Queen of Heaven Ch. 10

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Note: This story takes place over several chapters. Some are faster to the action than others. If speed is your thing, this story isn’t really for you. Otherwise, enjoy.

There are worse places to be than skinny dipping with four lovely women. Much worse, of course. Luckily it seems I live a charmed life.

I don’t know if it was the wine or Joann’s brazen streak that were present in Kate, but she seemed fairly at ease with the swimming arrangements. I would guess, given the evidence, that it was a bit of both. Joann clearly isn’t shy. Her directness was clear from our earliest interactions, and after her last visit it was obvious that she didn’t suffer from any unfortunate body consciousness. She chucked her clothes to the side and dove right in without hesitation.

I could tell that Kate was a bit more concerned at first, but that only seems reasonable. She hadn’t been naked with any of the other swimmers — barring possibly her daughter- and she is a bit older. That’s bound to play a role. Still, after a little hesitation and more than a little wine, she had stripped off and jumped in. I was, as per usual, the only holdout.

Look, I’m not really that sort of shy. Anna raised me in a very body-comfortable environment. Plus, it was my home… and just as an aside, I was sleeping with half the people in my pool. But, I didn’t want to embarrass Kate on her first visit. Silly me.

“Wooo Hooo!” echoed around the pool as I unzipped my trousers.

“Okay, what happened to ‘mature adults who don’t get hung up on the human body,’ and ‘we’re all adults?'” I asked.

“I’m not sure Kate signed onto that petition, hon,” Anna laughed.

“Oh, now. Let an old gal have some enthusiasm,” Kate answered. “I appreciate a pretty body as much as the next gal. And I’m not exactly overrun with nudity in my life right now.”

“Joann, since when do you keep your clothes on at home,” Michelle asked with arched eyebrow.

“Oh, don’t give me a hard time. You’ll give away all my secrets.”

“Babe, Kate’s a smart girl. It can’t be a secret that you like to get out of your clothes as soon as you get home,” Michelle countered. “Besides, she never seemed to mind my casual relationship with modesty when we were dating.”

“True,” Kate interjected.

“Well, she had just had the break up. I wanted to make it an easy transition to living with me. I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable.”

“Lie,” Kate added.


“Okay, not a lie per se. Just not the complete truth, Joann. You know very well that I don’t care if you’re dressed or not at home.”

“Well, yeah, but-“

“But, you were dating dick-face for too long and it made you self-conscious,” Kate belched softly and said, “Oh my. That wine really went to my head. Sorry.”

Joann swam over to her mother and said, “Well, it’s true he was a dick-face. Or, I guess, a knuckle-dragger might be more appropriate since I would have enjoyed it more if I could have shut his mouth by engaging the face in more fun than we had. I mean, he was okay-“

“He wasn’t”

“Mother, he was… well, not okay, but available for a while. Then, he was annoying. Then he was… a dick-face.”

“And heaven forfend if a political issue came up. That guy was… problematic,” Kate looked around and realized she may have said too much given the wine. “Er, not that I think everyone has to have the same opinion or anything. It’s just. Well. I-“

“Think women and LGBTQ people and people from other countries might be human, too,” Joann asked.

“Eh, yeah.”

Michelle swam over and climbed on Joann’s back in a mock threat to dunk her.

“Jojo, please at least tell me that he was hung like a fucking horse or I’ll never forgive you.”

“Oh, Chelle, I’m not so shallow. Obviously, you weren’t exactly dangling a monster and I fell for you.”

“Yes, dear, but I’m charming and sex positive and delighted that you are naked a lot and think that you’re a human being too.”

“Okay, so there’s that. But, he never lied to me-“

“About being a bigot?” Kate interjected.

“And he could be sweet-“

“Like a puppy?” Anna asked.

“And he was hung like a hentai character. I mean, it was massive. It kinda scared me.”

“Good girl,” Michelle said and kissed Jo on the cheek. “You’re allowed to make bad choices when your hoohah is all aflame-“

“Like sleeping with her roommate?” I prodded.

“Like sleeping with an asshole with hidden charms,” Michelle retorted. “But, as you can see over there, folks can be satisfied with something as small and uninspiring as what Gilbert is covering up.”

I dropped the remaining clothing and dignity to say, “I may be tiny, but I’m plucky.” Then I jumped into the pool making sure to splash Michelle in the wake.

Anna added, “Seriously, though, never let a man make you put on or take off clothing, Jo. I mean, I’m probably not the judge you’d value, but you look fantastic and frankly everyone ought to be naked more often.”

“Agreed,” Kate snickered.

