in her sent her over the edge about the same time her brother grunted he too was cumming.

Afterward as they lay in a heap Julie asked, “Who came in you this morning?” Her brother looked puzzled as shortly after they woke this morning they both took showers and left. He hadn’t fucked her this morning.

Rebecca’s laughed and went on to say, “Well when we woke you were in the shower so I went to use Mom and Dad’s, only Dad hadn’t left for work yet. He was running late so I just hopped in with him. It didn’t take too much of soaping of his cock before he was rock hard.

“He told me he didn’t have time this morning, as he was late already so I just grabbed his cock while turning and bending over and put it right up against my pussy. I told him ‘just fuck me quick and I will be happy’ so he grabbed my hips and plunged into me. He didn’t take long, he was real fast. He then got out and got dressed and left while I finished. When you got out Bro he had already fucked me and gone to work.”

Now he understood Julie’s comment and replied “I see you had a head start on us” and he smiled.

They lay there for only a few more minutes before they realized they should cool off in the lake. They all ran naked and dove into the cool water. Splashing around did the trick as soon they were cooled off and ready to rest in the tall grass by the picnic table.

They spread the cloth they brought and sat upon it still naked and got out some lunch and drinks. The bursa escort sun felt good to them all and soon after lunch you could see three naked bodies lying down on the cloth sunning themselves. Turning every once in a while so as not to get a sun burn. They had even brought sunscreen and took turns rubbing each others skin to protect themselves.

After a time Rebecca’s brother nodded off and Julie and Rebecca began to talk. Rebecca admitted to Julie that she had not slept with that many men. She had slept with the same number since she had come home from school than the previous four years. She had only had three lovers previously and one was her brother. She told Julie about having sex with a professor at school who was much older than her. She told her about her meeting an older man online the one that wrote the story that Julie had read, but she had never met him face to face.

Julie related that she had lost her virginity to a boy at college and besides him her only other lovers had been Rebecca’s brother and her own father just recently. As for lesbian encounters Rebecca had been her one and only Sapphic adventure. Both laughed as they now thought how much they were enjoying their new adventures. They talked about their sexual preferences and what they hadn’t tried but would like too.

This was beginning to turn them both on and soon they were embracing and kissing deeply. They lay entwined in each others arms and legs and it was only natural that their hands explored each others breasts and pussies. After a time they naturally moved to a sixty-nine position so that each could enjoy the taste of their respective pussies.

Soon they were so into licking each other and getting closer to orgasm they didn’t even notice Rebecca’s brother had woken and was calmly stroking his stiff cock while watching them. They were too enmeshed in their own excitement to notice and when their moans got louder, first Julie then Rebecca stiffened and orgasmed they lay there reveling in the moment. It was then that they noticed the hard cock beside them.

Becca’s brother started to say ‘what about me’ when they both leapt at him and began to suck him and jerk him off together. They took turns sucking and kissing and licking his shaft while he moaned his appreciation. He loved the attention and soon they had a rhythm going that was sending him over the edge. Julie noticed this and stopped Rebecca before she made her brother cum.

She said “I want to feel your cum in my ass, I have never had anal sex.”

With that she turned over on her stomach and wiggled her butt provocatively in the air. Becca responded by rubbing some of Julie’s wetness over her rear hole and slowly inserted a finger while her brother positioned himself for entry. He knelt between her legs and with Rebecca guiding his cock he placed the tip at the entrance and gently pushed.

His cock slowly entered and he felt her sphincter muscle closed around the head of his cock. He waited just a moment and pushed again and slowly pushed the length of his cock all the way in Julie’s ass. When he bottomed out he stopped to let Julie adjust to his cock. He knew that she had never done this and wanted to make sure he got to finish the job and cum in her ass.

Soon he was slowly sliding out and then in again; as she relaxed he found it easier to piston in and out. Soon Julie was grunting her approval as she had her hand under herself and was playing with her clit at the same time. Rebecca was watching her brother fuck her friend in the ass now with reckless abandon and the sight was incredible she thought.

She loved watching them and she found her hand too was tracing circles around her own clitoris as she was bursa escort bayan soon close to her own climax. Her brother came first though as his body went rigid and his strokes slowed and she could see him cumming as he shot his cum deep in Julie’s ass.

For her part Julie found that when he started to cum she could feel him shoot his hot seed in her and that sent her over the edge and when she came her sphincter clenched his cock then released it each spasm helped to milk it dry. It was only moments after all this that Rebecca’s head went back and her body went rigid as her orgasm sent shivers down her whole body. She lay there feeling her own pussy and hand drench in her own juices.

They collapsed in a heap for some time before heading to cool off again. This time when they were done they all dressed so they could make the walk back to the car. The walk back took less time as they seemed energized by what they had done and though they didn’t talk about it all the way home they were content that today had been special.

