Naughty in the Dressing Room

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It was easy to get carried away when a flirtation was brand new, and Gabrielle was definitely feeling a bit over the top.  She’d been texting all morning with her new guy, Karlos, and had just decided to move into the next level.  Karlos was at work, and she was doing her very best to be as distracting as possible.  Gaby had a trip to the department store planned, and she was going to keep right on with her conversation.  She might only need a couple of pairs of slacks, but as long as she was headed to the dressing room, she might as well keep right on flirting.  

Gabrielle and Karlos had been circling each other for weeks, each pushing just a little further, getting a bit more daring.  They’d only been out once, but the texting and phone calls had gotten more racy and explicit.  Karlos had discovered that he was just Gaby’s type – tall, slim, with a serious look, short hair, glasses and a good sense of humor.  Not to mention a really nice tight ass.

Gaby, on the other hand, had been surprised to find out just how into her Karlos seemed to be.  Gaby had just lost a bit of weight and was feeling sexy for the first time in a while; Karlos was admiring the new curves and 36C’s.  She might have lost weight, but she had held on to the ample butt and Karlos seemed to be a fan.  It was time to head to the store and pick out a few new items to show off the new body.  Time for a new look from head to toe; Gabrielle decided to start in the shoe department.  

Karlos had mentioned more than once that what he really loved were some really high heels with sexy sheer pantyhose that showed off a woman’s legs to their best advantage.  If Gaby wanted to pique his interest, she was going to need to make an adjustment to her footwear.  She had a closet full of sensible shoes, not a sexy stiletto in sight.  

She started with a pair of red suede heels, far higher than any she owned.  She tried them on, then snapped a picture with her cell phone and messaged it to him.

At least they still have cute shoes….

Very cute.  They also have some great FMN shoes!

Isn’t that what those were?

         No, those were cute and sexy.

Let me guess, you’re looking for something even higher and less wearable?

     I was just stating a fact:  I know they definitely have that style available.  

Gabrielle browsed towards the shoes with platforms and heels at least 5 inches in the air.  She tried on one or two, then found a black pair that seemed to fit the bill.  She snapped a second picture, and messaged it to Karlos.  

These aren’t shoes, they’re shiny torture chambers with straps!

Those look delicious; I bet your legs look amazing.

I liked the red pumps better, they were pretty hot.  I think they looked better in person.

     Oh, I liked them but they were sexy which is fine.  FMN are shoes that are mainly meant to be worn while you’re on your back.  

That went a bit further than Gabrielle was bargaining for at that moment, so she wandered out of the shoe department and picked up the slacks she had come in for.  Then, still feeling just a bit saucy, she picked up a couple of dresses on her way to the dressing room.  She wasn’t buying, she told herself, just looking.  So there was no reason to stay within her usual style and comfort level.  The red dress in her hand was already shorter than anything she had in the closet florya escort at home.  Then just to add to it, it seemed to have a wicked slit up one thigh.  She also picked up a black halter dress and headed towards the dressing room.  She was feeling naughty, so she picked the room furthest from the entrance, and this dressing area was off the main floor anyway.  Flirty texting definitely put her in a mood.  

Just picked up a couple of dresses you’d probably like… they’re short enough, anyway.

     How do you know what length I would like?

Because I’m showing a LOT of leg here….


Don’t you wish…

Gaby admitted that she looked pretty damn good.  She had started with the black halter, and her red hair bounced around her bare shoulders, making them look smooth and sexy.  The neckline plunged; the bra she had on spoiled the effect, so she pulled the top down and removed the bra.  She realized that her nipples were rock hard and trembled slightly as she brushed two fingers lightly around her areola.  She felt her breath come a bit faster, and her other hand, moving seemingly of its own accord, drifted down towards her moistening pussy.

     I can’t believe you’re not going to send me a pic!  Tease 😉

Gabrielle felt the small vibration of the phone on the bench in the dressing room, but was too distracted by her own horny reactions to look at it.  She pulled the loose skirt up, propped one foot up on the bench and leaned against the wall of the dressing room.  Her eyes closed as she traced the silk covered cleft of her own dampening pussy.  Damn, this guy was really getting to her!  Just that small touch made her breath come faster still, and her other hand tweaked the nipple in response.  

     Hello?  Are you stuck?  I volunteer to help with the zipper 😉

The second buzz of the text notification pulled her out of her distraction, and she straightened up and replaced the halter top.  She stopped to admire the look; snapping a quick pic.  Before she sent it, however, she paused to consider.  This time it was a full body shot, not just of her legs and feet.  She hadn’t put in a lot of time before heading out of the house this morning; no makeup and her hair had definitely seen better days.  She hauled open her purse and began applying eye makeup.  A brushing of mascara, plus a bit of shadow in two minutes she had a pretty decent set of bedroom eyes.  She looked down at the dress she had on, and the one hanging on the wall.  The red dress seemed to call out for a statement – she reached for the bright red tube of lipstick.  As she combed her hair, she reached for the phone just as another text caused it to buzz in her hand.

So, what are you up to?  At the register yet, or still trying things on?     

No, I was just thinking that this looks so good on me it makes me want to play with myself for a bit.  I took some “me time”.  

Gabrielle smiled as she hit the send button.  No need for Karlos to know how true that was!  She was sure that he would take it as a joke.  

     Now you HAVE to send me a pic.

Ah, ah ah!  This isn’t even the sexy one.  Wait for it, mister!  The red dress is next.

     I do like red….

Oh, I think you will like this for sure.

          How will I know if you aren’t sending me any pics?

Here göztepe escort you go:

Gabrielle shot a better picture of herself with the bedroom eyes, red lips slightly open, an invitational look on her face. Her phone made a whooshing sound as the sexy, flirty shot made its way to Karlos. Then she shrugged out of the halter dress and pulled the red sheath off its hanger. She began shimmying the clingy fabric over her breasts.

