Out Of Afrika, Chapter 29

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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 29
Out of Afrika, Chapter 29

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr and Wunderboi

The bus ground its way up the tortuous track that led to the top of the plateau, the same track that 3 months previously Professor Steeves and his research group had taken to get to the remote kingdom of Lerotica.

Oskar gripped the back of the seat in front of him as yet another potholed section of the dusty road was negotiated and as the vehicle bounced and tossed him and the other occupants from side to side he continued with his thoughts as to whether all this discomfort was really worthwhile. Such thoughts were dispelled when with a final lurch the bus crested the rise of the hill and instantly the landscape was transformed from the nightmare they had just travelled into a vista of endless savannah and the sight of a smooth straight road. He let out the breath he had been holding and looked around at his companions to see that they were similarly showing signs of relief to know that they would soon be arriving at their destination.

In terms of comfort this last leg of their journey was in complete contrast to the previous stages that had bought them to Africa. The journey had begun three days earlier with the party boarding the Rhino corporate Gulfstream at Hawksville’s local airport and flying to Boston to refuel prior to flying across the Atlantic Ocean.

Oskar had planned the itinery very carefully to get maximum benefit from the journey and Boston provided him with the opportunity to meet with Jim Goodfellow, his regional manager for New England. Jim had been a regular ‘guest’ of Rhino Towers when he had passed through Hawksville on his travels with his wife Jeanne in his previous life as a representative of a construction company and their stays had resulted in them becoming enthusiastic participants in what Rhino had to offer as ‘Room Service’. Subsequently when Rhino expanded into New England Jim had jumped at the opportunity when he was offered the post of becoming manager for the burgeoning operations.

Oskar also had it in mind that Jeanne might share with him what she had learned about ‘the Rhino Way’ since he last saw her. He was not disappointed for her new found appreciation and devotion toward black cock was evident from the start and Jim looked on with great satisfaction as he watched his prim and proper wife in the confines of his office give Oskar a most satisfactory blowjob as a way of greeting his revered boss.

The flight across the Atlantic took them on the same path as Charles Lindberg’s some 80 odd years before and their landing (to a less rapturous reception!) at Le Bourget Airport, north of Paris. However, unlike Lindberg, their passage had been spent in the lap of luxury and the group enjoyed a number of ‘firsts’ on their epic journey. For some it was their first trip out of the US (indeed, for some, their first flight); for some it was to enjoy enrolment in the ‘mile high’ club and with the help of the on-board entertainment system broadcasting the signature Rhino messages and the stiff black cocks of the Church Brothers, the ladies of the group spent a most enjoyable and memorable transatlantic flight. Seydou made sure that he captured as many images as possible for inclusion in the publication he was planning that would chronicle the trip. Even before the Gulfstream had finished its taxi to the gate he was already editing the pictures that he intended to be published under the title of ‘Coming to France’. He was unsure as to how to actually spell ‘coming’.

Paris provided another opportunity for Oskar to expand the Rhino brand and their overnight stay allowed him to firm up on arrangements and measures that had been introduced into this land of love and romance. The Banlieues of the city, the black suburbs that seethed with discontent at the injustices suffered upon them by the establishment, provided a perfect base from which to expand and already he had recruited well-hung professional males who were as keen as he to spread the word of a better life that would come from a black-led culture.

Oskar had already established a foothold in Europe following the success of introducing the product into Germany a couple of years previously when Rhino had exhibited at a Trade Fair in Dusseldorf. He had many pleasant memories of the few weeks he spent ‘working’ with the Mother and Daughter-run company that had since become the business model to be followed in Europe.

He loved the idea of a Rhino-led Europe, they had such different attitudes to those of the US. Now with all the political turmoil and uncertainties which was occurring on both sides of the Atlantic he was even more convinced that to introduce the ‘Rhino Way’ would calm everyone’s fears and hopes for a better life. In his view and vision, exiting nations could have their borders and sovereignty returned; the US would become great again (whatever that was supposed to mean) and everyone would be in thrall to black cock; a simple solution to everyone’s ills.

However, that was for the future; for the moment his focus was on Lerotica and as the group clambered back onto the corporate jet after their wild night of French kissing he checked once more the planned schedule that would lead him to see how successful his team had been in importing Rhino’s philosophies back into the land where they had been spawned.


Tyrone was the first to see the plume of dust rising in the distance which alerted him to imminent arrival of his boss and the accompanying group to the village where he had lived for the past three months.. In fact it wasn’t by chance that he had been looking that way for as the systems support manager for the research team he had been in regular contact with Oskar through satellite and his mobile phone since they had landed in Johannesburg. He stood awhile and watched the dust cloud getting closer and soon the shape of the vehicle creating it became clearer.

He ducked his head inside the hut and called to Ian and Herb who were busily cleaning and tidying the interior, “Yo, you wanna get out here; your Old Lady is about to arrive.”

Ian looked up in a start and his heart gave jump to know the moment had almost arrived when ‘Family Baldwin’ would be together again. He put the broom he was holding to one side and dusted himself down and found a pair of shorts to put on. Since his arrival in this remote land he had found that clothing was very much an optional choice and as a rule he hadn’t bothered in this balmy climate to wear anything other than occasionally his frilly French knickers … but that had been for special occasions only.

Herb patted his arm and said, “You better go find Chloe and tell her that her Mom’s here. I’ll finish up here; don’t you worry.”

His note of concern was related to the fact that both he and Ian had become completely subservient to their black hosts in every way and they had a strict schedule of daily tasks to complete and if any failure was detected then they both had to pay a penalty which usually involved them being further humiliated. It had been a tough 3 months for them both but unbeknownst to them their treatment had been part of Professor Steeves complex study into racial attitudes between cultures and as such their humiliation was something that had been secretly encouraged.

