Public Professions Ch. 03

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Public Professions Ch. 03

Sorry for the long delay. I had a HDD failure and I lost all my writings. My completed works, my works in progress, erotic and otherwise, all gone (aside what was published). I was disheartened and decided to step away for a while. I had stories to tell, however, and stories to conclude. So, after the better part of a decade, I bring you chapter 3. I’ll apologize in advance if there are some inconsistencies between previous stories, it has been some time. I went back and reread and tried to recapture the feel and flow of the previous entries the best I could.


I gave Katie one last kiss on the clit, pulled the realistic dildo out of her worn pussy, brought it up to her lips and watched as she cleaned her own juices off the phallic object, first with licks, and then with sucks. I leaned down and lick her sweat off her tits.

“Do you think I taste as good as I think I taste?” asked Katie.

“I eat your pussy every chance you give. I lick your clit, and I tongue fuck your hole. I don’t stop with one climax, I aim for more, and more, and more. More pussy cream means more flavor. So no, I find your taste utterly vile,” I retorted.

She attempted a playful kick and shove, but it connected in a sensitive area. I rolled off her, doubled in pain, wheezing. “It… it was… a…” Long groaning moan, “joke.”

Katie started laughing, “oh my, I’m so sorry.” She scooted around, hugging me, “I didn’t mean to! Oh, babe, are you ok?”

I nodded, while choking back a painful laugh.

“So,” she sat upright, crossing her legs, “about your sister, Mallory.”

Still wheezing, “uh huh, give me a sec…” I finally regained my breath, the ache in my balls was still there, it would be for some time to come. “What do you want to know?” still trying to blink away as much of the pain I could.

“Um, gee, I don’t know, how about the time you fucked her?” the accusatory sarcasm came across loud and clear.

“Oh, right, that.”


“Chris,” my sister in a half panic, yelling pant, running into my room, “Chris, I have some HUGE news!”

“Shit, you better not be pregnant,” I said, swiveling my chair away from my computer.

“Ha. Ha,” she said, squinting, folding her arms. “No, you have to see this.”

“Yeah, sure,” I said dismissively waving my hand as I turned back to my computer, “In a bit, I’m in the middle of something.”

“No, now! You can jerk off later,” she said, spinning around the back of my chair.

“I’m not jerking off, I’m playing my game.”

“Is it online?” Mallory asked. I shook my head. “Right, so either way you’re playing with yourself. Come on, this is important. I got it up on my computer in my room.”

“On you’re laptop? Just bring it here and show me.”

“It’s charging, come on,” She said, already halfway out of my room.

With a sigh, I resigned myself to a quick diversion from my game. As she pointed out, it was single player, I could pause it. I left my room and went in the hall towards Mal’s room. I caught glimpse of her in her tiny volleyball short, the bottom part of her ass cheeks just hanging out, and her tank top. Typical outfit for a casual Saturday around the house. She was the star in high school of her volleyball team, and now a stand out on her freshman college team. She was thin, toned, tall, an inch shorter than myself brought her in at a tick shy of 5’11”. Her honey brown hair was usually in a high pony, but now it was loosely held in a hair band reaching her full length down mid back.

I’ll admit it, sometimes when I wanted to push the limits of my fantasy while I stroked my cock I used my sister as fodder, what guy hasn’t? Most times it was just using her as a template in some scenario I cooked up in my mind, but a few times it was her, name, face, and all. Some of the biggest loads ever shot to her, granted I felt kind of like a dirt bag afterwards, coming down from my post orgasmic high as it dawned on me I just let one go to my two year my junior sister. Those feelings usually didn’t last long, because I never had any actual intention of fucking her, but I could objectively admit she was sexy. Her body was great, but it was her eyes that made her stand alone, always made her appear to be in mid sultry smile, even when angry.

She bounced on to her bed and spun the laptop around so I could see it easily, even as I walked through her door. It was a video, already playing, but the sound was down.

She clicked off the mute and moans filled her room, “Jesus, Mal, and you accused me of jerking off?”

“Oh stop, I was joking. No, I wasn’t jerking off. My boyfriend sent me a video, this video, because he’s been pestering me all summer that he wants to try fucking my ass.”

“Whoa! T. M. I. You serious right now? I did NOT need to hear that. Any of it. What the fuck, Mal?”

“Don’t worry,” She giggled, “I’m not going to do it, I’m probably going to dump him.”