It was a few days before they all had been able to get together again and Rebecca’s brother hadn’t even tried to have sex with her for those days at home. He went to work and was generally pleasant but seemed like he don’t want sex at all and when Rebecca approached him he told her that he just needed a rest. He had more sex in the last weeks than he had ever had before. So much so he said his cock was chafed. Becca laughed and set her sights on her step-father for the moment.

It seems that all the action she had been giving him also affected her mother as she now was a bit hornier and had started to fuck her husband more than she had been recently.

On the next Saturday morning Rebecca awoke and found her mother running out the door, she had errands to run and was meeting some friends for lunch. Her father was playing golf and her brother was working. Home alone and she didn’t know what to do. Rebecca booted up her computer and went online and found her online friend, who was also there with time on his hands. She excitedly typed snippets of her adventures and he shot back he wished he was there to see it. She asked Joe if he had anymore stories he had written and he sent her the latest in an e-mail.

Rebecca had been chatting with Joe for over six months by now and had seen a picture of him also. He even sent her a picture of his penis which she liked very much. She had sent him a non nude picture of herself. She knew he was married and wanted more sex than his wife was willing to give him. Hence he was masturbating online when they first stumbled across each other.

Joe was quite a bit older too, he was in his fifties but this did not bother Rebecca as she had once fucked a professor of hers in college and found an older lover to be better than the young studs. Her first boyfriend thought the best sex was the wham bam thank you ma’am style. Rebecca loved the way an older man took their time to make love to her and cherish the whole experience.

So this is why she liked chatting with Joe. Soon she was rubbing her clit while reading the latest story and cumming all over her hand. She typed back to Joe what she had done and how much she liked it and soon Joe had to go offline.

Rebecca had been sitting in her room without clothes masturbating when she heard the front door open. Feeling frisky and still a bit horny even after an orgasm she walked out of her room confidant it was either her brother of step-father because it was too early for her mother to return.

Sure enough her step-father was putting his shoes away in the front closet when a nude Becca walked into his arms and planted a big kiss on his lips. Before escort bursa he could do anything else she dropped to her knees, unzipped his pants and sucked his flaccid penis into her mouth. It wasn’t long before he was hard and moaning right by the front door.

She was working the shaft with her hand while her tongue licked the underside of the head of his cock. Then she swallowed it and stroked it lovingly. He could feel his ball fill and Rebecca could feel his cock swell as it does before he cums. She continued and soon he was spraying his load in her mouth and all over her face, as she let it go from her mouth she watched it spurt it’s white rope of jism. It splashed her chin and ran down onto her chest as another and another spurt of his juice splashed on her cheek and dribbled down.

As his cock softened in her hand she looked up at her step-father and smiled. He in turn smiled back and thanked her for such a nice surprise. He put his penis back in his pants and zipped up when Becca stood up to go in the bathroom to take a shower.

Once in the shower she was soon joined by her step-father who after playing golf and getting a very nice blowjob needed to wash also. He also figured Becca needed some attention so he planned on giving her some. They washed each other off, soon he was semi hard again, they got out to towel off and he took Rebecca’s hand and led her to the master bedroom.

He lay her down on the bed and bent over to kiss her. Then he got some lotion from the night stand and proceeded to rub it all over Rebecca, taking care not to touch her breasts or pussy. He had her roll over and did the same to her back avoiding her inner thighs and ass. This was very erotic to Rebecca and he could see her pussy was leaking as he turned he on without ever touching an erogenous zone.

She was ready to beg him to touch her anywhere when he got onto the bed crawling up between her legs which she parted. He stopped with his head right at her cunt. He looked down to see the lips starting to swell and her slit, which normally was closed, beginning to open as she got more and more turned on.

He could smell her musky scent even through the soap they had used to wash up and as he lay close to her pussy she wondered ‘when is he going to touch me there’. Her pussy was visibly dripping down her now swollen vagina. He could see the pink folds of her labia just beginning to swell and peak out even though his hot breath was the only touch Rebecca felt. It sent shivers up her whole body as she almost orgasmed when he did this.

He began by gently kissing the inside of her thighs first one side then the other working his way up to her lips. He started to lick her parted pussy lips from the bottom and the touch sent electricity throughout her body. By the time he was just breathing on her clitoris her orgasm was just beginning.

It enveloped her whole body as his tongue finally reached her clit. She came so suddenly and squirted out pussy juice with a force she didn’t know she had. One touch and she was cumming like mad. Each wave of pleasure rolling over her with such intensity, one wave of pleasure after another. This with only one touch of her clitoris.

It had taken her step-father almost an hour to get to that point but when he did Rebecca couldn’t have imagined the whole body orgasm she was now experiencing. It over took her and she didn’t have any control, as the wave of pleasure started to lessen she realized she was crying. Not tears of sadness but tears of pure ecstasy.

She was totally spent and couldn’t even move. Her father had let her lie there for quite a while and when she had fallen asleep he thought it would be best to move her. He picked up his daughter and brought her to her own room and tucked her in her own bed with loving care that only a lover could do. Then he went to do the laundry as he didn’t want his wife finding the huge wet spot that their lovemaking had left.

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