Paid to Seduce His Mother V. 02 Ch. 04

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Mike and Maggie get caught; Mike meets his naked mother-in-law and learns Evie is willing to share. Mother’s secretary comes to house for a visit. Hope you enjoy. Jb7

Chapter 4


Mike woke in the morning to the sound of the shower. As he sleepily staggered toward the bathroom, the sound stopped. Maggie was just stepping out of the shower when he opened the door and stepped in. “Morning, love,” she greeted him.

“Mmrng,” he grunted as he plopped down on the toilet and released his bladder.

“My, aren’t we chipper this morning,” she laughed. “I’ll go down and start breakfast as soon as I put some panties on.”

“Panties? I thought…”

“Biology, sweetheart. I’m sorry, but my damaged uterus decided to be nasty this week. I’m afraid it’s off limits for a few days.”

“Grumble, grumble,” muttered Mike, and laughed. “Somehow, that figures. Almost enough to make you wonder if God isn’t trying to tell us something. I’ll be right down. Let me catch a shower first.”

After some cereal, toast and coffee, Mike went into his father’s office to work on the proposal he would present to him. Before they had started for the cabin, he had called his parents’ attorneys and asked them to provide appraisals for both the house and the apartment where his father was staying. Looking at them, he had to laugh. The appraisal for the house, provided by his father’s attorney, and the one for the apartment, provided by his mother’s, were only about two percent apart, with the apartment being worth more.

He looked at the family’s stocks and bonds. Over the years, his father had invested wisely, purchasing a mix of mutual funds and individual companies. When he had invested in a particular company, he had bought in partial blocks, usually ten shares at a time, making division of them easy.

In the few instances where there were an odd number of stocks or mutual fund shares, he proposed disposing of the odd shares and the money added to the cash accounts the family held.

Satisfied, he booted up the computer, called up the spread sheet program and began typing. He was done about ten-thirty, and printed up the draft to show his mother. On his way to get dressed for his meeting with Evie, he left the document on the kitchen table.

In his bedroom he found that Maggie had been busy ironing his slacks and a shirt for his appointment. He was just buttoning his shirt when she came in with the draft, wearing a pair of dark blue boy shorts.

“This is a great idea, Mike; do you think he’ll go for it?”

“I think so; hope so. It keeps everything in the family except for a few stocks and mutual fund shares no body really cares about. It pretty much divides everything else equally, giving him a little edge in property value. He gives up some stock in the company, but you give up more.”

“And you kids get the cabin and a bigger share of the company, and he keeps his job as CEO.”

“Unless the three of us go together and vote him out,” Mike grinned.

“Mmm,” Maggie said, with a devilish smile in her eyes. “Nah, I’ll keep mine as vice president,” she said with a laugh. “I don’t have to travel, and I can leave the office when I want.” She glanced at the sheet. “Good. I see you included support for Ellie while she’s in school. When are you going to show it to him?”

“Not until after the fourth. I want him to think I had to work hard to earn his money. I’m not going to tell him you approved it, either, but present it as a possible settlement.”

“What if he doesn’t accept it? What if he wants all the company stock?”

“Then he’ll have to give up the community property or its cash equivalent. That’s all he has to bargain with. Based on current prices, he doesn’t have enough to buy it all back. He might want you out, though, if he sees you as a negative influence in the company.”

“I could do that, but my shares would go to you kids, not him, with the stipulation that you keep them for at least a year, and they must be purchased at their representative value, based on the total value of the physical company at the time of sale.”

“I’ll keep that back as a bargaining chip, but I was thinking of your job as VP. He might not want you around the office, even if you keep the stock.”

“Then he’ll have to pay me alimony, since I wouldn’t have a job. His choice.”

Mike nodded. “Okay, well I gotta run. Can’t keep my new boss waiting.”

Maggie smiled. “Tell her I’m looking forward to tonight, even with the rain.”

Nodding, he replied, “I should be back around two. I have to stop and get some groceries.”

“Okay. Since I’m supposed to become more socially active, I think I’ll drop in at the Club and see who’s there. Evelyn should be here about six-thirty?” Mike nodded. “Dinner at seven, seven-thirty?” He nodded again. “I should be home by five, then. I’ll keep my eye open for suitable replacements,” she finished, with a teasing smile.