Tyrone made his way toward the King’s compound where he knew the bus would be aiming to conclude its journey. He was not surprised to find Professor Reeves and Abioye, the king’s envoy and liaison between the tribe and the western visitors, were already standing at the gateway looking toward the direction of the approaching bus. It was uncanny how this man, Abioye, seemed to be totally aware of what was going on in the world around his master and although Tyrone had not shared with him the details of Oskar’s arrival, there he was waiting to greet them. Other villagers alerted by his presence had also gathered to form an impromptu welcoming party.

The bus drew up in front of the waiting gathering with no fanfare other than the hiss of brakes and the muffled hurrahs of the occupants when they realized that, at last, they had arrived at their fabled destination. The villagers looked on with mounting curiosity as they awaited the door to open; the passengers inside looked out through the dust-covered windows to see an array of bare-breasted females and a few naked young men who had large cocks dangling between their sturdy legs. None of them showed any signs of embarrassment. The waiting Professor Reeves made a mental note to include this observation in his report.
Oskar as leader, was the first to alight and in accordance with the customs of the tribe and the arrival of strangers it was he who made the first contact with Abioye who, after he had accepted his visitor as being a friend and not a foe, gave permission for the rest of the group to ‘enter the village’. One by one they stepped off the bus and made for an intriguing sight as they were introduced to Abioye.

First down the steps was Simone looking somewhat disheveled given she had spent most of the ride laying with her head in Oskar’s lap giving him a prolonged blowjob that had been enhanced by the bouncing bus. She was followed by Zaire who was in the process of zipping his fly but when he saw the overt nakedness of the villagers decided not to bother but to let his softening cock remain uncovered. After him came the imposing figure of Bishop Erasmus who was feeling much relieved that he had been able to complete his special blessing of one of the travelling females of the group just before the bus came to a halt. Then came the three brothers who looked most resplendent in their long brown cassocks and the gold chains with the black staff symbols around their necks. Their appearance was slightly spoiled by the evidence of questionable stains and damp patches down the front of their uniforms. The group was completed by the appearance of the ladies who had won the church lottery of being part of the party. They were dressed as required by Oskar’s direction in their fetching ‘uniforms’ of short plaid skirts, white blouses, short white ankle socks and gym shoes. All the clothing had been provided by the Rhino Adult Store, fetish department, which accounted for them looking just like junior high school girls. Seydou was again snapping away for all he was worth. In his mind the collection of pictures would be published under the heading of ‘Welcome to Africa’.

Simone gave a squeal of delight when she spotted her daughter Chloe standing in the crowd of greeters. She was so pleased to see her that she initially didn’t notice that Chloe just like her black girlfriend companions was topless and her perky breasts jiggling as she jumped up and down with excitement at seeing her mother. Ian standing behind Chloe gave his wife a shy wave but wasn’t surprised that she didn’t acknowledge or seem to have noticed him amongst the crowd.
Soon everyone had alighted the bus and Oskar took charge and acting as spokesman introduced each of them to Abioye who eyed each person carefully as if assessing their rank and position in the ‘pecking order’. He knew that western people had very strange ways and this new set of visitors did nothing to change that point of view what with the black men who wore some kind of long brown costume and then these young women who were dressed in the same curious tartan skirts and white shirts; most inappropriate he thought but not something to concern himself about as they were not destined to be staying in the village for long and then, once they had departed, life in Lerotica could return to normal.

Abioye relayed instructions to the few young men who had been waiting obediently whilst the welcomes and introductions ran their course for them to take the bags of the guests and to lead them as appropriate to either the men’s’ or the women’s compound. Special dispensation had been conferred upon Oskar to be given a guest house within the King’s compound. Zaire and the Bishop were also given the same privilege as Abioye considered them as being ‘men of importance’ and so the party split into their various groupings and were led to their accommodations.
The brothers tried to maintain an air of indifference to their new surroundings as they walked the path to collection of huts ahead, an attitude that was in keeping with their spiritual beliefs of black superiority. However, inside their heads were the images of all those village females young and old who had been standing half-naked to greet them. They had no doubts that they would be getting to know them a lot more intimately over the next couple of days of their stay.
The women meanwhile had no such reservations about showing their appreciation of being assisted toward their accommodation. Whispered comments were passed between the white females as they salivated at the sight of the firm muscular butts of the young men who carried their luggage and when they reached the entrance doorway and the young men having deposited the bags turned around they gasped to see their long fat cocks dangling down.
“Oh my God, can you imagine what that looks like when he gets excited?” said one ‘schoolgirl’ to another.
“I’m guessing we won’t have to wait long to find out,” was the response as she gave her porter a knowing smile.


The next few hours were spent settling in and the different groups each delighted in their new surroundings. The women were quickly introduced into the ways of the tribe females and their western clothes were soon to be discarded and more appropriate native dress found.

The brothers meanwhile had been provided with an area within the large men’s hut. There was no question of them disrobing and they steadfastly maintained wearing their brown cassocks for to remove them would in their minds diminish their authority. The only time they would take off their symbols of supremacy would be when retiring to bed or when they had to perform the special benedictions for which they had been ordained to provide to the females of the flock.

Under the gaze of the unmarried male villagers who gathered around the beds Tyrone gave his own welcome to his companions. He was so pleased to see and greet them for in truth the past few months had been tough and he was relieved to be able to have a ‘normal’ conversation and to be reminded of the comforts of home to which he would soon be returning. He gave them an update on what had been achieved with the Professor’s study; he explained in general terms of his task of gathering and recording the data and of the technical installations that now covered the area that would continue to film and relay the video back to Hawksville long after they had returned home; he confirmed that there were many potential converts to the teachings of the Church of the Black Staff bahis siteleri in the vicinity and that their only problem would be that they might not have sufficient time to complete those conversions. Herb who was standing in the shadows and very much in the background nodded sagely as if he had been included in the briefing. His presence was ignored by everyone except Seydou who captured the wistful expression of the insignificant white man perfectly.

