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I was moving in with my brother and his family for six months. The company I worked for was opening a new office near where my brother lived. He only lived a short drive out in the country from where I would be working. When he found out that I would be living in town for six months he offered to have me stay with them. This presented me an opportunity I had been looking for a long time.

Tom, Jan, and daughter Jill lived out in the country in a big old farmhouse that had been renovated. There wasn’t any question of there being enough room for me. The house was two stories with the second floor opening at ground level on the front and the lower floor opening ground level on the back.

I had the lower floor mostly to myself. The only room other than my bedroom and bath was the big playroom. The playroom wasn’t used that often so I was basically alone down there.

Since my company was paying for my room I was happy to help Tom and them out with my share of expenses.

Tom was a year older than me, which made him thirty-eight. Jan was my age and Jill had just turned eighteen. I hadn’t seen Jill for at least two years. I remember she had showed a lot of promise of being nearly as beautiful as her mother. I thought Jan was the second most beautiful girl I had ever known other than Linda, my wife.

Actually she was soon to be my ex-wife. The divorce papers should follow me by mail within a week.

Linda was beautiful. Everybody thought so, even her. I thought she had the most perfectly shaped breasts I had ever seen. I think it was her tits that I proposed to in the first place. We had been married ten years when I found out that several other men thought they were perfect also.

She swore that she had only been unfaithful that one time. I agreed to take her back. It wasn’t long before she was back to her old tricks. I came home early one day and she was in bed with the black pool boy. I watched long enough to know that this sure wasn’t her first time with him.

Taking my shotgun from the closet I pushed open the bedroom door just as he was unloading a load of cum in my wife. One look at the shot gun and he went out the window as naked as the day he was born. Cum was shooting from his dick as he cleared the windowsill.

I turned to Linda who was trying to hide in a corner. I think she thought I was going to kill her. Hell, I had not even loaded the gun. “Pack and get the hell out. If you hurry you can catch your fucking lover. Don’t ever come back. Let me know were to ship your clothes and I will ship them to you.”

That was the last time I saw her. I had only talked to her once when she called to tell where to ship her stuff. That conversation ended in a shouting match. At least she agreed to the divorce and it would soon be final.

It was about lunch when I got to their home. Tom was at work and Jill was at school. She was attending the local Jr. College for the first couple of years. I didn’t know that it was punishment for her until later.

Jan helped me move my stuff in. At thirty-eight she was still a beautiful woman. Nothing about her sagged. Her body looked just as firm as she had when she and Tom married. I had never cheated on Linda but that had not stopped me from looking at other women. Jan was one I enjoyed looking at.

I spent the afternoon straighten up the bedroom. I got my computer hooked up, as I would be doing a lot of work at home for the first couple of months. I would only go to the job site a few times a week. Also it was my nightly companion now that Linda was no longer in the picture. I had a selected group of porno sites that I visited quite regularly.

Working around Jan all afternoon caused me to renew thoughts I have had about my sister-in-law for a long time. She wore a pair of loose-legged shorts and a pull over top. She wore a bra under it but her breasts were high and round. I thought about how it would be to get a taste of them on my tongue. I had to stop the way I was thinking. My erection was about to show.

Jan and I were in the kitchen when Jill came home from school. She came through the kitchen door with a sullen look on her face. She had really changed in the two years since I had last seen her. She was as well developed as her mother. Her tits were just as high and firm. It was easy to tell since a lot of them were hanging out of the top she had on.

The top was skintight and only the nipples were hidden. Her skirt didn’t cover her ass. If she bent over at all someone was going to get an eye full. Her legs that were uncovered were long and shapely. In other words she was one sexy bundle of teenager.

That was where the good parts stopped. She had a sullen look on her face and her greeting was anything but warm to me. She didn’t even bother to speak to her mother before she was out of the room and slamming the door to her bedroom behind her.

Jan spoke, “Sorry about that Frank.”

“What is going on with her? I know we haven’t been all that close while she was growing kartal escort bayan up but if I am causing a problem by being here I can move to another apartment.”

