Over Fifties 2 – Welcome to a new world.

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Over Fifties 2 – Welcome to a new world.
Vera gave a nervous sigh, Jane reached for her hand, giving it a squeeze of reassurance. Barry was the first to enter.

“Well, just look at what we have here,” he said with a broad grin as he entered the room. “Two old slags hoping for some big black cocks to fuck them senseless,” he laughed. “What do you reckon lads,” he said, striding up to Vera, reaching out one hand and grabbing her breast, squeezing it roughly then pinching her nipple hard.”

Vera let out a cry as the pain shot through her, having to clamp her thighs together as she felt a rush of juices flowing in her cunt.

“She’s fucking gagging for it fellas, isn’t that right Vera?” He said, taking hold of her other nipple, squeezing both of them.

“Mmm,” was all she could reply, her hands automatically going to her groin, pressing hard, trying to control the feelings she was getting in her cunt.

Braided hair, Vera remembered his name was Lee, went over to Jane, grabbing her breast with one hand while the other went between her legs. “This one is the same Baz,” he said, “just like you said they would be.”

“What do you reckon Cam,” Barry looked at crew cut, “Do you reckon you can have fun with these.” He turned back to face Vera, seeing her biting her lip as he continued to pinch and twist her nipples. “You see, Cam there has got a much bigger cock than me,” he said, “poor lad, can’t find many girls willing to take him, but you will won’t you.”

“Mmm,” was all Vera could reply. She cried out again as Barry pinched harder.

“Not good enough,” he smiled, “tell him you want his big cock up your cunt.”

Vera looked at her tormentor, the pain from her nipples sending tremors through her body.

“I…..l wa…..l want your big black cock up my cunt,” she whispered.

“Louder bitch,” Barry demanded, twisting her nipples.

“Oh my god,” Vera cried, feeling the liquid running down her thighs, her knees almost giving way. “I want your big black cock up my cunt,” she cried, “please.”

“Mine’s ready too,” Lee called, “she’s got a massive cunt, l reckon l can get my fist up there no problem.”

“Leave that till later,” Barry replied, “let’s get our kit off, don’t want to get spunk on our clothes.”

“Too right,” Lee replied. “Get over there on the sofa and spread your legs,” he said to Jane, “l’ll be with you in a sec.”

Barry directed Vera to the armchair, telling her to keep her legs spread. This was not the way Vera had imagined it would be but she could not deny the tremors of excitement surging through her body. She looked over at Jane, she looked back, smiling, giving Vera a thumbs up signal.

Suddenly Barry was in front of her, naked, she couldn’t help but admire him, he was definitely the best looking, although the other two looked good as well. All three obviously worked out a lot, there was no spare flesh on either of them, each had clearly define muscles giving them an aura of power.

Barry had his cock in his hand, he had large hands but even those could only just encompass the girth of his shaft, he had pulled back his foreskin, the purple black head looked huge, glistening with pre cum.

She looked over at Lee, his cock looked about the same size, Jane had it in both hands, the head stretching her mouth.

Vera saw movement to her left, Cam appeared at her side, his cock only inches from her face. She gave a strange sound when she saw the size of it, it was massive, his own hand could not encompass it, it must have been over twelve inches long, Vera did not believe a human cock could possibly be that size.

“Suck it while l fuck you,” Barry demanded, lowering himself between her thighs, penetrating her fully with one thrust.

“Oh sweet Jesus,” she cried as Barry’s weight landed on her, her cunt being filled to the limit in one go.

Cam pressed forward, jabbing his cock at her mouth. “Suck me bitch,” he said.

Vera was trying to cope with Barry fucking her, withdrawing then thrusting in again and again. She tried to take Cam’s cock into her mouth, it was so big, only half the head was in when she started to gag. She tried to pull away but Cam had her by her hair, holding her firm as he pushed his cock into her. She felt the ridge at the back of his helmet against her lips, her mouth stretched wide.

Barry was fucking her furiously, she felt reaction in her belly, heard the sound of his cock squelching inside her cunt. Suddenly he came, and she came with him, he stayed deep inside her, filling her with his seed as her body convulsed.

“All yours mate,” he said to Cam as he pulled out. Before Vera could make any move, Cam had replaced Barry between her thighs, his cock pressing against her cunt.

