Property Rights

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Mike Paulson sat in stunned silence in the large, high backed Victorian chair. He could hear the clock ticking in the background as he heard his mother clear her voice from the seat beside him.

“Did you say two million?” Becky Paulson asked stunned.

The lawyer in front of the pair looked back down at the papers on his desk. “I must say Mrs. Paulson; your husband was a meticulously organized man.”

Mike didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the comment. His sadness over the loss of his father had been all consuming over the last two weeks for both he and his mothers.

Richard Paulson had been a strong and almost dominant figure in their house all his life. He had guided his family with a loving and caring hand, yet firmly in control.

Mike wondered what that last moment his father had thought. To not be in control the seconds before the semi-truck had slid and slammed into his SUV on that icy road. He couldn’t imagine his father ever NOT being in control, even in his own death.

The voice of the lawyer brought the 26 year old back from his thoughts.

“His insurance policies were very strong. The mortgage for your home and both cars are now paid. “The man looked at Mike. “His son Michael is now the owner of his construction company, which is doing strong business.”

The lawyer turned to Mikes’ mother. “He had a two million dollar investment portfolio that has lain dormant during his life. Upon his death, it will activate and essentially replace dollar for dollar your monthly income.”

The lawyer shook his head. “Your husband, Mrs. Paulson, thought of every minor detail.”

Mike watched as a tear dripped down his mother’s cheek. “Not everything” she quietly whispered. “Oh Richard, what will I do.” she quietly sighed.

As the lawyer rose to his feet, mother and son realized the reading of the will had been completed and both stood to leave. Mike stretched his hand out to the man. “Thank you for everything.”

Rather than shaking the young man’s hand, the lawyer reached down and picked up two white envelopes. “There is one last detail.” He handed one envelope to Becky and the other to Mike. On the front was written their names in the flourish of their father’s handwriting.

“These were given to us to hold a few years ago. We have very specific instructions for them.” As Mike started to open the envelope, the; lawyer raised his voice “Stop!”

The two looked at the man in surprise. “I am sorry,” he added quietly. “Per Mr. Paulson’s instructions. Each is to be given their envelope. They are not to open them until they are alone. Only then may they be read.”

The man cleared his voice, almost nervous. “Of course, you realize, we do not know the contents. Therefore, we cannot accept any responsibility for what is written inside” His face grew solemn. “Mr. Paulson was very specific; this was to be his final instructions to each of you.”

Mike slipped the envelope into his jacket pocket, while his mother slid hers into her purse. Reaching out his hand again, he shook and thanked the lawyer for all their work. Making sure his father’s wishes had been completed.

As Mike and his mother left the building, he looked down at his mother’s face. “Now what?” he asked quietly. Even in her grief, he saw the soft markings of her cheeks, the color of her lips. Like his father, he knew this woman beside him was special, and always had been. He felt a tingle in his groin as he looked at her. ‘God, her husband is just dead and you are getting a hard on for her…asshole’

Becky took her sons hand in hers, reassured at the feeling of strength in his grip. Like her husband Richard, Michael was a tall strapping man. A fitting ‘replacement’ for her husband. Except in one thing, her mind wandered.

“I just want to go home” she replied softly.

The drive home had been slow and quiet. Entering their home, the pair had separated. Mike to head for his room to change, Becky to hers.

As the young man pulled his shirt off, his eyes fell on the white envelope he had discarded on his desk. Stepping over, he closed the bedroom door, and then sat. Opening the envelope he slid out a single sheet of paper. He instantly recognized his father’s own handwriting.

As the young man began to read his father’s words, unknown to him, his mother sat alone, at the kitchen table doing the same. Both, hearing the last words of Richard Paulson.

Dear Michael

Well, something must have gone wrong, or you wouldn’t be holding this right now. I don’t know what or how, but it means I am gone.

First, know that I love you, as my son, my partner, and my friend. I will miss you as much as you will miss me my boy.

Second, if everything went the way it should have. Then the lawyers should have taken care of any major issues. The house, the car, the bills…everything. I can only hope so.

Third, you will take the next two weeks off work. The company will do just fine. I would prefer a month. But I know you. You are as driven as me. The office escort ataşehir has instructions that for the next two weeks you are not to be disturbed. You have another ‘job’ to do.

