Our New Neighbors – Ch03: Matt Takes a Dip

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Okay, since the response to the first to chapters has been so terrific, I’ll definitely keep posting. This chapter is really hot, though my favorites are ALL yet to come. Enjoy! And I’m reading the comments, for sure!

After skateboarding at the park all morning, I skated another mile home and was ready to collapse from the heat and my own exhaustion, as usual. Just as I was about to turn into the driveway, my younger sister Clara came bounding out of the house in her two-piece bathing suit with a towel in her hand. I’d been gone most of the last few days and had no idea what she’d been up to, since we didn’t get along particularly well and paid little attention to each other’s lives. To my surprise, Clara stopped and invited me to join her for a swim at our new neighbors’ house across the street. I wasn’t even aware that she had met them, let alone become fast friends.

“Who even lives there?” I asked.

“A girl named Alyssa and her dad,” Clara said.

“How old’s the girl?” I asked, suddenly interested.

“She’s only twelve, you fucking perv.”

I shrugged and said she couldn’t blame me for hoping. I was soaked in sweat, so a quick dip sounded great. I had left my only swimsuit at my best friend Finney’s house, but I figured I could improvise. “Okay,” I said, “let’s go for a swim.” I kicked my board up into my hands and followed Clara across the street.

My sister is incredibly hot for 13. My friends ask and talk about her all the time. She looks her age, I guess, but her body is really something else. She has the best ass I’ve ever seen on a girl her age, or almost any age. And her tits, though not huge, just kind of stand out and announce themselves. Still, she was my sister, so her attractiveness had serious limitations – not the least being that we could barely stand each other except rare moments when one of us – usually her – broke character and behaved civilly.

We walked around back and entered through a gate in the familiar, solid wood fence that surrounded the pool behind 1307 Flemming Street. We had swam in that pool on and off for much of our lives, since our parents had been friends with previous residents, so I was glad for the fresh connection to 1307 and its pool.

Clara’s new friend was laying out on a deck chair when we entered. Clara introduced me as her “sometimes-cool brother Matt.” When Alyssa sat up, I noticed how pretty she was, but I didn’t think much of it, since she was too young to pursue. And I was mostly just interested in cooling off and getting back home to play some Xbox or practice my guitar. I haven’t really been interested in tween-aged girls since I was a tween myself, mostly because I now get plenty of action from girls my age or even a little older. So the fact that Clara was very cute, or that she was wearing a skimpy bikini and had sweet little tits barely struck me. Her dark blonde hair, blue eyes, delicate facial features, modest curves – that was all well and good, but the sun was pummeling me from above, and to be blunt, I was only interested in girls who were more likely to put out without much fuss or complication.

I’ve never had any issues with modesty. Frankly, for a while now, I’ve liked to show off my body – I know girls are into my ripped upper torso and my cock, which looks impressive even limp inside my boxer briefs. So I just removed my socks, sneakers, t-shirt and shorts and strode over to the edge of the in-ground pool to dive right in wearing only my underwear. Clara dove in, too, but she quickly climbed back out and sat down on a deck chair to work on her tan.

I swam a single lap across the length of the pool and back. When I arrived back in the deep end, Alyssa was jumping in. She hit with a splash and then came bobbing back up, adjusting her bikini top. I caught just a refracted glimpse of her little tits through the chlorinated water before she hurriedly covered. “Oops,” she said, not really seeming embarrassed. I pretended not to have noticed, which I think actually bothered her.

I swam over to a big tube that was floating near the side of the pool and started to climb onto it, but before I was very far out of the water, I felt hands on my shoulders. Alyssa was playfully climbing onto my back, pulling me back into the water as a result. I laughed slightly and reattempted my climb onto the tube. This time I felt a hand grab my dick through my boxer briefs, gently but unmistakably. I didn’t really know how to respond, so I just kept climbing. That’s when Alyssa started pulling my underwear down, which took me by complete surprise.

