Proving Her Point

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It had been a long and pleasant evening. The double date started with a dinner out, then progressed to dancing and drinks at an upscale club, and was now ending up at Steve and Dana’s place for light night banter.

Rachel loved evenings like this. She enjoyed dressing in her sexy strapless night club dresses and she loved socializing with their best “couple friends”. She sipped her martini and smiled while her husband good-naturedly argued with Steve about someone from work. His hand rested warmly just above her knee, fingers slowly stroking the inside of her thigh.

“I don’t think he’s ever going to get married,” Timothy was saying. “He’s a good guy, but he’s so ugly that he’s never going to get a date, much less a wife.”

Steve shook his head. “No, he’ll get married. He’s homely, no doubt about that, but he makes great money. There’s some girl out there who’ll work with that combination.”

“Dana!” Timothy looked to the bar, where the blonde was mixing a late-night cosmopolitan. “Would you marry an ugly guy just because he has money?”

Dana turned and gave the two men a studied look. Even more than usual, she looked stunning in her blue-sequined cocktail mini-dress. “Do you really need to ask that at this point?” she said, perfectly deadpan.

Rachel giggled. Dana and Steve had been married for six years, one more than she and Timothy. In truth, Steve was quite handsome and he also made good money. But even at that, Rachel secretly thought that he had shot the moon with Dana. She was a bombshell, coupling a perfect face and figure with a great brain and an easy self-confidence. She had even been an NFL cheerleader for a couple of season while she was finishing her master’s degree.

The men howled with laughter.

“How about you, Rachel?” Timothy asked. “Would you marry an ugly man if he had money?”

Rachel feigned coyness. “I marry for love,” she said, mimicking her best Scarlett O’Hara accent and waving an imaginary fan. “Looks and money have nothing to do with it.”

Dana returned to the conversation circle. When she sat down, her dress rode so high on her thighs that Rachel was sure she was going to flash the group. But as always, she expertly crossed her legs and hid just the right amount at just the right time. Dana had a knack for living on the edge and always coming out on top.

“So Rachel is a good girl. How about you men?” she asked. “A saggy old woman with watermelon hips wants to marry you, and she wants to have sex every night. Do you do it? How much money would she need to leave you in her will?”

“Hey, sex is sex,” Timothy teased. “A woman wanting sex is not a deal breaker. Leave me a couple hundred thousand and a five-year life span for her, and I’m in.”

“Absolutely,” Steve agreed. “It’s different for us men. Just turn the lights out and leave us some money and we’ll let Ruth Bader Ginsburg ride us all night.”

“Ewwwww,” the women responded in a chorus.

“Really?” Dana demanded. “So you would have sex with someone you aren’t attracted to? Every night?”

Steve took a draw on his bottle of Heineken. “Well,” he admitted, “it wouldn’t be my preference, of course. But if I was in that situation I think I could do it.”

Rachel was usually the most proper one of the group, but she couldn’t resist a question. “Wait a minute,” she said. “You’re men. You have to …” she hesitated, but had no diplomatic way to proceed. “You have to be aroused to have sex. We women can just lie back and think of England if we have to. How do you get aroused if you’re not attracted to someone?”

Timothy nodded in acknowledgement. “Good point. I don’t think we would get aroused. At least, not by them.”

“We’d need another method,” Steve added. “But that’s easy. We’d think about you or Dana.”

“Or you AND Dana.” The two men tittered like junior high boys, which all too often they were.

“But could you get turned on by the ugly woman?”

Steve wrinkled his nose. “I don’t think I’d need to. That’s the point. We men have rich imaginations.”

“But could you?” Rachel pressed. “Could you get turned on by the ugly old woman?”

“You mean physically?”

Dana was more blunt. “Hard. Could an unattractive woman get you hard without you fantasizing about something else?”

Timothy looked at Steve, and both men shrugged. He was almost sheepish. “Well … if the lights are out …”

“It’s all pink on the inside,” Steve added, and the two men clinked beer bottles.

“A mouth is a mouth.” Clink again.

“A hand is a hand, even if it’s got arthritis.” Clink again.

Dana leaned in for the kill. bahçelievler escort “What if it’s a male hand?”

