Perfect Harmony

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“Taxi! Taxi!”

Sabrina Kelley waved her hand furiously as the icy Manhattan wind whipped through and around her bones.

The New York skyline was rapidly approaching dusk and the evening forecast predicted a heavy round of snowfall in just a matter of hours. Though there was no one there to greet her or make her feel at home, Sabrina desperately wanted to make it back to her hotel room before the bad weather began.

Despite wearing a well-tailored, gray wool coat, cinched tightly at the waist, with a full business suit underneath, Sabrina trembled at the cold frost surrounding her. Bitter gusts of wind blew her shoulder-length reddish-brown hair, the color of cinnamon, around her smooth, light brown skin.

“Thank goodness,” she sighed as a taxicab artfully maneuvered its way to the curb directly in front of her. As she stepped in and closed the door, she heard a feminine voice shout from the sidewalk.


Sabrina, now settled in the cab, looked out the window to see a stunning chocolate beauty racing toward her. The raven-haired woman had delicate features, luminous cocoa-brown skin and long, dark braids that were pinned behind her ears but left to flow freely down her back. She was dressed in a dazzling, black sable fur coat with matching gloves and hat. Elegant gold jewelry dangled from the woman’s ears, neck and wrists. The woman stopped and stood shivering outside the taxi window.

“Please? It’s cold out. Can we share?” The tall, dark, slender woman had a pleading look on her face.

The cab driver looked at Sabrina through the rear-view mirror. “Yes?” he said, his accent thick and heavy.

Sharing a cab with such a beautiful woman? “Sure.” Sabrina motioned the woman in. She slid over on the seat as the woman opened the door. As she stepped in, Sabrina was immediately greeted with the tantalizing scent of vanilla.

“Ladies?” the driver asked. “Where are you going?”

“Columbus Circle,” they said in unison. Surprised, the women turned and looked at each other.

“Really?” Sabrina asked. “What a coincidence.”

The woman smiled. “Looks like today’s my lucky day.”

Sabrina blushed and turned back to her window.

As the driver sped off, the neon lights of New York City sped by in the sparkling glass of the car windows. Not wanting to be caught staring at the beautiful woman next to her, Sabrina focused her attention on the view outside her window. However, she was unable to ignore the heated presence right beside her.

After a few moments, Sabrina couldn’t help herself. She secretly eyed her new companion. Sabrina smiled when she realized she was immediately taken with the woman’s natural beauty. Sabrina thought that her smooth, milk chocolate skin looked simply delicious.

As she snuck another peek at the lovely woman, Sabrina ever so slightly wrinkled her nose at the woman’s fur coat and accessories.

The woman seemed to read her mind. “It’s faux fur, honey,” she smiled. “Don’t worry. I love animals too. It’s just that it’s freezing out and I needed something warmer than an ordinary, old coat.”

Sabrina flushed scarlet and turned back toward the window. She wrung her hands in her lap, completely embarrassed by her elitist attitude.

After a few moments, the woman spoke. “So…what’s at Columbus Circle?”

“My hotel,” Sabrina sighed as she thought of her empty room. “It’s right in the area,” she said sadly.

The woman lifted an eyebrow.

“Wait. It’s not that bad,” Sabrina corrected. “It’s just that I’m new in town. Well, I’m not here permanently yet. I’m just visiting. But I don’t know anybody here. I haven’t made any friends yet.” Damn, Sabrina chided herself. I’m babbling, she thought. I sound so pathetic.

“So what about you?” Sabrina asked, changing the subject.

“I’m a music writer,” the woman said smoothly. “I’m heading to a jazz concert to review a performance.” She took off one of her gloves and smiled. “I’m sorry. Where are my manners? I’m Kai. Kai Roman.”

“I’m Sabrina Kelley.” She gently shook Kai’s hand, which was remarkably soft and warm, given the frigid temperature. Sabrina trembled at the warmth radiating from their touch.

“How about this?” Kai asked. “Since you were so nice in sharing your cab, why don’t you let me treat you to a fun night out? I just happen to have an extra ticket to the concert, so please join me.”

Sabrina hesitated. Was Kai just being nice or –? No. She’s just being polite. “I couldn’t,” Sabrina answered. “I mean, we hardly know each other,” she said weakly.

Kai was persistent. “Well, how about this? Why don’t we grab a quick cup of coffee at a café up the block? If we don’t hit it off, you can go back to your hotel. But if we do, then you’re mine for the evening. How’s that sound?”

Kai gave Sabrina a saucy wink.

Then Sabrina looked up and saw the driver staring at her in the rear-view mirror. He winked at her too.

Sabrina grinned, outnumbered. “Sure,” she said. “Why not?”