Over in the King’s compound Abioye led Oskar and Zaire up the steps into the Guesthouse which had been allocated to them. Simone was arm-in-arm with Chloe with Ian trailing behind and he listened to their excited chatter as they caught up with each other’s news. He’d never been allowed to enter the hallowed ground of the King’s compound in all the time he had been here and he felt distinctly uneasy at the experience knowing that uninvited females were even less welcome.

Simone knew nothing of the strict protocol regarding being in the King’s presence but Chloe did and rather than cause any embarrassment with Abioye about her being there uninvited she suggested to her mother that they went and looked at the female quarters where she had been living for the past 3 months. She discreetly steered her mother back the way they had come and left the men to themselves.

Professor Steeves who was billeted in the adjacent guesthouse was waiting their arrival and he greeted each one enthusiastically just like old friends. He was accompanied as always by his two young native ‘carers’ and other girls who all stood looking on wide-eyed as the welcomes were made.

“Good to see you … how was the trip? … you must be tired …. Come inside we have just the thing to get rid of those travel-aches and pains …. get yourselves ready to receive a ‘Lerotican Welcome'”

He gestured to his assistants to follow them and they entered a large room containing a few beds and some bowls of warm oil-scented water.

“It is traditional that travelers are received and ritually washed to expel all foreign influences before they are truly accepted in the King’s presence. These girls will perform that service.”

He nodded to the bare-breasted young girls who were all dressed in the ubiquitous short wraparound skirt and they paired off and each took the hand of their guests and led them to one of the beds. They had been well-versed about the strange western form of dress and had no trouble in dealing with the curious fastenings and buckles as they deftly unzipped; unbuttoned; unclothed the dusty travelers and soon Oskar, Zaire and the Bishop stood naked beside their allocated bed. The girls made noises of approval as they saw the sizes of the penises and had their words have been understood it would have been to hear that these young virgins were looking forward to the day when they could have such fine cocks inside their waiting pussies.

Ian who was lurking in the doorway with some of the older ladies of the tribe had learned sufficient Lerotican words during his time and knew exactly what the girls had said. He felt a stab of humiliation to hear such words from females so young and once again he was reminded that his little white dickie was never going attract such admiring comments from women and that they would always be preferring to have the cock of a black man. He felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to see Abioye who glared and told him in no uncertain manner that his presence within the King’s compound was not allowed. With a final glance he looked over the shoulders of the women into the bedroom and then slunk away back to his rightful place.

The girls each took a cloth and dipped them in the bowls alongside the beds. There was a distinct sense of this being a ceremonial ritual for they all waited for Abioye to command the men to climb onto their bed and to kneel down before they began to wash. The command was given and wet washcloths were wrung and then were gently applied and progressively from the head downwards wiped over their kneeling guest. There was much girlish giggling as they smoothed away any sign of dust and perspiration, they took great care to press themselves as closely as possible so that their little budding breasts brushed against the muscular backs and chests of their appointed guest and it soon became evident that this treatment was having a desired effect for all the girls nipples began to stiffen with each passing touch and the men could feel between their thighs their cocks were similarly beginning to swell.

Satisfied that they had covered every part they could reach the girls then instructed by use of gestures and sign-language that their ‘subject’ should lie down on their front. They discretely looked away as swelling cocks were positioned to be made more comfortable. Once settled the girls returned to their task and beginning with the soles of the feet and toes resumed careful washing to progressively work their way up to the point they had cleaned when their man had been kneeling. Great attention was paid to the buttocks and legs were pushed apart so that swollen testicles could be properly cleaned. The soft singing of the girls was accompanied by sighs of contentment from their appointed guest.

Abioye once again inspected their handiwork and he nodded his satisfaction which was the signal for them to guide their subjects to roll over. A chorus of giggles at the sight of three very stiff bobbing cocks confirmed that they were pleased that they were doing their work very satisfactorily. They once more picked up the washcloths and to the disappointment of all they studiously ignored the fat long penises which were being presented so brazenly and instead went back to the feet where again the slow ritual of cleaning began. Toes were parted, insteps massaged, ankles then calves dampened and washed; oh so slowly was the journey made toward the throbbing cocks. Knees, aching thighs and eventually the groin was reached and, at last, the long awaited touch of little girl hands was felt.

The washcloths were put aside and each girl lathered up her hands with the oiled sweet fragrant water. There didn’t seem to be a set ritual to the next phase of the ceremony for any pretence of order was forgotten as the girls grasped and began to stroke the impressive erection of their guest. It was clearly something of which they were very practiced for they needed no further instructions from the watching Abioye as they expertly wanked the fat cocks. There was no sense of it being a contest to see who would be the first to squeeze out a climax but there was a squeal of triumph from Zaire’s girls when he grunted as his spunk fountained from his pulsing soapy covered cock. The Bishop and finally Oskar followed suit and the air was filled with cries of satisfaction from all as the waves of their orgasms pulsed beneath the hands of their young attendants. The girls were much impressed at the evidence of their good work and the washcloths were retrieved so that the pools of cum and the sloppy softening cocks could be finally cleaned off.

Abioye pushed his way through the mothers who had been looking on approvingly from the doorway, so proud that it had been their daughters who had been selected for the honour of supplying the ritual cleansing. He clapped his hands to dismiss the girls and once more inspected the prone bodies of the visitors. Satisfied with what he saw he then said in his broken English, “Gentlemen you have now been cleansed of your foreign ways; welcome to Lerotica.”