Rather than let her undress me, I let my body fall back into the water. I turned to face Alyssa, who smiled at me deviously. “So you wanna play rough?” I asked her.

“Is there any other way?” she responded.

With that, I grabbed at her bikini top and pulled it up, exposing her left breast under the water. She giggled and pulled it back down before submerging her head and swimming around me underwater. Again, she tried for my waistband, but I deflected her attempt to disrobe me. I struck back with another grab, this time taking a handful of her ass, which was plump for such a small girl, but also well-toned. Alyssa’s head immediately popped back out of the water and she said, “Hey!” Her playful protest at my grope was halfhearted.

“Fair’s fair,” I said.

Alyssa got squarely behind me, and for some reason I didn’t bother turning around to face her. She swam right up on me and wrapped her legs around mine, pulling herself close. Then she reached right down my shorts and grabbed my dick, squeezing gently.

“Wow,” she said, “if this is what it’s like in cold water…”

I reached around behind us both and planted two hands squarely on her ass cheeks, squeezing firmly as I kicked with all my might to keep us both afloat. Then I grabbed both sides of the back of her bikini bottom and pulled them into her ass crack, forming a makeshift thong. My effort at buoyancy was futile, and we both sank. Alyssa let go of me underwater, and I turned to face her as we both broke above the surface again. This time when I reached around her with my left hand, I grabbed a handful of bare ass. Alyssa groped me again through my underwear. Now my cock was getting chubby; I was totally excited by this little exchange.

Alyssa swam away from me, but I pursued. She went and stood in the shallow end, which was nearly up to her tits. She pulled off her bikini top and threw it poolside. “You want these?” I stared at her little breasts, glistening bahis firmaları wet. “Come and get them.”

Just then Clara laughed from her chair. I had forgotten she was even present, and suddenly I grew self-conscious and froze. Reality settled in quickly. “What the fuck?” I said. “Is your father home?”

“Nope,” Alyssa replied with a broad grin. “And he won’t be for a while. Not that he’d care.”

“Well,” Clara called out from her chair, “what are you waiting for, Matt?” I swam over to the shallow end and walked right up to Alyssa. I reached out and took one little tit in each of my hands, then pinched her nipples hard.

“Ouch!” she said. “You really do play rough.”

“Is there any other way?” I asked.

Alyssa giggled and turned to run away, but I lunged at her from behind. I put an arm across her shoulders and pulled her back to me. With my other hand, I reached down in front of her and grabbed her pussy, which had only the thinnest coat of short pubes. I pulled her bathing suit aside and dug my finger in between her cunt lips. Protected by her oversized, immature vulva, her girl slime had yet to mix with pool water. Alyssa dropped beneath the water to get away from me and swam back out toward the deep end. Again I pursued.

Alyssa made it to the ladder and started climbing out. I treaded water beneath her. She halted at the top step and pulled her bathing suit bottom out of her ass crack. Then she tugged it aside to show me her whole crotch. I quickly made my way to the ladder and climbed out, fully aware that my big, rock-hard cock was bulging behind my soaked boxer briefs and poking up past the waistband. I was somewhat self-conscious that my sister could see my hard on, but again my general immodesty won the day.

I strode toward Alyssa, who was facing me. She saw my package and her expression changed from playful to cautious. She held out her arms and said, “Okay, that’s enough.”

“Enough? I thought we were just getting started.”

“Well, I’m not really that kind of girl.”

“What kind of girl? You mean you’re a tease?”

“Fuck you,” Alyssa spat. I knew I was being pretty harsh, especially since this girl was just 12. But I couldn’t help feeling manipulated, and maybe her age made the humiliation in front of my own sister that much sharper. But Alyssa seemed genuinely uninterested in going any further with me. “You can’t just have your way with me because I flirted with you a little.”

“You call that flirting?” I was aghast. “I can’t imagine what actually hooking up is for you, then!”

