Play Ball!

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Play Ball!

Since it’s that time of year again, baseball season, I recalled an erotic memory… A number of years ago, when our sons were younger, I coached youth baseball. I love baseball and my wife Nora strongly suggested that I coach our boys when they started playing. I had played baseball in high school and college. I was initially hesitant, but once I got involved, it was great. I guess it paid off too as all of my boys went on to play College baseball and were 4 year starters.

At the time, Nora was in her mid-forties. She was an attractive brunette, five foot three inches tall, with an average build and shoulder length dark brown hair. She had a nice ass and had a sexy look.

It was July 2007 and my eleven-year-old travel baseball team was attending a renowned out of state tournament. The tournament was held in a well-known venue in the Southeastern part of the country that has thousands of players, coaches, and parents from all over the world participate every summer. It was an exciting time for the boys and their parents, as well as their coaches. I was especially excited as their head coach. I had been to similar places when I was coaching my older boys, but it was our first time at this place.

These tournaments are set up with each team and their coaches sharing a barracks type dormitory. Everything is provided in a group setting. Food is provided in a cafeteria type setting three times a day for the teams and their coaches. All of this is included in the fee each team pays to attend the tournament. Everyone is free to go off the complex to get food from the local restaurants and fast food places if they want, but in my opinion, part of the experience for the kids is to eat with other teams and players from all over the country.

The baseball complex is huge and has eleven baseball fields spread out across the area. The fields and concession areas are on a large, elevated flat piece of land. The complex also provides room rentals for the parents while they’re attending the tournament.

All the rooms are walking distance to the fields and located around the complex on the lower part, below the fields. The room sizes and amenities all varied based on price. The rooms were all ground level and there were small narrow alley ways between them where the air conditioning units were.

As I was rooming with my son in the dorm, Nora would be spending most of her time in the room alone, kind of like her own little vacation. Nora had rented a room with a King size bed. When she checked in there was a problem and they didn’t have the room! They had a King size suite available and were willing to give her a discount off the actual price but nothing else. She was stuck so she paid it.

The room was enormous, especially for one person. It was a big room that had a full-size kitchen and refrigerator, two king sized beds, a private bath and a Jacuzzi, a large sitting area with two large couches and a widescreen TV. The suites were like individual bungalows, with windows all around the place. For privacy all the windows had blinds.

As head coach I stayed with my team in the dorm but looked forward to dropping by Nora’s room during our week long stay to shower and maybe have a little fun. All of the other coaches stayed with their wives in their rented rooms.

The complex had a bar and pizza parlor walking distance from the dorms and the parents’ rooms. Pizza parties were available for your team anytime. Our parents wanted to be with their kids a lot so we had quite a few of them. It also allowed the parents to have a few drinks and have a little fun after sitting in the sun all day watching baseball. This was nice for the coaches too because we could grab a beer in the evening and discuss strategies for upcoming games. It was pretty cool.

The parents, especially the wives, would start partying right after our games. They would go to the bar and start drinking, even ordering shots before we arrived. They would also order the team’s pizzas so it was ready when we got there. They were really having fun and actually a big help.

After each game, we would get cleaned up at the dorm showers and meet the parents at the pizza place. We would have our usual pizza party and because we usually had games in the morning, the coaches and I would take the team back early. I would stay with the team and the coaches would go with their wives. The bar stayed open pretty late, well past when all the teams were bahis firmaları in bed.

I had made arrangements with one of my coaches to stay with the team one night while I headed down to Nora’s hotel room to shower…and maybe get a quickie. I needed a break from the dormitory showers and I was really horny. The week before the trip was a hectic one. I was pretty busy at work preparing for my week away. As head coach I also had to make sure everything was in order with the team paperwork and equipment. Nora was a huge help. But because we were so busy, we hadn’t had sex. I’m sure she was looking forward to my visit too.

This particular night, I was at the bar with Nora and a few other parents having a drink before we had to go back to the dorms. Most of the parents had been there long before me and were having their usual good time. A few employees of the complex came into the bar and were standing next to Nora. I was on the other end of the bar. They were wearing the familiar tank top that said “staff” across the front and khaki shorts and sneakers.

One guy ordered a drink and started a conversation with Nora. Our group was a very loud friendly group… and very intoxicated, so people were comfortable with talking with us, I had to get the team back up to the dorm and get back to Nora’s room so I started making my rounds of ‘good-byes’. When I got to Nora, I told her I’d see her later. Just before I left she introduced me to the guy next to her. His name was Joe and he seemed very friendly. He was a big well-built guy in his mid-thirties and had a shaved head and a goatee. He had to be about six foot three inches tall and a former college baseball player. The place tended to employee former college players. I said hello and left.

After everyone had gone, Nora was still at the bar with one of the other wives, Laura. They were still having cocktails and enjoying themselves. Most of the staff people had left but Joe was still there.