“So what brings you to New York?” Kai asked.

The two women casino şirketleri sat across from each other, nestled comfortably out of the cold and into a small booth in the Stone Rose Lounge, located in the Time Warner Building right across from Columbus Circle. Kai ordered a cappuccino while Sabrina enjoyed a large mug of rich, hot chocolate.

As Sabrina sipped her cocoa, she suddenly wondered if Kai’s chocolatey skin tasted as rich and warm. Sabrina blushed and shook her head to clear the image out of her mind. Who’s to say that Kai’s even interested like that?

“I’m here for a job interview,” Sabrina answered. “Actually, I finished the last round of interviews just before I went outside to hail that cab.”

“What kind of job is it?”

Sabrina hesitated, but for some reason she decided to be honest with the woman who’d turned her world upside down in just a matter of moments. “It’s a job with the New York office of the Democratic National Committee. It’s for a fundraising assistant position.”

“Wow. The DNC. I’m impressed,” Kai said. “In fact, I think I’ll call you Ms. Moneybags,” she laughed. “No, wait. I’ll call you Ms. Do-Right. For being so cute and kind and compassionate.”

Sabrina giggled. “Yeah, that sounds about right.”

“So how do you think you did?” Kai asked.

“Pretty well, I think. I’m a bit nervous though. But they said they’d call if there was room for me,” Sabrina shrugged.

Kai shook her head as she took another sip of her cappuccino. “Well, they’d be crazy not to have you on their team. You just shared your cab with me, a total stranger. That makes you compassionate. That’s an important trait to have. Means you won’t leave a poor girl out in the cold,” Kai teased.

Sabrina laughed. “I’m a real ambassador for goodwill, huh?”

“I think so,” Kai whispered.

Sabrina tingled at Kai’s soft voice. She had to change the subject again.

“So…who’s in concert tonight? And where is it?”

Kai leaned back in the booth, getting more comfortable. “We’re going to the Rose Theatre at the Frederick P. Rose Hall.”

Sabrina had a blank look on her face.

“Are you familiar with Lincoln Center?” Kai asked.

Sabrina frowned. “Barely. I saw it in the guidebook, but I haven’t been.”

“Well,” Kai began, “Lincoln Center is where the New York Philharmonic performs. And it’s where the Metropolitan Opera House and the New York City Ballet perform as well. But Lincoln Center also has a jazz outfit in the Rose Hall, which is located in the building we’re in right now.”

Kai sipped her drink before continuing. “Tonight’s performance is a jazz concert featuring the Kings of the Crescent City. It’s a tribute to the music of Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton, Joe “King” Oliver and Sidney Bechet. It’s a really great focus on the jazz music of New Orleans. I think it should be fun and pretty educational at the same time. And I think you’ll have a great time.”

“Oh. So I’m definitely going, huh?” Sabrina asked.

“Well…we’re getting along great, no?” Kai looked Sabrina directly in the eye.

Sabrina looked down. “Yes. I guess so.”

Kai motioned for the waiter. Sabrina sat there nervously fidgeting with her hands while Kai settled the bill.

“Ok. We’re all set,” Kai said as she grabbed her handbag. “Are you ready for the night of your life?”

Sabrina relaxed a bit at Kai’s enthusiasm and smiled. “Sure. Let’s go.”


As the women walked inside Rose Hall, Sabrina was struck at how beautiful the building actually was. The entire front of the structure was glassed in and Sabrina was awed at the nighttime view of the city.

Several patrons were gathered in the lobby, talking and laughing animatedly. Walking past them, Kai gave Sabrina a quick tour of the place. She showed Sabrina the various classrooms and meeting rooms, and finished with a peek inside the gorgeous glass-enclosed Atrium.

Afterward, Kai led them to the coat check and she gently helped Sabrina out of her overcoat.

“That’s a nice suit,” Kai commented.

“Thanks,” Sabrina replied, smoothing her skirt down.

Kai then removed her coat. Sabrina was taken with at Kai’s gorgeous clothes and beautiful figure. We were just in the restaurant, Sabrina thought. How did I miss that?

Kai wore a stunning, sleeveless black cocktail dress, embroidered with a silvery, metallic thread. The dress fell just to her mid-thigh, with a slight flare at the hem. Sabrina loved how the garment perfectly showcased Kai’s toned arms and legs.

Sabrina sharply drew in a breath, then licked her lips at Kai’s luscious, chocolate skin.

“Are you ok?” Kai said, as she handed her coat to the young lady at the counter.

“Sure. I’m fine. Pretty dress.”

“Thanks. Though I’m more of a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl,” Kai winked.

Sabrina laughed. “Me too.”

“Ahhh. One more thing we have in common.”