“It’s not you. She has been this way for nearly two years. I think she is on drugs even though I have never found any. Tom caught her in the back seat of the car with her boyfriend doing you know what. Tom nearly killed the boy and grounded her for life. He even made her go to the Jr. College her in town before he would let her go away to college.”

“She does everything she can do to make us mad. Tom is just about to climb the walls. You saw the way she was dressed. If you think that is bad you should see some of the other stuff. She just may decide to walk in here naked with you and Tom in the room. The girl has no shame.”

“If she is looking for trouble she want have much trouble finding it with a body like that. She reminds me of you at that age. If I remember right you managed to show a lot of cleavage back then.”

Her face turned red. “Shame on you for bringing that up. That was years ago. I am an old married woman now.”

“An old married woman that can still turn a lot of heads walking down the street. I bet that is why Tom moved out here in the country to keep the men from knocking down your door while he was at work.”

She was blushing but I could see a new lift to her body. What woman doesn’t like to be told she is attractive? “Frank, you are full of it.”

I went down stairs to clean up before Tom got home. I had on my boxers and was just putting on my pants when the door opened. Jill came walking into the room. “Don’t you know how to knock?”

The sullen look was gone from her face now that her mother wasn’t around. She still had on the same top and dress she wore to school. I didn’t know you could dress like that in College. “I know how to knock. I just wanted to see if you were naked in here.”

“If you had been a minute quicker I would have been.” I was pulling my shirt over my head.

“Next time I will have to be quicker.”

“Next time I will have to lock the door.” She came on in the room and pushed the door closed behind her. “You might want to open that door. Your mother might not like the idea of you in my bedroom with the door shut.”

She had moved closer to me as I talked until she was standing within an arms length from me. It was hard not to look down at the twin mounds so excellently displayed. She caught me looking. I am sure that she had this happen every day and wasn’t bothered by it at all.

“Like what you see?”

She was trying to shock me and I wasn’t going to fall for that. “Sure, very nice. I bet more than one guy had a good look at them today. You are kind of proud of them aren’t you?”

I could tell that this set her back. Adults had dared not mention her breasts being exposed before. I decided to push it even farther. She might run tell her father or mother but I felt I was on pretty safe ground. “Pull the top off and let me see all of them.”

“What!” She backed up a little.

I took a step forward. “Let me see them. They are almost out in the open now anyway. It has been a long time since I saw teenage tits.” I reached out and let my hand fall across her tits. At my touch she jumped back.

“What are you doing?”

“You walk in the room with your tits hanging out and your dress doesn’t even cover your ass and you tell me you want to see me naked. Well, I want to see your tits uncovered. Here I will strip off my pants and shirt and let you see me naked and you do the same thing.”

I reached for my shirt and pulled it off before reaching for my pants. I don’t know if I would have done it or not but she did what I thought she would do; she ran from the room. I laughed. I don’t think she will be walking around the house naked for a while. The girl had problem and good looks wasn’t one of them. I found myself imagining what she would have looked like naked.

Dinner had been ready a long time before Tom got home. Jan I had been talking and Jill was still in her room. I had seen Jan glance at the clock several times. “Does Tom have to work this late much?”

“He didn’t always work like this. I think it has more to do with Jill than work. You can never tell what she is going to do and I think Tom is staying away as long as he can so he doesn’t have to confront her. It is usually one argument after another when they are together.”

“Looks like you are the one that is caught in the middle.”

“Mostly she just ignores me. Tom is doing that more often than not.”

“He must be a fool to ignore you.” I could see the hurt in her eyes. “If you like I’ll be glad to not ignore you.” I was laughing and she took it as a joke which was the way I meant it when I said it but as soon as the words were out of my mouth I knew that it was more truth than I intended.”

“At least it is good to have a man in the house with a sense of humor. Tom hasn’t laughed in a long time. I escort maltepe am about ready to put Jill out of the house myself.”