“Don’t you fucking bite me bitch,” Barry said, standing beside her, pressing his semi rigid cock against her lips. She opened to accept him, tasting his spunk and her juices.

Suddenly it felt as if she was being torn apart, it felt like a tree trunk was being forced up her as Cam entered her. She had to stop herself from biting down on Barry’s cock as her body convulsed in another orgasm.

She had no idea how much of Cam’s cock she had taken, she knew his body was not slamming down on her as he fucked her, for that she was grateful as it still felt as if his cock was buried deeper than anything she had ever experienced.

She heard Jane crying out in orgasm, she could see Lee’s buttocks rising and falling as he was fucking her.

She didn’t know if it was another orgasm, or if it was still the last one, she didn’t care, her body was in overdrive as Cam’s huge member ploughed into her time and again. She felt the head of Barry’s cock swelling in her mouth, she grabbed his shaft, milking him.

Cam suddenly went rigid, she felt his cock grow inside her just as the first hot stream of cum erupted inside her. She also went rigid as the heat of his cum burned inside her, just as Barry came in her mouth. Luckily Barry didn’t have a lot of cum so she managed to cope, given that her body was reacting violently to the huge penis discharging inside her.

She heard Jane cry out in orgasm as Lee came inside her.

Barry and Lee went out to the kitchen, Cam was still lying on top of Vera, his cock still buried in her cunt. Slowly he rose, Vera gave a murmur of disappointment as his cock slid from her cunt.

“You liked that didn’t you?” He smirked.

“Mmmmm,” was all she could respond.

“Clean it then,” he said, standing beside her, offering his cock to her mouth.

Vera licked the whole shaft, tasting the mixture of juices and spunk, she took as much as she could of the head into her mouth, teasing the eye with the tip of her tongue. She was aware of movement at her other side, glancing sideways she saw Barry taking photos with his phone.

“What about one like this,” Lee called out.

Vera looked over the see Jane still on the sofa, Lee was stood behind her, her had her legs in the air, holding them wide apart over her head, leaving her totally exposed.

“Great,” said Barry, kneeling in front to get a good shot of Janes’s gaping cunt, oozing cum. “Now one with your cock in her mouth,” he said.

“How about this,” Lee replied, grabbing hold of Jane by her hair, dragging her round so that she lay flat on the sofa, Lee turned her head sideways, “Suck it bitch,” he said, pushing his cock hard against her mouth.

“Not fully in,” Barry said, “we need a good shot of a big black cock in her mouth.”

“What about this one,” Cam called over, he had Vera by her hair, the tip of his huge cock inside her mouth.

“Perfect,” Barry said, taking a few more shots.

“What are you going to do with those pictures?” Jane said.

“None of your fucking business bitch,” Lee laughed, grabbing her breast and twisting it, “you just do as you’re fucking told, these pictures are just to show how much you are enjoying yourself, just in case you decide to make a complaint.”

“Why would we complain?” Jane asked.

“Because we haven’t finished with you yet, cunt,” Barry replied, “we need the photos to show some friends of ours what hot bitches you are, might even show your husbands if you don’t behave,” he laughed.

“You don’t have to do this Barry,” Vera said, “this is not how you were with me the other night.”

“Oh that was just to soften you up,” he laughed, “l could tell when l first spoke to you in the park you were on edge, your cunt must have been creaming then, then once l had hold of you, you couldn’t get my cock up you quick enough, l knew then you were a hot bitch, well now you’re my bitch, both of you, and you will both do as you are told, get it.”

Vera nodded meekly, inside she knew she should resist him but just the way he talked to her made her cunt react.

“No, tell me you’re mine,” he demanded, “kiss my cock and tell me you’re mine.”

Vera sank to her knees in front of him, leaning forward and kissing the head of his cock. “I’m yours,” she said, then opening her mouth, sliding her lips over the head of his cock.

“Not until l tell you,” Barry pushed her away harshly, “you are my white bitch and you only get my cock when l want you to have it, do you hear?”

“Yes,” she replied.

He reached down, grabbing her breast and squeezing it hard, “Yes what,” he said.

“Yes Sir,” she replied, desperately wanting to put her hand between her legs but afraid to do so without permission.

