Party of Five Ch. 19

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Author’s Note: I know the waits are getting longer, but then writing is a fickle talent and it seems to have left me lately. That doesn’t mean forever though, so don’t despair.

Some people seem to think the story is about to end or did end last chapter. I can’t say how many more chapters there’ll be, as I don’t know myself, but I wouldn’t say we’re near the end yet. When the story does finish, you’ll know it by the big “This is the last chapter” statement at the beginning. Until then, I’d appreciate any feedback people care to give. I read it all, so leave some sort of comment or e-mail or anything really, if you have the time. Okay, okay, I’m boring you. So here’s chapter 19. Oh, and I should say that the pace is slower in this one, but I’m treating this like a novel, so the chapters don’t have to act as stand-alones. Therefore, I won’t simply be adding new girls and new locations and new toys to stir up the story. Anyway, I should let you read it.

Thanks to MaginMan again. Enjoy.

* * *

Chapter 19

Jacquie hadn’t been kidding about screwing Josh’s brains out. He had decided to miss school for a day in order to spend some time with her, which he ended up doing in her bed for five hours straight. After experiencing more orgasms than he could count, Josh wasn’t sure where his brains had gone, but they sure as hell weren’t inside his head. He had discovered during their time together that Jacquie could be quite a bit like Dawn when she wanted to. She was relentless in her pursuit of pleasure – both giving and receiving it – and by the time three o’clock rolled around, Josh was utterly exhausted.

“You look tired,” Jacquie observed, lying naked under the sheets.

“I’ve just had more orgasms in the last five hours than I have in the last five weeks!” Josh replied by way of an explanation.

Jacquie propped herself up on her elbow and smiled at him. “But you’re not complaining are you?”

Josh smiled back. “No, I’m not complaining.”

“I think we’re running out of condoms though,” said Jacquie, leaning over to check the box. As she did, Josh saw once again her full, magnificent breasts, always so much larger when he was in bed with them. They were too tempting for him, so despite his lassitude, he reached out and took them in his hands. Jacquie rolled back over with a smile. “Oh, you like my breasts do you?”

“I love your breasts,” said Josh. “And I love your nose. And your arms. And your ass. And I love your pussy too.”

“What, no love for my legs?” said Jacquie.

“Oh, lots of love for your legs,” said Josh. “I think your legs are the most exquisite legs I’ve ever seen.”

“Really?” said Jacquie. “Would you like to feel them around you again?”

“Again!?” Josh exclaimed incredulously. “You’re not serious?”

Jacquie chuckled. “Well, I just thought you might like to get the full mileage out of your gift.”

“So this is a gift now?”

“No, I meant the flowers you gave me. They’re good for as many fucks as you want within a twenty-four hour period.”

“So I can’t save some for later?”

“No, you’ll get new ones then.”

Josh sighed tiredly. “Do I have to?”

“Yep, come on,” said Jacquie, and slid on top of him. “Here,” she added, putting Josh’s hands on her breasts, “you can play with my tits. I’ll do all the work.”

With another extravagant sigh, Josh pulled her chest down to his face and put his mouth around one of her nipples, as Jacquie eased his cock inside her. Just as every other time that day, she was an animal, rivalling even Dawn’s unbridled hunger for carnal delight. She dragged her breasts all over Josh’s chest and face and grinned at him in a very Dawn-like way when he was building to his climax. He came with his face buried between Jacquie’s breasts and then collapsed back on the bed, hardly believing he could feel more tired than he had before.

Jacquie rolled off him and slid the condom off his cock with a smile, then dropped it in the wastebasket beside her bed, which was very full and very colourful by now. After that, she lay satisfied – for the moment at least – beside Josh and drew circles on his chest with her fingers.

“So do I get that head today as well?” she asked.

“That I can do,” said Josh. “But…in a little while.”

Jacquie smiled at him and kissed his chest. “Looking forward to eating your first pussy?”

Again, Josh felt a stab – several stabs actually – of guilt, as he did every time Jacquie mentioned him doing something for the first time which he had already done with Dawn. It was becoming increasingly hard to keep the truth from her, and he knew that soon, he would have to tell her everything, and tell Dawn too, about Alice. But he’d have to do it right, and he wasn’t ready yet.