The visitors settled into their various quarters, the women into the unmarried female huts; the brothers in the men’s compound and the principals, Oskar, Zaire and the Bishop, in the more well appointed Guest lodge inside the King’s compound.

In contrast to the original arrival of the research group they were all welcomed without any suspicions or animosity by their temporary hosts, especially toward the excitable western women who in their ‘schoolgirl uniforms’ looked to be a curious sight to the young native girls in the hut who had never seen anything quite like them and who were itching to be allowed to try the provocative clothes on for themselves.

The Brothers were a little more reserved in their demeanor but, nevertheless, were afforded the respect that they expected from what they regarded as their potential recruits to the church’s teachings. The unmarried tribesmen in the hut initially viewed their guests with more curiosity than anything else but when on changing out of their dusty travel clothes it was revealed these strange western men had cocks that rivaled their own impressive dimensions (unlike the silly little nubbins of the white ‘boys’, Ian and Herb) an instant bonding was felt between these black men.

Chloe led Simone to the corner of the hut where she shared a bed with Lucy and showed her the cot that had been prepared for her stay. Simone was charmed that so much trouble had been laid on by her daughter and told her so.
“It’s lovely and so wonderful to see you again. Look at you; I can’t believe you look so well. I thought that you would be living in some kind of squalor and here you are living in the lap of luxury. I hope that your Dad has been keeping an eye on you,” she said with knowing smile.

Chloe laughed, “Oh Mom, it’s hardly luxurious but it’s been wonderful and we have everything here that we need and the people are lovely; so friendly and so helpful. Lucy and me couldn’t have made better friends. The girls in the hut really have been looking out for us all the time we have been here and we have learned so much and I’m sure that Dad and Herb have been having a good time in their own way too.”

It was then that Simone realized she had yet to see Chloe’s erstwhile inseparable companion Ingrid. “Where’s your Swedish friend; hasn’t been a*****ed has she?” she said with mock horror.

“Ha, sort of; she spends most of her time with the King. He took a shine to her since the day we arrived and although she was very much the Professor’s ‘special girl’ he said it would be a good idea and a courtesy if she went and stayed around him rather than living here. She’s been having the best of times and she has only occasionally been sleeping here. That’s her bed you’ve got.”

All the while they had been talking their strange western way of speaking had been listened to intently by a gaggle of curious native girl onlookers. The half-naked young girls waited for the conversation to pause and then when Simone looked around to see them standing there they took that as a signal to move in and ‘help’ her undress and divest herself of those odd looking western garments. The ‘helpers’ were equally fascinated by the different fastenings that held the clothing together, the buttons, zips and especially the clasp of the front fastening bra. They were even more fascinated by the pure whiteness of this older lady’s skin and the fullness of her breasts. Simone made no protest as black hands pored and stroked over her tits. No, no protest at all. She decided that their short stay in Lerotica would be very comfortable indeed.

Soon the new arrivals were clad only in the traditional wide wrap-around belt masquerading as a skirt that tied at the waist and ineffectively failed to come below the pussy of the wearer. A few rows of beads around the neck and soon they were indistinguishable from their curious hostesses.


In the guest lodge the girls were called away by their mothers leaving the professor and his guests to get dressed. They went out onto the veranda where they laid out refreshments and soon the men emerged into the afternoon sun to find drinks awaiting them. With the agreeable sight of the half-naked young girls and their bare-breasted mothers tending to domestic tasks before them Oskar, Zaire and the Bishop settled down to listen to an update on what had been achieved regarding the study into racial attitudes between different cultures.

The professor was quite enthusiastic as he reported on different aspects. How the women had been more accommodating toward each other than the men; how the tribesmen had initially had reacted when they saw the overt ‘gayness’ of the two white men but had accepted and embraced this new type of relationship; how all the tribe had been fascinated by the technology that Tyrone had introduced and installed around the village; how, despite this assault and exposure to western ways, that their strict codes of conduct had remained intact.

He emphasized that the cultural clash hadn’t been all one-way for his report would be reflecting on the insistence of maintaining virginity before marriage but, curiously, how masturbation was encouraged particularly mutual masturbation between same sexes. He had a section in the report devoted to the exquisite carving of sex toys by the women who produced the most realistic looking cocks of all shapes and sizes that could be used by the females of the tribe to satisfy their needs and ease frustrations.

Oskar’s ears pricked at hearing this; sounds like a business opportunity for the specialist department of the Rhino store back home, he thought.

“However, the main thrust and conclusions of the study has been the total domination and influence that the King has on his people and they are all in thrall to his wishes and his guidance. There is no such thing as democracy as we know it and it has been seen as a perfect example of acceptance of black dominance by an alpha male. I need to conduct further studies of the data we have collected but I believe we shall gain some valuable lessons on how to conduct ourselves with regard to spreading the Rhino culture on our return home. Anyway, that’s enough about work, let’s settle down and enjoy our last few remaining days here. I can assure you that tomorrow and the celebration of King’s Day is going to be quite the thing and will give you a few special memories to take home with you.”


‘King’s Day’ dawned and the village awoke filled with excited anticipation at the thoughts of the celebrations that would be held later when the sun would be tracing its path back to the horizon.

The day began much like any other in the various huts and compounds. Regardless of it being a day of celebration Menfolk still had to arise early to go and tend to their cattle; Mothers still had to awake their sleeping daughters to get them to attend to their father’s wishes before they left the huts; the same mothers would playfully chide their sons for playing with their cocks rather than getting out of bed to help with chores. In the unmarried men’s’ hut Ian and Herb were huddled together feeling drained after having spent another night of entertaining their hosts and over in the female huts there was an atmosphere of calm and contentment as the young girls and women helped each other prepare themselves in the most intimate fashion bahis şirketleri for the day ahead. Simone was still in thrall to the way her daughter and her friend Lucy had fitted in so well to this alien way of life and she understood why they would be sad to leave this paradise behind.

