Nudist step Family pt5

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Nudist step Family pt5
A few days pass.
It’s 6pm and I’m sitting out side with Kayla talking. Bianca walks up. Her long dark hair d****d over her big breasts. Hi Chris I need to talk to you about something personal. Walk to the creek with me. Ok no problem.

We walk through the tall grass. So what’s up? I ask
Just wait till we get there I don’t want anyone to hear. She smiled.
We finally arrived at the creek. Bianca dropping to her knees engulfing my cock. Whoa what’s happening? I giggled
She looks up. Her lips wrapped around my hard cock she started gagging herself on it. She pulled away. Chris honey I can’t stop thinking about you! Your cock! Your delicious cum! I need you ! Give your momma what she so desperately craves… fuck me fast and hard, baby.

I pulled her up to her feet . Ok follow me though! We go in the cold water and get across the creek. Climbing the bank on the other side. The ground flattened out. 20 feet further it drops off. We followed the narrow foot path down the steep hill, it cuts back in under the cliff.

What the hell is this baby? She giggled when we arrived.
This? I built this fort for us, ma .
For us ?she smiled
Yeah for when we want to be alone, nobody knows about it. I opened the door made of saplings and twine. When we got inside the floor lined with old blankets I found in the barn and a single mattress that we put out in the trash a few days ago.

Bianca pulled me close and we began making out. My hands grabbing both firm güvenilir bahis siteleri ass cheeks, squeezing and pulling them apart as my fingers rubbed her wet pussy and asshole. Fuck me honey please she moaned…
Where do you want it? I grinned
Everywhere… she gasped
She kneels on the bed ass up face down. I spanked her pussy and asshole with my cock. Yes baby give it to mommy she moaned.

My cock slid deep inside her warm wet pussy. I immediately started pounding hard . I spit onto her asshole and slid my thumb in. Oh god yes she moaned. My cock thrusting in and out of her pussy , I slipped my other thumb into her asshole and slowly stretched her. Watching intently as her asshole open. I spit some more.
After I gaped her enough I pulled my wet cock out of her snatch and slammed it into her ass. Her body lost all control. Her pussy squirting all over. She collapsed onto her stomach and I fell with her. When she hit the bed my cock plowed hard and deep into her asshole. Omg she screamed. He legs extended straight her toes curled . He body trembling as she came again. My cock twitching inside her butthole. Omg baby fuck my ass hard and cum in my mouth! She begged.

Spreading her cheeks with my thumbs my cock slammed hard, over and over . I couldn’t take anymore. I pulled my cock out and she rolled over. Her mouth opened and I shoved my ass soaked cock in her mouth as it exploded. She swallowed it all and sucked my cock clean. We stood up . Thank you canlı bahis baby I needed that. Brett really sucks in bed she giggled.
We left the fort and headed back across the creek washing up quickly.

When we returned. Kayla asked if everything was ok. Yeah everything is great!

The following day. I woke up and Kyle was sitting in the living room.
Hey Kyle what’s up? No work today?
Na man took the day off. He grinned
Ok cool I’m going outside I said

I was sitting outside when Kyle walks up and sits down. Kyle is blonde emo looking guy. His hair wispy over one eye. He’s 5’8 and skinny. His cock is like 2” soft 6” hard.

I know your fucking both my sisters he giggled. But last night I seen you fucking Bianca! That’s your mo…
Suddenly I cut him off. Wtf are you talking about Kyle? Mind your fucking business!

Kyle laughs imagine if my dad were to find out!
What do you want Kyle? You can’t tell him. I’ll do anything! I was panicked.

Meet me in your little fort in a half hour…

When I arrived Kyle was on his knees ass up face down. His asshole drenched in lube.
I won’t tell if you fuck me like you fuck them! He giggles
I’m not gay Kyle!
He looks over . Either your gay or homeless!

I started stroking my cock . Standing behind him looking down at his tiny pink shaved asshole. His balls were smooth. Really smooth and tight. I knew I had to take one for the team.

I pressed my hard cock to his slippery asshole. Slowly I pressed in. Omg güvenilir bahis he cried. I took ahold of his hips and slid deeper. He cried out literally crying and slapping the bed. Tugging at the sheets. Please stop it’s to big he cried…
Shut up you little faggot this is what you wanted! Your sisters didn’t cry this much you sissy! Suck it up! I demanded
Holding his hips my cock thrusting in and out of his ass, my balls slapping his. He looks back at me. Tears rolled down his cheeks.
You like that don’t you faggot?
He started moaning, while crying. It was kinda hot. When he moaned he sounded like Kate.
Soon his tears dried and he was slightly enjoying my cock. That made me fuck even harder.
I grabbed his hair and pulled his back to my chest. I pinched his nipples hard over and over as I pounded away. My hands slid down his body to his little limp cock. It actually got smaller and was almost in all the way but it was dripping all over.

You do like it ? Don’t you sissy?
Yes he moaned.
I shoved Kyle down on the bed and rammed my cock balls deep until I finally filled his asshole with cum. Then I made him suck me clean as I gagged him with my cock.

Now get the fuck out of my fort before I kick your ass !
After about 2 hours passed I walked into kyles room. So your a fag?
Yeah he laughed nobody knows so I’d rather them not. He spoke
Yeah no problem secret is safe with me.

Hey Kyle I usually fuck 3 women in a day. Your the only person here so bend over that bed!
But my ass is sore Chris he wines
Bend the fuck over faggot!
He cried like a bitch every time I penetrated him. Four in total that day.
Now when none of the women are home guess who I fuck. I mean a asshole is a asshole it’s not like I’m sucking cock !

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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