More than once today, as he was about to cum, with Jacquie’s face pressed against his and her eyes boring into him, Josh was struck by nostalgic memories, which ran through his head like wild rabbits. The last time, kartal escort he had thought of their trip to Fiji, when he had been in the pool, and Dawn had snagged his swimming shorts. As soon as Jacquie had noticed, she’d chased Dawn around the pool – despite the ‘No Running’ sign – until she got Josh’s shorts back and handed them to him without making fun of him. Josh was extremely grateful as he took them, scowling over Jacquie’s shoulder at Dawn, who was making kissing faces at him. He remembered it fondly, even though it was one of his more humiliating memories. It made it a lot harder to keep the truth from Jacquie, when he thought of everything they’d been through together.

“I’m looking forward to it very much,” he said in response to her question.

“What do you think it’ll taste like?” Jacquie asked.

“Um…like fish, probably.” She hit him in the chest. “Ow!”

“You couldn’t have said ‘chocolate’ or ‘caramel’ or ‘the air on a warm summer’s night, wrapped in velvet and sprinkled with raindrops’?”

“Yes, well, as I have no idea what wet, velvet-wrapped air tastes like, I’ll stick with fish.”

Jacquie lowered her face dangerously close to Josh’s, her gaze piercing. “Just remember who cooks the meals around here, mister. I might accidentally mix up the paprika and the rat poison next time you have to eat.”

“I don’t see how,” Josh replied. “They’re in completely different containers and they have those big labels that—”

Jacquie hit him in the chest again, grinning broadly. Josh took it good-naturedly and put an arm around her. “I’m kidding,” he said. “I think your pussy will taste like rare, Tibetan spring water, hand-collected by blind monks who purify it by deep meditation.” Josh grinned. “That, and fish.”

“Aargh!” Jacquie rolled over and flattened Josh to the bed, tickling every part of his body as he tried to hold back her hands. They writhed and twisted and squirmed for several minutes before Jacquie rolled off him and they both lay on their backs, staring up at the ceiling and gasping for air.

“Ice cream,” panted Josh. “I meant ice cream.”

Jacquie broke into peals of unrestrained laughter and continued for quite some time, until she subsided into giggles, which she muffled against Josh’s shoulder. When she had recovered herself, and wiped the tears from her eyes, she looked down at Josh and asked, “Wanna taste the fish yet?”

Josh grinned. “Sure.” He traded places with Jacquie, so that she was lying on her back, head on a pillow, and he was kneeling between her legs. She spread her thighs apart and smiled down at Josh as he lay on his front and propped himself on his elbows. “So, do you need any help?” she asked.

“I’ll see how I go first,” Josh replied. Jacquie settled back into the pillows and waited eagerly for Josh’s tongue. Josh racked his brain and tried to think of everything Dawn had ever taught him about the fine art of cunnilingus. After he had sketched out a rough plan in his head, he lowered his mouth to Jacquie’s puss and did his thing.

At first, he was dismayed by the lack of moans and groans and weak-kneed whimpers. But when he looked up, he noticed that Jacquie was uttering the silent type of moans and whimpers; her mouth gaping open with pleasure, and her eyes screwed tightly shut. That didn’t last long though; soon, she was vocalising her pleasure as much as Dawn ever did.

“Oh, fuck, Josh!” she exclaimed. “That is… Oh, my God!”

Josh grinned and reminded himself to thank Dawn profusely. Jacquie’s amazed exclamations accompanied him all the way, as he used his tongue and lips and fingers to probe every inch of her pussy, inside and out. He made sure that he wet his fingers first, as Dawn had taught him and that he paid close attention to Jacquie’s clit, which was quite prominent by now. Before long, she was running her hands through his hair and panting like an Olympic athlete, telling him not to stop. And Josh didn’t, because he heard Dawn’s voice inside his head, telling him that she’d kill him if he did. Thinking of Dawn sent an extra thrill down Josh’s spine, but Jacquie was the focus of his attention right now.

He backed her away from orgasm and built her up again several times, until she was begging him to make her cum. Josh decided to oblige and sucked her clit into his mouth while his fingers probed her pussy. Her orgasm was intense; she threw her head back and wrapped her legs around Josh’s head, moaning and screaming and making a funny gargling sound. When the yells subsided, she looked down and started panting as Josh continued licking her. He did so for some time and was about to stop, when Jacquie suddenly cried, “Oh, my God, I’m going to cum again. Oh, my God!”