The professor was awoken in his usual fashion by the soft hands of his two young attendants. It didn’t take long to jerk him awake and as he felt his cum splash onto his heaving stomach his following thought was how he would miss this attention once he had returned to Hawksville. As they dabbed at the mess they had created he mused as to whether there might be a way to promote these delightful young ladies to come back home with him on a sponsored educational program. He reluctantly dismissed the idea at the same time as he told them to go and wake Oskar, Zaire and the Bishop.

In the King’s bed chamber another ritual was being played out as Ingrid straddled the fat thighs of the fat King and impaled herself on his fat cock. She wriggled and shimmied and let herself down to swallow up the stiff black penis into her wet pussy, a pussy that was still wet from the copious amount of spunk that the King had sent her off to sleep with the night before. He was insatiable and for the past couple of months had whenever a gap had appeared in his busy schedule had summonsed her to come and attend to his needs and satisfy his fascination for this blonde white Scandinavian girl. She was his every dream and he couldn’t get enough of possessing her; feeling and sucking on those big tits, licking and nibbling her stiff nipples, feeling her trying to suck in his huge cock by her red-lipped mouth and, ultimately, for her pink shaven cunt to envelop his ever ready stiff penis.

The King’s attendants who were standing by the bed watching Ingrid performing her ‘wake-up duty’ had mixed feelings about her. On the one hand they were fascinated at the sight of watching the King’s black cock sliding once more into the contrasting white pussy of this western beauty and their fascination was belied by them playing with their own slippery slits and tits as they listened to the sighs of pleasure but, on the other hand, they would be glad to see her gone so that once again they might get a greater share of the King’s attention. Since he had taken her as his favourite their role had changed to become mere ‘window dressing’ and to provide him with stimulation by entertaining him with displays of lesbian love. Nothing wrong with that but, oh my, how they longed to feel once more the delight and pleasure of that royal shaft.

Unsurprisingly, the King did not share his attendants’ wishes and his thoughts as she expertly caused him to blast his cum into her willing womb were more in the direction of how he would cope without the presence of this foreign white female being at his beck and call. Such a dilemma and typical of the knotty problems that he had to deal with on a daily basis as leader of the tribe.
The scene was set and the throne was placed centrally on the Dias overlooking the large open area in front of the King’s palace. Everyone had dressed in their best clothes which in truth didn’t look much different from their everyday wear maybe just a little more elaborately decorated. The women had d****d themselves with every item of beaded jewelry they owned; the men had donned the penis gourds which with their rich decoration only served to emphasis the size of their impressive black cocks.

The visitors had also made an effort and the professor, Oskar, Zaire and Seydou were similarly dressed in cotton linen pants which were loosely tied to allow freedom of movement. The Bishop and the Brothers wore their clerical robes and looked magnificent; the ladies had washed and smoothed out their ‘uniforms’ and with their hair dressed in bunches and pigtails really looked the part of being schoolgirls (Oskar was most impressed); Simone, Chloe and Lucy had adopted the native -style of dress which amounted to little more than a wide brightly coloured Pussy-Pelmet and a profusion of beaded necklaces which d****d over their bare breasts. “My Mother has really embraced and got into the ethnic way of life,” thought Chloe.

Herb and Ian who were standing at the back of the group of westerners had both been commanded by Simone to put on their best frilly French Knickers so that should they have to remove their shorts at any time that everyone could see them for the Sissy Boys they really were.

On his throne sat the King who looked upon the gathering throng with an expression of distained amusement. As ever when he settled his considerable bulk on any kind of seat he sat with his legs spread and it was of no surprise to any of his subjects to see his equally massive cock dangling down between his pudgy thighs. Indeed, it was a matter of protocol that he exposed himself such in order for the villagers to be reminded from time-to-time of his stature and status.

Ingrid who was bare-breasted sat to one side of him had no need to look and be reminded for she had as his favourite companion frequently been given a demonstration of just how powerful this leader could be! On the other side and looking very pleased with herself was the out-going ‘virgin’ who this day had completed a year of privilege at the King’s pleasure and whim. She likewise had many memories of the King’s stamina which she was looking forward to sharing with her mother when she was freed to return to her family home.

The other invited guests arrayed themselves behind the King’s Throne and positioned themselves so that they could get a clear view of the open space in front of the Dias. Villagers, Men, Women and youngsters of both sexes were on the other side of the space and formed a natural pathway through which the soon to be expected parade of celebrants would pass. Everyone was in a high state of anticipation of witnessing (and hopefully participating in) the parade which would soon be passing between them for today was the day when the King would be selecting the most suitable, to his eyes, virgin who would become part of his court for the next year. It was the highest honour that could be bestowed on any girl and those who were eligible had spent hours preparing themselves and making themselves as attractive as possible so that for this year they might be the one.

Seydou was beside himself with excitement, He had researched this event and he knew he was going to be in for a visual treat, as would everyone else, when the young girls processed in front of the gathered crowd. He checked and re-checked that his cameras were primed, focused and ready to capture the scene. Already in his mind he had a chapter drafted of the planned publication titled as ‘Black Innocence’.

Tyrone had used his expertise to set up an outdoor sound system and soon the air was filled with a combination of the familiar strains of Rhino-inspired music and that of native drums being softly thrummed by some of the young men of the tribe. As the steady beat began to swell all attention was turned toward the gateway to the compound and murmurs of appreciation began to be heard above the music as the head of a column of young girls appeared dancing rhythmically to the beat. There was clearly some pattern of choreography to their movements and had the westerners asked they would have learned that the dance was a unique expression of the girls’ availability to their King. It was only performed at this ceremony and no other. Indeed, for the girls to be swaying in such a provocative fashion at any other time would have caused much displeasure and offence to the conservative mores and the strict moral code of practice of the tribe but for this special day, well, there were no holds barred.