The two men cringed independently.

“A hand is a hand, right?” Dana clinked cocktail glasses with Rachel.

Timothy decided it was time to change the subject, so he turned the tables. “What about you? Could a woman turn you on?”

Dana laughed. “Have you seen women?” she said without hesitation. “Women are sexy. An attractive woman can turn anyone on.”

“Including you?” Timothy challenged.

“Oh, yeah. Give me the green light with a hot woman and I’ll jump her like a pirate. Assuming Steve will let me.”

Rachel almost choked on her drink. Dana was bold and brazen, and Rachel had known that since they first met. Dana liked to push the envelope and challenge norms. But Rachel wouldn’t have expected her to be so open about this. And the topic had never come up in the two years that Rachel had known her. Was she just being brash, or was she serious?

Steve almost choked on his drink, too. “Permission granted!” he said enthusiastically. “As long as I get to watch, permission granted!”

“How about you, honey? Can a woman turn you on?” Timothy gave her an impish look.

Whereas Dana liked to stir things up, Rachel thought of herself as the stable rock of the group. As distasteful as she found the stereotypes, she was the level-headed brunette to Dana’s bold blonde. “I told you, sweetie, I work on love, not looks.”

“So you’re telling me that you never get turned on by women?”

“I recognize and appreciate attractive women. But no, a woman won’t turn me on.”

Dana’s green eyes flashed with mischief. “So you’re getting a massage, and the therapist is female. She starts caressing you on your bare ass. She leans down and starts nibbling your ear. Her hand goes lower. You don’t get turned on?”

Rachel shifted in her seat. “No.”

“That’s impossible. A sexy woman can turn anyone on.”

Rachel held her ground. “Attraction has a mental component. It’s not just physical. Maybe you can just touch a man and get him aroused, but it doesn’t work that way with women.”

“So you disagree that a mouth is a mouth? Or a hand is a hand? Could a woman bring you to orgasm if she was using exactly the same technique as a man?” Dana was pushing the envelope again.

Rachel involuntarily pressed her knees together. “I don’t think a woman could do that to me,” she insisted. As she stood up to get another drink, she couldn’t help but see Timothy’s face fall, and she was surprised. Sure, he joked about doing threesomes with her, but he wasn’t serious, was he?

The friendly argument continued behind her while she mixed another martini. Some gin, some vermouth, and …

And the room got very quiet behind her. Too quiet. She sensed without knowing that someone was behind her.

“Whoa,” she giggled, as arms wrapped around her waist and teeth gently clamped down on her left ear.

It was not like Timothy to be affectionate in public, but she liked it. She was a little self-conscious that Steve and Dana often tended that direction, with Dana sitting on his lap or he grabbing her and kissing her at random moments. She and Timothy weren’t really built that way.

Her body tingled as the lips moved to her neck. “Mmmm,” she smiled. “Keep doing that.”

Then she looked down. Those were not Timothy’s hands around her waist.

They were Dana’s.

Rachel tried to yank herself away, giggling. “Stop that!” she laughed. “Don’t be a pervert!”

Dana was tall and strong and fit, maybe four inches taller and twenty-five pounds heavier than Rachel. Rachel was also fit, but with a different build. She was more slender and graceful than curvy and powerful, and there was a big difference between her perky B cups and the D cups that were now pressed into her back.

Given the size difference, she had no chance of escaping. Dana held her fast and continued nibbling her neck. One hand was moving up her waist to her ribs. “No!” Rachel giggled. “Get away! No means no!”

“You don’t think I can turn you on?” Dana challenged. “I think I can.”

Rachel struggled, but Dana effortlessly lifted her off the ground. The men vacated the couch as Dana half-carried, half-dragged her toward it and threw her down. Dana then nimbly landed atop her, trapping Rachel face down in the soft leather cushions.

“I’m going to turn you on,” Dana threatened. Squealing with laughter, Rachel tried to escape, but the soft cushions gave her no leverage point to push back. The larger blonde pinned her and balgat escort soft, sexy lips relentlessly worked her neck, ears, and cheeks.

“Permission granted!” Steve repeated, and everyone laughed.

“Let me up!”