“Love you, too, Meg,” he answered. “Later,” he said, waving, and escort bostancı was out the door.


Evie sat at her desk in the office at Waverly’s, thinking about the man who was coming in later that morning. When she had told him she knew it would only be a fling, and that she wasn’t upset by their breakup, she had lied to him. Mike was one of only three men she had ever slept with, and by far, the one with whom she had developed the strongest emotional attachment.

When he and Ellie had come in that day, a month ago, she had been curious about why the young woman was so disturbed and had taken advantage of a feature the original owner had built into the dining room.

Like the Capitol Dome in Washington, the ceiling of the restaurant had some acoustical focal points. The bartender’s station was one; the others were over certain booths, booths which had been reserved for select patrons–the Mayor, the local Godfather, and some couples who were shocked to learn their clandestine trysts weren’t all that private, but had agreed to pay to keep them so.

Evie had discovered the acoustic anomalies when the interior was being redecorated and one of the workers had an accident. She had been stacking glasses behind the bar and heard the painter swear when he spilled some paint over the booth he was prepping.

The booth she had directed the siblings to was known, appropriately, as the lovers booth. To say she had been shocked by what she heard is probably true; she was not, however, outraged or sickened by the revelation that Mike had been his sister’s first lover, or that he was in the process of seducing his mother. She was shocked, yes, but also intrigued.

On the next occasion, she had placed them in the Mayor’s booth. Their conversation hadn’t been incriminating, but it was certainly suggestive. And then last night, and the invitation to dinner, nude. What was behind that? If Mike was sleeping with his mother, would he approach her? If he did, should she ask Maggie to join them?

If he wasn’t and approached her, what should she do, since Maggie would be right there in the house? Since she had kicked Marco out, there hadn’t been anyone, partly because she was living with her mother and was inhibited by that. Was it different for guys?

She hoped so, and she hoped he did make a move on her. She knew she’d say yes, even if it meant that Maggie would be watching. Of the three men she had slept with, Mike had been the best, and she wanted him again. Enough to blackmail him, she asked herself. And knew, before she finished the thought, the answer was no, realizing that was a no-win situation. But persistently and continually? Yes, definitely yes.

Unconsciously, her hand drifted down to her crotch and began a light scratching, just hard enough to stimulate her clit. When she realized what she was doing, she sat up and placed her arms on her desk, scolding herself, then laughed. She made a decision and reached for the phone to see if she could get an appointment at her favorite spa that afternoon.

She was waiting behind the bar when Mike walked in shortly after eleven. After greeting him with an ‘old friends’ hug, she led him back to her office where she had the necessary forms waiting on her desk. While he filled out the application, she made copies of his drivers license and social security card. “Would you like to see the kitchen?” she asked when he handed her the completed application and payroll forms.

“Sure. Get some idea of what I’ll be facing.” She ushered him out of the office and led him to the kitchen. As they made their way there, he said, “Evie, about dinner tonight. If being nude is a problem…”

She looked back over her shoulder at him. “You getting bashful in your old age, Mike. Remember, I’ve already seen you naked, and I don’t have anything to hide, either. You’ve already seen it all, up close and personal, as they say.”

Mike laughed. “And, as I recall, it was damn pretty. I just thought you might be a little uneasy, given our history.”

They were inside the empty kitchen. Evie turned to look at her new cook. “Uneasy, no, not really. A little anxious, anticipating tonight.” She spun around, waving at the kitchen. “This is it. Any questions? About the kitchen, that is,” she laughed.

Mike walked around, lighting the grill and peering into drawers, pantries, and refrigerators. “Nice layout. Somebody knew what they were doing. Some of the kitchens we were taken to see had the store room door off in the corner, away from the prep area. This should be an easy kitchen to work in. So, Friday night? Or is there something else you need from me?”

“Uh, no…well, yes, sort of…” She took a deep breath. “After that weekend, when I came up to your school for the Fall Festival, how come you didn’t call or write? I thought we’d had a great time and was looking forward to seeing you again, but…”

“I did,” he interrupted, “but didn’t get any answer. I wrote you two or three times, once ümraniye escort here, and I called. Some guy who said he was your father answered and said he’d give you the message that I called. I thought you were angry or something…I remember you seemed a little, I don’t know, off, or distant, when I saw you off on the train…” He moved around the table.