“I don’t ‘hook up,’ asshole. I told you I’m not that kind of girl!”

Now Clara chimed in, throwing me for a loop. “Don’t believe her, Matt; she’s a total slut.”

“Am not!” Alyssa said indignantly.

“You know she wants it, Matt!” Clara persisted. I looked over at her. My sister looked dead serious. Her sudden camaraderie was strange but welcome.

I looked back at Alyssa. “Do you want it?” I said, my eyes fixed on hers.

“Want what? Show me what you’ve got?”

I proudly pulled my thick, 8-inch cock out through my fly. I had been with five girls already, and all of them had told me what a big dick I have. I loved watching girls’ expressions when they saw it for the first time. I looked over at Clara first. Her jaw was dropped.

“Pfffft,” spat Alyssa. “That little thing? Please…”

“Little?” I said. “What are you calling little?”

“Hell, I was sucking cocks bigger than that when I was ten!” she fired. “Give me a break.” Alyssa started walking back over to the shallow end, apparently to retrieve her top and end our little game. I was frustrated and outraged.

Inexplicably, Clara still seemed to be on my team. “Don’t let her get away, Matt. She’s just fucking with you.”

I followed Alyssa, who picked up her pace. “Get that little prick away from me, loser!”

Now I was angry. My hormones were raging, and I hated the idea of being teased. With Clara as my apparent ally, I picked up my stride, fully aware that I looked foolish running around the pool with my dick in hand. Alyssa scooped up her bikini top and continued her lap until she reached a towel spread out on the cement next to Clara’s chair. She collapsed face-first onto the towel and started putting her top back on in a hurry. “Sorry, you didn’t catch me. Game over.”

“The hell it is,” I said, now standing above her, still holding my engorged cock.

“She likes it up the ass, Matt,” Clara said. I looked up just in time to see my sister tossing something at me. I caught it reflexively: a bottle of sun block. “For lube,” Clara said.

“I only let real men fuck my ass, Clara,” Alyssa said defiantly. “I don’t think your brother qualifies.”

I pulled my underwear off, but then I hesitated. I couldn’t really tell what I should do next. I had never had anal sex before, even though I would have loved to try it. I didn’t think any of the girls I’d been with could take my thick cock up their butts, or I would have pressed the matter. And here was this petite little 12-year-old. How on earth could I fuck her in any hole? But if she and Clara were serious, and Alyssa had in fact had anal sex – why the hell not with me?

Alyssa finished tying her bikini top back on. “Oh, give me a break,” she said. “Put that stuff to some real use and rub it into my back, will you?”

Still standing, I squirted a generous load of white, creamy sun block onto Alyssa from above. It looked sexy drizzled all over her back and legs. I knelt down and started rubbing it in, as she had asked, but I got distracted in a matter of seconds as I massaged the creamy substance onto the exposed corners of Alyssa’s ass cheeks.

“Oh, Jesus Christ, Matt, you fucking wuss,” said Clara. “Just do it!”

I scooped some of the lotion off of Alyssa’s legs and rubbed it onto my cock. Then I pulled Alyssa’s bikini bottom aside and rubbed some around her asshole. Her only response was a disappointed-sounding “Oh, God.” I poked one finger into her butt. She didn’t flinch. I tugged her bikini crotch aside a little more and brought my cock to bear against her ass.

“Here we go,” Alyssa said, looking up at Clara, sounding despondent. “Watch this.”

“Yeah, Sis,” I said, “watch this.” With that pronouncement, I heaved my weight forward and sent my cock into Alyssa’s upturned anus. It glided in with surprising ease. If Alyssa responded to my entry, it was too slight for me to notice. I pushed farther inside. The feeling was intense; tight kaçak iddaa and warm; I loved it.

“Fuck her, Matt!” Clara yelled out. “What are you waiting for? Show her what you’re made of!” I started pumping in and out, burying more than half of my cock in Alyssa’s young rectum with each forward motion. Clara cheered. “That’s it, Big Brother, give it to her!”