The lawyers should have handled all of my property, but one. That is for you to handle. You are a man now, the man of the house. In that house is the most valued piece of property I own. Rebecca Paulson.

Mike gasped at the words he just read. Property? Jesus dad. How in the hell could you even consider your wife to be your property.

As he read further, Mike began to see the hidden world that had existed in his own house for years. One he had never known about, but had been very real.

Your mother is a strong woman in her own rights. Yet, she lacks the ability for direction. She NEEDS someone to show her. That someone is now you.

Give up the Mikey, cast aside the Mike. BE Michael Paulson. Give your mother what she desperately needs. A man.

She now belongs to you, my son and heir. She will serve you faithfully and loyally, in whatever way you wish. Whether domestic. Or yes sexual. But she must be told. Do not let her shrink back…do not let her hide inside that shell I found her in. MAKE her obey. TELL her what her role is.

Be loyal and loving to her. She deserves that. But be her man. My one piece of advice I could give you. Don’t make love to her the first time. Fuck her. Hard, strong, commanding. Take what you now own my son.

You lucky bastard.

Love dad

Mike set the paper on the desk as his mind tried to wrap around the words. His mother, submissive? Good God. In his mind’s eye, he flashed back over 26 years. The hints he had never seen. How his mother had jumped to bring things to his father.

How his father’s words, soft but strong, had always directed her footsteps. Mike knew without a doubt, what he had just read was truth. His father not lonely loved his mother. He owned her.

Now, he Michael Paulson. Owned the rights to one Rebecca Paulson. What do I do now? He wondered. Then, his father’s words came to him from when he was ten years old.

“Words are great son” his father had told him. “They can work wonders. But actions, those work miracles. Sometimes, you just have to jump in with both feet, and do it.”

Michael stood from his chair, without even putting his shirt back on, opened the door to his bedroom and walked down the stairs to what would be a new life.

Becky sat stone still in the kitchen. The words from the letter in her hand burning into her mind. Traveling form her eyes down her body, reigniting a fire between her thighs she thought had died with the loss of her husband. ‘Oh God Richard’ she thought wildly. ‘You did think of everything.’

Even as she had tried to not see the words her husband had written, her body had.

My Dearest Rebecca

My wife, my friend, my life partner. My toy. For you to be reading this, something terrible has happened. I know the grief that burns within you at my loss. Yet, the world must and will go on.

I cannot, and will not, leave you ship sailing without a rudder my love. There must be a new captain. His name is Michael. I hereby. Bequeath my most prized possession…to Michael Paulson.

HE is no longer Mike. HE is Michael. His words are now mine. His desires are mine. You shallow follow both as you followed them for me.

You shall have his dinner ready when he arrives home. You shall stand at his side in that church pew on Sunday. You shall bring him whatever food or drink he needs.

You shall kneel when he tells you. You shall obey his commands as you have mine. When he tells you to suck…then you my talented little whore; shall suck him DRY.

When he bends you over and fills you with his manhood. You shall cry his name in joy as you did mine. When he has sated himself on your body, you will thank him as you thanked me.

This is not a request my love. Michael has received his instructions as well. Of all the things I worry the most about in parting. This is my one worry. That you both shall be happy.

I love you my Dearest

Your husband and owner Richard Paulson

Before she could totally process the words. She heard the strong footsteps of her son coming down the wooden stairs. As she knew every path in the house, she heard him walk to the living room. The sound of his settling into a chair greeted her ears. She sat stock still, waiting. The next word she heard exploded in her mind.

“Rebecca” echoed from the living room. ‘Dear God” she thought. Not Mom, not Mommy, not even Becky’ As if on auto pilot, the 46 year old mother was out of her chair and moving to the sound of her name. She was half way into the living room when the sight greeted her.

Michael sat not on the couch where he normally did. Now, he sat in his father’s large recliner. His eyes watching her as she walked towards him.

Standing at the side of the chair her hand rested lightly on his shoulder. “Yes dear” she whispered.

Michael’s eyes traveled the kadıköy escort full length of her body in one glance. She could see the burning in his eyes. This mixture of lust and love she had grown used to for over twenty five years.

“I would like a beer” her sons’ strong voice rang in her ears.

Rebecca Paulson nodded and turned towards the kitchen door.

“Rebecca” she heard called behind her again. Turning she faced the new man in her life. “I love you.”

