Naughty or Nice?

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‘Twas the night before Christmas. That’s the way the story begins.

Jenna walked into the darkened house and pulled off her long coat. She set her purse and coat on the table in the hallway and walked into the kitchen. Opening the door to the fridge, she pulled out a bottle of chardonnay and poured herself a glass. Then, she picked up her glass of wine and headed in to the living room. Turning on the wall switch for the Christmas tree, she settled down in the large, leather couch and kicked off her high-heeled shoes.

It had been a long day at the office followed by the company Christmas party at a downtown hotel. She had spent the evening teasing the horny, young executives at the party and it had gotten her all worked up. The red thong panty that she wore under her sexy, black cocktail dress was soaked with her pussy juice after only an hour at the party. When she slipped out to the bathroom for a break, she seduced her secretary, Kelly, to join her. The hot, silly blond looked so good kneeling between her legs eating her dripping, wet cunt. According to office gossip, the little tramp was an expert cocksucker. She could now add eager twat muncher to her resume.

Once she had cum all over the young woman’s face, she slipped her thong off completely and headed back to the party with her secretary in tow. Walking up to Bryan, one of her teasing victims of the evening, she guided him and the girl over to the mistletoe. He kissed her hungrily on the mouth surprised at the tangy taste of pussy on her lips.

“Enjoy yourself.” She whispered teasingly in his ear as she slipped her wet thong panties into his hand. “I certainly did.”

Jenna turned on her heel, picked up her coat and headed out the door to her car. Looking over her shoulder, she saw Kelly being steered over to the bank of elevators surrounded by three of the horny, male executives that Jenna had been teasing. She wondered if the young girl would make it to the hotel suite with any of her clothes on.

Jenna sipped her glass of wine and smiled as she thought about the plight of her secretary at the hands of those hormonally charged males. She felt a little guilty about leaving the young woman in the lecherous hands of the guys that she had been cock-teasing all night, a little guilty but not too much. She wondered how many cocks would fuck her secretary before the night was done.

The flickering lights of the Christmas tree disturbed her thoughts. Suddenly, a figure in a red outfit appeared next to the tree. The strange thing about this figure was that the person was female and not male, and instead of being overweight, the person was very slim and trim with very large breasts and long legs. Her red outfit was not the typical velvet Santa uniform. The woman wore a red, leather corset that hugged her waist and pushed up her large breasts. Her legs were covered in red fishnet stockings and black, knee-high boots.

“Hello, Jenna.” She said turning to face the surprised woman sitting on the couch.

“Hello, yourself.” Jenna answered. “Who the hell are you? And, what are you doing in my house?”

“Such a temper.” She scolded. “I’m Mistress Sandra Clause. I’ve come to take care of you, since you’ve been such a naughty little bitch.”

“Right.” Jenna responded. “Why don’t you leave before I call the cops.”

She reached for her cell phone. Before she could begin to dial, Mistress Clause strode across the room and grabbed her by the hair on top of her head lifting her off the couch. She dropped her on the floor and ground the spike heel of her boot into the middle of Jenna’s chest.

“You bitch!” Jenna screamed. “I’m pressing charges for assault.”

“Shut up.” Sandra replied. “You’re doing nothing.”

She took the cell phone and through it against the back wall of the fireplace shattering the electronic device into little pieces.

“You have been a very bad girl.” Sandra said pressing the heel of her boot against her chest. “Your actions have consequences. It’s time for a little lesson.”

Jenna’s vision went dark. When she could focus again, she found herself standing in the elevator of the hotel surrounded by the three male executives. She looked down and realized that she was wearing the slinky little dress that her secretary had been wearing. Her hands were rubbing the front of two of her companions. She could feel their cocks growing inside their pants as she rubbed them. At the same time, three pairs of hands groped her body squeezing her ass and tits and probing the moist opening of her pussy.

“God, she’s hot.” Whispered Bryan from behind as he reached around to squeeze her breasts. He pulled he back until she felt his growing cock pressing between the cheeks of her ass.

“Her pussy is just dripping.” Said Rob from her left as his fingers plunged between the swollen lips of her cunt. “It got you all hot and bothered eating your boss’s pussy, didn’t it?”

Jenna could only moan as she felt her body being mauled by her companions.

“Did ataşehir escort she return the favor?” Teased Will, the final companion. “Or, did the selfish bitch cum on your face and leave you hanging?”

“No.” Moaned Jenna. “She did not return the favor.”

“Too bad.” He replied. “I’d love to see her prim, bitchy face buried in your pussy.”