Lee had been out of the room, when he returned the güvenilir bahis three men gathered near the door, whispering. Vera went over to Jane.

“Are you okay?” Jane asked, “looks like you’re his favourite, not that l’m complaining.”

“You’re not afraid of what they intend to do with us, what about the photos?”

“Are you k**ding me,” Jane replied, “this is the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me, they can do what they like as far as l’m concerned, as long as they fuck me, admit it V, you feel the same way, look at how you just wanted to suck his cock, just go with it V, we are going to have so much fun.”

Barry came over. “Lee says you have a bath upstairs, we were going to do this later but he has to go and meet his girlfriend so he wants to do it now. Go upstairs and kneel in the bath.”

Vera looked at Jane, Jane grabbed her hand. “Come on V, we have to do as we’re told.”

As they reached the bathroom, the boys were still downstairs.

“What are they going to do,” Vera whispered.

“I’ve seen this a lot on porn sites lately,” Jane replied, “l think they want to pee on us.”

“What?…..no way.” Vera said.

“Look V,” Jane said, grabbing her friend by the shoulders, “you don’t have much choice, it’s only pee, it’s not going to kill you, it’s just them demonstrating their power over us.”

“You mean you’re going to let them?” Vera asked.

“If it means getting that Cam up my cunt l don’t care what they do, come on V,” she said, climbing into the bath, tugging Vera’s hand, encouraging her to join her. Reaching out with her other hand she felt between Vera’s thighs. “Look how wet you are V, stop fighting it, what other chance are you going to get to have three gorgeous studs like these fucking you.”

They heard the boys coming up the stairs, Jane tugged her again. Vera gave way, climbing over and joining her friend, as the three men entered the bathroom, Jane and Vera knelt in the bath.

“Do you know what we’re going to do?” Barry said.

“You want to pee on us,” Jane replied.

“That’s right,” Barry continued, “and we’re going to video it so you had both better put on a good show, do you hear me.”

“Yes sir,” Jane replied.

Barry turned to Vera. “Did you hear me,” he shouted.

Vera flinched at the ferocity in his voice. “Y…..yes…sir,” she stuttered.

Barry stood to the side of the bath while the other two took their position in front of Jane and Vera.

“Hold you tits up,” Barry demanded.

Both women did as they were told, almost immediately two streams of piss began landing on their tits.

“That’s good,” Barry said, moving around to get better shots on his phone, “play with your tits girls, show us how much you enjoy being pissed on.”

Vera took her cue from Jane, both of them massaging their tits as the streams of piss cascaded onto them.

“Good,” Barry said, “now their faces.”

Both men redirected their aim. Jane calmly allowing the stream of piss to hit her full on in the face, Vera went to shy away but Jane squeezed her hand, encouraging her.

“Open your mouth,” Lee said, directing his aim at Vera’s mouth.

Vera tried to clamp her mouth shut but as she breathed through her nose she inhaled his piss causing her to cough and splutter. Lee took his chance, instantly filling her mouth.

“Drink it bitch,” he ordered, grabbing her by her hair, tilting her head back and pinching her nose.

Vera coughed and spluttered but had no choice other than to swallow his piss. She tasted the salty liquid, expecting it to taste foul but apart from the saltiness she was surprised how easily she swallowed.

“That’s good bitch,” Lee said, filling her mouth again, this time she swallowed immediately.

The stream of piss aimed at her petered out, Lee pushing his cock into her mouth, instructing her the lick him clean.

Despite her humiliation, Vera discovered that her hand was between her legs. The thought that she had been frigging herself through her ordeal only adding to her humiliation.

Finally, both men stepped away.

“I have to go,” Lee said, “l need to get home and freshen up before l pick up Gina.”

Barry told Jane to get in the shower and clean up, Vera moved to join her but Barry told her to stay where she was.

“I haven’t finished with you,” he said, “l need to piss.”

Vera looked up at him. “Why are you treating us like this?” she pleaded.

“Because you’re my white slut now,” he replied, “but l want you to show more enthusiasm, don’t forget l have plenty of film of you now, how would you like it if l put it on the internet, l bet your k**s watch porn, do you think they would like to see their mother drinking piss.”

