Orgasmic Ride

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Adriana POV

There it was! The best roller coaster ever. It was over 200 feet tall, with a loop included, and you had to stand for the entire ride. It was beautiful and wonderful. I couldn’t wait to ride it.

“No way,” Javier, my boyfriend exclaimed, while staring at the monstrous coaster in front of us. “I am not going on that,” he continued.

“You’re such a wimp,” I whined. “I have to have a partner. I can’t ride by myself.”

The way the ride was set up, it required that two people stand on each car, both facing forward. The person in the back would hold onto the person in front, while the person in front held onto the stabilizing bar. Both riders were strapped together and buckled in.

“Ian can go with you,” Sharon, my step-brother’s girlfriend offered.

I looked at my step-brother, with his 6’3′ frame and muscular arms, his shaggy brown hair falling just slightly into his sapphire eyes. To some, he might appear attractive. To me, he was just my stepbrother.

“I’ll go,” he stated. “I kind of wanted to ride this thing myself.”

We stood in line, trying to decide who would be in front, and who would be in back.

“I think it would be better if you were behind me,” I said. “You can hold onto me better than I can hold onto you.”

“Okay, that’s fine,” he replied, still watching the roller coaster.

A half hour later, we were standing on the platform. When the coaster screeched to a stop, I got butterflies in my stomach. I was so excited to ride this thing. It was the first 2 person seater stand up roller coaster ever. It consisted of 4 small pods attached to each other. Signs indicated that the taller person was to ride in the back, while the shorter person should be up front. The shorter person’s feet did not touch the ground, but handles were provided on the inside of the pod cover to hold onto. A belt strapped around both people, fastening them tightly against one another. Although I wasn’t too eager to be that close to Ian, it was a price I’d have to pay for riding the best coaster ever.

The attendants waved us over, and we entered our pod. Ian stepped in first, straddling the seat piece and letting the attendant adjust it accordingly. He was on his tiptoes when the ordeal was over, but the attendant explained that the force of gravity would cramp his legs up if he didn’t stand that high. Then, the attendant helped me up. I had to take a minute to laugh at Ian. He had on these short, girly shorts that Sharon had bought for him. He was so whipped. As I held the attendants hand and began to lift my leg over the seat piece, I regretted my choice of not wearing panties with my white sundress. Until this moment, the thought of this problem did not occur to me. I figured it was too late now, so I swung my leg over. I shivered from the cold contact, but followed through. As we were belted together, we were pressed tightly against one another. My dress was pushed up, and my bare cheeks were pushed firmly against Ian’s crotch. As I was about to protest to the whole thing, the attendant closed our pod. I decided I should just suck it up and ride it out.

All of the other patrons were taken care of, and then the roller coaster roared to life. As the roller coaster climbed the escort ataşehir first gigantic hill, I thought maybe I should have stuck with my prior decision. I guess he was excited about the roller coaster also, because I could feel every bit of his “excitement” pressed against my butt crack. If we wouldn’t have been so close together, I wouldn’t have even noticed.

Ian’s POV

I couldn’t believe that being that close to my stepsister on this ride would have me so turned on. I was excited to ride the coaster, so that may have added to the pressure, but having my stepsister’s ass pushed against my junk was not doing me any favors. As we neared the top of the hill, Adriana was pushed even more tightly against me. I was suddenly sorry that this coaster had a reputation for being the longest roller coaster ride on the east coast. I just hoped that this ended well.

Riding up the hill was bad enough, but the ride down made it worse. I was pushed against Adriana as the ride moved along. She held onto the handles as my body slammed into hers. These stupid short shorts I was wearing were no help with my problem. I could have cursed Sharon for convincing me to wear them without underwear. My hardon was getting worse as the ride moved on. Going up and down the hill was moving me back and forth over the seat, again and again, pushing against Adriana, then moving me away from her. The repetitive contact was making me grow. I was so hard already, I didn’t think I’d last the length of the ride.

As we descended the first hill and my body slid even further into my stepsister’s, my cock rubbed up and down against her bare ass. As we began to climb the next hill, she pushed back into me.

Panting, she said, “We might….have a pr-problem.”

I knew exactly what she meant, since I could feel myself becoming more turned on. The coaster quickly descended the hill. The throbbing in my groin was becoming unbearable. I needed to cum. Soon. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold on.

Now, we had hit some loopdeeloops. We tousled around so much, I didn’t have time to evaluate the situation. When we hit a short stretch of straight track, I quickly discovered that my cock must have popped out of my shorts. The effect Adriana’s ass was having on my cock increased tenfold. I was beginning to lose interest in anything other than taking care of my desperate need.

I looked ahead, hoping that the ride was over, but that was wishful thinking. We sped down another hill, and from what I could tell, my cock had firmly wedged itself between Adriana’s supple cheeks. The movement of her body around my cock had me shaking with the overwhelming need to release. As much as I didn’t want to deal with the aftermath, I was going to cum. Soon.

I was in the process of convincing myself that everything was okay when we began ascending another hill. My cock was suddenly warm and wet. It was when I heard her that I realized what had happened.

“Ian?” she asked, barely audible over the roar of the coaster.

“Yes?” I asked, guessing at what she would say.

“You’re…..ahhhh….inside, oh,” she stopped as her body shuddered, “inside me. Please don’t cum. I’m not on the pill.”

Her words had me gritting my teeth, kadıköy escort bayan trying to fight my body from doing what it so badly wanted to do. My balls were tingling, and I had 3 hills left to endure.