Tom finally showed up. We set down to dinner. Jan walked to the door and called Jill to come eat. She didn’t answer and didn’t come. I could see Tom getting mad and I didn’t want to be in the middle of a family fight. “Why don’t I go get her, she probably didn’t hear you.” I was up and off before they could protest.

Jill’s room was on the other end of the house away from all the others. At her door I stopped and considered knocking but decided that wasn’t going to work. I turned the knob and the door opened. I walked in and shut the door behind me.

The door shutting attracted Jill’s attention. She was setting at her computer down loading music to her I pod. The most interesting point was she didn’t have on anything but her panties.

“Dam Uncle Frank, don’t you know how to knock.” She was scrambling around trying to find a top to slip on.

“I thought you and I didn’t have to knock when we went into each others rooms. I seem to remember that you came barging into mine earlier today. Anyway your tits do look nice. Let me feel them.”

“No! Get out of my room or I will tell daddy.”

“He wouldn’t believe you anyway. From what your mother tells me you haven’t been the most respectful daughter lately. We are going to have a lot of fun while I am here. I might even suck on your tits for you if you behave yourself.”

She had the top on and her face was red. I knew she had never been talked to like that before. “Now that you are dressed come on down and eat with us.”

“I don’t want anything to eat.”

“Come on anyway. I might just feel you up under the table while we eat. I bet you would like that.” I pushed her out the door ahead of me. Tom and Jan were surprised when she came in with me.

“She was downloading music and didn’t hear you call.” Every one at the table knew I was lying but the four of us were eating together.

What conversation there was, was between Jan and me. Tom would chime in once in a while but mostly he eat and didn’t look at Jill at all. I don’t know why, she was very nice to look at. The top covered her tits a lot better than the one she wore to school and the shorts left her tan legs bare but they covered more than the dress she had on earlier.

I could tell that Jan was embarrassed by the way Tom was acting. I don’t know just what made me do it but I slipped off my shoes and reached over to where Jan was on my right. I touched her leg just above her ankle. She jumped slightly and a look of surprised came over her face a second before she recovered and moved away from me. I was talking to Tom and acted like I didn’t know what was going on.

I was enjoying this. The other shoe came off and I did the same thing to Jill. She didn’t jump like her mother so I guess she was expecting something from what I had said earlier.

She didn’t pull away until my foot was above her knee. She had not closed her legs until I got to that point. Her face was red and she was trying to act like it was old business for her to be touched at the dinner table. She had to move. She got up to get a glass of tea. I put my foot back on the floor. I was really enjoying this.

When Jill set back down I moved my foot over towards her. I couldn’t feel her legs and I look at her and she was grinning. Her feet were on the opposite side of her chair from me. She was really beautiful when she smiled.

Dinner was finished and Jill went back to her room. Jan cleaned off the table and put the dishes in the sink. “I’ll wash them later.” She set back down with Tom and Me. The conversation was much better with Jill back in her room.

Tom and I had always been close as we grew up. They asked about my job. All the little small talk people do when they haven’t seen each other in a long time. I just had to see what Jan would do if I touched her leg again.

I slid my foot across and touched her leg again. I could feel her tense up but she didn’t bolt and run. As we talked I worked my leg up to her knees and back time after time. I would have tried to go higher but I would have fallen out of my chair. Jan never let on that I was flirting with her.

It was late and Tom had to work the next day. He went on to bed while I stayed to help Jan with the dishes. “Frank, you don’t have to do this.”

“I know but I want to help. I don’t want to be a burden while I am here.” I knew she was a little nervous about me touching her before, and now that Tom was gone what I might try now. I wasn’t going to let her off easy.

I washed and she dried. She knew where everything went. She had been quite until we were about through. “What was that you were doing at the table?”

I grinned; you looked like you weren’t having much fun. I was just teasing you.”


“You are such a sexy woman that I hated to see you so unhappy. Did my foot make you happy?”

“Frank, you pendik escort must be crazy. Tom would shoot you if he knew you were flirting with me.”

“You had fun though, didn’t you?”

