One Life 2 Live Pt. 07

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Chapter One:

Before Toby headed home, he made a quick stop into Quickie Mart for something to drink. The male employee named Billy who used to work nights with Toby and Leslie, now worked the day shift and stopped Toby by the Soda Fountain.

“Hey Toby. Did you hear?” Billy asked.

“Hear what?” Toby questioned.

“That Leslie and the boss man got fired,” Billy said.

“WHAT! How? Why? When?” Toby asked concerned.

“Today. You know the manager’s wife really owns this store right? She caught him and Leslie fucking this morning in his office. She fired the both of them and wants a divorce from her husband,” Billy explained. “Looks like your nights are going to be boring and dull with no big-tit Leslie around.”

Toby’s mood became somber.

“Thanks for the heads up,” Toby said sadly to Billy.

Toby finished his soda and walked out of the store just as Sofia walked into it. She slightly brushed her shoulder against his and gave him eye contact as she entered the store. She then pauses.

“Hi Toby… It’s Toby right?” Sofia questioned him. His heart started to pound really fast. His face turned red and beams of sweat rolled down his forehead.

“Yes… I’m Toby,” he replied.

“Listen Toby. I’m kind of having trouble with some homework in Science. Science is not my thing, so I was wondering if your not doing anything this weekend, you could come over and tutor me,” Sofia asked.

A blank stare came across Toby’s face, but in the inside, he was lighting up like a firecracker. His dream girl had finally asked him over, even if it was just for tutoring.

“Sure. I’ll be there,” he spoke confidently.

Sofia smiled gracefully at Toby. She pulled out a pen, took his hand, and wrote her address and phone number on his palm. Toby trembled a little bit by her soft touch.

“Great! See you then,” Sofia muttered as she entered the store.

Toby was happier then a fat kid locked in a candy shop. He felt like he was on cloud nine. Billy tried to talk to him, but he completely blocked Billy out of his mind and only had Sofia in his mind. Toby walked to his car, got inside, and drove off happy.

“Nice seeing you again Toby,” shouted Billy as he waved good-bye to his old nightshift buddy.

Chapter Two:

Toby made it home and went directly upstairs to his room without talking to his parents. He immediately typed Sofia’s number and house address into his computer. He thought about calling Josh and Marty over to tell them the good news and to view Miss Duncan’s sex tapes but decided not to let them see his new big cock fully aroused. He grabbed a box of tissue and a bottle of lotion. He popped a tape he hadn’t viewed yet into the VCR, sat back, and enjoyed masturbating, all the while thinking about going to Sofia’s house this weekend lingered in his mind.

Meanwhile, Sofia’s ex-boyfriend Tommy and the hot Asian Nelly were back at his house, engaging in some hot sweaty sex. Both of them were naked except for Nelly’s tube top, which nested nicely under her enormous breasts that flopped up and down as Tommy drilled his huge cock into her missionary style.

Her feet trashed in the air as a big cock overstuffed her tight cunt.

“Oh GOD! Ohhh! Ohh yes! OHHHH GOD!” cried Nelly.

Tommy bent Nelly’s legs all the way to her chest, got onto the bed and literally sat down on her cunt with his big dick still lodged inside. Tommy started roughly pounding her sweet cunt. His giant balls beat her ass like bongos. Her toes curled with every hard thrust. The bedsprings squeaked loudly as Tommy robed Nelly and jackhammered his cock inside her pussy.

“Unh! Unh! Unhhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!” moaned and cried Nelly with every impact from Tommy’s large member.

Tommy released his cock from Nelly’s pussy but kept her knees planted on her chest. He buried his face into her creamy wet cunt. He could taste his own cum and sweat mixed in with her pussy juices and cum. He licked and sucked on her sore pussy lips. He battered his tongue against her enlarge clitoris. He spit on Nelly’s cunt and watched the spit travel down to her anus. Tommy licked from her anus up to her clitoris and back down. Nelly moaned as he held the back of her legs and enjoyed Tommy’s tongue lashing.

“Oh God Nelly! You taste so good!” moaned Tommy as he planted his mouth on her cunt and sucked hard. His tongue probed the inside of her drenched cunt.

Nelly could feel another orgasm coming quickly. Tommy lodged his middle finger into Nelly’s anus while he continued to eat her pussy.

“OHHHHH! OHHHH FUCK!” Nelly cried.

He licked her pussy several more times before standing up, pulling his middle finger from her sore anus and slipped his big hard cock inside her anus and began fucking her. He grabbed her legs and pressed them against his sweaty chest. Nelly kept her hands under her knees as the big cock drilled her asshole.

