Our College Student Learns More

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As previously told, Chad, an 18 year old college student chose to board with my wife and me during the current school year. From the beginning there was an obvious attraction between Jan and Chad. Since I really loved my wife but could no longer totally satisfy her sexually, I hinted they get together. Chad was inexperienced, a serious student, and very uncomfortable around women. This all changed when Jan taught him his first sex lessons.

My thrill was my hot wife fucking me immediately after fucking Chad and hearing her very thorough description of their rendezvous. In fact Jan was so good with words, I could get hard just from her descriptions. We both enjoyed this fantasy.

One Saturday morning after a passionate love making session the night before, I could easily sense her sexual needs had not been satisfied. So I mentioned errands to run and would be gone till afternoon giving her a sly smile. “You were great last night but I can tell you wanted more and did a lot of faking. Maybe you could find some satisfaction this morning my hot wife…

“Dennis, you amaze me. You are so open about my sexual desires. I do love you sweetheart.”

The rest of this story is as told by her to me…

Now I knew Chad’s Saturday morning routine included bringing his clothes down to get washed. I needed him badly. Just the vision of his beautiful full cock dampen my panties. Oh, why am I like this? I seem to need it so often and at my age. Is this normal?

I slipped on some flimsy bikini panties and a blue wrap, a little make up, some “Passion” perfume, powdered my nipples, and began doing the dishes. Sure enough, shortly Chad breezed by the back of me with his routine arm full of laundry.

“Good morning Jan, you sure look very good this early obviously observing my bikini covered ass. Where is Dennis when you need him? Ha!”

“My boy, Dennis is away for the morning and I am so lonely. I need some male companionship real bad. Know of anybody available?”

“Why yes, seems I feel the same way and need more expert instructions.”

With that Chad came up behind. His arms entwined around my waist and he slowly kissed my neck. My head leaned back as I moved his hands up to cup my breasts. Oh this etiler escort feels so very good. I want Chad in me but first must tease him a little.

He pressed closer from behind. With Chad being dressed only in his sweat shorts, I could feel his hardening cock pushing against my ass. Seems he was ready for some love making too!

I suddenly turned and in a low voice reminded him this should be purely professional and it was time for lesson


“Your right but I am getting really getting hot.”

“I notice”, staring at the growing size of the bulge inside his shorts.

Taking his hand we moved into the bedroom and facing each other our eyes told the story.

“Today I will teach you how to please your mate orally.”

With that I untied my wrap. Then I was on my knees directly in front of his manhood. Slowly I pulled his shorts down and off. There it was. A magnificent long, full youthful cock hardening for some action. Chad’s eye were also huge. He couldn’t believe what was happening. I carefully held his beautiful meat, admiring every inch.

Taking his balls in my hand, I caressed them softly, then leaned forward and gently began licking up the shaft to his marvelous crown. After tonguing the crown I took it into my mouth and felt Chad urging me on. Now I rubbed his fully enlarged organ against my tits. His pre-cum dampened my nipples. STOP! Back to ‘class’.

“Sweet boy, I hope you’ve learned how important it is to really please you partner. Now it’s your turn.”

I laid out on the bed, spread my legs provocatively, opened my arms and beckoned Chad.

“Kiss me deeply then work your way down. First my neck, then under my breasts, suck my breasts , and down to my stomach.”

With that my young college student was surprisingly gentle. Hovering over me, his lips found mine and our tongues entwined in this love ritual. Now he found my neck, then the underside of my hot tits. “Oh yes suck my titties.” Chad played no favorites sucking each while his tongue played with my hardening nipples. I was beginning to lose it. Must gain control.

Now I gently urged him down to my stomach. His mouth was wonderful!

He looked up fatih escort at me and smiled.

“So far this has been just heavy petting, now your ready,” I teased. “Continue on for my promised land.”

He smiled then softly kissed my pussy through those soaked panties and at my command, pulled them down and off. He gasped, “oh you are so beautiful. I want you so badly Jan. I need to devour your luscious woman hood.”

“Chad, its important that you take your time and tease your lady. Very slowly kiss and tongue my mound of Venus and pubic hair, then skip over my pussy and work up my inner thighs.”

He learned quickly and soon was slowly and deliberately mouthing up my inner thighs. Chad was at last facing my fully excited pussy lips.

“Use your imagination now, but remember don’t be rough. I’ll let you know what feels good. In my pussy you will find a little lump which is my clitoris and it’s very sensitive. Be especially gentle. Massaging or nipping it is a real turn on but not too rough. Chad softly fingered my sex lips, then slowly inserted a finger into my cunt finding my love button..

“Yes my young lover, that feels good, that’s it, a little more pressure right there…”

“Now you need to replace your finger with your mouth and savor my sex with your taste and smell…”

Chad needed no further directions. My novice 18 year old’s face was positioned almost touching my sex lips as his hands cradling my ass cheeks. He inhaled deeply and lifted me to him. The aroma of my natural female scent and perfume was obviously so intoxicating as he visually savored my awaiting cunt. At the touch of his tongue on my engorged, frothy pussy, I trembled with anticipation.

I could not believe what was happening. I was the one losing it and my young, horny male, Greek god was totally in control!

“That’s it, right there, more pressure, no not that hard, use your tongue more- oh yes that’s it, don’t stop, ohhh Chad darling, I’m cuming.”

I suddenly lost control of my body. I pushed his face deeper into my cunt and at the same time stiffened and screamed totally out of control.

Never having seen a woman cum before, Chad was concerned. “Are fındıkzade escort you all right? Did I hurt you?”

“Oh no my young lover. I just had the best orgasm I’ve had in years. You were simply wonderful but now I know you’re unfulfilled.”

Chad raised up from between my legs, his face still smeared with my spent nectar.

“Take me please,” I asked.

His neglected but throbbing cock was suddenly plunging into my pussy. Soon he was losing it and frantically thrust again and again deeper and deeper. Suddenly I could feel him tense, he moaned loudly, then his warm, thick cum flooded my love channel.

I felt totally filled and in a state of euphoria as his pumping continued until he too was finally exhausted. Embracing in each other’s arms, I felt his softening slimy cock pop out with a slurping sound. . My young spent lover rolled over on his back, totally relaxed. His spent penis lying deflated but still very sexy, covered with our love juices.

“Are you sure you haven’t been getting some extra lessons from someone else? You performed like a master.”

“You bring out the best of me. You have taught me all I know and your all I’ll ever need.”

“No Chad, I am happily married and you too must find your own lover and someone your age.”

“Now it’s clean up time, ladies before gentlemen” I then leaned over him admiring his beautiful, soft, slimy cock. Taking it in my hand I sucked as much as I could into my mouth then tongued him dry, consuming the taste and smell of our new sex.

“Now it’s your turn.” I motioned him between my spread legs exposing puffy, pink vaginal lips still covered with his cum.

For the first time he bulked.

“Now I cleaned you off good- you aren’t one of those macho guys who don’t finish up are you? Turn about is fair play.”

“It’s just that…..” I interrupted him by guiding his face to my womanhood, then with a little more pressure he was there. I felt his tongue do its magic as his lips were tasting his own cum, I would expect, for the first time.

Ummm was all he could say. Finally I was totally cleaned off. He raised and we kissed passionately one more time.

That afternoon, at Dennis’s urging, I gave him a very detailed description of what we did. He couldn’t hold back, became totally hard, and fucked me like 25 years ago. My sex life can’t get any better than this. A loving, understanding, sexual husband and a young lover who can totally satisfy me and willing to learn more and more.

I do know though, this utopia will eventually have to end.

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