Alyssa still wasn’t responding. She held her fingernails up in front of her face, indicating boredom. That drove me insane. How could such a tight young slut be anything but writhing in pain as my thick prick punctured her asshole? I fucked her harder and faster.

Clara’s commands continued. “Spank her ass, Matt!” I took the suggestion, giving Alyssa a sharp smack on the butt.

Alyssa declared with exaggerated uninterest, “Oh, Matt, you’re so hot.”

“Pull her hair, Matt!” Clara exclaimed. Again I obeyed, taking two fists full of Alyssa’s long, wet blonde hair and tugging her head back forcefully as I continued to plunge in and out of her sweet little ass. I don’t know how long I lasted, but it wasn’t very long. Before I knew it was happening, my balls clenched up and I started to come. I buried my cock deep and pumped my seed right into Alyssa’s butt. When I was finished, I was panting, my body overcome by a sudden wave of fatigue.

I let go of Alyssa’s hair and slowly withdrew from her. I suddenly realized what had just happened, and another stroke of self-consciousness overcame me. I had somehow failed to impress Alyssa with my size, and now I knew both girls had the upper hand to ridicule me.

“See?” Alyssa said to Clara as she pulled her bikini bottom back into place.

“Yeah, you’re right. I owe you ten bucks,” my little sister said. I didn’t dare ask, but Clara was cruel enough to explain as I staggered to my feet. “See, Matt, Alyssa bet me that you wouldn’t last a whole minute in her ass, and guess what?” My little sister held up a watch. “I guess she was right,” Clara continued. “Boys your age aren’t worth shit when it comes to sex.”

What I think the girls hadn’t expected was that my cock would remain fully hard even after ejaculation. But there I stood, naked to the world, dick hard as ever. “Oh yeah?” I said. The girls looked up at me, squinting through the midday sunlight. Clara put on her sunglasses to get a better look at my stiffened manhood. “Care to go double or nothing on that one? I’ll even throw twenty more into the pot myself. Hell, win or lose, you can have my share, Sis.”

I looked my sister up and down as she lay on the beach chair, one knee raised, her arms at her side. Her swimwear was nothing remarkable, far more conservative than Alyssa’s. But it held nicely to her astounding shape, and my longstanding attraction to her was materializing right then and there. I began stroking my cock while I gazed at her tits. Clara was unlike any of the girls I had fucked. They were all “skate betties” and punker girls. Clara was different. She was an achiever. She dressed nicely and walked around with her chin up. She was the kind of girl my buddies and I fantasized about, though she was a few years younger than the typical object of my desire. If she wasn’t a virgin, she didn’t flaunt her conquests. She seemed prudish and private, which made her all the more attractive.

“Just what do you have in mind, Matt?” asked Clara nervously.

Saying nothing, I stepped toward her and knelt down on the chair between her knees. I put one hand on her hip, the other at the top of her bent leg, and started pulling her toward me, raising her incredible butt up onto my thighs.

“Wait just a minute,” Clara said, squirming. “You can’t be serious…”

“Do I look like I’m joking?” I asked. “Are you ready to put your money where your big mouth is? Or should I put my cock there?”

“Ew!” Clara said. “I’m not going to suck your shit-stained cock!”

“I guess that decides it, then,” I said, grabbing at her swimsuit crotch.

“Oh my god,” Alyssa said. “You’re going to fuck your brother?”

“No way!” Clara said.

“Why not?” Alyssa said. Now she was in my camp? “You said you think he’s hot.”

I smiled widely. “Well, now, the secret is out. We both want each other. You know this has been a long time coming, Sis.”

Clara froze up. She looked over at Alyssa, who had risen to her knees. Alyssa looked at me. “Stick that big thing in your little slut of a sister, Matt.”