The door of the elevator opened and they stumbled down the hallway to a large hotel suite. Will opened the door and the others pushed Jenna into the room.

“It’s about time.” Said a female voice in the room. “I thought you guys were going to leave me here all alone.”

“We brought another playmate back with us.” Said Bryan

“Ooooh, yummy!” Replied the woman. “Did you bring me a present?”

Jenna looked up to see Mistress Sandra Clause standing in front of the bed. She was still dressed in her Christmas dominatrix outfit complete with red riding crop in her hand.

“You?!?” Jenna exclaimed in surprise.

“Do you two know each other?” Rob asked.

“Your playmate sometimes likes to go to parties that I arrange.” Sandra answered. “She likes it a little rough. Am I right, slut?”

“What are those?” Sandra asked pointing at the damp panties in Bryan’s hand.

“The panties of her boss.” He answered. “Her boss made her eat her pussy in the bathroom, then she gave them to me.”

“Interesting.” She answered. “Strip her, boys. Leave her stockings and slut shoes on, but strip off all her other clothes. Stuff the panties in her mouth so she doesn’t protest.”

Mistress Clause sat down in a large chair to watch the festivities as three pairs of hands roughly gripped her body and began to remove her clothes. As she opened her mouth to scream, Bryan stuffed her soiled panties into her mouth. She tasted her own pussy juices on the garment in her mouth as her clothes were stripped from her body.

Jenna stood in the middle of the room dressed in only her stockings and high-heeled shoes. She tried to cover her bare breasts and neatly-trimmed pussy with her hands as four sets of eyes devoured her naked body.

“Very nice.” Mistress Clause said appreciatively. She stood and walked over to the mostly naked woman. Her gloved hand caressed the smooth flesh of her ass and bare breasts. She slipped a leather collar attached to a leash around Jenna’s neck.

“Get undressed, boys.” She ordered the three men. “We don’t want our playmate to be lonely.”

The three young men quickly stripped off their clothes until they stood naked in front of Jenna. She could see the large, erect cocks of her companions pointing directly at her body as they moved closer to her.

“Look at those nice, hard cocks.” Sandra whispered in her ear as she stood behind her with her arms wrapped around her body. Her hands squeezed Jenna’s breasts and pulled at her nipples. “Just imagine how it’s going to feel with those cocks filling your mouth and pussy and ass.”

She pulled the panties out of Jenna’s mouth and pushed her down onto her knees. She handed the leash to Bryan.

“She looks hungry.” Sandra said to the men. “I think she needs some cock to suck.”

Bryan stepped forward and shoved his hard cock into her open mouth. Jenna gagged as she felt the head of his dick press against the back of her throat and his balls resting against her chin. Wrapping his hands in her hair, he started to thrust in and out of her mouth fucking her face. Her saliva dripped over her lips and onto his balls as his cock slid in and out of her hot, wet mouth.

Rob and Will moved up on either side of her. They placed her hands on their dicks and she started to stroke the hard shafts as she sucked on Bryan. After a few minutes, Rob moved her mouth off Bryan’s cock and onto his own. Then, she switched over to Will’s cock giving each of them a chance to fuck her mouth.

“Such an eager cock-sucker.” Said Sandra. “I hope she eats pussy half as well as she sucks dick.”

Sandra stood up and slid her red, leather thong off her hips. Then, she sat down in the chair with her legs spread.

“Bring her here.” She said pointing at her bare pussy. “I need my pussy licked.”

Bryan handed the leash to Mistress Clause so she could pull her face close to her pussy. Sandra pulled on the leash forcing Jenna to crawl on her hands and knees across the floor so that she was now facing her bare pussy. Sandra grabbed the hair at the back of Jenna’s head and pulled her mouth tight against the swollen lips of her pussy.

“Lick it, bitch!” She ordered. “Make me cum all over your face like your boss did.”

Jenna licked up and down the puffy lips of Sandra’s pussy. Her tongue plunged into the moist opening lapping at the juices beginning to ooze out of her overheated cunt. She sucked on each of the swollen lips and as well as the clit causing Sandra to grind her pelvis against her open mouth.

“Greedy little wench.” She moaned. “Don’t worry, I’ll cum in your mouth very soon. avcılar escort Why don’t you boys take turns fucking her hot, wet cunt while she eats me.”

Rob stepped up behind Jenna, who was down on her hands and knees between Sandra’s thighs, and aimed the head of his cock at the hot, wet opening of her pussy. Grabbing her hips, he thrust forward, sheathing his prick balls deep inside her. His thrusts pushed her face tighter against Sandra’s dripping snatch so that her moans of ecstasy were muffled in Sandra’s wet pussy. Rob thrust deep and hard into Jenna’s body causing her ass cheeks to smack against his pelvis with each stroke.