“Momma, pendik escort are you a secret nudist or a drunken horndog?” Michelle quipped.

“Oh Chelle, I’m not a member of any club or anything. I just think you young people have beautiful bodies and there’s no reason to cover them up. Dick-face was always snidely commenting on Joann’s weight. And I don’t have time for that sort of thing. But as far as nudism, I’m probably not up for running around in the altogether. Wouldn’t want to wilt flowers or frighten friends,” Kate blushed.

“No double standards, Mom. If I can let my tummy hang out and boobs float free, then so can you,” Joann challenged.

“I suppose.”

“Suppose, nothing.” I said. “You look great, Kate. And I know these women pretty well. Before you know it they’ll make you agree with them. Frankly, I haven’t won an argument in years. Give up while you can.”

“You might have a point,” Kate grinned. “Okay, Nudists of the World Unite! You have nothing to lose but… well, pockets for one thing. Where are we going to carry our pamphlets? Aren’t splinters a problem on the protest signs?”

“Yeah, yeah, smart ass,” Michelle gently nudged Joann from her piggyback perch. “Move us closer to Momma, Jo. I want to hug her.”

“Greedy girl. You’re already riding me.”

“I am both riding you — you lucky bitch- and greedy. Now move me closer to Momma.”

Joann chuckled and moved in closer to her mother. Michelle held on with her thighs while leaning over to hug Kate around her neck. “I do so love you, two. Of course, I seem to be in love with everyone.”

“Slut,” Joann smirked.

“Damn right,” Michelle shot back. “Don’t make me wipe that smirk off your gorgeous face. I’ll do it. I’m ruthless.”

“Oh, I’m so scared. Your lack of ruth is notorious.”

Michelle pushed off of Kate and swung around grappling Joann from the front. She wrapped her legs around Jo’s waist and her arms around her neck. Swooping in amongst the laughter that was bubbling up between them, Michelle leaned in and locked lips with her old girlfriend. And, of course, my boss. But, most importantly, our friend.

We were all a little surprised. I mean, not a lot surprised. But, a little, anyway. Not least, Joann who seemed to resist a bit, then gave in to the moment.

Anna gently interjected, “Mikey, sweetie. You might want to let our guest breathe.”

Michelle broke the kiss and looked up grinning, “Oh, she’ll live. I’m a generous soul.”

“I was talking about Kate, hon. She’s not as used to your tactics. And she’s already fighting the blush from getting naked with us.”

Kate was, indeed, blushing. I swam quietly over and said, “This sort of thing happens all the time. I’m a martyr to Michelle’s urges.”

“Oh, Gil. I’m sure- I mean, she’s just joking. She’s- I mean, you know, Michelle- She-“

“Yes, Kate, I know my girl. And I love her spirit.” I leaned in and bumped her shoulder to shoulder. “Between you and me, she’s probably going to lay one on you before you know it.”

“Oh my,” she blushed. “I can’t imagine she’d want to do that with me…”

“Why not?” I replied. “I would.”

Anna added, “Me too.”

Michelle of course jumped in, “Me three, but that would get complicated. There’s only so much lip real estate.”

“Okay, you guys. Let’s not give my mother a coronary,” Jo laughed.

“Let’s!” Kate added, but it was clear she was joking around to keep up. We had embarrassed her. I think we’d also intrigued her. And it was obvious that Joann enjoyed the reminder of times past with Michelle.

“Okay, everyone. Two laps around the pool and then we rejoin civilized society.”

“But, Gilllllllllll….” Michelle hammed up the whine.

“No, backtalk young lady. We’re hosts for these nice people. You’re already shocking poor Kate. And you’d imagine that she was used to it by now. I’m guessing she’s out of practice,” I mock scolded.

“Oh, fine. Twice around the pool.”

As she pushed off from Joann, my boss gave her a playful swat on the ass.

Kate gasped, “Joann!”

“Just joining in, Ma. Now, two laps around.”

“Fine. Exercise it is.”


“Thank you so much for having us over, Gil.”

“You’re very welcome Kate. Our house is your house.”

“Our house,” Michelle asked.

“Well, it should be. You eat all my groceries, make me cook for you, and never do the laundry. Seems like you sort of live here already, no?”

“I’m not sure if that’s insult or an invitation,” Michelle joked.

“Yes,” Anna responded.

“Well, we’ll let you work that out amongst yourselves,” Joann said. She smiled and gave me a hug. Less awkward since we were all dressed and back in the house. Naked hugs are fun. But we were still co-workers. Naked swimming is one thing. Naked hugs are probably in the “No” column of some HR FAQ.