Sabrina reflected on their conversation on the way to the theatre. They were pleased to discover that they had similar tastes in music, TV and movies. “I casino firmaları guess so,” Sabrina remarked.

“So,” Kai held out her hand to Sabrina. “Shall we take our seats?”

Again, Sabrina was warmed at their heated touch as they grasped hands.

After handing their tickets to the usher, he led the ladies into the theatre and down to the front row.

“Wow. Great seats,” Sabrina whispered.

“Nothing but the best for my Ms. Do-Right.”

Sabrina beamed as they took their seats. Once comfortable, she then noticed the scene in front of her. The band equipment had been carefully arranged toward the front of the stage. Sabrina was awed by all of the different instruments.

Kai leaned over and whispered in Sabrina’s ear which instrument was which and how they all fit together to create the melodic jazz sound she loved so much. She also gave Sabrina a quick primer on jazz culture and how important it was to the African American culture. She also explained how jazz influenced the world’s culture as well.

“I’m so impressed by your musical acumen,” Sabrina whispered back.

Kai spoke ever so softly into Sabrina’s ear. “Well, I’m so impressed by you.”

As the lights dimmed, Sabrina felt a fiery heat race through her. As she tried to compose herself by settling back into her seat and focusing on the performance that was about to begin, Sabrina glanced at Kai’s milk chocolate thighs right next to her. Sabrina suddenly felt a delicious tingling deep between her legs.

Sabrina sighed softly.

This was going to be a long performance.


As the performance neared its intermission, Sabrina was still worked up from sitting so close to Kai. Though the music was melodic and Sabrina found herself swaying to the beat, she still couldn’t ignore the passion that had been rising inside of her.

Finally, the music hit a dramatic crescendo, then ended with an exciting finish. The master of ceremonies announced a brief intermission and the lights came up.

Once the curtains closed, Sabrina stretched her legs, still trying to keep her passions under control.

“Need to walk around for a moment?” Kai asked.

Sabrina nodded.

“Let’s go out to the lobby.” Kai held out her hand and helped Sabrina up.

The two women walked out to the beautifully decorated lobby. Since they checked their coats earlier, Sabrina got a chance to take another look at Kai’s stunning figure.

Kai’s black minidress continued to capture Sabrina’s attention. Though Sabrina wondered why Kai would wear such a short dress in this kind of weather, she couldn’t take her eyes off Kai’s legs in the beautiful dress.

Without warning, Kai bent down to adjust one of her shoes. When she did, Sabrina gasped at the sight of Kai’s perfectly rounded ass.

“I’m going to call you Ms. Jelly Roll,” Sabrina blurted out.

“Ms. Jelly Roll?”

“Yeah. It must be jelly ‘cuz jam don’t shake like that!” Sabrina blushed at her corny joke.

Kai tilted her head back and roared with laughter. “You’re cute, compassionate, kind and funny. I love that!” She grabbed Sabrina’s hand as the patrons began to file back into the theatre. “Come on. Let’s go back in.”

Sabrina gripped Kai’s hand tightly, wishing she never had to let go.


“That was wonderful, Kai!” Sabrina beamed as they walked arm-in-arm out of the theatre. “I can’t say that I know very much about jazz, but that was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen!”

“I’m glad you liked it. I enjoyed it too. I’m going to write a great review about it for the paper.”

Sabrina decided to take a small chance. “Well…what about me? What kind of review do I get?”

“Five stars, honey! Top of the line!”

Sabrina blushed yet again. She seemed to be doing a lot of that since she met Kai.

As the women walked toward the glass exit doors, both were surprised at the snowfall that had already taken place. Though there was only a light dusting of snow on the ground, the hundreds of snowflakes that swirled in the sky hinted at an even heavier snowfall to come.

“It’s pretty bad out there,” Sabrina warned. “My hotel’s around the corner, so I’m ok, but what about you? Do you have far to go to get home?”

“Well, I live in New Jersey, but I have a place in the Village. It’s not that far by taxi.”

Sabrina hesitated, but only for a moment. “Well, the weather’s only going to get worse, so like I said, my hotel’s right back there.” She pointed toward the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, which was just behind the Time Warner Building. “Why don’t you just stay with me tonight?”

Suddenly bashful, Sabrina lowered her eyes, wondering if she’d been misreading the lovely woman all night and whether she might be rebuffed.

Kai thought for a moment. “Hmmm. I’d love to. But I don’t have anything with me for an overnight stay.”

Sabrina sighed. “Well, that’s ok. My hotel room’s a mess anyway. I was just–”

“No. I mean, how ’bout we do this? You give me your room number and I’ll meet you there in twenty minutes. You can straighten güvenilir casino up while I run to the drug store for a few things. Is that ok?”