The girls were in single file each one lightly holding the waist of the girl in front. As they progressed toward the Dias it could be seen that they were clad in only an arrangement of the beaded necklaces and waistbands and cuffs. The necklaces more elaborate versions of those usually worn by females and they rested nicely on top of the budding tits. Around the wrists and ankles were matching cuffs of fur embedded with small bells which gave a sweet tingly-sound each time a step was taken in time to the drums. The most striking feature was the waistband which really was not a band at all but really just a thin string of beads which had a small ‘curtain’ of beads which just came down to ineffectively cover the smooth slit of the wearer. They looked utterly charming as they processed and came nearer and passed between the attentive audience.

The Professor looked and saw the effect the sight was having on the waiting crowd and he surreptitiously mumbled into his Rhino phone so that he could record his observations so that they could be included into his report. At the same time Oskar felt his cock beginning to swell (once again!) at this fresh sight and made a mental note of his own that this was another piece of ethnic clothing that ought be stocked by the Rhino store. Seydou fumbled with his cameras not knowing which way to turn; what to capture; what to entitle what was going to be a fascinating chapter of his proposed book

The head of the column reached the spot opposite where the King was sat and with no signal given stopped their slow march and the leader detached herself from the grip of the girl behind and stepped, or rather shimmied, toward the Diaz. Once in front of the King’s full gaze she began a slow rotation and once her back was presented to him she leaned slightly forward so that her delightful rounded bum d****d by the beaded curtain was in full view to his lustful eyes. She completed her rotation and then still stamping her feet in time to the drums she moved to the step of the Diaz and kneeled down, bowed her head and kissed the King’s cock. He gave her a smile of approval, patted her head and she stood up and with adoration shining in her eyes she returned to resume her place at the head of the column. She moved forward a few paces and the girl behind her let go and moved to perform the same little ritual making sure that the King could see all of her charms before she too knelt before the royal appendage to give a kiss of devotion. The watching crowd gave a murmur of approval as they witnessed the royal cock give a twitch as it began to swell.
This year there were twelve girls who met the criteria and were eligible to be presented to the King and for him to make his choice. They had to be over the age of consent (of course, why would they be anything else?!), they had to be off-spring of a mother who had enjoyed the King’s favour in the past (which meant most of the women in the tribe) and they had to be prepared to do whatever they were ordered to do over the next 12 months if they should become the ‘chosen one’. The conditions were quite simple and had never been questioned for such was the honour of being selected that the girls would have gone to any length to become a part of the royal household.

The second girl returned to her place licking her lips and once again the column swayed forward and the next skipped to be in front of the throne where she went through the same process and being looked upon enviously by the others. The spectators on both sides of the passageway were also looking on with varying emotions. The mothers who were so proud at seeing their daughters going through the moves they had so patiently practiced together; the young men who were looking approvingly at this rare display of young female charms and they showed their appreciation in the time-honoured fashion of the tribe by softly masturbating their own stiff cocks much to the amusement of their own parents and other onlookers.

One by one the girls approached the King to pay their special tribute and by the time the last pretty young thing in the procession had resumed her place the King’s cock was straining to an upright position and causing his elaborate loincloth to appear as a pulsating tent! The column of girls continued to gyrate in perfect symmetry presenting a delightful sight as they processed toward the end of the path before returning to once again to shuffle past the Diaz with everyone keeping a close eye on the King to see if he was to reveal who he had chosen.

The line stopped and the girls all turned to face the King but still continued to softly stamp their feet in time to the drumbeat and the background hum of the ‘Rhino Music’. Everyone became relaxed as they felt the sound effects wash over them and a murmur of excitement swelled as they saw the King being helped to his feet by his ever-present big breasted female attendants. They stood either side of him and each took hold of his loin cloth and held it up which allowed him to take his stiff cock in hand. He slowly turned one way and then the other until the fat bulbous head was pointing at his selected virgin. He nodded his head and she gave a squeal of delight and came to him and dropped to her knees and in accordance with protocol wrapped her hands around the fat penis and once again gave him a kiss of appreciation and devotion. The two attendants stepped down and helped her to her feet and then bought her up onto the Diaz to stand alongside the King. She gave a shy wave to her proud mother who knew she would be seeing very little of her daughter for the next year.

The westerners had been charmed at the sight of these young girls in all their native finery which so effectively enhanced their desirability. Oskar and the others had been stimulated by the display and all felt within their loose pants that their cocks had stiffened appreciatively. The ladies from Simone to the youngest ‘schoolgirl’ were also feeling a little excited at what they had observed not just from the sight of the dancing half-naked young girls but more from the blatant display of those young black cocks being so openly masturbated. There was another element that was causing their arousal and that was that unbeknown to all the visitors the refreshments that they had been copiously drinking to allay the effect of the tropical sun all contained the Lerotican special herbs that Oskar had previously experienced. For the men it was like liquid Viagra; for the women it just made them feel warm and wet and the need to have something stiff and big inside their pussies. Oskar obliged Simone who casually leaned forward and held onto the back of the throne, spread her feet and then gasped as she felt his cock slide into her. Such was the festive atmosphere and with everyone thinking of doing something similar nobody took any notice or made a comment.

The King, his new apprentice, his attendants and Ingrid left the stage and retreated into the palace. They would not be seen for a couple of hours at least. His departure was a signal for the orderly ranks of spectators illegal bahis to descend upon the trestle tables that held dishes of all manner of strange looking foods and dishes that were filled with the special cordial drink that had already been sampled. It didn’t take long before all segregation was ignored and inhibitions were lost. The schoolgirls made a beeline for the young men they had observed wanking throughout the parade and they took them to one side of the compound where shrubs and trees provided a little cover from the prying eyes of the boy’s mothers. It was not that they had any reservations about, as they hoped, being fucked by these native boys but they were respectful of the cultural differences and didn’t wish to be accused of doing anything that might spoil the professor’s research conclusions.