I bared Clara’s crotch and aimed my cock at it. My sister only responded by tightly clenching the sides of the chair with her hands. I took that as a gesture of invitation and sent my cock forcefully into her pussy. The warmth and tightness of Clara’s cunt were instantly sensational. Her cunt probably didn’t feel any better than those I’d fucked before, but knowing she was my sister made entry twice as enjoyable.

“Jesus Christ, Matt!” Clara said. “Take it easy!”

I ignored her. She and her little friend had ridiculed me, and now I was going to show them what I could really do. My first orgasm always came on fast, but my second one could wait twenty minutes or more – and it wouldn’t necessarily end there. She didn’t know what she had gotten into, but I was determined to show her.

The position we were in was awkward. I had to hold the small of Clara’s back in order to maintain my presence inside her. I knew we would have to readjust soon, but first I wanted to work my cock all the way into her cunt just to show her what she was in for.

Clara winced as I sent my tool deeper into her chamber. In contrast to Alyssa, my sister was unable to resist responding to my infiltrations, whether she was trying or not. She turned her head to the side and let out a loud breath. Then she gasped and said, “Oh, God, that’s fucking big.”

“You’re damn right it is, Sis,” I said. “And there’s plenty more to come.” I had about two more inches to bury. I pushed them in slowly.

“Fuck,” Clara said. “I don’t think I can take it all.”

“Oh, you’ll take it all, you fucking slut. This is what you get for saying I’m not a real man. You haven’t had a real man yet, little girl.”

Alyssa joined in to cheer on. “Fuck that fucking slut, Matt. Give her everything you’ve got!”

When our pubic bones finally met, Clara gasped. “Okay, okay, I believe you. You win the bet. The money is yours.”

“But you haven’t given me a chance, Sis. I’m not even warmed up.” I pulled out of Clara and started removing her bikini bottom. She reached down to block me, but I pried her hand off kaçak bahis and finished the job, tossing the little garment over my shoulder. My feet on the cement, I straddled the deck chair and raised Clara up by her armpits. She didn’t really resist, but her enthusiasm was minimal. I turned her around and let her kneel on the chair so I could enter from behind. The view of her butt was mind numbing. Never had I gazed upon such a perfect ass. It was exactly as I had imagined but never quite believed it would look.

I stood hunched over my sister now, my legs still spread, and put my cock right back in her tight little snatch. When my thrusts resumed, they were rhythmic and thorough. I wanted both girls to know the capacity of my cock. Clara finally started showing some pleasure. She moaned in time with my thrusts, her sounds getting louder each time I pumped. Several minutes into our modified doggie-style fuck, I pulled Clara’s upper torso upright, continuing to fuck her while I reached around in front of her and lifted up her bikini top. At long last, I was able to grope the tits I had only managed to brush up against or steal the slightest “mistaken” grab at over the last couple of years. Now they were fully in my control, and I massaged them like a pair of over-ripe oranges.

Now Alyssa joined in, first rubbing Clara’s pussy and then going down on it. Every once in a while her tongue or cheek met my cock, adding an extra thrill to my thrusts. For her part, Clara was in an obvious state of ecstasy. She moaned and screeched freely now, seemingly unconcerned that neighbors might hear her pleasure-induced wails. At one point I pulled my cock out of Clara’s pussy and fed it to Alyssa. The younger girl’s previous phony reluctance had evaporated, and she gobbled my prong voraciously. But she generously placed my dick back inside her friend’s cunt before too long, and I was glad to be back. Alyssa returned to her towel, laying face down on her arm so she could masturbate while watching us over her shoulder.

My legs soon grew tired, so I pulled Clara up and turned her around. She started to sit back on the deck chair, but I had a better idea. I guided her over to Alyssa’s towel and had her lie face down on the younger girl’s back. I spread both girls’ legs wide, each of Clara’s atop one of Alyssa’s, and delved my dick back inside Clara’s newly stretched snatch. I fucked her that way for about a minute before grabbing her ass and pushing her forward on Alyssa’s back a little so I could access the bottom girl’s asshole again.