As she felt her heart almost melt, she looked her son straight in the eyes. “I love you…Michael.”

Turning back she made it almost to the kitchen door when the voice called out again.

“Oh and Rebecca. Bring it nude.”

As her eyes grew wide she registered the words. Not an order, not even a request. Just a simple statement. One the man sitting in the chair needed no response for, he expected it to be followed.

As she started to resume her steps her body shuddered as she felt her nipples ache under the fabric of her blouse. He knees almost shaking as she headed for the kitchen. Her hands, slowly undoing the buttons of her pale yellow blouse without even a second thought.


The next three days Rebecca Paulson spent in almost total torment. Her mind swinging from shame at standing nude in front of her only son. To joy at seeing his smile or hearing his praise when she did as he told her. To that fiery knot in the pit of her stomach when his eyes raked over her, seeing that familiar lust and hunger she had seen in her late husband’s eyes.

Yet, he never touched her. Never did anything to reproach her. Each night he kissed her softly on the lips as she took herself to her lonely bedroom. Her hand caressing the empty pillow beside her head. Her tears silently slipping down her cheeks.

By that Saturday, her body was a coil of nerves, and her mind nearly a nervous wreck. It had been almost two weeks since the death of Richard. For a woman who rarely went more than two days without her husband’s ravaging attention on her body. It had been a long drought.

That afternoon, when Michael had come back into the house after mowing the lawn. Seeing him standing there, shirtless, getting something as simple as a cold glass of water. Watching the sweat trickle down his bare chest. Smelling his male aroma as his body had drifted close to hers. Something snapped inside Rebecca.

Silently, she stood from the kitchen table, walking to her purse; she pulled out the paper given to her by the lawyer from her late husband. She had read the words so many times; she could almost recite them from memory.

Stepping over to the ‘man” now standing at the sink; “Michael” she whispered. When her son turned and faced her, Rebecca reached out and placed the folded paper into his hand.

“I am yours” she told him. Hearing the strange calmness in her own voice.

Michael looked down at the paper he held. Then, a small smile crept across his face. “It’s about time woman” his voice softly rumbled.

‘Dear God’ Rebecca realized with a start. A shiver ran down her spine causing her small body to shudder. ‘He waited..for ME. Lovingly, patient. He waited for me to accept.’

She watched as Michael set the now empty glass on the counter with the folded paper. Her eyes followed his hands as he took one step back. Reaching down he slowly undid the snap, then the zipper to his jeans.

Rebecca could only stare as the jeans slowly slid downward. The boxers coming with them in one fluid motion. Her eyes widening as the thickest cock she had ever seen, slowly came into view.

“Oh God” the woman moaned. She felt that knot nearly explode inside her belly as the fire erupted inside her.

Michael stood still in front of his mother. He had read the words his father had written him, and while not the same man. He knew this was something his mother had to come to terms with as well. Now, she had decided.

“Suck me” Michael all but growled at her.

“Yessssssss” Rebecca almost hissed, as she lowered to her knees in the middle of the kitchen. Her hand coming out…griping the slowly thickening rod. “Mmmmmmmm” she murmured, as her lips surrounded the knob. Sucking the flesh into her hot mouth.

Michael stared down and could only watch as his mother’s mouth descended on him. As he felt her head begin to bob up and down on his rapidly hardening cock. He knew his father had been right. Fuck, she sucked like a whore in heat, he thought.

Michael wrapped his hands in her hair, arching his hips as his cock slid deeper into his mother’s throat. He pushed deeper, until he felt his balls slap her spit covered chin. Hearing her softly gag on his length.

“You…are mine now” he told Rebecca.

Her arms dropping to her sides, Rebecca surrendured the last vestige. Her body now owned by the man standing over her. “Mmmhmmmm” was all she could mumble around the thick cock. Her throat relaxed as she felt him pusher further in each thrust. No longer a simple blowjob. Michael was truly fucking maltepe escort bayan her sucking mouth. Taking what belonged to him.

Having waited for so long, Michael knew he wouldn’t last long. The first time. He could feel his balls tightening, as the muscles in his ass flexed with each thrust. “Oh fuck yessss” he groaned.

