Parents are Gone Ch. 01

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From the beginning me and my sister have been really close. We would shower and sleep together. Our parents never really cared about that, probably because they didn’t think or know we would start to fuck each other. Me and my sis are a year apart. Me being the older one and about a foot taller. My sister is 5’2″, about 110 lbs i guess with 34D tits. Unbelievable but true. It’s wierd her height stop when she was 14 but her tits just keep growing. I ain’t complaining.

I had a few sexual dreams about my sis. But I thought it was just natural for a brother whose sister looks like she does. What I would fine out later would be a dream come true.

We were all alone for the weekend. I had found a porno and asked my sister if she wanted to watch it with me.

She said without any hesitation “Sure, pop it in!”

We were both already in your bed clothes (which is being naked, we never slept with clothes on. We always took our clothes off after we knew our parents were asleep. And once they left for the weekend, the clothes were off). I popped the tape in and sat on the couch next to my sister. Like I said before we were very close. But we would get closer by the end of the night. The tape was at a part where the dude was just banging the shit out of this girl. With every thrust this guy made, I would hear my lil sis, breathe faster and harder. From her breathing, it just made me hard as hell. I wasn’t sure what to do about it, because I never really had one with my sister awake. My sis was so into the video that she didn’t even see that I was hard as a rock. With the sex scene getting more intense and me getting more nervous with my hard-on, I tried to situate myself so she wouldn’t see me cock. As I tried to move, my eyes fell upon my sister. Seeing her right now just drove me over the hill. As I looked at my sister’s firm tits I could see she was rubbing her left hard nipple gently. When I move, my sister took her eyes off the TV and look at me. Within a split second, her eyes gazed down to now raging hard-on.

She said “I can see the video is getting you as excited as I am.”

I couldn’t tell her, it was her who really was exciting me.

So I said “Yea, this video is awesome.”

Then my sister said something to me that just blew me away.

She said “Do you ever think about doing me how that guy is doing her?”

I was in shock. I had dreams about her but I was afraid of telling her. But seeing her right now, I lost all kartal escort control and told her “Yeah I’ve had a few dreams about you but lil sis you are the reason I am hard right now. With you breathing hard and I saw you rubbing your nipple. It just blew me away.”

I thought she would get up and leave or something. I was so nervous on what she would do after what I said. But within a few seconds she was blushing and had a sexy smile on her face. After seeing her smile I relaxed a lot and hold her closer to me.

She asked me if I had had sex with anyone. And I told her, no. I’m still a virgin.

She said “Great, because I am too and we are going to lose ours together then!!! My plan just got even better” with a devilish smile on her face.

She told me, that she has had some feelings towards me for awhile. And wasn’t brave enough to tell me, until I gave her the opportunity tonight by watching the porno with me.

She said “I was so happy when you asked me to watch it with you, and I said to myself, tonight is the night you will find out how I feel.” She looked at me and told me to turn the tape off and close my eyes.

I did what my Lil Sis told me as fast as I could. Once I closed my eyes, I felt my sis’s smooth and warm lips on mine. As we kissed I moved her closer to me, so I could feel her warmth against me. After kissing for god knows how long, she told me to lie on my back.

As I did, she slowly moved down to my aching cock kissing my chest and stomache as she went down. She started to kiss and lick the top of my cock slowly. After kissing and licking my dick, with one big move she shoved it all the in her mouth. God it felt so good in her warm mouth. Her lips wrapped around my cock as her tongue roamed my cock as it went in and out of her mouth. She started to pick up the pace, making me just loose control. She could tell I was going to cum soon, so she started to go faster, making loud slurping sounds and caressing my balls now with one of her hands.

I started to moan telling her “I’m about to cum baby”,

All she did was just spend up. Oh the thought of cumin in her month, just drove me over the edge. My hips buckled and my sis just drove her mouth all the way on my cock.

“Oh baby, God I’m Cumming!!!”

I cummed so hard and so long in her mouth I almost past out.

I was just blown away at what just happen. My sister sat up and made sure she swallowed all the cum that came out maltepe escort bayan of my cock. With me still laying on my back, my sis just got up without saying a word and sat her now wet and tasty pussy right on my mouth. God with the scent and taste of her pussy, made my limp dick to a hard rock in no time.