Alyssa allowed herself to moan when I entered her this time. Clara egged me on. “Fuck that little girl’s tight asshole, Matt! Give her all that big, hard cock!”

Alyssa was still tickling her own twat, and before long she finally came. No longer holding back, Alyssa let out a long “Yeeeeeeeeah!”

After Alyssa climaxed, I rose up a few inches and reentered my sister’s pussy. I fucked her hard this time, feeling confident in my penile stamina, still intent on wearing both girls out if at all possible. Clara came again, but this time her cunt let loose a wild gush of liquid – an orgasmic response I’d heard about but never seen before. Her pussy juices ran past my balls and all over Alyssa’s ass and thighs. Some of it even trickled into Alyssa’s asshole, which had still not fully rebounded from my last visit. Alyssa was at least as turned on by Clara’s liquid orgasm as I was, crying out “Oh, fuck yeah, Girl!”

Newly lubricated, I redelivered my dick to Alyssa’s ass, fucking her with abandon now. “Cram my ass with that big cock,” Alyssa demanded. “Show me how wrong I was about you!” I started thrusting intently now, stabbing Alyssa’s little butt with nearly all of my cock. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she chanted in unison with my pushes, though her most satisfied noises came in between, as my cock steadily extracted from her ass. That was when she inhaled with an intent-sounding wheeze of pleasure. “Hemmmph. Yes! Hemmmph. Yes!”

Alyssa came again in no time, and I felt my point was finally proven. I was tired, and even though I had probably not wasted either girl, I could start letting myself go now. Clara climbed off of Alyssa as her younger friend climaxed that time, and now she was sitting back on her elbows, legs spread, awaiting my inevitable return. At last again I would be able to face my sister as I ravaged her young snatch. That was when I realized she was still wearing her big, rounded sunglasses. I really wanted to see her pretty eyes, but I thought maybe it was better that I couldn’t. After all, somewhere in this hot, spry young body was the girl I had protected and cherished despite all our differences and clashes. I wasn’t sure I wanted that sister to show her face, and I suspected she was somewhere in Clara’s conveniently shielded eyes.

I climbed back onto my sister, holding my upper body on my arms, and started fucking her in a push-up missionary position. Clara was loving my cock now; she didn’t seem interested in hiding it. I stared directly at Clara’s tits below her pulled-up bikini top. Even though she lay on her back, those tits kept remarkably good form, almost as if they contained implants, which I knew they did not. Wow, what an amazing body my hot little sister is blessed with. I wondered for a second how much bigger her chest would grow, how much hotter her whole body would get as her teenage years continued.

As I watched Clara’s tits shake beneath me, I could feel another orgasm of my own approaching. Worn out, I didn’t think I could keep up my current pace much longer. I looked over at young Alyssa. She was gently rubbing her crotch while she watched me gore my sibling with all eight inches of my swollen wand. Clara was nearing another orgasm herself – and just on time, too. As she started whimpering loudly, I declared that I was ready to burst: “I’m… going… to… come…”

Clara interrupted her own climactic mantra of moans. “Jesus, Matt, don’t come inside me!” I wanted so badly to let my seed loose in my sister’s hot twat, but I thought better of it. That pleasure would wait for another day. I quickly pulled out. Clara replaced my cock with her own fingers and continued into her climax as I stood above her, aiming my cock at her face. I fired a salvo of spurts onto her face, including a voluminous glob that cascaded right across her sunglasses, the pearly white slime contrasting against gleaming black plastic. The rest of my load spat down onto her neck and tits.

I sat back, breathing loudly, gawking at my cum-varnished little sister. Turning to Alyssa, I said, “I believe we each owe Clara twenty dollars.” Both girls laughed, and all three of us dove naked into the pool.

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