Spasms racked her body, and Josh felt her vagina contract around his fingers again. His tongue was working overtime, and his jaw was aching, but it was all worth it to hear Jacquie cum again. He didn’t think even Dawn had ever had two orgasms so close together. maltepe escort bayan By the time the second one was over, Jacquie was staring wide-eyed at him, mouth hanging open like a carnival clown. Josh supposed he was allowed to stop, and took his mouth off her pussy, rubbing the side of his jaw. The way Jacquie was looking at him was a bit disconcerting. She kept quiet for a long time, and Josh was about to say something when she leapt forward, pinned him down on the bed and smothered his lips with her own. It was a very intense, almost painful kiss. Jacquie was pressing her lips against his with complete abandon, holding his face still between her hands. When she finally lifted her mouth, Josh was the one staring wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

“Where the fuck did you learn how to do that?” Jacquie asked, amazed.

“The Internet,” Josh replied, pushing himself up. “I read about it.”

“You did?” said Jacquie. “That was…amazing. I mean…guys have done that to me before but they never knew what they were doing and…and it was never like that.”

Wow, thought Josh, Dawn really knew what she was talking about. He felt bad taking the credit for himself, but the alternative really wasn’t an option.

“Well, they don’t know you like I do,” he said. “And what guys gave you head?” he added with jealousy.

Jacquie smiled. “That was a long time ago, Josh. But why didn’t you tell me you could do that?”

“I…didn’t know.”

“Well,” she said, “you’re going to have to do that every day now.”

“I have no problem with that,” Josh replied. He liked the way Jacquie was beaming at him and loved the fact that he could make her feel so good, so he had no objection to doing it again, whenever she wanted.

“Come on,” said Jacquie, taking him by the hand and pulling him back to the top of the bed. “I think I have to reward you for that.”

Josh wondered what she meant by that, as he watched her settle into the same position she had been in a moment ago, then tap her hips. “Come up here,” she said. Shivering with anticipation, Josh crawled up her body, until he was kneeling on either side of her chest. “Do you know what tit-fucking is?” she asked him.

Josh goggled at her. “Are you serious?”

“Might as well put these things to good use,” Jacquie replied.

Josh looked down at her breasts, thinking that they suddenly looked a lot bigger than Dawn’s and Alice’s. He’d done this with Dawn before, but he’d always wanted to do it with Jacquie, though he’d been too afraid to ask. Encouraged by her smile, he eased his cock into the crease between her breasts and watched her squeeze them together to close it in.

“Should I…use a condom?” Josh asked.

“No,” said Jacquie. “Just cum on my chest.”

A spasm ran through Josh’s hips and started him off. He slid his cock back and forth, Jacquie’s breasts and chest cushioning it wonderfully. It had always produced some of his largest orgasms, when Dawn let him fuck her instead of fucking him back – in her mouth, between her tits, against her belly. Add to that the curious sensation of sitting astride your sister’s chest, and you have one hell of an orgasm. It was the same with Jacquie now, seeing her face below him, eyes looking up into his and sparkling with desire. Just as always, the taboo was strongest with her – his second mother figure lying beneath him and letting him fuck her chest. It was the idea of letting him that always spun Josh’s mind. Dawn – and now Jacquie – would simply sit back and offer him their bodies, like a gift, to do with it what he would. And the way they looked at him… It was incredible.

Josh ran through all these thoughts in his head, and soon, his orgasm was rearing its very welcome head. The skin of Jacquie’s breasts felt suddenly softer, her eyes became suddenly brighter, and his cum suddenly felt a whole lot closer to the surface. He groaned as his orgasm came upon him and thrust his cock hard between Jacquie’s breasts, depositing quite a large load of cum – considering how much he’d already deposited today – onto her chest. Her breasts smothered most of it, but some of it escaped and shot up near her collarbones. To Josh’s extremely pleasant surprise, Jacquie scooped those stray beads up with her fingers and sucked them into her mouth. There wasn’t much, so she didn’t grimace, but merely grinned at Josh and laughed as she saw his reaction.

“You like that?” she said, taking her hands away from her breasts and rubbing them up and down his thighs. It always made him cum harder when Jacquie or Dawn or – to a lesser extent – Alice rubbed any part of his body and watched him while he came.

Now that Jacquie’s breasts had bounced apart, Josh could see the spider web of cum between them. He finished milking his cock and collapsed breathlessly beside her. Jacquie trailed a finger through the puddle of cum between her breasts and looked over at Josh. “Was that good?”

“Define ‘good’,” Josh panted.

Jacquie escort pendik laughed. “Did you like seeing me eat it?” All Josh could do was nod. “It’s not that bad really,” she said. “At least, yours isn’t. But I’ve had some guys who tasted like sea water.” Josh made a face at her. “Sorry,” she said, patting his arm with a smile.