Kate stepped over and brought her own hug as Joann embraced Anna. “Thank you, Gil. You’re a very nice young man, and I’m glad to see Michelle so happy.”

“Oh, maltepe escort Kate. Thanks. That means a lot.”

I looked up to see Joann leaning in to hug Michelle when Michelle dodged over and said, “Nuh uh.”

“What?” Joann looked confused and a little hurt.

“None of that weak, church lady shit. If you’re going to hug me, I want your best.”

Joann grinned. “Think you can handle that? Can Gil?”

“Let’s risk it. If he dies, he dies.”

“He’s your boy-toy, but he’s my employee. What’ll I do about the vacancy?”

I added, “Just get in there. She’ll be all night teasing you if you don’t call her on it.”

“True. C’mere you tease, you.”

“Moi?” Michelle replied innocently.

Anna, having slipped behind Michelle, pushed her forward gently as Joann reached up and wrapped my girl in her arms. She went in for a kiss. A real kiss. I might have blushed a little. Then she dramatically spun Michelle into a silly Hollywood dip. Michelle whimpered. Anna whooped. I grinned and Kate shook her head. It went on a little longer than anyone but Michelle was comfortable with. As Joann, stood them both upright again, she grinned. “Was that up to your standard?”

Michelle smiled ear to ear, “Eh… I guess it was okay.”

“Bitch.” “Yeah, but you wouldn’t have me any other way.”

“Haven’t had you in a while.” Joann stage whispered.

“Well, play your cards right.”

“Okay, you two. I’d say ‘Get a room’ but I think poor Kate would not approve. Play nice, Michelle,” I said.

“Oh, okay. It was very nice to see you again, Joann. Thank you for joining us-“

“See, was it so difficult to be an adult,” I asked.

“And making my nipples hard, you sexy wench.”

“Or, not.”

“Chelle, dear. I have certainly missed you,” Kate said as she gathered up Joann and they headed for the door.

“Well, you’re going to come back over soon, Momma. Apparently this is ‘Our’ house now, so I’m going to insist.”

“Me too,” I assured her.

“Of course. Good night you guys,” Joann said and nearly skipped down the driveway with her mother in tow.

I turned to Michelle and said, “Seriously?”

“Got a problem with me snogging your boss, Gil?”

“Of course, not, silly girl. I just don’t want you to give Kate a coronary. She seems nice. Hate to kill her on our first meeting.”

“She’s strong, boyo. Remember, she’s known me longer than she’s known you. And she’s seen me be… brazen… so I think we’re okay.”


“Now, how about we all head towards our bedroom?”

“Our bedroom?” Anna asked.

“Well, it’s a big house. Could be our bedrooms?”

“Really?” Michelle questioned.

“Of course. It’s stupid that we pay rent on three places when the two of you practically live here already. I would love to have the women I love close to me all the time.”

“Oooo, he’s a romantic,” Michelle teased. “How goopy of him.”

“And besides, you freeloaders would cut my rent by two thirds, so that would be great.”

“There’s my boy,” Anna said as she leaned in to kiss me. “Now, off to our bedroom. The big one. The one with a bed in it. I need to wrap myself in sexy people.”

Anna turned and headed out of the living room. We dutifully trailed along behind, with only the occasional butt pinches. I mean, it’s a really cute butt.


Saturday morning had me waking up first. Call of nature and such like. Now, Anna will tell you that when I was a teen, she would have sent off for the exorcist if she saw me crawl out of bed before noon on a weekend. And college… well, that was tough. 8 AM classes are just devilish. But, now, I was a pretty regular working dude. Sleeping in until 8 was a huge treat on the weekend. Waking up with Michelle and Anna was beyond divine as well. So, I didn’t mind crawling to my feet and being up before them. In fact, it was one of the nicer times of day. The two most important people in my world cuddled up together snuffling and snoring.

I know, it’s hard to imagine snoring as endearing, but somehow it was. Michelle wasn’t sawing logs or anything, but there was a low, regular burr. And Anna had this little snuffle she did when she was shifting position. It was pretty adorable. I, of course, was a quiet, still, sleeper who was the picture of innocence. At least that’s what I’m going to say as long as I’m telling the story.

I stopped off in the guest bathroom so as not to disturb the girls, and then started the kettle boiling in the kitchen.

There’s a huge industry in producing the fanciest, shiniest, most interesting coffee maker to dominate an industry. In college, I found that boiling water and a French press make a much better, much easier combo, which produces a much tastier cup of coffee. I never looked back. Sure, it’s nice to have a fancy espresso thing from time to time. There’s a coffee shop on every corner so why not? But, for the first thing in the morning cup or four — French press and boiling water, for me.