“Are you turned on?”


“Then I’m not going to let you up.”

Rachel’s arms were pinned beneath her, and she felt Dana pushing her legs in between Rachel’s, grapevining them and forcing them apart. As she tried to kick and buck, she knew that her short dress was rising up and over her hips, giving the men a show. Oh god, she was only wearing a thong tonight, too.

Rachel bucked her hips, trying to throw Dana off, but to no avail. “Get off me, you monster!” She giggled as the blonde continued to kiss and nuzzle her. Dana didn’t know it, but her neck was a major erogenous zone, and Rachel fought the fact that Dana’s lips actually felt very good. Glancing over for help from Timothy, she saw both men sitting in the adjoining chairs, watching raptly with big grins on their faces.

With no help on the way, and no way to escape, she went Gandhi. Ceasing all resistance, she told Dana, “You’re not going to accomplish anything, you know.”

“Mmm, darling, if it’s not turning you on, it’s at least turning me on,” Dana murmured into her ear, then followed it with a probing tongue. Rachel squealed and giggled again, and renewed her struggle.

Dana’s left hand crept up. No, Rachel thought, surely she won’t do that. This is all in fun. Right?

But the hand crept up, and eventually was cradling Rachel’s left breast, kneading and teasing her nipple through her dress. Rachel continued struggling, but … but …

Of course she had a crush on Dana. Everyone in the world had a crush on Dana. She saw the look in Timothy’s eyes every time the couples met up, and she couldn’t blame him for it. Dana was that amazing. Rachel didn’t even like women, and she got the same look herself. She kept up the appearance of fighting because that’s what she was supposed to do. She was the prim and proper brunette. But Dana’s lips were full and soft, her breasts sexy as they pressed into Rachel’s back. It was flattering to attract the attention of a woman like Dana.

“Am I turning you on?”

Rachel was helpless, her legs apart, her dress up above her waist and only thong panties below. Her nipple was responding to Dana’s attentions, and the forced romancing was spreading warmth throughout her body.

She couldn’t respond. This was a woman, after all. Granted, she was a very attractive woman, but Rachel only got turned on by men. This was just playing around. Right?

“Answer me, honey. Am I turning you on?”

“Timothy, protect my honor!”

“I can’t, honey. Steve is holding me back.”

Wrenching her ear away from Dana’s probing tongue, Rachel looked to her left at the two men. Timothy was drinking his beer, grinning. Seeing her glance, Steve reached over and placed an arm quickly across Timothy’s chest, like they were making a sudden stop in a car. Both men laughed.

“Steve, I don’t think your wife is wearing any underwear,” Timothy noted.

“And yours is barely wearing any.”

Eyes agape, Rachel realized what she was feeling on her bare rump. That wasn’t Dana’s panties rubbing against her. That was bare flesh where her own dress had obviously ridden up. She bucked and mewed anew, but somehow it was fun to be the victim here. She didn’t have to acknowledge her own feelings, didn’t have to take credit for being an active participant. It gave the guys a show that they’d remember for a long time, and … and it felt really good.

It felt REALLY good.

The men were watching the two women wriggle and wrestle, and obviously enjoying the show. But what they weren’t seeing was Dana’s right hand, which was toward the back of the couch. It was sliding up toward Rachel’s toned stomach, finding the waistband of her tiny thong.

“Oh, god,” she whispered, softly so the men couldn’t hear. “You wouldn’t.”

Dana was in her ear. “Watch me,” she whispered back.

Rachel should have rolled away from the hand, tried to prevent it from going lower. But instead she pushed up slightly, giving Dana more room. It was subtle, not something the men would notice or see, but Dana felt it. “Oh, yeah,” she breathed softly.

The hand went into the waistband, down to Rachel’s bare pubic mound, and then even lower. Rachel gasped as Dana first brushed across her clit.

All pretense of resistance ended at that point. Rachel still lay pinned under the more powerful woman, her legs forced wide apart, batıkent escort but now she pushed upward not to escape, but to allow easier access for the reacharound. She ceased moving to give Dana easy access. In return Dana eased up her weight slightly, allowing Rachel’s arms to move, but she only used them to grip the couch cushions.