A few minutes passed in silence, and then Jacquie said: “You know…I’m thinking you deserve more of a reward than that.”

“More?” said Josh, hardly daring to believe what it could be.

“Yeah,” said Jacquie, rolling closer to him. “I think I should blow you again. And I’ll swallow it this time.”

Josh’s face went either very pale or very red – he wasn’t sure. “Are you serious?”

“Yep,” Jacquie replied. “As soon as you’re hard again…or whenever you want…I’ll blow you and swallow it all.”

A shaky breath escaped Josh’s lips. “Okay,” he said faintly.

“So, when do you want it?”

“Maybe later,” he replied. “I need a chance to…restock.”

“Oh, God,” said Jacquie, sounding as if she was having second thoughts.

Josh put his arm around her shoulders, drew her closer and kissed the top of her head. “Do you realise how many times I’ve cum today?”

In response, Jacquie reached down and hoisted the wastebasket onto the bed, then started sorting through the used condoms. “I think there’s at least fifteen in here,” she said.

“Fifteen?” Josh exclaimed. “That’s more than twice an hour.”

“Don’t forget the one on my tits and the two blowjobs,” said Jacquie.

Josh felt faint just thinking about it. “It’s going to take weeks before I can cum again,” he remarked.

“Well, don’t wait too long,” said Jacquie. “I don’t know how much of it I’ll be able to swallow.”

* * *

Cumming more than fifteen times in a single day may have been a difficult thing to do, but Dawn didn’t care. Josh had downplayed the number slightly, so as not to have her demanding that he fuck her fifteen times, but it didn’t do much to placate her. She knew it had been with Jacquie though, and it was such a relief to be able to tell someone the truth about his daily activities.

It was in the bathroom, of all places, where she accosted him after school. Josh had been shaving, concentrating carefully, when Dawn walked in, pulled down her skirt and panties and sat on the toilet. “Hey, Josh,” she said casually.

Josh spun around, looking at her with horror. “What the hell are you doing!?”

“What?” Dawn replied innocently. “I’m taking a leak, what does it look like?”

Josh goggled at her. “I’m in the room!” he cried.

“So?” said Dawn. “You’ve seen me naked before. Quit being such a baby.”

Josh opened and closed his mouth and stammered several things while Dawn looked at him with an amused expression. “Maybe you should put the razor down first,” she said. “If you’re going to go crazy and all.”

Josh shook his head and muttered under his breath, then turned back to the mirror. It didn’t help that he could see Dawn’s reflection in it, grinning at him, and hear the trickle of urine she was expelling. He tried not to look at her but quickly abandoned that idea when he cut himself.

Finally finished, Dawn flushed the toilet, washed her hands and stood beside Josh to watch him shave, which was even more distracting than seeing her pee. “You missed a spot,” she said, pointing at his cheek.

“Dawn!” Josh exclaimed. “That is really distracting.”

Dawn expelled a long breath and kept silent while she watched. Josh was disconcerted by her attention and her presence, but he managed to refrain from cutting himself again. After he’d finished and washed his face, Dawn ran her hand over his cheek. “Ooh, nice and smooth,” she said, kissing his jaw. “You shave a lot more these days, you know. You used to let it grow all shaggy and messy and…” Josh looked at her pointedly. “What?” she said. “Oh…right…the pimples. Well, they’re gone now, so there’s no excuse for being Mr Hobo anymore.”

Josh gave her a “Very funny” smirk and wiped his face with a towel. That was when Dawn had asked him what he did today, and when he’d told her.

“It’s just not fair,” she said when he’d finished. “Jacquie gets to fuck you all day and now you don’t have any left for me.”

“Dawn…we don’t have to have sex just for the sake of it you know. Why can’t we wait until we really want to?”

“But I do really want to,” Dawn replied petulantly.

“More than you did yesterday?” asked Josh. “And the day before? And the day before that? My God, you wanted to blow me in the front garden the other day!”

“No one would have seen,” Dawn replied defensively. “There were trees and stuff around.”

“That’s not the point,” said Josh. “Sometimes…sometimes sex can be more than just relieving hormones. Haven’t you ever experienced that?”

“What, you mean like making love?”

“Well…I guess so.”

“No, Josh,” Dawn replied resignedly. “I’ve never been in love before, have I? Well, except for you.”

“You’re in love with me?” Josh asked incredulously, eyes wide.

“I told you that,” said Dawn. “Remember?”

Josh frowned. “No.”

“In the bathroom that day, when you came on my belly.”

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