“Way to miss the point. This is insane. I’m leaving.” I turned to leave, completely dumb founded as to escort ataşehir what had just happened. Mallory always was a free in what she said. Highly sarcastic her whole life. She also got a kick stirring things up. She did say she was bored being home this summer, but this seem like a stretch for some enjoyment.

“No, wait, I want to show you this,” she yelled after me as I headed back down the hell.

“You’re sick,” I hollered back. I heard her jump off her bed and follow after me.

“Come back, you need to see this, I promise, it’ll blow your mind.”

“I’ve seen anal before. It’s cool and all, but going as far as mind blowing?” I asked, trailing off as I sat back down at my computer.

“Please, just come check it out, before mom gets home. She said she’d be home in an hour. Please, just come look. Please.” She pleaded, like a child begging to be taken out for ice cream, again turning my chair around.

I again followed her to her room. Again admiring her perfect little ass. As we approached her room I thought she’s lucky mom isn’t home yet from shopping, in her haste she left her porno running and at full volume. Moans and slapping sounds filled the hall.

“Alright, make this quick, Mal, this is weird watching anal porn with my little sister.”

“Notice anything?” she asked.

“What am I suppose to notice? It’s a POV MILF scene and she’s getting done doggy in her ass.”

“This is a bad angle, hold on,” she clicked back more towards the start of the clip.

“Holy shit,” I whispered loudly.

“You see it,” she yelled quietly.

“Yeah, of course, it’s fucking mom and she’s… fucking.”

“Can you believe it? Mom did a porno?!” She said, transfixed on the clip she had now made full screen on her laptop.


“Well, what?” She snapped her gaze on to me.

“Well, yeah. I never came across this clip, but I have seen others of her.”

“OTHERS?! She did other pornos?” If there were any windows open in the house, I’m sure even our mother at the grocery store miles away heard.

“Yeah. You think I would have recognized her from that first ass shot.”

“You’ve seen enough porn of mom that you’re surprised you didn’t recognize her from her ass? And you’ve never shared this with me? She stood up, confronting me inches from my face, visibly angry with a devious snare to her smile.

“You don’t normally share things like that with your sister.”

“I shared it with you!” she exclaimed, hopping back on to the bed, pausing the clip.

“Yeah, well, I’m not your sister and, also, you’re weird.”

“Oh right, I’m weird. You’ve seen enough porn of mom to be able to identify her by her ass alone but I’m weird. Did you jerk off to her? I bet you did,” she stood in front of me again, nearly eye to eye, nose to nose. “You did, I know it. How could you not? You’re a guy, after all. Did you ever to me?” She took a step back. “Oh. My. God. YOU DID?” Stepping forward again, finger punching me in my sternum. “You’ve jerked off to me and to my mom. You sick fuck,” punctuating it with another firm, single finger blow from her right index finger.

“Ha, if you only knew,” face flushing bright red as I turned away.

“If I only knew what? Did you watch me undress or something? You spy on me naked? What do you mean, ‘if I only knew’?”

“Don’t read to far into it,” I doubled my pace to back to my room, just short of a run, essentially a power walk. I slammed my door shut. No slam.

I turned around to see Mal reaching out to deflect the door, “explain. Now.”

“Fuck outta here!”

She stomped over to my computer and spun me around violently, stood between my legs, arms crossed, glaring down to me

“Did you ever jack your cock thinking about me,” she sternly demanded and answer.

I didn’t know what to say, I was starting to sweat. I was being interrogated for a crim she knew I committed. She leaned into my face, placing her hands and the arms of my chair.

“Did you masturbate to me and mom?” More panic, couldn’t make eye contact. I glanced away, I glanced down. Oh why did I glance down? Her eyes followed my quick dart.

“Did you just glance down my shirt at my tits? Jesus Chris,” she exclaimed, standing upright again with a mix of disgust and mischievous. “You going to jerk off to those too? Add my titties to your memory’s spank bank for later use, you pervert?” She squeezed her tits together with her arms. “Get a good look, I’m not like mom, I’m not going to make a porno for you look at later.”

I was out of body of what going on. Without thinking I blurted out, “mom did more than make a porno.”

“What?” She questioned, stopping in her tracks as she was leaving my room.


“What did you just say? What aren’t you telling me? Oh my god…” she was looking back at me. Looking down at my lap. Bad time to be wearing gym shorts. Gym shorts with no underwear. Less gym shorts, more tent at this point.