While the water was kartal escort heating up, I went to the front room and peeked through the blinds. Across the way, I saw Don taking care of his front yard. I suppose that is the suburban national pastime. I didn’t care for it much myself, but I appreciated that folks have hobbies. His was making sure that his place was up to standard. Personally, I hired a couple of guys to hit my yard once a week in summer and once a month in winter. I wasn’t rolling in cash, but I had discovered that my life got a lot better once I recognized the value of hiring folks to do the jobs in my life that I got no pleasure from. As long as I could afford to do it, I was going to keep it up. Don, however, was probably retired now. And, besides, folks of a certain generation just get joy out of that sort of thing. Hell, my grandparents — when they were in the country- would regularly plant a vegetable garden. I really enjoyed what they produced out of it, but every time I tried to do it on my own it was a disaster. And frankly, no fun at all. Weeding a garden might be the chief punishment in certain levels of perdition. So, yeah, to each his own.

Interestingly, though, I saw that Don was using a reel mower. You know, one of those super old fashioned mechanical mowers rather than a gas engine mower. Or, I think I’ve even seen electric mowers. Still, here was this older dude chugging along behind a mechanical mower. I mean, I guess it was quiet. That was a plus. No one could get hacked off at him for mowing at 8 AM, but it must have been a lot more work to do that space. Hmmm. I’ll have to ask him about it. Maybe when everyone in my household has clothes on this time. I don’t think he’ll be all that eloquent if Mom has her tits out again.

I heard the kettle boiling and headed back to pour it over the coffee grounds. Most folks with a grinder do that step fresh. There’s value in that. But, I hate to wake up the girls if I can avoid it, so I tend to grind the beans the night before and leave them sealed in the grinder. Almost as good as first thing in the morning without the plane engine sounds before everyone is awake.

Mixing up the magic concoction, I let it brew for a couple of minutes and wandered back to look out over the pool. Man, this was the luckiest rental I’d ever come across. Pool. Lots of space. Tolerant and apparently feisty neighbors. I wonder-

“Wondering if you could swing the mortgage on this place?” Anna asked as she shuffled into the kitchen.


“Oh, c’mon. We’re living here and in that pool and your nosey older neighbors want to skinny dip. I mean, try before you buy sure, but this place is pretty great. Besides, you seem to be developing a network of folks to help with the financial side,” she said as she wrapped her arms around my waist and kissed my shoulder as we both looked out on the backyard. “Besides, there’s a lot more space here than at my place or at Michelle’s. I don’t keep a lot of stuff around, but if you’re serious about shacking up with us… well, more room is better, right?”

“Yeah, I’m serious. If you’re up for it? Even if Michelle isn’t, it would still be a nice option if you wanted to be, well, I guess roommates.”

“I think we’re going to be a bit more than roommates. I guess, in the way that Jo and Mike were roommates. Shared utilities with a chore list that includes cunnilingus.”

“Never a chore, Mom. Never a chore. Yard work is a chore. And I hire guys for that,” I pointed out.

“Well, if you hire someone to go down on me, make them cute. And attentive. Training a partner to get that right is time consuming.”

“Sorry to be such a burden,” I chuckled.

“Oh, it’s no trouble. I’ve already invested 25 years in you. If I can survive teaching you to sleep through the night and not pick your nose in public, then I can manage to get you to move a little to the left and do that spiral thing that I like.” She twirled a finger through my hair, which is definitely not the spiral thing she likes, but was sweet nevertheless.

“Ever the educator,” I said.

“The under-caffeinated educator. Pour me a cup, boyfriend.”

I poured two cups and we made our way into the backyard. Even though Don and Jan seemed to be okay with us being naked, I somehow felt that naked coffee in the mornings might be too much for the rest of the neighborhood association. Better to keep this in the back.

As we settled down into chairs, Anna looked over at me and said, “You’ve got good instincts.”


“I know you’re crazy about Mikey. I am too, and I know you’re thinking about a long term situation.”


“I know you. So, yeah, I know you’re thinking about it. And it’s smart to wait a bit. Give her the time. But, it’s sweet to think about shacking up. She might not want to give up her lease just yet, but if she knows you’re hoping she will. Well, that’s a good offer. Just don’t propose yet,” she eyed me with that knowing-Mom look.

“Mom. I know it’s way too soon for that-“

“But you’re already thinking about it. I’m just saying, you’ve got good instincts and that waiting is smart. She’s definitely hooked, but honor her freedom to choose. She’s young and the world is in front of her. She should have more choices not fewer. Right?”

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