Lucy and Chloe watched Oskar with amused interest as he thrusted in and out of Simone; it was nothing that Chloe hadn’t seen before but she had to admit it was an extra excitement to see her mother dressed just like one of the native women being ravaged by a fat black cock out in the open air and seemingly without a care in the world.
The two girls continued to watch until one of the brothers at the Bishop’s behest came over and whispered that the Bishop would be grateful if they would select from the friends they had made during their stay native girls who would be agreeable to receiving the Church’s special blessing that was bestowed upon new converts to the Church of the Black Staff’s teachings. Chloe knew exactly what the coded message meant and went and found four of her new black friends who were delighted at the suggestion even though they had no inkling or interest in anything to do with Westernized religion. They were just interested in the opportunity of being able to get up close and personal with a black cock that wasn’t attached to one of their tribesmen, a complete no-no as far as unmarried women in their culture was concerned.

The group moved over to another shaded area where the Bishop with Lucy and Chloe at his side made ready to offer any required assistance as the brothers all lifted their brown cassocks to expose their rampant stiff cocks. The native girls looked upon them with a mixture of shock, amusement and great interest but were unsure of what they were expected to do. Lucy and Chloe joined them and then led each one by the hand and demonstrated the art of fellatio while the brother being served chanted a prayer of blessing. Chloe had a sufficient grasp of the Lerotican language to explain that it was the greatest honour to cause the brother to ejaculate ‘the Devil’s seed’ and thereby cleanse his body. The black girls were only to pleased to comply and each earned one or another of the brothers’ gratitude.

Afterwards Chloe and Lucy had what they thought was the better part of the arrangement as they took turns to lick the dribbling spunk off of the heaving tits of the new initiates. When they paused to take a breath they looked up to see Seydou pointing both his Nikon and his stiff cock at them and he really didn’t know what to do deal with first.
The drumming ceased given that the drummers had put their instruments to one side and were now happily involving themselves in the carnal activities into which the celebrations had morphed. A soft thrumming from the Rhino sound system was a perfect accompaniment to the movements that were going on; indeed, it was the hypnotic messages that were being broadcast together with the narcotic effect of the drinks that had caused all inhibitions to be cast aside.

Professor Steeves mantra of ‘we must do nothing that offends or runs contrary to Lerotican beliefs’ was soon forgotten as the double stimulants of the Rhino ‘music’ and the d**gs took hold. All around there were scenes of fucking couples, threesomes, black on white and every combination of relationships that could be imagined. Grunting, squeals and cries of passion filled the air as one after another climaxes were reached and multiple orgasms were felt and fountains of cum were ejaculated.
Simone had received her third load of cum from, who, she wasn’t sure, when she noticed Ian and Herb standing looking on nervously from the sidelines. At some point in the proceedings both had lost their shorts and were wearing just their lacy French knickers which she had insisted that they put on earlier. She felt a momentary pang of pity that she hadn’t paid him any attention during the course of the evening and beckoned him over. “Aw Baby, have I been ignoring you? Come on give Momma a hug … ” she paused, “…. and then get your sorry ass down there and clean me up,” she said spitefully.

Ian scuttled to do as she commended and fell to his knees and dipped his head between her spread thighs. As she felt his tongue begin to lap at her slippery cunt she looked with half-hooded eyes at Herb, “Why don’t you have yourself a little play with that pathetic little dick of yours while you watch your friend; you know you want to.”

Herb complied and pulled the gusset of his knickers to one side and fumbled to stroke his stiff little dickie. He knew that when they got back to the sanctuary of the hut and their bed that Ian would encourage him to fuck his arse. The very thought made his cock extend to its full 4 inches.

The night descended into a tableau of utter depraved interracial depravity and the beauty of the situation was that come the morning that nobody involved would remember a thing and, more importantly, the professor would have a complete mental block of events and nothing that happened would cause the data from his beloved survey to be affected.


The following day dawned brightly and was greeted with mixed emotions and confusion by, well, almost everybody. The westerners of both sexes felt extremely sore and drained; the tribes people sensed that ‘things’ had occurred which should not have happened. Young men were confused by the slick juices that was evident on their tender cocks; fluid that they knew was not like the cum they usually smeared themselves with when they ejaculated. Young women, the unmarried ones, sensed that their treasured tight pussies had been opened up beyond what their carved wooden dildos would have caused. Mothers felt an unfathomable sense of pride as flashbacks of seeing their daughters being fucked by these strange western gentlemen blipped through the headaches they were suffering. Yes, everyone (all but Oskar that is) was feeling very confused when they tried to recall yesterday’s events but, at the same time, they felt very, very satisfied.

However, despite the headaches everyone worked through their pains for this was the day that the visitors would be leaving Lerotica to return home. There was much to do what with retrieving and packing equipment that had been installed to record and direct the activities of the research team and there was also much exchanging of gifts amongst the scenes of sadness when the farewells were being made.

The black tribes people had forged really close relationships with their visitors and any previous suspicions they held when they learned of the imminent arrival of their ‘guests’ had long been forgotten. Similarly the western visitors were filled with many mixed emotions when they said their goodbyes for each and every one of them had been overwhelmed by the experience that proved that beneath the skin they were all much the same in their desires and respect for a happy life.

Oskar observed the tearful farewells and didn’t like to break the mood by admitting that actually it had been the Rhino equipment that had been instrumental in influencing a lot of the behaviors. Certainly the professor would not have been pleased to learn that his precious programme of observing cultural customs and differing sexual practices had been compromised by outside interference!