Soon, Jenna felt Rob’s thrusting become even faster and deeper. Then he plunged his cock deep inside her one last time before he exploded, emptying a thick load of cum into her pussy. Her own orgasm shook through her body even as Sandra ground her pussy on her face and covered her face with her pussy juice. Once he had caught his breath, Rob pulled his semi-hard prick out of her twitching pussy. Jenna could feel the mix of cum and pussy juice dripping out of her swollen pussy. Will quickly stepped up to fill Rob’s place. Grabbing her hips, he thrust deep into her with a loud, wet squelch. His thick, hard cock pounded into her sloppy, wet cunt lubricated by the messy mixture of semen and cunt juice leaking out of her. Will’s balls slapped against the wet lips of her pussy with each stroke causing Jenna to moan at this renewed assault on her nether regions. Smiling, Sandra pulled back on the leash lifting Jenna’s face away from her own overheated pussy. She handed the leash to Rob and stood up.

“Have a seat, Rob.” She offered. “She needs to clean your cock with her mouth.”

Rob sat down in the chair and pulled Jenna’s open mouth onto his wet dick. Pulling on the back of her head, he thrust his cock between her open lips until she swallowed his entire length all the way to the root. She tasted the tangy mixture of her own pussy juice and his cum coating the shaft of his dick as she sucked him. Jenna’s mouth bobbed up and down the length of Rob’s cock giving him a very wet, enthusiastic blow job as Will continued to fuck her from behind. She moaned around a mouthful of dick feeling Will add his own load of jizz to the creamy mess inside her pussy. The walls of her cunt clutched at the shaft of his sick as her own orgasm coursed through her body, once again.

Rob stood up and handed the leash to Will giving up his seat to him. Will moved up to take his place while Bryan lined up the head of his cock with the opening of her pussy. Bryan’s cock slipped inside her forcing her mouth onto the moist shaft of Will’s dick. She sucked on the wet prick filling her throat cleaning off the combined secretions with her tongue. Her body was on fire with lust as she felt Bryan’s dick spear her dripping cunt from behind while she sucked on Will’s cock. She was being used like a cheap whore and the sophisticated female executive found that she liked it.

“Fuck me.” She screamed around Will’s cock in her mouth. “Give me more dick.”

“Shut up, slut!” Sandra ordered bringing the riding crop down on Jenna’s back with a loud SMACK! “You’re our little cum slut, tonight. The only time you open your mouth is so we can fill it with pussy or cock.”

Sandra put her hands on the back of Jenna’s head forcing her mouth down harder on Will’s cock so that she started to gag. Meanwhile, Bryan could feel his climax approaching as his dick pounded her wet, sloppy pussy. Grabbing her shoulders, he thrust deep into her twat adding his own load of spunk to the sloppy mess already dripping out of her. Bryan pulled out of her and Will gave up his seat so that Jenna could clean the sticky mess covering Bryan’s cock.

“Oh, good!” Sandra exclaimed. “My turn.”

Jenna looked to the side to see Mistress Clause wearing a harness around her waist attached to a large, red dildo. Sandra stroked the shaft of the dong like it was a real cock putting on a lewd display for her audience before kneeling behind Jenna. She grabbed the woman’s hips and thrust hard skewering her abused cunt with her fake cock. Bryan’s cock filling her throat muffled Jenna’s moans of lust.

“You boys have made her pussy a complete mess.” Sandra said as her dildo wetly fucked Jenna. “I think her pussy is all fucked out.”

“What should we do about that?” Rob asked as he stood there stroking himself.

“I think her asshole feels neglected.” Sandra said.

She backed up pulling the dildo out of Jenna’s pussy. She reached down with her gloved hand and slid two fingers into her sloppy pussy removing some of the combined secretions. She took the slippery juices and rubbed them over the head and shaft of the dildo. Then, she took another handful of the mixture and rubbed it into Jenna’s upturned asshole.

“No, please don’t do that.” Jenna moaned.

“Quiet, bitch.” Sandra ordered. “You know you love a good, hard ass fuck.”

Sandra lined avrupa yakası escort up the head of the dildo with the puckered opening of Jenna’s ass and thrust forward burying half of the shaft in her tight ass. The cock filling her throat muffled her screams of pain and lust as Sandra started to fuck her ass hard with the strap-on dong.