“I wasn’t angry or anything like that…I didn’t want to go, and…I knew you couldn’t, but I wanted you to ask me to stay. Silly, huh… Dad never told me you called, and he would have intercepted any letter you sent here. He opened all the mail. At the time, he had a burr up his butt about anybody I dated. I think he only tolerated Marco because he thought he could get by paying him less if he was sleeping with me. I’m sorry…”

“No need to be. It was a while ago. It looks like we both survived. Maybe we can give it another try.” His comment brought an immediate smile to her face.

With a twinkle in her eye, Evie looked at him and asked, “Does that mean I should bring a change of clothes tonight?”

With an innocent expression, Mike shrugged.

Part XLV

Outside, it was drizzling, the soaking drizzle kind of rain which made the atmosphere feel damp, even inside air conditioning. Inside, Mike was at the bar putting the finishing touches on a Chianti and Mediterranean fruit sangria when the doorbell rang.

Maggie called down and asked him to answer it. Wondering what she could be doing which took so long, given the nature of dress she had specified for the evening, he went to the door. Checking thru the sidelights to make sure of the identity of the caller, he opened the door, to greet Evie au naturel.

Evie grinned when she saw him. “Mmm. Looks like you’ve been working out since the last time I saw you dressed like that,” she greeted him, in a bantering tone.

After a few seconds, he shook his head. “You’re stunning,” he managed to get out. The spa had done its job. They had cut her hair so it framed her face with just enough length to reach her shoulders in the back. Her makeup accented her blue eyes and full lips.

She was wearing a powder blue halter dress which had a subtle yellow and green swirl print around the waistline. With a smile, she turned and lifted her hair. “If you would, kind sir,” she asked.

Her back was bare from her neck to her waist. For no reason he could identify, Mike’s hands were trembling slightly as he reached up to unbutton the strap holding the dress up. When the button popped, the dress dropped to the floor, puddling around her feet, revealing that Evie hadn’t worn anything else but sandals. As that fact registered, he heard Evie greet his mother.

He looked up and saw Maggie coming down the stairs, wearing lacy white boy shorts and white thigh high stockings, nothing else. She had also had her hair and makeup done. The hairdresser had been able to take her shoulder length hair and piled it up on her head, with some stray tendrils falling to frame her face, like the women pictured on ancient Greek urns.

She had also, it seemed, used some body makeup to darken her nipples and the edges of her labia, making them more visible through her trimmed thatch. It still covered the entire area, but had been shortened so that, even through the lace panties, it looked ‘tamed’.

He wasn’t aware that his staff had responded until he felt Evie’s hand grab him. “Oh, oh,” she said with a small laugh. “Looks like someone’s in for a hard night, pun intended.” She turned to face her host, maintaining her grip. “Was this for me or your mom, or both of us?” She rubbed the head of his erect cock against her pubes, so he could feel the thatch covering her there.

“Yes,” was the best he could do. After coughing to clear his throat, he attempted to change the conversation by commenting on the tattoo he had seen on her shoulder, two roses with their stems intertwined to enclose them in a heart with the initial ‘M’. “I, uh, like your tat. Was that for Marco?”

She shook her head. There was a small change in her expression, as the smile left her eyes. “I got it the week after I was up to see you at school.”

“I’m sorry, Evie,” he whispered and moved to put his arms around her, but she turned and led him into the living room, still holding his staff.

“So, chef Mike, since it’s raining and you couldn’t cook out, what have you prepared for us?” She turned to Maggie. “You have a lovely home, Mrs Nelson…”

“Under the circumstances, Evelyn, you can call me Maggie. I hope you brought a change of clothing. Just before I came down, I heard the weatherman say there are gale warnings all along the southern seaboard, and unnecessary travel should be avoided. Mike, you should go put her car in the garage.”

“Okay. Keys, Evie?”

“In my purse; just a minute.” She went back to the front door and grabbed the clutch she had carried in with her and gave him the keys. “My bag is in the rear seat. I was hoping…”

With a smile, Mike leaned kartal escort bayan in and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. “So was I,” he whispered.

And, indeed, he was. After their trip, and the discussion on the couch last night, he had come to agree with his mother that he did need to find someone his own age with whom to develop a primary relationship.