“Please, you wouldn’t…please,” she begged.

“Well loosen up then,” he told her, “look at your friend over there, she’s enjoying it.”

Vera looked over at the shower, she saw Jane on her knees, sucking Cam’s cock.

“Now open your mouth and drink my piss,” Barry said, grabbing her hair with one hand while he directed his stream of piss onto her face.

Vera realised there was no point in fighting him, opening her mouth and feeling the jet of piss hitting the back of her throat. She swallowed automatically.

“That’s better,” Barry said, releasing her hair, “now keep swallowing while l film you.”

Vera couldn’t deny the sensations she was feeling, shame, humiliation, but also excitement. Without thinking, her hands went to her cunt, rubbing furiously at her clit.

“See,” Barry smirked, “that’s much better, close your mouth over my cock.”

Vera did as he ordered, her mouth filling with piss, she couldn’t swallow it all, it ran out of her mouth and down her body, she rubbed harder, her own orgasm building until she felt the warmth of it flow through her body.

Barry had finished, but she still sucked on his cock as her orgasm subsided.

“That’s so much better you dirty bitch,” he said, “we’re going to have so much fun with you two.”

Vera heard Jane giggling, she glanced over to see her friend and Cam, both out of the shower, towelling each other, Jane was laughing as Cam tickled her, she was kissing his body as she dried him, paying particular attention to his cock and balls.

“In the shower,” Barry ordered, get yourself cleaned up.

Vera obeyed, stepping out of the bath and into the shower. Barry joined her, soaping her and massaging her body as she responded by doing the same to him.

“I want to cum again,” he said, “suck me off.”

Vera didn’t hesitate, dropping to her knees and taking him into her mouth, caressing his balls as her mouth engulfed as much as she could take.

Barry took hold of her, roughly fucking her mouth, driving deep into her throat. After a few thrusts he pulled out, Vera gagging and coughing.

“Again?” He said.

Vera looked up at him, she wanted to refuse him, knew that was what she should do, but her body was taking over, her body wanted this, she knew she was on the point of another orgasm, without even touching herself.

“Yes,” she said.

Barry smiled, satisfied that she was now completely under his control. He savagely forced his cock deep into her mouth, fucking her violently, pulling out after a few thrusts, allowing her to breathe before driving back in again.

Vera had her hands on his buttocks, encouraging, her cunt in convulsions as orgasms ripped through her. Her nails dug into his flesh, making him fuck her harder. Her mouth ached with the punishment she was getting.

She felt his cock pulsate, knew what was coming, allowed him to force the head of his cock into her throat as his hot spunk erupted. She wanted to take it but it was too much, her airway was blocked, her throat muscles went into convulsion as she gagged violently.

Barry pulled his cock out, leaving her gasping for breath as the last of his spunk fired onto her face, the cascading water washing it down over her body. He was still for a moment, admiring the power he had over this woman.

Slowly, Vera recovered, leaning forward she kissed his cock.

“You belong to me now,” he said.

“Mmmmm,” she replied, nuzzling and kissing his cock and balls, the warm glow of her own orgasm flowing through her body.

“From now on you only have sex with my permission, do you hear,”

“Mmmm, yes,” she whispered.

“Yes what?” He said, grabbing her hair and turning her face up to look at him.

“Yes sir,” she replied.

“I knew you would be easy,” he laughed, “l could tell when l saw you in the park, you looked scared but inside you were hoping l would attack you, weren’t you?”

“Yes sir,” she replied, kissing his cock.

“I’ve read how you white sluts dream of having a big, black cock up your cunt, you want it again don’t you?”

“Yes sir,” she said, her bruised and swollen lips causing her to mumble.

Suddenly he slapped her face, “Louder,” he shouted.

“Yes sir,” she said as another flood of warmth flowed down her cunt.

“You can finish cleaning up,” he said, “Cam and me have to go, come downstairs naked to see us out.”

Barry stepped out of the shower, towelling himself before leaving the bathroom.

When Vera finally entered the lounge, both men were fully dressed.

“Come with us to the front door,” Barry instructed.

Vera hesitated but Jane took her hand, following both men to the door. Barry opened the door wide. Vera tried to shield herself behind him but he grabbed her by her breast, pulling her to him, kissing her firmly, his tongue invading her mouth as he turned her sideways, türkçe bahis putting her on full view if anyone was passing.