Rebecca could sense his urgency; feel the swelling in the cock plowing into her throat. Her juices gushed between her spread legs as she knelt on the floor. God, he was going to cum. For a second, the thought she was in her own kitchen, kneeling, sucking her sons cock; flashed though her mind. Then, even that was ripped away, with the realization that son or not, this man who was ravaging her mouth…owned her now.

With a renewed vigor Rebecca sucked faster. Harder. Trying to draw the hot cream out she knew was churning in Michaels balls.

“OH my fucking God” Michael roared above her. She felt his cock jerk inside her mouth. Then, the first molten blast of his hot cum literally jet down her throat. Oozing down to fill her hungry belly.

“Mmmmpppfffff” Rebecca grunted. Trying not to choke as a second thick rope filled her mouth. By the third blast, she felt his cum dripping out the corners…filling her faster than she could even swallow. Jesus, she thought, how big is his load.

As another shot filled her greedy mouth, Rebecca felt him suddenly pull his hips back. She lurched forward, trying desperately to keep the pulsing rod inside her sucking mouth. He was too quick. She felt his hands grip the sides of her head, tilting her head upward until their eyes locked.

“Show me” he commanded her.

Rebecca opened her mouth, letting him see the white, thick coating on her tongue. The viscous cream filling her mouth.

“Now swallow it Rebecca” She shudder hearing him call her by her name. They were no longer mother and son. Now, they were paired. Her eyes staring into his, she closed her mouth and made a scene of swallowing his hot spunk. Feeling the last drops slide down her throat.

“Eeeeppppp” Rebecca squealed. Feeling Michael’s powerful arms reaching under her. Lifting her to her feet and twirling her around in on motion.

Bent over the sink, she tried to look back and see, as she felt her skirt thrown up over her back. Then, strong fingers grip at the crotch of the lace panties she wore. Her eyes growing wide as she heard the ripping of the cloth as Michael removed them from her.

Michaels now inflamed with lust for this woman before him. Let his body do the speaking for him. As he dropped the shred of her panties on the kitchen floor, he gripped his still rock hard cock in his hand. Aiming the swollen head for the glistening lips between his mother’s thighs.

Rebecca realized in shock what was happening. “He can’t be still hard…I just swallowed his huge load. Even Richard took time to recover.’

“Michael” she gasped. The last word her coherent mind could shape. The next instant she felt ten inches of hard, thick cock literally rammed up her. One stroke..balls deep inside her.

“AAAGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH” she screamed as her eyes rolled back in their sockets. The fire in her belly exploding throughout her entire body.

Michael felt her juices squirt out and splatter to the kitchen floor, as her orgasm tore through her. Not a virgin by a long measure, he had never felt such hunger and need as he did right now.

Heeding the words of his father’s note. He cast aside the romance, passion, and tenderness that so many women seemed to crave. Drawing back, he slammed his cock hard back into the hot tunnel of his mother’s sex.

Rebecca felt her own juices flowing down her thighs as Michael drove into her again and again from behind. Barely over her first orgasm, she felt the tremors of a second one rippling through the walls of her cunt as her body tried to stretch and accommodate his thickness.

Feeling her spasming walls grip his shaft in a hot velvet. Michael increased the tempo even more. His hips slapping against her ass as he used her body. “That’s it baby” his hot voice whispered in her ear. “Do it. Cum on your owners cock.”

“Michaeelllllllllllll” Rebecca screamed, as her entire body tunneled down to the huge cock invading her over and over.

She shuddered as she could feel every pulsing vein along his thick shaft rubbing her walls. Dragging over her throbbing clit.

Rebecca eyes flew open as it suddenly dawned on her. He was bareback in her. His hard cock pounding her mercilessly. Richard had been fixed; she hadn’t taken birth control in years. But..Michael. ‘Oh God’, she thought.

“Michael” she tried to gasp. “I’m not…” Then her mind went blank again as he drove so deep inside her, she felt the head of his thick cock bumping against her cervix. “Fuucckkkkkkkkkkkkkk” was all she could scream.

“What?” Michaels voiced echoed in her ears. “Not protected? I am well aware of that fact Rebecca dear.” His cock slammed even harder into her. His full balls slapping against her soaked lips.

“After all, your owner needs a new heir.” His voiced chuckled obscenely.

“Oh..God…Oh…Michael” Rebecca grunted between deep thrust. Feeling like a freight train was barreling down on her body. Even as she felt the telltale swelling of his ten inches inside her belly.

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