“You’re fucking hard?! You got hard because of me? I kadıköy escort was half joking before but now I know! And what was that you said before? What did mom do? What, she let you watch her fuck in person or something.” She waved both hands in the air as she rounded the corner to head into the hall.

I guess that was close. I sort of got caught but she didn’t find out about… “Something like that,” I blurted out, again. What the fuck is wrong with me.

Slowly she reappeared, stepping backwards, mouth open, wide eyed. She either saw a ghost in the hallway or, “you have got to be kidding me. You’re not serious, are you.”

Or, she guessed it. “No, nothing like that,” I tried my best.

“Really? You didn’t have sex with mom?” Hands on hip, cocked to the side. Yup, she guessed it.

“Listen, I can explain,” I tried to plead, standing up.

“Oh, there’s no need to explain to me. I’m not you’re significant other that you cheated on or something and you need to explain your way out of your incestuous situation. But, you are my brother, and while you might not need to, you are going to explain it to me. In detail. She said, confidently flopping backward into by seat.

“You are going to tell me everything. Every little detail,” she continued, kicking her feet up on my nearby bed, “and you’re going to break the ice on this lovely tale by admitting to wanting to fuck me.”

“Whoa, I never said I wanted to have sex with you,” I whimpered into my hands as I sat on the bed next to her feet. I took several deep breaths, trying to figure out how to proceed before releasing a sigh and running my hands through my hair.

“Fair enough, but you did jerk off to me? You came to thoughts about me?”

“Yes,” I said staring up at the ceiling fan idly spinning on its lowest setting above me. “I can admit to that. I have jerked off to you. Many times. I used to jerk off to mom too.”

“Used to? Past tense? Why not anymore, because you’ve been fucking her instead.” Clever girl.

“Exactly. Oh, Mal, it was so crazy…” I began to tell her everything. By the time I was done, we have somehow switched positions. I was back sitting, more like slouching, in my computer chair. She was flat on her back on the bed.

“I can’t believe it. Incest. My family. My mother and my brother. Fucked. My mother fucker brother.”

“Don’t say it like that,” I chuckled. The truth is funny, I sickly thought.

“Well, it’s true, isn’t it? God. I can’t even,” she trailed off.

“Your boyfriend sent you that video?”

“What?” She sat up.

“The anal video. With the MILF? The one with mom,” I reminded her.

“Oh, right. That,” she flopped back again. “Yeah.”

“Did he know?”

“Know what? That it was mom?”

“Yeah, did he know?” I prodded.

“No. Not that I’m aware of.”

“Well, that’s good,” I mumbled.

“Oh yeah, things are sooo much better this way,” she laughed. With that I stood up and stretched. I now looked down at her. Her biology was now betraying her thoughts.

“So, what are your thoughts?”

“About you and mom? I don’t know, pretty gross I guess. I don’t really know what to think.” She rubbed her forehead with her right hand before brushing a few strands of her from her face.

“Looks like you maybe enjoyed it,” I noted, nodding towards her erect nipples.

Mallory quickly snapped upright, covering her tits with each opposing hand, crossing her arms across her body. “Look who’s talking,” referring to my once again erect cock.

I was beyond caring now, “you know it. Curious?” I half joked as I hooked my fingers in my waste band.

“That’s a hard no. Pun intended.” With that she got up and silently fled my room to her own.

I stood there, wondering briefly if I had crossed a line or pushed it too far. I left my room, looked down the hall and saw her door was open. I’m going to go talk this out with her, I thought. But after I piss. When I came back out of the bathroom, I went to her room, to her now closed door. I reached for the door handle before retracting it.

Let her be, let her decompress, I told myself.

Mom came home. I helped her unload the groceries. Dad got home from work shortly after. Not too long after that we had dinner where Mallory was mostly quiet, very little eye contact with anyone.

After dinner she seemed to brighten up a little. She was chatting with mom, like normal, as she helped clean up from dinner. I returned to my room to once again play my game. Hours rolled by. I heard the house grow quiet as the house slowly drifted off the sleep, leaving me lone survivor in the dark, playing away, while my mind’s focus was still on the day’s events.

I finally felt the first trickling effects of tiredness roll through me and figured one more turn. As I closed out my game I saw it was now 3am. Before I turned in for bed, I went to the bathroom. A glow of blue light came from below my sisters bedroom door.