“I told you she liked it.” Sandra said as she reached around to squeeze Jenna’s nipples while she continued to fuck her ass. “After tonight, she’s going to be leaking cum out of her ass and pussy for the next week.”

Jenna’s body shook with another orgasm as Sandra ravaged her ass with the strap-on cock and Bryan fucked her mouth. Feeling Jenna shake with her climax and then collapse, Sandra stepped back removing the dildo from Jenna’s ass.

“I think she’s ready, boys.” Sandra said. “Who wants to ride, next?”

“My turn.” Will said stepping up with his hard cock in his hand.

He thrust into her pussy a few times to coat his cock with the copious secretions that still filled her. Then, he redirected the head of his dick at the twitching opening of her anus. He shoved his cock balls deep in her ass with one stroke eliciting a new moan from Jenna. As he started a rapid pounding of her tight ass, Sandra stripped off the strap-on harness and took Bryan’s place in front of Jenna, once again.

“Show your appreciation for the nice ass fuck, wench.” She said. “Eat my wet pussy.”

Jenna dove face first into the steamy cunt in front of her. She practically devoured the moist morsel of female flesh offered up to her eager mouth as Will’s dick plowed into her receptive ass.

“Do you like having your ass fucked?” Teased Sandra.

“Yes, mistress.” Jenna moaned between licks of Sandra’s pussy.

“Put your tongue in my ass.” She ordered lifting her legs higher and exposing her own anus.

Jenna pushed her face against Sandra’s pelvis. Her tongue teased and probed the puckered opening of her ass forcing her nose to slide between the lips of her pussy and the bridge of her nose to rub against her clit.

“Oh, yes!” Sandra moaned grinding her clit against Jenna’s nose. “Eat my ass, you dirty slut.”

Jenna’s tongue slid between the sphincter muscles massaging the opening of Sandra’s ass triggering another climax on her face. At the same time, she felt Will deposit his load of cum in her ass sending her over the edge of another orgasm. Will withdrew his cock from her ass with a wet POP! Jenna could feel his cum leaking out of her ass to mix with the other secretions dripping out of her pussy.

As Will stepped away, she felt Bryan move into place and slide his cock into her ass. His hand on the back of her head forced Jenna’s face into Sandra’s crotch as he fucked her ass hard and fast. Sandra was soon screaming out another climax from the tongue lashing that her pussy and ass were receiving.

“Stop!” She moaned pulling Jenna’s face away from her pussy.

She moved off the chair to lie down on the floor next to Jenna. With her legs spread, she motioned for Rob to join her.

“I need some cock.” She told Rob. “Get over here and fuck me.”

Rob moved into position between her thighs shoving his cock deep into her moist cunt. His dick repeatedly slammed into Sandra’s pussy making an obscene wet sound, while his co-worker fucked Jenna’s ass right beside him. Without a cock or pussy to muffle her moans, Jenna became a very vocal slut.

“Take me!” She moaned. “Use me like a nasty whore. Pump my ass full of cum.”

Bryan soon reached his climax and he added another load of cum to her ass. Jenna collapsed on the floor in an exhausted heap. Her thigh-high stockings were ripped from the session of intense fucking. A mixture of semen and pussy juice leaked out of her abused pussy and ass. Next to her, she heard Rob and Sandra scream out their own orgasms as he filled her pussy with his cum.

“Turn her over.” Sandra said once she had caught her breath.

Jenna felt the guys gently roll her onto her back. Looking up, she saw Sandra squatting over her face. Her open pussy dripping cum and cunt juice was being lowered towards her mouth.

“Eat me, whore.” Sandra ordered. “Clean that cum out of my pussy.”

The moist cunt smothering her face choked off her attempts at protest. Her tongue slid between the swollen lips of Sandra’s pussy until her mouth was filled with a sticky mixture of cum and pussy juice. Jenna lapped at the copious fluids leaking out of Sandra’s twat and sucked at her clit until she rode her face to another climax.

When Sandra stood up, Jenna looked up at her three male companions standing around her and stroking their cocks in appreciation for her performance. Just then, all three cocks began to spurt a final tribute of spunk that covered her naked body. Her hair, face, tits, and belly were covered in a layer of cum as she drifted off to sleep.

Light drifted through the windows of the hotel room as Jenna started to wake the next morning. At first, she thought that she had had a bad dream about last night, until she tried to move. Her eyelashes, hair and upper body were coated with a sticky, dried layer of semen. Her ass and pussy were sore and she could feel a messy mixture of secretions drooling out of her nether regions.

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