Her face was turning red. “It has been ages since anyone took a chance like that with me. It was fun.”

She was finishing up at the sink and I walked up behind her. I put my arms around her and drew her back against my body. My arms were crossed just below her breasts. I could feel the fullness of them on my forearms. She tried to turn away but I was holding her tight. She didn’t put up much of a fight.

My breath was on her neck and I leaned down and kissed her under her ear. I could feel her tremble at the touch of my lips. “I have six months to flirt with you unless you tell me to stop.

She laid her head to the side as my lips went back to her neck. “It is good to be treated like a woman, but I love Tom. I guess a little flirting wouldn’t be too bad. Just be careful around Tom and Jill.”

I turned her face to me and kissed her lips. No tongue, just a gentle kiss that lasted much longer than was appropriate between brother and sister-in–law. I finally pulled back and released her. She was breathing heavy.

“Frank, that was more than flirting.”

Not wanting to push my luck I backed away. “That was serious flirting.” I was laughing and soon she started smiling. I could see that it had the right effect on her. Even through her bra I could see her nipples hardening. I was going to enjoy the next six months with Mother and daughter to flirt with. If anything more came of it that would just be that much better.

The next day Jill was at school and Tom at work. I had gone in early to check on the construction. Building the building wasn’t my department but I had to stay up on the progress. I had to hire the employees and have them trained by the time we were ready to open. I was back at Tom’s by mid-morning.

I could have hung around the site but I had much rather be here at home with Jan alone. I just might manage to get in a little more flirting with just the two of us here.

I was in my room working on my daily report when I heard the patio door open and close. I went to my door and opened it. I saw Jan as she left the patio for the pool.

The pool had been part of the renovation to the old house. It had been done when Jill was just a young child. Now it was mostly Jan that took advantage of it.

I walked to my window just in time to see Jan dive from the edge of the pool. I watched as she swam lap after lap. Now I knew why she was in such good shape. The suit she had on was a black one piece that fit her body perfectly. Her tan body and blond shoulder length hair made quite a sight.

Very few women wear one piece suits anymore unless they are up in years. Jan certainly isn’t up in years but it really looked sexy on her. Anything would have looked sexy on her.

I watched while she swam. I didn’t want to interfere with her morning work out. When I thought it was about time for her to stop I went out to join her.

I stood by the pool and waited until she finished. I knew she knew I was there but she didn’t say anything until she finished and stood up in the shallow end of the pool. “What took you so long to come out?”

“I didn’t want to bother you while you were swimming your laps. Besides I had to finish my work.”

I was lying and she knew I was lying. “You didn’t get much done standing at the window.”

“You caught me. The view outside was much better than anything I might have on my computer.”

“I don’t know about that. I have seen some of the sites Tom has been on before.”

“The only reason Tom looks at those women is to see he has much better at home. He really has two much better at home. Jill is the spiting image of you.”

“Thank you for the compliments. I have heard people talk about how pretty Jill is. It is nice to be considered in the same company. I just wish she would get her life straight.”

“I wouldn’t worry too much about her. It is a phase she is going through. She resents being told what to do and Tom beating the hell out of her boyfriend didn’t help any.”

“I have never seen Tom so mad. He still has a fit when she has a date, which are few and very far between since that night.”

” Tom might just be a little jealous of her boyfriends? I mean he has both of you to himself all these years and suddenly he finds his daughter in the back seat of a boy’s car, doing what I suppose was the no no. His little girl has just grown up right in front of his eyes.”

“I know he had noticed the change in her as she grew older. He commented more than once how she was growing up to fast. We were fairly free with our dress around home. We didn’t go around naked but it wasn’t unusual to see each other in panties and bra or Tom in his boxers.”

“Maybe seeing her with that boy caught his attention. The boy had seen more of her and got closer to Jill than he had ever been. He might have been jealous of him for that. Now that Jill walks around in all state of undress she just adds fuel to the fire. Maybe he has feelings for her that go beyond those a father has for a daughter? His temper might be his way of denying the attraction between them?”

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