He began sliding his cock in and out of her ass faster and harder. Her asshole started to loosen ataşehir escort bayan up with each thrust. Tommy couldn’t believe how warm her asshole felt around his throbbing cock. His balls swayed wildly on the bed sheets and against her ass cheeks. Her colossal tits rocked back and forth across her chest. Tommy reached down and squeezed her giant melons at the base. He hefted her tits up and nearly buried her own face with them. He released her huge tits and started to slap them from side to side. As he watched her tits sway, he thrusted his big dick harder and deeper into her anus.

Nelly’s facial expression was nothing more then her mouth wide open and her eyes bugging out. She couldn’t believe she was being fucked in the ass by an incredibly large dick.

“You like this! Don’t you bitch?” Tommy dirty talked Nelly. “Your asshole is so fucking tight and feels so good. Just like your pussy.”

Tommy slipped two fingers into her wet cunt while his other hand held onto one of her giant bouncing tits. He fingered her pussy and thrust into her asshole for several more minutes. Nelly had to cum and she did. Tommy was still hard as hell and wasn’t done with her yet.

He flipped Nelly over on her stomach. He lifted her up so she was in doggy-style position. He buried his face into her cunt and tasted her sweet juices. Nelly rubbed her pussy over Tommy’s mouth. Her enormous teardrop tits dragged back and forth across the bed. He had a handful of Nelly’s ass cheeks and squeezed them while he increased in speed in sucking her pussy.

He finished eating her pussy and pushed her back down on the bed on her stomach. Her gigantic melons bulged out from her sides. Tommy sat on the bed of her legs and rubbed his cockhead against her cunt. He increased the speed and Nelly moaned wildly.

“Ohhh yes Tommy! Oh God fuck! FUCK ME!” cried Nelly. “I want you to shoot a big nasty load all over my face and tits!”

Tommy shoved his cock into her pussy, hovered over her body, and began thrusting. He grabbed Nelly’s shoulders tightly while he pounded her cunt hard. Her ass smacked against his crotch with each plunge. Nelly buried her face into the bed, cried and screamed. Her legs her kicking behind them and Tommy felt his balls ready to empty. Her grabbed Nelly’s arms and placed them behind her back like he was an officer making an arrest. He held onto her arms and crammed as much of his giant cock as possible in her pussy with slow thrust. He pulled his cock from her pussy and flipped her over on her back. He sat on her chest with her huge tits squished between his thighs and her chin tucked into her massive cleavage. Tommy jerked his cock off, moaned and groaned, and finally, he blew an enormous load all over her pretty Asian face and then soaked her gorgeous Asian breasts in his cum.

Nelly licked some of Tommy’s cum up from around her lips. He rubbed his cockhead against her big brown nipples and soaked them cum. He made sure his balls were completely empty.

Like always, once Tommy was finished, he tossed Nelly out on her ass, dressed or not, and pondered for his next easy fuck.

Chapter Three:

Toby just finished wiping up his third massive load of cum off his cock. He blew an enormous load while watching his Liberian Virginia Duncan, knead, fondle, squeeze, pinch, pull, lick and suck her huge basketball titties for 10 minutes straight. She mashes her enormous globes like bread dough and squeeze them into cone shapes. She dangles her massive monsters up close in the camera. Her areolas were large, bumpy and dark pink. Her nipples were small but rock hard.

She shimmied her shoulders making her large jell-o like boulders rock back and forth and flop up and down towards the camera. She even made her giants slap to make the sweetest sounds Toby has ever heard. He couldn’t believe that Virginia’s tits were the same size as Leslie’s back then and they look three times larger now.

A new scene appears on the TV. It shows Virginia wearing skimpy white panties and tank top, running through a sprinkler. Toby’s cock grew hard as he watched her huge tits leap up and down and nearly popped out of her top. Her tits were so heavy, that the thin straps to her tank top snaps and her enormous melons tremble out all soak and wet.

Suddenly, an instant message popped out on Toby’s computer screen. It startled him and he quickly zipped up his jeans, pause the video and headed over to his computer. He had a surprised look on his face at who messaged him.

“Amanda Wentworth!?”

Toby clicked on the message and read it.

“I heard you were good. Come to my house around seven. I’m working on a special project and I would like for you to be apart of it with your capability,” Sincerely Amanda Wentworth.

Toby didn’t know what to think or say. He was surprised that Amanda even knew who he was. Especially at their uncomfortable meeting during school today. But then Toby remembered her gigantic braless mound of joy and knew he had to go to escort kadıköy her house around seven.