Vera responded to his kiss, pressing her body next to him. She glanced over at Jane, Cam had her pinned against the wall, his hand between her thighs as he kissed her.

Finally Barry pulled away, a triumphant smile on his face. “I’ll call you when l want you next, until then your cunt stays closed, you hear?”

“Yes sir,” Vera replied, wishing she could drag him back into the house to fuck her again.

Both men walked down the path, Vera hurriedly closing the door as a car drove passed, hoping she had not been seen but feeling the excitement of knowing that she may have been.
Vera and Jane were in the lounge, each with a big glass of wine.

“Wow!” Jane said, “that was some party, are you okay V, Barry was much harder on you than Cam was with me.”

“What was he like,” Vera said, “he was very gentle with me.”

“You sound disappointed,” Jane laughed, “he’s huge, like having a tree trunk inside you, but he’s very gentle, he knows how much damage he could do with that thing. Your mouth is swollen, was Barry very rough?”

“Yes,” Vera replied, taking a sip of wine, she giggled, realising that they were both still naked as if it was perfectly normal. “I thought he was going to choke me in the shower.”

“You liked it though,” Jane smiled, “l saw the look you gave him when you came down, you really like him don’t you?”

“It’s ridiculous,” Vera replied, “this is total madness, we’re two middle aged women allowing a group of young boys to treat us like whores.”

“Don’t knock it V,” Jane laughed, “admit it, it’s the best sex you’ve ever had.”

“That’s not the point Jane, we’re respectable married women.”

“Balls!” Jane replied, “at our age we might never get a chance like this again, don’t have second thoughts V, just go with it, have fun.”

“What if they put those photos on the internet?” Vera asked.

“So what,” Jane scoffed, “l’d love to see the look on Jack’s face when he sees me with Cam in my cunt and Lee in my mouth, Jesus V, it was fantastic, l’ve had plenty of sex but never as good as that. So what if Frank sees you with a black cock in your mouth, he will probably rant and rave but l bet he has a wank about it after, a lot of middle aged married men would love to see their wives fucking other men, l bet he would love to be able to watch three black men use you like you were tonight, men are a*****s when it comes to sex, most of them secretly want their wives to act like whores, it appeals to their power kick.”

“You seem to have all the answers,” Vera laughed, “or is it just that you want to do it again?”

“Of course l want to do it again,” Jane replied, “and don’t pretend that talking about it doesn’t make you randy, you’ve been staring at my cunt for the last five minutes.”

Vera suddenly turned her gaze away, feeling her face flush with embarrassment.

“Do you want to taste it,” Jane said, spreading her legs wide, “there’s no spunk in me but l’m still juiced up, come and taste me.”

“I don’t know where this is leading,” Vera said.

“I don’t care,” Jane replied, “l just know l want to go there, come on,” she said, standing and holding out her hand for Vera, “let’s go to bed and have some fun.”
Vera didn’t resist as her friend helped her to her feet, Jane leading her by the hand as she headed for the stairs, making sure she picked up the half full wine bottle on the way.

Vera could never have dreamt of having sex with another woman, but she knew now how good it felt. They lay side by side in bed, both recovering from what had been a frantic session, each of them bringing the other to orgasm time and time again with either mouth or fingers. At one point, Jane had inserted the neck of the wine bottle into Vera’s cunt as she sucked on her clitoris.

“I’ll use the other end next time,” she had said, both of them bursting into laughter.

Vera turned to her friend. “It has been a wonderful evening,” she said, kissing Jane softly on her lips.

“This is just the start sweetheart,” Jane replied, gently caressing Vera’s breasts, “they may get bored with us at any time, so let’s just have fun while it lasts.”

The morning sun woke Vera, she was curled up, on her side, facing the window, the thin curtains only partially filtering the sun’s rays. Jane was snuggled behind her, her one arm thrown over Vera, her hand cupping Vera’s breast.

Vera turned over to face her friend, Jane was awake, smiling at her.

“Hi,” Jane said, kissing Vera on her lips, “sweet dreams?”

“What do you think?” Vera replied, giggling.