“I’ll try, but I can’t promise….What are you doing?”

I asked, surprised by what was happening.

As we approached the top of the hill, Adriana was wriggling her body and gasping, as my control dangled by a very short thread.

“Oh, you feel so good!” she screamed, pushing me further inside her. I was not going to make it. “You’re making me want to, ahh ohh, I can’t even think,” she said as her canal gripped my cock tighter. I was losing control, and she was making things worse.

At the hill’s crescendo, she started screaming. I felt her warmth clench my cock in a death grip, as warm juice spurted onto it. I might have been able to hold out, but the downward motion combined with her moans and screams resulted in me losing every bit of control I had fought so hard to hold onto.

As the coaster made its way down the breathtakingly high hill, I had the most amazing orgasm of my life. I thrashed and bucked the best I could, hoping to free myself from my stepsister, but it was no use.

“I’m cumming!” I screamed as she held onto the handles and threw her head back in ecstasy. Stream after stream shot into her awaiting womanhood.

“SoamIsoamI,” she screamed. “I can’t take it! Oh, yes, fuck me Ian. This feels wonderful.”

She didn’t have to tell me twice. All inhibitions went out the window as I prepared to have the ride of my life. We had begun to climb the penultimate hill, and I was far from finished. I reached around and plunged my hand into her dress. Her C cups, which I once thought of as small, filled my palm perfectly. I pulled at her rock hard nipple the best I could. My other hand traveled down her stomach aiming for a lower destination.

“Stop,” she moaned, her body struggling to move from side to side. “If you touch me there, I might explode.”

Those words were all it took for my cock to expand inside her, hardening once again. Just then, the ride came to a halt. We were on the middle of the hill, and all I wanted to do was piston in and out of my stepsister’s hole.

“Attention riders,” the voice on the PA blared, “this problem will be rectified in a few moments. No need to be alarmed. Please bear with us. Your ride will resume momentarily.”

No one had to tell me twice. While my hand had been still during the announcement, it now traveled to Adriana’s button of joy.

“Please,” was all she managed to vocalize before I was tracing light circles around her button. I had no experience with her body prior to now, but it felt like it was bursting for release as much as I was.

Although I didn’t want it to, my body began rocking from side to side, pistoning in and out of my stepsister as much as possible. We were in very close contact, and the most movement happening was when she would shutter and lean forward slightly. I so wanted to just pound into her. I could feel precum leaking into her depths. She was moaning in ways that had me aching to blow my load. Suddenly, my body had a mind of its own. I began to use what little contact I had escort bostancı with the floor to jump up and down. It wasn’t much, but the movement was providing us with much needed stimulation.

“You. Are. Amazing!” she screamed as her pussy clenched my cock and made me gasp.

As she clenched, I came down from a jump. My body was on overload, but It felt amazing. Surges of pleasure were washing over my body. I bucked, and thrashed, and spurted. I came so much, I felt like I was peeing.

“Oh, yeah. It’s happening,” I shouted, as my seed shot into my step-sister multiple times. I couldn’t stop. I was still cumming. As one orgasm seemed to end, another began. I couldn’t talk. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Guys could not be multiorgasmic. What was going on?

“Oh, Ian, I can’t ……even……breathe,” she whimpered. Each time that I spurted, her body writhed around on me. I knew she was experiencing multiple orgasms as well.

The ride roared to life. Moving up the hill had pushed Adriana back against me, and we just stayed as still as possible. We were completely exhausted and scared to move.

As the coaster began to descend, her body clenched around me once again.

“Don’t do that,” I breathed, afraid of passing out if my body once again responded to her touch.

“I’m not!” she yelled. “Ah…………oh………..m-my body…’s doing that…….all by…….by it…self.”

She pulsed around me, and I was okay for a while. Suddenly, though, I felt the blood rushing to my second brain. Now I was in trouble. This should not be happening. One more hill. One more hill. I could only hope we’d make it before I let loose yet again.

Going up the next hill, her body pulsed around me involuntarily, but neither of us had the strength to do much else. My body was asking me to allow its release, but my mind was fighting it. I contained myself on the way up the hill, but as we went down the hill, my body pushed all the way into her, making her scream and shudder.

“Oh no, not a….gaaaaaiinnnnnnnnn!” she screamed, as she threw her head back and moaned uncontrollably.

I could feel her all around me, pulsing and vibrating. I was growing and twitching inside her. I tried to hold onto my handle bars and pull myself back, but gravity pulled me right back into her. I was losing the battle, and fast. We were now at the bottom of the hill. Maybe we’d make it. I began to let my guard down. We were almost there. As the coaster came to a sudden stop, it jolted her back onto me. I screamed out from overstimulation as I emptied what little spunk was left into my step sister. She bucked and moaned and thrashed as she orgasmed one last time.

As the attendant came to unlock our pod, he looked at us suspiciously. I wonder if he’d figured it out. As she stepped out of the coaster, my member came out of her with a pop. I followed her out of the ride area, adjusting myself as discreetly as possible. When we reached the ride exit, our dates were standing there, looking at photos from the ride. Oh no!

“Was that coaster fun?” Javier asked.

“Why?” I asked.

“We’ve been watching for quite awhile, and your coaster faces could be misinterpreted as sex faces,” Sharon said.

“Yeah,” Adrianna answered. “It was orgasmic.” With that, she reached her hand behind her and grabbed my package.

“It most certainly was,” I said, as I discreetly pushed her hand away.

I couldn’t wait until this trip was over. Adriana and I had some exploring to do.

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