Toby turned off the video and hid the tapes in his closet. He decided if he gets lucky with Amanda, he would need to save his strength.

Chapter Four:

Toby arrived at Amanda Wentworth’s house. It wasn’t to fancy nor poor. Just an average house Toby thought. He walked up to the door and knocked on it twice. As the door opened, Toby’s jaw fell to the ground. 5’9 skinny Amanda had opened the door and stood before Toby, only wearing a large red shirt with the McDonald’s M stretched across her gigantic braless energetic knockers and a pair of thick gray socks. Her freckled covered face smiled at Toby and she stepped aside to let him in. Her huge tits bobbed with every step and Toby tried not to stare at them constantly.

“Glad you could make it,” said Amanda as she closed the front door.

This was Toby’s first time ever going inside Amanda’s house, let alone speaking to her. Amanda wasn’t a social person, but heavy rumors around school is, she’s real easy to get in the sack. Amanda wasn’t the prettiest girl or stonewall ugly. Most of the attention she gets is squarely from her giant breasts. She hated to wear bras so she never wore them. All day in the hallways or wherever she walked, eyes would be glued to her tits like they were metal and their eyes were magnets.

Toby had no clue whatsoever why she invited him over to her house. He was nervous as hell.

“Follow me please,” Amanda asked politely.

She started going up a flight of stairs and Toby followed. He couldn’t help but to admire her tight little firm ass under the long red shirt. Her huge naked breasts swayed from side to side and Toby drooled.

Once they got to the top of the stairs, they headed down a hallway which obliviously led to Amanda’s room. Toby was still clueless on exactly why he was in Amanda’s house. He was so fixed on her big tits that he didn’t even bother to ask. She opened her bedroom door and invited Toby in. Toby went it first and his arm couldn’t avoid bumping into Amanda’s torpedoes-like breasts. His cock immediately sprung to life if it wasn’t already.

Her room was kind of plain looking. Nothing special. Toby felt odd about this whole thing and started to ponder if Amanda was planning on murdering him for accidentally bumping into her at school. If Amanda would murder him just for that, then he couldn’t imagine if someone really pisses her off.

“Please don’t kill me!” Toby blabbed out quickly.

Amanda looks at Toby with her gray eyes and cracks a smile.

“I’m not going to kill you Toby. I brought you here to star in one my of webcam shows. Your the perfect candidate Toby. A short, chubby nerd gets his brains fucked out by an unattractive busty sex nymph,” Amanda smiled greedily at Toby.

Toby couldn’t believe that Amanda invited him over for a fuck and to broadcast it over the Internet.

“Do you do this all the time?” Toby asked curiously.

“Yes. Once a week with a different male,” Amanda replied.

Suddenly, a strange woman, about 5’7, 130 lbs, short black hair, green eyes, tattoos covering both her arms and neck, nose ring, and many ear piercings, came out of the closet and pointed a video camcorder at Toby. She wore a long white shirt with her big tits, not as big as Amanda’s, sticking straight out of her chest and men’s boxers. Her rather large feet were bare.

Amanda walked up to Toby and the tips of her gigantic titties pressed into his chest.

“That’s my older sister Maya,” Amanda whispered in Toby’s ear as she rubbed his big hard cock through his jeans. “OH MY! Your packing a large illegal weapon.”

Toby nervously looked at the camcorder and then looked at Amanda’s computer to see him on the screen with Amanda’s rubbing his cock. Suddenly, the cries of a baby goes off and Amanda becomes fumed.

“Be right back Toby,” Amanda said as she left her bedroom and walked towards the other end of the hallway.

“So go head and start getting undressed for the audience. My sister had to go check on her kid,” Maya suggested.

Toby was stunned.

“Amanda has a kid?” Toby asked surprisingly.

“Yeah. Some dude knocked her 2 years ago and left her. Now get naked so when she comes back, we can do this,” Maya explained.

Toby kicked off his shoes and unzipped his jeans. He glanced at the computer and was surprised by the number of people viewing the cam show. Toby stood in front of the camera with his shirt, underwear, and socks on. Maya moved the camcorder down and filmed Toby’s enormous moving bulge.

“Wow! I see my sister’s huge milk jugs got your cock nice and hard. How big is that thing?” Maya teased and asked.

Toby hesitated to answer.

“I’m not exactly sure. I haven’t been able to measure it,” Toby explained.

“Well it looks like a goddamn cucumber in your underwear,” Maya teased as she zoomed the camcorder up close to his massive swell.

Toby bostancı escort removed his shirt and revealed his small man boobs and potbelly.