“Yeah,” Jane said, “me too, l can still feel Cam’s cock inside me.”

“Stop it,” Vera laughed, “you’re making me wet.”

“You had Barry to yourself,” Jane smiled, “he can dominate me any time he likes.”

Silently they bot began caressing each other, Jane sliding down the bed and turning so that they ended up in the classic sixty-nine position, gently teasing each other’s clits and pussies to a warm, soft orgasm.

“What a perfect way to start a day,” Jane said, resting her her on Vera’s pubis, enjoying the perfume of her vagina.

There was a fair bit of tidying up to do once they had had breakfast, then Jane said she had better get home and make it look like she had spent the night there before Jack got home.

When Frank finally arrived, Vera asked if he had enjoyed his evening in London.

“Not really,” he replied, “every thing is so expensive down there, we just had a quiet pint and went back to the hotel. What did you do?”

“Oh Jane came over,” Vera replied, “we watched a film.” Vera desperately wanted to say that three black men with huge cocks had come round and fucked her to a state of ecstacy, then she had spent the night having lesbian sex with her friend, she smiled to herself.

For the next two days, Vera heard nothing from Barry. Every time her phone rang her knees went weak until she looked at the screen and saw who was calling. Jane had called half a dozen times over the two days, each time making it obvious that her frustration was growing. On the second day she said that Jack was planning to be out that evening, she wondered if Vera could go over and they could play together for a few hours but Frank had already said that he would be staying in and wanted them to watch a film together.

It was nine-thirty that second evening when her phone rang. She looked at the screen and saw Barry’s name. She answered quickly, pretending that she was talking to Jane then telling Frank she would take the call in the kitchen and for him to carry on watching the film.

“Sorry,” she said into the phone once she was safely alone in the kitchen.

Barry did not enter into any small talk. “Both of you,” he said, “tomorrow evening at seven thirty, be at the entrance to the park, you can wear a coat, otherwise wear only those basques you wore the other night, plus black stockings and garter belt and your highest heels.”

“But….” Vera started to say, only for the phone to go dead when Barry ended the call.

Vera felt a rush of excitement, pushing her hand between her thighs. Her other hand shaking as she tapped out Jane’s number.

With a voice trembling with excitement she related Barry’s instructions.

“Wow, l wonder what he has planned,” Jane said.

“I don’t know,” Vera replied, “do you think we should go?”

“Of course we’ll go,” Jane responded, “don’t back out now V, l’ll come over to you about seven and we can walk to the park together, god, l’m soaking wet thinking about it this is so exciting.”

Vera couldn’t concentrate for the remainder of the evening, she went through all sorts of scenarios in her head, wondering what Barry had in store for her, the more she thought about it the wetter she became, even using tissue paper to wipe herself after peeing on the toilet almost brought her to orgasm.

Once in bed she was dismayed when it became obvious that Frank wanted sex, it would have been so easy to just lie there and let him hump away for his usual thirty seconds, she actually thought she would be likely to have an orgasm. He was her husband, he had every right to fuck her, she felt him turn towards her, his hand going to her breast, squeezing it roughly, then moving down over her belly, he began pulling up her nightdress. Vera couldn’t get Barry’s voice out of her head, telling her she was not allowed to fuck without his permission.

“Sorry Frank,” she said, “l’m very tired.”

With that she turned away from him. She heard his grunt of disappointment, a few minutes later she could feel the vibrations in the bed. Vera realised he must be masturbating, probably thinking about that young tart in London that has fleeced him of his money in return for a feel of her tits. Vera closed her eyes, smiling to herself as she saw that vision of Barry’s cock rigid and beautiful, waiting for her mouth.

Frank was in a bad mood the following morning, barely able to do more than grunt when she spoke to him.

“Jane is coming over this evening,” she said, “we’re going out.”

Frank grunted in response.

“I may be late back,” she continued, “so don’t wait up for me.”

“Where are you going? What about my tea?”

Vera smiled realising that the prospect of not being fed had suddenly reinstated his voice.

“Don’t worry,” she replied, “l’ll have your tea ready when you get in, güvenilir bahis siteleri we’re going to a fashion show at the town hall, it won’t finish until late.”

Another grunt.