He had enjoyed his times with Evie, and she had been open to almost anything he had suggested, drawing the line only at bringing in another man, telling him that if he didn’t respect her enough to keep her for himself, then he obviously didn’t deserve her.

As for bringing in another woman, her attitude was that men cheat; this way, she explained, she would know with whom, and when.

He grabbed her car keys and ran out through the garage into the rain without putting on any clothing except a pair of boat shoes. Evie went back into the living room where Maggie was at the bar, pouring them all a glass of the sangria.

Evie sat down on the couch, and settled back into it as Maggie joined her there. Before either of them could say anything, they heard the sound of the garage door closing. “I left towels on the kitchen table if you want to help him get dry,” Maggie said with a smile.

“You don’t mind? And tonight, if I sleep with him…” Evie said, unsure.

“If? I rather thought that was a foregone conclusion,” Maggie said with a smile. “Was I presumptuous? I had the impression from both you and Mike that you two were lovers once. I seem to recall he seemed quite… hurt that he didn’t get any responses to his letters.” They heard the door from the kitchen to the garage open.

“Excuse me,” Evie said, jumping up and hurrying to the kitchen. Maggie heard her laugh and say, “Hey there, muskrat, watch where you leave that puddle; that is all rainwater, I hope. Hold still while I dry you off… hey, you’re cold…Mike, be goo…mmmph … Mmm …now see what you’ve done. In this air conditioning, they won’t go down for shit and your mom mmph…ohmigod your hands are like ice; stop that… Miiiiii…ke oooooohhh you stinker. Look at me; you’ve got me all wet.”

“Hey, you guys,” Maggie called, laughing. “Behave yourselves, now! Save those monkeyshines for later. How’s dinner doing, Michael?”

“The birds have been ready. Just need to cook the pasta. Water’s boiling, ‘n’ it’s fresh pasta, so it’s just a few minutes. Evie, can I get you to slice some bread?”

“Uhh,” she hesitated, “I know I trained to run a kitchen and all, but… the instructor said I was dangerous with a knife in my hand. Just tell me how much and I’ll take care of the pasta while you slice the bread. Just be careful what you’re slicing, okay,” she laughed.

“Yes, Ma’am,” he answered, gave her a kiss and smacked her on the butt. “Go put the wine on the table and help Mom with the salad while I finish up out here.”

She smiled and shimmied her way out of the kitchen, and ran into Maggie on her way in. Evie blushed and started to speak but Maggie just smiled and placed her fingers over the younger woman’s mouth and shook her head, telling her no explanation was needed, eliciting a smile in return from her guest.


Dinner was over and the trio was sitting in the living room over coffee. “Mike,” Evie was saying, “that was absolutely the best cacciatore I’ve ever had. Could you do it for the restaurant? We could make it a featured dinner…”

“I was hoping you’d like enough to include…” he started

“Not just include, feature! Game hen Cacciatore Chef Michael. Would that be okay? JayChristopher, man, if this were the 1800’s I’d be offering you my body in marriage and a partnership to get exclusive rights to that recipe. Ask me in the morning and I might anyway…”

She was interrupted by a bright flash of light immediately followed by a deafening clap of thunder as the lights went out. There were two extremely loud screams following the thunder, followed by sobs and calls for Mike to hold them.

“It’s okay,” he reassured them, reaching out to find their hands searching for him. “Here,” he said, bringing their hands together to hold each other, “hang on to one another while I find the candles. The lightening must have hit the substation. We’ll probably be without power for an hour or so.

“Mom, where do you keep the candles hidden?”

“In the hall closet, second shelf from the top, on the right hand side. There’s a box of Shabbat candles. Matches are in there, too.”

“Good. I’ll be right back.” He was gone, and the two women moved together, to huddle in the pitch darkness, their arms around each other’s shoulders. Although neither had been with another woman, except for Maggie’s two brief interludes with Ellie, they were both aware of the weight of each other’s breasts on their respective arms and against their chests.

Maggie leaned forward, searching for Evie. Finding her head, she moved around and found her ear; from there she slid her mouth down along the cords in the young woman’s neck, seeking the pulse point. When she found it, she began a pattern of light kisses and licks interspersed with some gentle nibbles. “M…Ma… Maggie? Wh… wha…what are you… ooh,” Evie cooed as Maggie’s hand slid over her breast.

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