She said “Your Turn” with a smile that would give any guy a hard-on.

I started to lick my sis’s pussy slowly. Letting my tongue roam her lips and flickering her clit. It was hard to do this on my back, so I picked up my sis without removing her pussy from my mouth so I could sit up and lay her on her back. She maybe a year younger but she is a foot smaller. But her breasts didn’t follow her height. They just keep getting better.

Once that was done, I dug my face into her, tongue fucking her wet, moist pussy like there was no tomorrow. And pulling on her hard nipples as well. Once I started to suck and lick her clit, I shove a finger into her wet and tight pussy. Shoving it as far as I could. With my sister breathing harder and faster I knew I was close to getting her to cum. So I inserted another finger, shoving them in and out of her as fast as I could, while I lick her clit furiously and pulled her nipple hard. She arched her back and let out the loudest moan I’ve ever heard

“OHHHHHHHHHHH GOddddddd!!!! I’m fucking cumming. OH God don’t stop please, eat your lil sis!”

And then she just exploded all over my fingers and face. Once she relaxed I removed my fingers and started to clean her cum off of me by licking what I could find on my fingers and she leaned up and lick what was left on my chin. God she tasted so great. And sharing it with her drove me wild too.

I sat up and my sister saw that I was hard again and said “Fuck me that the dude on the Tape”

I was the happiest man alive when she told me that.

She said “to start out slow though, because mom and a few of her friends told her that when she loses her virginity it will hurt at the beginning. But that the pain will go away and the pleasure will stay.”

With my sis still on her back, I eased up to her wet, creamy pussy. As I inserted my cock into her, I could feel her hymen about a few inches in. She said that I had to thrust hard, but wait a few seconds after I go threw. I leaned down to give her a passionate kiss with my hands caressing her beautiful tits. As we kissed, I shoved my hard dick hard into my lil sis’s tight pussy. escort pendik

The moan she gave out was a little moan of pain but pleasure as well.

After a few seconds, she said “ok, you can start to go.”

I didn’t want to hurt my baby sis, so I went slow for while. God it feel like paradise having my cock go in and out of my beautiful little sister’s tight pussy. I started to pump a little faster and harder.

As I did, my sis started to moan and saying “mmmmmm fuck your little sis harder, Oh yeah, harder harder. Give me your big cock big brother.”

God hearing that just drove me wild, and I started to pound her pussy with all the might I could give her and. “OH you like getting fucked by your big brother uh?, Oh take my cock in you baby sister. Take it!”

After saying that she smiled and pulled me down to meet her lips kissing me passionately.

And said softly, “I want you to cum in me so badly. I need your cum in me so much. Please give it to me!!!”

I wanted too so badly. I started to fuck her harder, I wanted to go deeper, so I put her legs next to her shoulder and just started to bang her.

She started screaming and moaning loudly “Fuck ME, Oh god fuck me harder, Shove it Deeper, deeper!”

That drove to edge and I told her “Baby sis, I’m going to fill your pussy up. OH god it feels so good in you. OHHHH yeah, Baby IM going to CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!”

I blew harder and more cum in her pussy then I did while masturbating or from my blowjob from her earlier. As I was cumming in her,

She was screaming “I’m cumming! Oh my god, I’m cumming!!! Oh god I fucking blew all over your cock with my cum while you filled my pussy with yours.”

Now that my dick and her pussy have both your juices over each other. I slowly pulled out of her and just looked at her.

She smiled and said “looks like we need to clean up.”

I thought she was going to get up and get a towel but she bent over my dick and started to lick it clean. And move her pussy to my mouth with her hand clinching against her cunt none of mine or her cum could get out.

God I couldn’t believe I was eating my sis’s pussy out with mine and her cum oozing out.

“Our juices tasted so good with each other” I said to her.

She looked at me and said I guess we will just have to clean each other out every time we are done fucking!”

With a beautiful smile on her face. I agreed definitely!!! After cleaning each other and giving each other another orgasm we went to bed, but once we got there, it wasn’t sleeping time!!!! We where still to exciting and willing to do more!!!

To be continued!!!

Please give me some feedback. I would love to hear some. Thanks

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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