Around this time, Joe mentioned that he was the head chef in charge of all the food on the complex. As soon as Nora found this out she started complaining harshly to him about the food the kids and the coaches were eating. The food really wasn’t that bad, and you kind of expect it at these places but most of the boys had complained to their parents; hence a lot of pizza parties!

Nora tends to speak her mind a bit too strongly especially when she has few drinks in her and she was drunk now! She gets arrogant and bitchy and demeaning to her target. I had many a fight or two with guys when we first started dating because of this. She had calmed down a lot but tonight she had reverted to her old self. Joe was also pretty drunk at this point and didn’t like Nora’s comments about “his” food at all. They argued back and forth for a while, with Nora demeaning his cooking talents and calling his efforts ‘unacceptable’ and ‘amateurish’. As Nora was really hammered now, Laura intervened and said it was time to leave.

Nora was getting ready to pay the tab and searching for her wallet in her bag. These moms carry enormous bags at these tournaments and Nora’s bag was no different. She was taking items out and placing them on the bar as she searched for her wallet. She placed her room key on the bar in her search. Joe saw this and grabbed it without Nora seeing him. She finally found her wallet, paid her bill, and was on her way.

Nora’s room was about a quarter of a mile away. Laura’s room was on the opposite side of the complex about the same distance. They both hit the ladies’ room first, and then went their separate ways.

It being summer, Nora was wearing a light pink multi colored sundress that came to about 4 inches above her knees and pink flip flops. Underneath, she wore a pink bra and light weight pink panties. Earlier in the evening, she had tied up her hair to get it off her neck. It was extremely humid all that day and the evening was even worse. It was stifling.

As she headed down the dirt road towards her room carry she stumbled but managed to steady herself from falling. She looked as if she was walking on an ice rink with slow deliberate steps.

At about this time, Joe left the bar and headed down the same road as Nora. The employees worked the entire summer at the complex and were given rooms behind the suites. As Joe headed back to his room he spotted her walking in front of him.

Nora’s suite was the first one at the bottom of the hill on the right. Behind kaçak iddaa it were the employees’ rooms. When she got there, she went into her bag but there was no key. Being intoxicated she was at first confused and then just started banging on the door.

As Joe appeared he asked Nora “Hey Nora is everything ok? Can I help you”? Nora slurred back to him, “Oh look who it is. I can’t find my fucking key” and leaned against the door. Joe went over to the door and said, “Let me give it a try”.

Joe moved Nora away from the door, and with his back to her, took her key out of his shorts without her seeing. She was totally out of it now anyway and swaying. She slumped against Joe’s back and leaned on him as not to fall.

Joe opened the door, grabbed her around the waist with his left arm and slid her into the room. In one swift motion, the young man lifted Nora up to kiss her. In her confused state she obliged and they began tongue kissing, Joe still holding her off the ground. He was nearly a foot taller than her and much, much stronger.

As the cool air-conditioned air of the suite hit her in the face, she regained a little composure and realized what was happening… She tried to push away from him. Joe held Nora around the waist with his left arm, her bare feet dangling as her flip flops had fallen off. His right hand was quickly under her sundress and inside her pink panties.

Nora gasped as Joe’s right hand went to work on her pussy. He knew exactly how to rub her clit and his strong right hand was furiously manipulating her now swollen nub. She tried to mumble something, but just kept moaning louder.

Her juices were flowing now and dripping down the inside of her thighs. She was moaning and squealing loudly and lost all ability to fight Joe off. He again kissed her and she didn’t pull away this time. Nora sucked his tongue as Joe continued to knead and massage her dripping clit.

Joe glanced in front of him and saw the back of one of the couches in the main room of the suite. He continued rubbing Nora’s swollen clit and headed for the couch. Still kissing her, he pushed Nora over the back of couch, her legs dangling, partially exposing her drenched, now dark pink panties! She was delirious and still whimpering from Joe’s hand. She had no time to recover…

In one quick move, Joe pushed Nora’s sundress up and over her back and with both hands pulled down her soaking panties. Nora’s clean shaven dripping pussy was now fully exposed to Joe.

Joe said, “I knew you just needed to get fucked” … then he buried his face in Nora’s slit and licked and slurped her pussy and asshole with equal ferocity! The hair of his goatee chafing the lips of her pussy. Moving his head violently with each slurp and digging the tip of his tongue into her asshole, Joe began removing his shorts and underwear. All Nora could do was moan and squeal. Her ass was quivering with each of Joe’s slurps.

Nora held on to the front pillows of the couch with both hands tightly and shook her head furiously. The scrunchie that she had tied her hair up with earlier went flying across the room and her thick brown hair flew about wildly. Mumbling and drooling now, she was entirely at the mercy of Joe’s slithering tongue!