Vera was glad when Frank left, she tried to keep busy all day but as the hours ticked by she became more and more nervous. At one point she was leaning over the washing machine to reach a bag when it stated spinning. Her crotch was pressed against the machine, the vibrations directly affecting her cunt. She pressed herself against the machine, undoing her blouse and releasing her breasts from her bra. She began pulling and twisting her nipples, closing her eyes and imagining it was Barry’s hands squeezing and pinching. It only took seconds for her to cum, collapsing on top of the machine as the warm glow of orgasm overtook her.

Eventually it was time for Frank to come home. He was still in a bad mood, probably because she had refused sex the night before. She gave him his meal then said she was going to get ready to go out.

“I went past the town hall on the way home,” he said as she was leaving the kitchen, “there’s nothing on there tonight.”

Vera stopped in her tracks, afraid to turn and face him in case he could see the panic on her face.

“Oh it’s not a public event,” she said, trying hard to make her voice sound normal. “It’s been organised by one of the women l meet at church, it’s for charity.”

“Strange that no-one there knew anything about it,” he said.

“Have you been checking up on me?” She said, turning to face him.

“I just wanted to know what you’re up to,” he replied.

“Did l check up on you at the weekend,” Vera decided to go on the offensive. “Just a quiet drink then back to the hotel, my arse,” she said, “your shirt was stinking of cheap perfume, who was she?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said unconvincingly, suddenly on the defensive.

“Some cheap stripper was she?” Vera said, gaining confidence, “how much did it cost to feel her plastic tits, l hope she charged you an hourly rate if you shagged her, you can never last more than a couple of minutes so you should have got change out of a fiver.”

Frank was knocked out of his stride, Vera had never spoken to him like that before.

“If you must know, l’m going out to be shagged silly by three black men,” she said, staring at him defiantly.

“Ha!” He laughed, “not much chance of that,” he said, “what would they see in a fat sexless old bag like you.”

Vera stormed out of the room, feigning that his words had hurt her but smiling to herself as she climbed the stairs. “If only you knew,” she said to herself.

Vera took care over her preparation, deciding to bathe in some of her scented oils that she had bought herself for the previous Christmas. Then spending time with her make-up, all the time her stomach churning with excitement.

Satisfied that her make-up was perfect she struggled to get herself into her basque, tying it as tight as she could. She stood in front of her full length mirror. The garter belt and stockings certainly added to the effect.

“God you look good enough to fuck,” she said to herself, “l hope l get Cam’s monster cock up my cunt tonight.”

Waiting until seven fifteen, she finally peered through a crack in the curtains just as Jane’s car pulled up outside.

Putting on her high heels and coat she made her way down stairs. She intended going straight out of the front door but a wicked thought crossed her mind and she turned into the lounge. She was disappointed to find Frank fast asleep in his armchair, head back, snoring. Vera was about to turn and leave but stopped, turning toward him, she opened her coat. “All ready for some black cock,” she whispered, smiling to herself as she buttoned up her coat and headed for the front door.

Jane was standing by her car as Vera approached. “Wow!” She said, “you look fantastic.”

“I don’t know about that,” Vera laughed, “we look like two old tarts on the game.”

“Never know,” Jane replied, “we might get a chance to earn a few quid on the way, how much for a blow job.”

“Shut up,” Vera laughed, “l might as well not have this coat on, l feel naked.”

They spotted a couple coming towards them, they were both older, the woman gave Vera a penetrating look as they passed. As they passed, Vera heard the woman say, “l didn’t know we had women like that round here.”

“I told you,” Vera said, once they were out of earshot of the couple, “l just hope no-one recognises me.”

“Oh relax V,” Jane responded, “it’s getting dark, no-one is going to recognise us.”

As they walked, Vera told her friend about her conversation with Frank.

“I bet telling him you were going to be fucked by three black cocks made your cunt wet,” Jane laughed. “I could smell that cheap perfume on Jack’s shirt as well.”

“Where did you tell him you were going?” Vera asked.

“To the pictures with you,” Jane replied.

They had reached the gates to the park, almost immediately a big BMW pulled up alongside, Lee was in the passenger seat, he lowered his window.

“Get in the back,” he ordered.

Jane got in first, shuffling over behind Barry who was driving, Vera followed.