“Now… The underwear,” Maya directed.

Toby slowly grabbed the rim of his underwear and pulled them down to his ankles and then off his sock-covered feet. His giant cock pointed straight at the camcorder.

“HOLY SHIT SIS! You should see his thing! It’s MONSTROUS!” Maya exclaimed as she zoomed the camera up and probed every inch of his giant man meat. “Even his fucking balls are gigantic! I think I’m getting a whole new respect for nerds. Who knew they could produce such well hung massive cocks.”

Amanda returned to the room with two big wet spots on her red McDonald’s shirt where her nipples are. She freaked immediately after catching a glimpse of his huge cock.

“Oh my! I think he has the biggest fucking cock by far in our webcam shows sis,” Amanda said. “Before we fuck Toby, I need you to do me a favor. My child fell asleep while I was breast feeding her and my nipples are throbbing because I still have some milk that needs to be release. So I want you to suck my nipples until the milk is emptied from my breasts. Enjoy my big 38F’s Toby. They’re yours tonight!”

Chapter five:

Maya kept the camcorder rolling as her younger sister Amanda peeled off her oversized red shirt and her gargantuan milk-filled breasts flopped out with her enormous dark-red nipples throbbing and surrounded by massive pink areolas. Her tits sloped perfectly down her small chest and looked like bowling balls with thumbs attached in the middle.

Amanda pushed Toby down on the couch and straddled him. His huge cock rested between her legs and rubbed against the fabric of her panties and bare thighs. Her enormous breasts crashed against his bare chest and he felt her wet nipples poking his skin. Maya zoomed in closer as her sister slowly dragged her heavy jugs up and down Toby’s upper torso. Toby was going nuts deep inside his mind and body. His cockhead was already turning deep purple just from her huge tits moving up and down his chest. Even though Bree’s mom had H cups, her tits weren’t latching like Amanda’s, which made him even hornier.

Amanda used both her hands to heft up her right giant tit. She lifted it to her mouth and snaked out her tongue. She slowly licked around her fat juicy nipple and then pressed the tip of her tongue on the tip of her nipple. Toby watched and drooled as she self sucked her own tit right in his face. Amanda sucked hard on her thick nipple and moaned. She released the nipple with a loud pop sound and a geyser of white milk sprung out and leaked down her mammoth jug. She smashed the colossal tit in Toby’s face and his face was completely engulfed in soft tit flesh. She moaned as Toby went to work drinking her incredibly sweet milk from her breast. Toby thought he would never taste another woman’s milk in his lifetime since his mother’s milk when he was a baby.

He kneaded and fondled her huge unoccupied hanging tit while he sucked and slurped on the other one. He managed to get half of her areola into his mouth and sucked on it hard with her nipple pouring out milk down his throat.

Amanda smeared her fat tit all over Toby’s bashful face with his mouth still attached to her areola and nipple. She started to cream in her panties as Toby sucked harder and stretched her huge nipple from her tit by his lips.

Maya couldn’t believe she was filming a teenage boy sucking milk from her younger sister’s tit. She became extremely hot and bothered. Amanda pulled her right tit from Toby’s lips with a pop and inserted her left nipple between his lips. Toby squeezed and mauled her left tit while he crammed as much of her flesh into his mouth as possible. Her sweet breast milk leaked from the sides of Toby’s lips as he drank. His face was smothered in tit flesh and he thought to himself if he was ever going to die, this would be the way to go.

Maya got in close and could only see Toby’s ears as his face was implanted deep in her sister’s breast. Amanda lifted up her right tit and sucked on her nipple.

After several minutes, Amanda forcefully pulled her left tit from Toby’s milk-filled mouth. Toby swallowed the last load of milk. She pushed both of enormous knockers together with her forearms to form one gigantic milk-dripping nipple. Toby cupped her breasts as he feasted on both milky nipples at the same time. Toby sucked extra hard and long without taking any breaths to extract milk from her taunt nipples. Amanda used her forearms to squeeze her fat titties and pump milk into Toby’s mouth. He stopped sucking to catch his breathe and her nipples sprayed his face with milk. He hung his mouth open to catch her milk. He then enclosed his lips back over both surging nipples and sucked.

Amanda had a powerful orgasm and came in her panties. He felt her wetness soaking his cock and it made him really devour her nipples and areolas. She jiggled, wobbled, and bounced her knockers in Toby’s face. She buried him between her giant flesh bags and let her milky nipples leak down his neck and back. She stood up with her legs bent and dangling her mountainous jugs in his face. She slapped his face with her jugs and milk started to spurt everywhere on Toby’s face.

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