“Am I turning you on?”

“Nnnn. (Pant.) Okay. You’re … turning … me on.”

Dana’s left hand released Rachel’s breast, then moved up to grip her jaw and mouth. She pulled upward, forcing Rachel’s back to arch. “Pull down your dress,” she ordered. “Show the nice men your titties.” Dana’s right hand continued to flutter over Rachel’s clit and vulva, expertly working her. Rachel moaned in sheer pleasure. Were all women that good, or had Dana done this before?

With effort, Rachel pulled her arms in and tugged at her dress top, allowing her small pert breasts to pop out. She heard the men make noises of appreciation. To hell with modesty at this point. She began playing with them, kneading her nipples, trying to help bring herself over the edge.

Dana’s fingers fluttered faster and faster. Ever so softly, she whispered into Rachel’s ear again. “You’re gorgeous. I’m so in love with your beautiful eyes and your perfect little ass. I’ve been wanting to do this for years.”

Her mouth and jaw trapped, Rachel could barely talk. “Keep … doing … it,” she grunted. “I’m getting close.”

“I love you, baby.” The whisper was barely audible as the fingers expertly swirled and paced. “Come for me.”

Rachel had never envisioned it happening this way. She had never envisioned it happening at all, other than in the most hidden and forbidden corners of her fantasies. But she loved being forced to do something she had wanted for so long, something that she could never even openly admit that she wanted. She loved being placed on display for two well-dressed men, being a wild girl for once. She loved being desired by the most beautiful woman she knew. And she loved those fingers between her legs.

“Unnnnngh!” she panted. “I’m coming! I’m coming!”

Dana increased her exquisite pace, and Rachel’s hips began bucking as she pushed over the edge. Her mind went blank, all of her being focused on the divine spot between her hips. Dana rode her up and over the edge, forcing every ounce of pleasure out of her as Rachel screamed through clenched teeth, first in need, then in ecstasy, and finally in pleading for relief.

Dana’s hand slowed, and her frigging became a gentle caress. Rachel settled down into the couch, breathing heavily. “Thank you,” she sighed, as Dana continued to kiss and stroke her, helping her come down from her high.

“So a woman can get you off?” Dana was once again speaking loud enough for the men to hear. “Did I prove my point?”

“Only when I’m in love with her,” Rachel purred, proving her own point. That was it. Her secret was out. She didn’t care what Timothy thought, but figured that he didn’t mind at all.

The blonde rose slightly off her and bade her to turn over. Rachel rolled over, and Dana settled back atop her, face to face. Her body was warm, soft, and sexy, her kiss spectacular. Rachel melted in its heat, toes curling as their tongues intertwined.

Dana pulled away, biting Rachel’s lower lip as one last seduction, and sat up on Rachel’s hips, keeping her pinned. The blue-sequined dress was up around her own hips, and she truly wore no underwear. Rachel could see her pubic mound marked by a pencil-thin blonde landing strip. Of course you’re a natural blonde, Rachel thought to herself. You’re perfect. Further down, her cleft showed just a hint of pink resting atop Rachel’s hips, and she could feel its dampness on her skin.

Arching her back for show, Dana smiled sexily and pulled the dress over her head. Her breasts were absolutely magnificent, large and full and topped with oversized barbie-pink areola. Rachel glanced over at Timothy, whose eyes were wide as saucers.

Two could play at this game. The slender brunette didn’t always have to be the shy one, right? And this was a fantasy come true, so propriety be damned. She might as well keep it going. Rachel reached up and grabbed a double handful. “I work off love,” she said. “But I love these breasts. Let me have my turn on you.”

Dana grinned and lay back on the couch. Rachel rose and this time it was Dana’s turn to spread her legs. As Rachel feasted her eyes on the naked blonde and debated her next move, she took a deep breath. It was time to show just how wild the prim and proper girl could be.

She looked directly at that perfect pink pussy, then locked gazes with Dana and slowly, sexily licked her lips. As Dana’s expression changed to one of sheer and shocked delight, she heard two male voices say in unison, “Permission granted!”

She pushed Dana’s thighs apart and leaned in. It was going to be a long and pleasant evening.

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