Mallory normally slept in complete darkness, almost never with the TV maltepe escort bayan on, and also with the door open. After I relieved my bladder I made my way down the hall. I stood there for a minute, listening, just outside her door. I was frozen, unable to command my body to retreat to my room or take action against the closed door. Minutes, or at least what seemed like minutes, carried by and the world remained locked in frozen stillness. Not a sound from beyond the door, no creaks throughout, no dinging of pipes distant in some other far flung part of the house. The air was heavy, but not humid, just lifeless. The noise of blood coursing through my own body was the only thing to be heard, the only thing that I could hear.

The light went out. How long? I tried to recall. How long was I standing here? I leaned in like an old heavy tree being gently pushed by a slow steady breeze. Still, not a sound. Go to bed, I heard. From where? Had to be my own head. Nothing can come from this, I heard again. Nothing good, my mind responded. You mean nothing bad? My mind answered itself.

The light was back. I stepped back from the door. I reached to knock. Only lightly I thought. I heard rustling from inside. Did I knock? No, my mind snapped at me. I had to, the foot steps were coming this way, to answer the door, I replied.

To answer the door. Shit. I willed me feet to move, but something kept them planted. Fear? Tiredness? Wonder? Hard to say, but it didn’t matter. No matter the cause, my feet were stuck in place. All I could do was watch and, I think, breathe. Maybe I didn’t breathe. The door opened ever so quietly with surprising grace for a slab of wood.

I was eye to eye with my sister. I knew it was coming but by her sudden jolt and hop backwards I also knew she did not expect me to be standing there.

“Fucking hell, Chris. Lucky I didn’t piss myself. What are you doing here.”

“I was just going to the bathroom and I saw your light on. Just was coming to see if you were awake still.”

“Yeah,” she said, shifting her eyes sheepishly to the ground. “Can’t sleep. Keep thinking about, well, you know. I was just about to go to the bathroom myself.”

“Oh, sorry. Ok, well, as long as you’re ok, I’m going to head to bed then.”

And to bed I did go. She followed in tow for a moment but the parted ways as I went to my room and she continued to the bathroom.

In bed, lights out, I heard a light knocking on my open bedroom door. It wasn’t open as an invitation. Normally I slept door closed. My mind was too preoccupied to close it upon my arrival.

“Can we talk?” Mallory squeaked.

“Of course,” I relied, flicking on my bed side reading light. She accepted the invite and sat on the foot of the bed, cross legged, looking at me in that same outfit she had on earlier only now her hair was in her signature hair do: the high pony.

“What was it like? Being with mom, I mean.”

“Honestly, she was fantastic. Just an expert at everything. A professional top in her craft.”

“That’s so weird to say,” she said shaking her head.

“The weird part was when dad joined in.”

“You had sex with dad too?” she raised an eyebrow.

Laughing, “no, nothing like that. He invited me to double team her, and he filmed it. I thought I explained that part?”

“Maybe you did. Maybe I’m just so traumatized by this whole thing I just blacked it out from my memory what you said.” She joked, shooting me a tight lip, tired eyed smile. “Can’t believe he filmed it. Kind of would like to see it.”

“You want to?”

“You have it? How?”

“Dad made me a copy. I have it save on my computer.”

“I don’t know now…” she shifted nervously. Then she got up. I thought to leave but then she went and stood next to my computer desk. “Show me.”

I went over and fired up my computer, brought up the file and clicked play.

“Wow, you have a handsome cock,” Mallory acknowledged. I don’t know what I was thinking. I completely forgot she would see me naked. In my mind I was thinking I was just putting on a video of my mom and dad fucking. Of course I knew I was in it, just sort of overlooked my naked involvement.

The movie wrapped up, I was idly stroking my cock through my shorts.

“Well. So that happened,” Mallory said matter-of-factly.

“Indeed so. And in the morning she swallowed dad and mine’s cum as we took turn eating her pussy.”

“Cool,” she’s at a loss of words, who could blame her. Question was, was she into it, scared, was she going to run off today and never see us again? “Still turns you on, huh?”

I realized what I was doing, “oh, yeah, I guess.”

“You guys have anymore home movies?”

“Yeah, a couple. Mostly just kind of have sex and fuck when we have time, like when you’re not around.”

“Thanks for that,” she chuckled accompanying an eye roll. “I suppose I can admit this now. I usually have to pee after big orgasms. When opened my door a little bit ago I had just came. Was still a little euphoric, little tired, high from my endorphins, and out of it. Probably I didn’t react louder when you startled me.”

“Sorry about that.”

“It’s fine. But my point was I had just used my vibrator.”

“I see…” expecting more confessions.

“To that anal video I showed you earlier.”

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