“This dress is so tight, it’s even making these look good,” Gaby thought to herself as she pulled the dress below her breasts. It hugged her hard nipples, every fold and crinkle perfectly visible through the shimmery crimson. “I’m shocked they’re holding up so well without support.”  Her lacy black bra lay discarded on the bench behind her.

Gabrielle tugged the dress over her shapely ass, spinning to catch a glimpse of the back view. The hem barely came an inch below her crotch.

“Good thing I’m such a faithful waxer,” she muttered to herself. This dress certainly didn’t leave much to the imagination, and the uncluttered field of a freshly waxed brazillian helped keep the back side just on this side of obscene.   The view from the front was equally scandalous, with the slit off center up her left thigh, exposing an impossible amount of leg.

Bzzzzzttt.  The phone vibrated on the bench, startling her.

     I’m not sure how you are going to top that one.  You look amazing in the halter dress.  

Oh, it’s been topped.  Trust me.

     Trust, but verify.  I’d have to see it to believe there is anything in that store that makes you look hotter than the picture you just sent me.

Gabrielle went to take another picture, then paused.  Why give in so soon?  This would be worth waiting for, she thought.  It’s not something I would dare wear in public, but in the privacy of her own home, or for someone special….maybe she should buy it.  

Yeah, I wish you could see it.  I almost don’t want to take a picture, it doesn’t do it justice.  

     I think you are trying to drive me crazy here.

Think what you want.  I’m even turning myself on in this!

Truer words were never texted.  Gabrielle began to tease her silky panties into her moist slit, rubbing for the clit as her own excitement built.  She leaned against the partition wall and watched herself masturbate in the mirror.  Her breath came faster as she dragged sopping panties out of the way, giving her access to plunge a finger inside.  

The phone buzzed unheeded on the bench once, then again as a second text came in close on the heels of the first.  Gaby could barely hear it over her own ragged breathing.  

Knock, Knock.

Gabrielle froze.

The text buzzed a third time, and she turned over the phone to read:

Knock, knock…

Unbelieving, she barely spoke above a whisper, “Hello?”

She heard a low chuckle from Karlos on the other side of the door.  

“If you don’t think the picture will do the dress justice, well, then.  I am just going to need to see it in person.  Let me in, Gaby.”

Her mind spun.  He was at work!  An hour away; more in traffic.  This wasn’t possible.  She reached out and silently unlatched the flimsy door lock.  Karlos slid inside and quickly shut the door behind him.  He had a bag with him emblazoned with the store’s logo.  

“So, halkalı escort you didn’t realize that I was working from home today, huh?  Sorry it took me so long; I had to make a quick stop before I got here.”  He stopped and let out a low, almost inaudible whistle.  “You were right, a picture wouldn’t have done that justice.  It’s nearly perfect.”

Even through her confusion and excitement, she furrowed her brow at ‘nearly perfect’.  Karlos saw the look and smiled.  He reached into the bag and brought out a box with the red shoes she had sent him the photo of less than an hour before.  She looked incredulously at the box, which was exactly her size, the same pair she had tried on just moments before.  She reached for the sexy suede shoes and Karlos shook his head at her.  

“Not so fast.  It would be a crime not to show those legs off in the best possible way.”  He reached back into the bag and brought out a tissue wrapped package.  Flimsy sheer suntanned nylons fluttered out of the tissue.  

“Sit down,” Karlos directed Gabrielle to the bench.  She sank slowly onto the bench, still thrown by his unexpected presence in her dressing room.  

The nylons that Karlos eased onto her legs bore very little resemblance to any other hosiery that she had ever had on her legs before.  She didn’t habitually wear hose, and never gave them a thought before, picking up whatever was on sale at the local drugstore or supermarket.  Normally, pantyhose were a chore and an annoyance, always snagging and running at the most inopportune moments. These slid up her calves like soft lotion, smoothing out the tiny imperfections of her legs and making her gasp.  

As he worked them slowly up her thighs, she sighed; so did he.  Obviously the hosiery was working magic for Karlos as well.  His hands smoothed out barely perceptible wrinkles as her feet sank to the floor on either side of his slim frame.  She drew herself off the bench as Karlos pushed the tight crimson dress up to her waist, making way for the sheer to waist nylons.  His fingers glanced over the dampness where her legs met; he looked up at her, questioning.  He saw her panting with her eyes closed and red lips apart, and he smiled as he lowered his head.  

He nuzzled, gently at first and then more insistently as he found her already wet and ready.  He prodded her clit with his tongue and felt the smooth nylons dampen as he began to lick and eat with abandon.  This was the type of oral pleasure that can only be felt through the slight distraction of sheer but strong nylon fabric, the kind that Karlos dreamt about when he masturbated in the shower, but so rarely got to appreciate in real life since pantyhose had fallen out of fashion.  

Gabrielle had never been eaten through pantyhose and was finding the experience exquisite.  Her jagged breathing sounded too loud in the empty dressing room.  She could feel the pleasure rising deep inside, and began to clutch at his hair, pushing him forward.  He pushed her legs into the air, draping them over his back and giving him addition access to the entire cleft.  Karlos stuck his tongue straight out, prodding through the yielding pantyhose into the tiny anal whorl.  Gabrielle began to moan, feeling the orgasm rising, pulsing wetness spreading down her thighs through the nylon fabric.  

Karlos grinned and drew himself back.  He came up from his knees, straightening and pulling her to her feet atop the sexy red suede shoes.  He leaned down and kissed her, letting her taste herself with the unfamiliar tang of new pantyhose mixed with her own orgasm.  

“You should consider buying that dress, you know.  It matches your new shoes….and it looks just perfect.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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