“Take your coats off,” Lee told them as the car pulled away.

Jane looked at Vera and shrugged, then wriggled out of her coat. Vera quickly followed.

“You two are going to get well fucked tonight,” Barry said, “you’d better behave and do as you’re told or you know what will happen, do you hear.”

“Yes sir,” they both mumbled.

“Louder!” He shouted.

“Yes sir,” they repeated louder.

“Good, now play with each other’s cunts till we get there, you need to be ready.”

Lee turned in his seat, leering at them as they both spread their legs, Vera began fingering Jane’s cunt, feeling the thrill of Jane’s fingers on her own. Lee reached over, pinching Vera’s nipples, laughing when he saw her react.

“They’re fucking hot Baz,” he said, “do you think Big Sam will be pleased.”

“Who’s Big Sam?” Vera asked.

“Fucking shut up,” Barry told her, “you don’t ask questions, you just do as you’re told. Have either of you been fucked in your arsehole before?”

“No, of course not,” Vera said indignantly, “what sort of woman do you take me for, l don’t do things like that.”

“Give her the jar Lee,” Barry laughed.

“Here,” Lee said, reaching over with a jar in his hand, “use that to lubricate your arsehole,” he said, “you need to be ready just in case.”
Vera made no move to take the jar, trying to find the words to say that she had no intention of doing anything of the sort.

“Come here,” Jane said, taking the jar and opening it, “l’ll do both of us, l’ve been arse fucked before.”

“Jane!” Vera turned to look at her.

“Oh don’t be daft V,” Jane said, “it’s not that bad, it hurts a bit the first time but once you get used to it it feels good.”

Vera pushed Jane’s hand away as Jane scooped out some of the cream from the jar intending to work it into her friend’s anus.

“No, l won’t do that,” Vera said.

Suddenly the car stopped, they were in the high street, there was a crowd of people outside a restaurant about twenty yards away.

Lee got out, opening Vera’s door. “Get out,” he ordered.

Vera went to grab her coat.

“Leave that,” Barry shouted, “you can walk home like that.”

“Please Barry, l can’t do that, please don’t make me,” Vera pleaded.

“I’ve warned you before,” Barry said, “you either do as you’re told of you walk home naked and your photos will be on the internet before you get there, see this?” He said, showing her his phone, it was showing a picture of him pissing into her mouth, she could make out Frank’s telephone number at the top. “Shall l press send?” He said.

“No, please,” she cried in desperation.

“Make up your mind,” Barry said, “are you going to behave?”

Vera slumped back in her seat, resigned to her fate, she nodded.

“Say the words bitch,” Lee ordered, leaning in and grabbing her breast, squeezing and twisting it.

Vera felt the pain go straight from her breast to her cunt, she groaned as she felt the warmth flow through her.

“See that Baz,” Lee laughed, “the bitch just came. Come on bitch, are you going to behave?”

“Yes sir,” Vera whispered, crying out as Lee twisted harder, “Yes sir,” she shouted as another flood of heat flowed down her cunt.

Lee got back in his seat. “I hope she hasn’t stained the seat,” he said to Barry, “l like this car.”

“Don’t worry,” Barry replied, “there will be plenty of nice cars if Big Sam is pleased with these two.”
“Come on V,” Jane whispered, “let me do it.”

Vera said nothing, sliding forward and spreading her legs, then feeling the cold cream touching her most private place. Gently Jane worked the cream around Vera’s anus, then pushing at the bud, increasing the pressure until her finger forced it’s way inside.

Vera let out a gasp as Jane’s finger invaded her, it was only one slim finger but it felt huge. Jane whispered to her to relax as she withdrew, scooping out more cream then returning, this time forcing her finger deeper. Vera gasped, she was totally confused, this should be awful, disgusting, revolting, but she was feeling none of those emotions, she didn’t know if it was pain or pleasure she felt, all she knew was that her nipples felt like they would burst, and the strangest sensations were being created inside her.

They drove out of town, finally turning into a long drive leading to a big Edwardian house. All three stories were lit up, there was a group of parked cars beside the house.

“Looks like we’re going to an orgy,” Jane said to Vera.

“More like an audition,” Barry said as he pulled up in front of the house.

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