I was just getting to the door of Nora’s room. I had fucked up. I had been delayed over forty five minutes because I got into a long dumb conversation with an out of state coach near the dorms. I didn’t have a key and was about to knock when I realized Nora might be sleeping. In the shape she was in, if Nora was sleeping, I really didn’t want to wake her up and hear her shit. She would’ve busted my balls about it for the rest of the week. I would try again tomorrow night.

As I walked around the suite heading back up the hill to the dorm I heard something from inside. I moved around the building peering in the windows but couldn’t see anything; all the blinds were closed. I walked in back of the unit and was now behind Nora’s suite in the narrow alley where the AC units were. The back-window’s blinds were up so I looked in…

That’s when I saw Nora…I was looking directly at her face from about ten feet away. The window I was looking through was facing the front of the couch there was a standing lamp illuminating the whole area. I could see everything.

Her head was tilted to the right and her eyes were glassy. Her hair was no longer tied back and was disheveled. Her mouth was open and her bottom lip was trembling. kaçak bahis She seemed to be squealing and although the AC unit was on and the windows closed, I was close enough now to hear her. She was holding on to the couch for dear life!

Joe was still eating Nora from behind and I didn’t see him yet. Then he stood up and at the same time Nora’s face changed! Her eyes widened and she squealed louder and pushed her face into the couch. Despite the closed windows, I heard her yelling out, “Oh no. Oh no. Oh God! Oh my God!”

Joe had slid his cock into Nora’s wet pussy and was pounding her from behind. With each of his thrusts, Nora and the couch bounced! Nora’s moaning continued. He must’ve had a massive cock by Nora’s expression.

Joe pulled out and grabbed Nora off the couch. Still holding her with his left hand he pulled her sundress over her head with his right hand and threw it to the floor. He then tore her pink bra off. She was now completely naked in his arms. From where I was standing I could see Nora’s long swollen nipples.

Still holding her, he removed his tank top to reveal his well-built chest. He too was now naked. I could now see his huge cock was still hard and looked monstrous because of its girth.

Seeing her swollen nipples, his mouth locked onto first her left one, then her right. He kissed Nora again, spun her around and lifted her onto his raging cock! She squealed repeatedly as he lifted her up and down on his big cock like a Barbie doll. Her arms and legs dangling with each thrust. Joe’s arms criss crossed Nora’s chest, each one his hands gripping her bouncing breasts! I had a front row seat as I watched my wife, facing me, being repeatedly impaled. Despite my initial reaction, my dick was as hard as granite!

Her pussy was squirting juices everywhere now. I had never seen Nora squirt before. I was so full of emotions; anger, fear, excitement… my cock was so hard in my pants that it hurt! As distraught as I felt, I didn’t want the show to end.

Joe pulled out and moved Nora back to the couch. He again threw her over the back of the couch exposing her beautiful ass. Again, her legs dangled over the back… I saw Joe first glance at then grab the jar of petroleum jelly that was on the counter. Nora used that to rub on her heels and keep her feet soft. I knew what was going to happen next…

Nora, although still drunk, looked around the room. She saw Joe coming back slathering the petroleum jelly on his cock as he approached her. He had a childish excited expression on his face. He bent down and gave her pussy and asshole a good lick then proceeded to assfuck her. She yelped as he entered her! Joe said, “I hope my cock is acceptable in your tight ass Nora. And by the way I’m no amateur”! He laughed and groaned as he began pounding her tight asshole.

I had never seen this look on Nora’s face before. It was a strange look of both embarrassment, pleasure and complete surrender. Her expression was continually changing from pain to pleasure. Joe had his right hand under her, rubbing her clit with each thrust of his cock.

Joe pulled out of Nora’s ass and grabbed her forcefully. He brought her around to the front of the couch and sat her on it. He moved toward her, cock in hand, and grabbed the hair on the back of her head. He slapped her right, then her left cheek with his large cock. Nora moaned, her eyes staring at the bulbous head. Joe rubbed it across Nora’s lips and she took the head of his cock into her mouth. Her initial resistance subsided and she sucked greedily on Joe’s nine inches. She rolled her tongue over the large head.

Joe was grunting louder and louder as Nora sucked his cock. Suddenly he pulled back, grabbed his cock and exploded his load across Nora’s face and chest. His hips thrusting and stopping as his hot cum sprayed her. As he did, he let out a loud roar!

As Joe dressed, he picked up Nora’s soaked panties, sniffed them, and put them in his back pocket as a souvenir. He turned to Nora with a smile and said, “I hope we straightened out our different opinions on the food served here now. I also hope my “cooking” tonight was acceptable to you. I can see from the puddle you left though that you enjoyed it. I’ll be paying you a visit again in a few days to return your panties and to continue where we left off. You can refuse when I get here, but I don’t think you will”.

Nora at first smirked, her face turning a bright red, even in the darkened room. But as Joe walked out the door, her eyes widened with anticipation, her pussy tingled, and she smiled.

That was going to be a tough act to follow…

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