“Sounds great,” Sabrina beamed. “Like I said, I’m at the Mandarin. Room 309.”

“I’ll see you soon.” Kai reached for Sabrina’s hand again and squeezed it gently.

They locked eyes and, despite the cold weather, Sabrina was as hot as she’d ever been.


Sabrina raced back to her suite and straightened everything up in record time. A few minutes later, as she took off her business suit, she decided to freshen up a bit. After a quick shower, she slipped on her favorite set of silk pajamas. The soft, royal blue material looked and felt heavenly against her creamy brown skin.

She lay out on the bed, simultaneously watching TV and watching the clock. After about thirty minutes, her nerves began to get the best of her. Maybe I moved too fast, she wondered. Maybe she changed her mind?

She lounged on the bed, flipping past various channels but not really watching the screen. She looked at the clock again and realized another fifteen minutes had passed. She glanced around the empty room and a twinge of loneliness gripped at her heart. Kai’s presence had been so strong, that Sabrina couldn’t bear not seeing the lovely woman again.

Finally, at the fifty-five minute mark, Sabrina heard a knock at the door. She hopped off the bed and jogged to the door. As she opened it, she was stunned at the sight.

“Hi.” Kai stood there shivering, holding a cardboard tray filled with four large Starbucks coffee cups. A neatly dressed male bellhop stood behind her, holding what looked to be four large grocery bags, all bulging at the seams.

“Let me help you guys,” Sabrina said as she quickly grabbed two of the bags from the young gentleman. They all set the items on the dining room table.

“Thanks,” Kai said, out of breath, as she tipped the bellhop and let him out.

“So what’s with all the stuff? Was there a sale or something?” Sabrina joked, as the women settled into the toasty warm suite.

Kai laughed as she reached into one of the bags. She pulled out a bag of potato chips and handed it to Sabrina. “No. I’m just a shopaholic. First I went to the drugstore to pick up a few toiletries. You know how we all have those particular products we just can’t live without?”

Sabrina nodded.

Kai continued. “Then I went back to the Time Warner Building to one of my favorite clothing stores to get something to wear to bed. Then I went back to the drugstore pick up some munchies for us to eat, some playing cards and a few other games.”

Kai then rifled through one of the other bags, pulled out two plastic containers of piping hot food and set them on the table. “Then I stopped to get us some Chinese takeout. Then I went to the bodega get us something to drink. Then, because it was cold, I went to Starbucks to get us something warm to drink. Now I’m here,” Kai sighed, almost out of breath again.

“Wow. Are you trying to spoil me?” Sabrina teased as she opened her bag of chips.

“Maybe,” Kai winked. “Is it working?”

“Mmmmm,” Sabrina said as she snacked on the chips. “These are my favorites. Thanks!” She looked at the plastic containers, steam rising from the sides. “So what kind of food did you bring?”

“Are you hungry?”

“Yes, I’m starving.”

“Well, I got us some Chinese noodles mixed with chicken and vegetables. I wasn’t sure what you liked, so I got us something safe.”

“Yummy! Thank you so much,” Sabrina smiled as she took one of the containers.

“My pleasure. Now, like I said, I have some games. Let’s eat first and then play something.”


“Like, I’ve got a deck of cards. Let’s play Tunk.”

“Ohhhh,” Sabrina said. “You want an ass whooping, huh?”

“Feisty ass,” Kai laughed as she passed Sabrina a plastic knife and fork. “I’m gonna have to tame that.”

Sabrina winked, suddenly bolder than before. “Try me.”


Over an hour later, Sabrina had beaten Kai four games to zip. She also crushed Kai in three games of Spades.

“Had enough?” Sabrina said as she shuffled the cards again.


“If you’ve had enough, say Uncle.”

Kai laughed. “Ok, Sabrina, damn! Uncle. Aunt. Whatever. I quit.”

Sabrina giggled as she placed the cards back on the table. She sat back in her chair and casually glanced out the window. She was surprised to see the snow falling onto the New York City streets. She was so comfortable with Kai that she’d completely forgotten about the heavy snow forecast from earlier.

Kai followed her glance and admired the delicate snowflakes cascading to the ground.

“Beautiful, huh?” Sabrina remarked.

Kai looked directly at Sabrina. “Simply gorgeous.”

Sabrina cleared her throat. Heat was rising in her way too fast. “So now what?”

“First, I need to get out of these clothes and into something more comfortable.” Kai rose from the table. “I need to take a quick shower first.” She grabbed one of the bags and headed toward the bathroom. “I’ll be right back.”

Filled with nervous energy, Sabrina cleared away the containers and arranged the remaining grocery bags neatly underneath the table. She then sat back down, waiting on Kai to finish.

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