One Thing Leads to Another: Hey! That’s my Ass!_(1)

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Christine and Maria are driving to a house party Maria was invited to by one of her co-workers. Christine is an 18 year old white girl with long blonde hair which she wore braided into pigtails. Maria is a couple of years older, Mexican, and on the thin side with shoulder length black hair.

“Who’s party are we going to?” Christine asked.

“You don’t know them, it’s this guy Roberto’s apartment. Him and this other guy Juan live there, they’re cool. They work in the kitchen at the pizzeria. It’s one of their birthdays but I forget which one,” Maria explained. They drove for another five minutes before arriving at the entrance of the apartment complex.

“Is this it? These apartments look fucking shady, Maria.”

“Why? ‘Cause everyone is Mexican? Racist,” Maria teased.

“Whatever,” Christine responded while rolling her eyes.

“You won’t be the only white person there. My friend Jeff, from the pizzeria, is going to be there too.”

“The stoner? Great…”

They pulled up, found a place to park and headed up the stairs toward the front door. Maria gave a light knock and walked in. There were about 25 people standing around drinking and smoking. Maria walked around introducing Christine and chatting to people she recognized.

“Dude, I don’t know anyone here, where the fuck is Jeff?” Christine asked.

“He should be here, it’s already ten o’clock.”

“Sup bitches?” Jeff said as he walked up behind both girls and smacked their asses.

“Jeff you asshole!” Maria snapped.

“I know, It’s my burden. By the way I found out that it’s Juan’s birthday. He’s turning 29,” Jeff filled the girls in.

There was some Spanish music playing and a big spread of Mexican food in the kitchen. Jeff had the munchies so he grabbed Maria, made his way over and grabbed a plate. Christine was now alone and noticed two men walking over to her.

“Hey, I’m Juan, what is your name?” Juan asked in a thick Mexican accent.

“I’m Christine, it’s your birthday right?”

“Yeah, thanks for coming. So how you know Jeff?”

“He gives me and Maria some pot every once and a while. Mostly he just tries to get into Maria’s pants but fails every time,” Christine said as she nervously looked around and didn’t see Jeff or Maria anymore.

“Hahaha Jeff is so fucking stupid… Are you mixed with something? You look like you could be mixed because you’re so tanned,” asked Roberto.

“No, haha, I’m just a white girl.” Christine noticed Roberto had an accent as well but it was very slight compared to Juan’s. He was also younger, 24 maybe, and taller.

“My English is not so good, you speak Spanish?” Juan asked.

“No sorry, I only know the bad words,” Christine said as she laughed.

“So Christine, you want to get high? It’s Juan’s birthday and I got something special for him. Do you want to snort some coke?” Roberto grinned.

“Um… Okay, I’ve never snorted any coke before but doing a small line sounds like it could be fun.”

Christine followed Juan and Roberto into one of the bedrooms. The room was small and barren. Against the wall, opposite the bahis firmaları door, was a queen sized bed with a floral comforter and a cluttered desk off to the side. There was also a couple of posters of women in bikinis posing with classic cars and a couple of glass bongs in the corner. Roberto walked to the desk and sat down while Christine and Juan sat on the bed.

“You are very pretty, how old are you Christine?” Juan asked as Roberto formed some lines from some cocaine he had cut up beforehand.

“Thanks, I’m 18,” Christine smiled at Juan. Roberto handed Juan a straw and Juan snorted up a line, he then handed the straw back to Roberto for his turn.

“Damn that’s good! Your turn now Christine,” Roberto said as he shook the bag in front of her.

“Yeah… But… Not a huge one,” Christine said nervously.

Roberto grinned, stood up and unzipped his pants. He pulled out his long thick dick, held it up with one hand and poured a long fat line along the length of his shaft.

“Here you go, snort it up girl.”

Damn, that’s a big dick. Damn, that’s a big line. I don’t think I can do that much. What if they get mad if I say no? Damn… What do I do now? I don’t want to piss off Maria’s friends. What have I gotten myself into this time… Christine thought.

“Well girl? You going to get high or what? Can’t let it go to waste. Come on now,” Roberto pushed.

Christine knelt down close to Roberto’s dick and took a deep breath. She started at the base and snorted all the way up to the head.

“Make sure you get it all,” Roberto said as he padded Christine’s head.

She went back and gave it another pass to get what she had left behind.

“Go ahead and lick the rest off my dick,” Roberto reminded. Christine slowly licked the residue off Roberto’s dick again starting from the base. When she reached the tip she got such an intense head rush from the coke she hardly noticed that Roberto had slid his cock right into her mouth. When she realized that she was now sucking on a dick, she tried to take it out but Roberto held the back of her head and slid his now stiff cock deeper into her mouth.

“Suck it girl, you know you want to,” Roberto encouraged.

I can’t believe I just fell for that… Oh well, It’s already in my mouth, fuck it. Roberto does look pretty good and his friend Juan isn’t bad either… Christine thought.

She instinctually closed her lips on Roberto’s dick and started to suck. Juan walked up behind Christine and reached for her hips to stand her up. Christine stood up and Roberto immediately pulled Christine’s head back down on his cock. Juan reached under Christine, unbuckled her belt and unzipped her pants. He reached in and started rubbing Christine’s warm mound over her cotton panties. Christine started moaning loudly as Juan found her clit. Juan took his hand out and pulled her panties and jeans down to her knees. He stood up and started to rub his hard dick on her warm wet pussy and tried to put it in.

“Do you have any condoms? I don’t want to get pregnant,” Christine quickly asked. Juan looked around and padded his pockets, indicating kaçak iddaa he didn’t have any rubbers. He shrugged at Roberto confused as to what to do next. Roberto paused for a moment as Christine looked up at him while still slowly stroking his cock.