By midday everything that could be packed had been stowed on the bus that would be taking them back to Johannesburg and Oliver Tambo International airport. Everyone was made to check for the umpteenth time that they had their passports and other essential personal and, at last, they were ready to go … but where the heck was Ingrid?
The professor was about to go and investigate when the answer was provided. Approaching from the direction of the Royal compound was a small procession led by Abioye. Behind him was the obese King who was taking careful slow steps and at his side the elusive Ingrid. Following him were his two ever-present statuesque black bare-breasted handmaidens and, making her first public appearance and looking a little looking overawed at her new situation, the chosen virgin of yesterday’s celebration.

Ingrid looked far from being overawed; far from it she was her usual resplendent self, her blonde hair tumbling over her shoulders to rest upon the mound of her bare and generous breasts. She was still dressed (or ‘undressed’, depending on one’s point of view) in the native style and she looked most regal as she held the King’s arm as they came toward the waiting bus.

The party came to a halt and Abioye approached Oskar and said in his broken English, “The King he come and say goodbye and wish you well for journey home. He wants to thank you for your visit and hopes you have been happy. The King he say he wants jong vrou Princess Ingerid to stay.”

Oskar smiled, “We thank the King for his good wishes and we are grateful for his generous hospitality but Ingrid must return home. She has many duties to perform and … (this was stretching the truth) … her people need her to guide them.”

Abioye conveyed a rough translation to the King who spoke no English. Oskar sensed his master did not look happy as he digested the message.

“The King, he is very sad to hear this. He say she can have good life here in his land.”

Oskar had been well aware of the King’s fascination for Ingrid long before he had left Hawksville; it was an observation that Tyrone had dutifully reported in his weekly updates. He was also aware that their departure might cause a ‘diplomatic incident’.

Oskar smiled again, he knew full well what kind of ‘good life’ was being referred to and that the attraction of Ingrid was that she was white and an expert in fucking and sucking and performing any other sexual perversion that might be requested. He gestured to Ian and Herb who were standing at the back of the bus, “Bring me that large packing crate … and be careful how you handle it.”

He turned back to Abioye , “If it pleases the King, I have another who will perform all the duties he has enjoyed in her company.”

Ian and Herb struggled to carry the box over and set it down. Printed on the side was the Rhino Logo and the legend ‘Rhino Animatronics’. “Open it,” commanded Oskar.

The two ‘gays’ tore at the fastenings and the cardboard packing pulled aside and there was a collective gasp as a perfect replica of Ingrid was revealed in the form of the top-of-the-range adult doll.

The royal group came closer and the King shook off Ingrid’s hand and concentrated all his attention on a perfect duplicate of the white girl who had been his constant companion for the past two months. True, there might be a lack of sparkle in the eyes, maybe a certain subtle difference in the skin color but from what could be seen of the seated doll, it looked to be an exact copy. The full soft breasts; the long limbs; the full pouting lips of the vagina covered by a downy blush of pubic hair. The King was clearly fascinated by this extraordinary object.

“If it pleases the King, we will be grateful if he will accept this gift as a token of our gratitude.” He stepped forward and from a box in the base of the packing crate extracted a small remote device and switched it on. The doll immediately rose to its feet and the light came into its eyes as it focused on the King. Oskar touched a button on the control and ‘Ingrid’ took assured steps toward the open-mouthed King.

“She will do whatever pleases you and will never get tired,” Oskar said, “We hope that this will compensate for us all having to leave you.”

The King made no reaction, already he had dismissed from his mind everything and everybody around him, all he wanted was to take this new treasure back to his palace and to enjoy what was clearly going to be a unique experience.

The royal party gathered together and between them assisted the doll to walk back along the track from whence they came. Already their visitors, including the real Ingrid, had been forgotten as the villagers followed and vied to look at the King and his new favourite.

Oskar ushered everyone onto the bus and with leaden feet they clambered aboard looking back wistfully at the paradise they were about to leave. Ingrid was weeping softly as she took her seat alongside the professor, she was distraught that she had been dismissed so thoughtlessly by the King with whom she thought she had a special relationship. The professor could have told her that from his analysis of his data he could have predicted that’s exactly what was expected but he didn’t; he was just relieved that he had her back again to be his own special girl.
The bus drew away leaving everyone on board to mull over their thoughts and to contemplate the prospect of the overnight drive back to the airport. Thank goodness for the soothing effects emanating from the Rhino sound system to make the journey more agreeable.


Angela was at her desk and engrossed in her filing tasks when her computer gave a ping to indicate a new email had been received. She opened the message and read the confirmation from her boss Zaire that advised he had begun his journey back from Africa and expected to be back in the office in two days time; please could she ensure that she had a report that detailed the outcome of her visit to the State penitentiary.

Angela blushed to be reminded of the afternoon that she had spent at the local prison. She had gone there by arrangement at the suggestion of Bishop Erasmus who believed that the inmates there required and would benefit from the support and the comfort that the gospel of the Church of the Black Staff could provide. Before he left to join the mission to Africa he had set up a meeting for her to liaise with the prison governor who had no hesitation in making all the necessary arrangements that would allow her to pass through security and for her to meet with a selected band of prisoners.

As was normal with any initiatives involving the church, a press release was issued on the church’s website to let the world at large know what was happening with spreading the word of the lord. Suzi Recreant who constantly monitored all sources of news picked up on the release and thought straightaway what a great subject the visit would make and to be featured on her Broadcast News channel. She contacted the church and enquired as to whether she could accompany whoever would be making the visit and report on the event on her nightly news broadcast.
What followed was now history but, yes, Angela blushed whenever she recalled what had happened on that momentous visit.


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