“So you just want to use a condom so you don’t get pregnant right?”

“Yeah…” Christine looked puzzled.

“Pues chinga la por el culo guay,” Roberto told Juan in Spanish. Juan smiled and nodded his head in agreement. He put his thumb in his mouth to get it wet and pressed it into Christine’s asshole.


“We know, shut up and keep sucking,” Roberto commanded.

“But I’ve never done that before!”

“You’ll be fine girl, now shut up and just relax.”

Just relax? I just wanted to do a line of coke. Now I’m sucking a dick while another guy is poking at my asshole. I don’t know what they think is going to happen. Are they really going to try to fuck me in my ass? Christine thought as she bent over and put Roberto’s dick back in her mouth.

Juan started to rub her tight virgin muscle until she began to relax a bit. He straightened his thumb and slowly applied pressure until Christine’s tight pink anus began to open up. He wiggled his thumb a little until it slipped in.

Fuck I can’t believe I have a thumb in my butt right now. What the fuck? It hurts but it kind of feels good. But a dick is so much bigger than a thumb. But, but it feels so damn good though… Christine frantically thought.

Juan slowly moved his thumb in and out causing Christine to suck on Roberto’s dick harder and faster. He could feel Christine’s anus squeezing his thumb tightly and he knew she was ready. He slipped his thumb out and pressed his dick into Christine’s primed asshole. Juan began to enter and his hard cock stretched Christine’s ass out farther than it has ever been stretched before.

“OH MY GOD JUAN IT HURTS! PLEASE GO SLOW!” Christine pleaded loudly. Juan gently kept pushing his cock up Christine’s virgin ass inch by inch until he was about three-quarters of the way in. Roberto gripped Christine’s pig tail braids at the base and was using them to guide her mouth along the length of his shaft.

Oh my God. I have a dick in my ass right now and it fucking hurts. I really don’t want him to pull it out though. It hurts so much it feels good. What the hell is wrong with me? Were Christine’s only thoughts.

“You like it in your culo, puta?” Juan asked rhetorically as he thrust his dick deep into the young tight ass in front of him. Roberto pulled Christine’s tank top and bra up flopping out her well developed breasts and started rubbing and squeezing her nipples. Juan pulled his dick out of Christine’s butt-hole slowly and waited for it to clench shut then he shoved it right back in hard.

“OH FUCK! That fucking hurt Juan!”

“You want me to do it again, slut?”

Christine hugged Juan’s dick tightly with her asshole and said, “Yeah… do it, do that shit again.”

“Hold up Juan, my turn now. I hope your’e ready for me girl,” Roberto warned. He switched places with Juan, put his kaçak bahis dick against Christine’s butt-hole and forced his eight incher up her young ass hard and fast.

“Oh shit yes. That’s so good. Do it again… Ram that fucking dick up my ass again,” Christine moaned.

I can’t believe I’m liking this… Im getting fucked in the ass and I fucking love it… I’m being such a damn whore…

Roberto did what Christine asked and shoved his cock back up her ass slapping his balls on her pussy. He started to glide in and out savoring how tight Christine’s teenage anus was. Roberto butt fucked her for a good ten minutes before he flooded her ass with his cum. Christine sucked Juan’s dick hard and cupped his balls massaging them. Juan shoved his cock to the back of her throat and Christine could feel it start to shoot globs of warm milky cum. It was the most cum she had ever had in her mouth.

Goddamn, he came so much… Okay you can take your dick out of my mouth now. Any minute now. Fuck, I don’t think he’s going to. I’d be such a slut if I swallow. I don’t even know these guys. I’m sure they want me too. Fuck it… Christine thought as she closed her eyes and gulped.

“Damn, good girl, that deserves another line,” Juan said out of breath. Roberto cut up some more lines and they all snorted again.

“After you clean up you make sure to leave those panties and bra here for my man Juan. It’s his birthday,” Roberto reminded.

Christine cleaned herself in the bathroom, left her bra and panties and walked back out to the party. She saw Jeff and Maria standing in the corner.

“Where were you Christine? You disappeared all of a sudden,” Maria asked.

“I was just huh, mingling” Christine responded trying to hide the fact that she no longer had a bra on. They decided to leave because the party had gotten dull. As they were walking to the car Jeff noticed that Christine’s nipples were poking through her thin shirt.

“What happened to your bra?” Jeff asked.

“I didn’t wear one,” Christine lied.

“Yes you did, I think I would have noticed. I bet you don’t have any panties on either. Who did you fuck? Did he keep your panties too? Come on Christine, who did you fuck?” Jeff interrogated.

“I fucked Juan and Roberto in his room and gave them my bra and panties, alright. They gave me some coke and I wanted to say thank you,” Christine explained.

“You snorted coke and they both fucked you?” Maria gasped.

“Yeah they both fucked me…in the ass. We didn’t have any condoms and I didn’t want to get pregnant,” Christine said defensively.

“You fucking hoe! Up the pooper? Hahahaha, did you swallow their cum too? What a good slut,” Jeff laughed.

“Juan came hella in my mouth, what am I supposed to do? I had to swallow.” Christine shrugged.

“Did it hurt?” Maria asked.

“Fuck yeah it did, it hella hurt but I liked it. It’s hard to explain. Like at first they went in really slow with their thumb and it was good. Then they were just ramming it in and that fucking hurt like hell but I still didn’t want them to stop.”

“You want to find out for yourself Maria? I’ll slide my dick up that sweet ass of yours,” Jeff offered.

“Um… No,” Maria quickly answered.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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