National Nude Day Cancelled

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“Extra! Extra! Read all about it! National Nude Day cancelled!” Shouted the newsboy, “President declares Nude Day just another Hump Fest!” He continued.

“Extra! Extra! Read all about…” He kept shouting.

“I’ll take one of those.” I said, as I handed over the quarter to interrupt his triad.

“Gee thanks. You’re real generous.” He sneered.

I gave him one of my stares, but that didn’t work too well.

“Extra! Extra! Read all about it! National Nude Day cancelled.” He kept shouting as I moved away.

I scanned the front page as I walked along muttering to myself, “Outrage! Fucking weak excuse! The fucking prick!” I continued with the indignations along the street. People would hear me and step around me or look at me strangely and call me a weirdo.

“They can’t do this, it would be different if they wanted to stage a fucking Democrats Convention Day.” I said with venom as I threw the newspaper down in disgust.

I left the street and headed for the subway. I jumped the turn style and headed down, to the next level. As I waited for the train, I kicked the drink cans on the ground. Again people looked at me and called obscenities, in my direction.

“Fuck you!” I said to no one in particular.

I boarded the train and sat down in a seat with my feet sticking out.

“Fucking cunts. All because they don’t want to see their little pussies or little dicks shown around in public.” I stated as I pulled out mine and started to play with it.

“That’s disgusting!” A grandma said to me as she got up and moved away to another seat.

“Yeah, put it away you fucking weirdo.” Chorused three guys traveling together, “Or do we have to teach you what you can use it for?”

“You and what fucking army?” I said as I stroked it and pointed it at them.

That set them off. They stood as one and came towards me with their fists balled.

“You’re dead meat.” They said as they neared.

“What, you afraid of this little thing are you?” I laughed as I stood and pointed it at them again, before putting it back in my pants and doing up the zip.

They made to grab me, but I easily dodged one and pushed the second one over before the third one grabbed me in a headlock. I tried to get my arms around his head, but he was too strong. By now the other two found their feet and helped restrain me.

“Not so talkative are you now?” The leader smiled as he hit my face.

“That’s it. Hit him again.” The grandmother yelled out, “Give him the old one-two.”

“Fuck you!” I screamed at her.

“No, it’s you that are going to be fucked.” The leader of the pack said, “Hold him boys.”

The other two guys held küçükçekmece escort my arms and forced me to bend over the seat. The ringleader came around and pulled down my track pants, revealing that I was wearing no jocks my arse cheeks were there for all to see.

“That’s it boys, give it to him.” That grandmother yelled.

“You bet.” The head guy said, as he undid his fly behind me.

I heard him spit on his hand and then I felt him pull my cheeks apart and position the head of his cock at my backdoor. It was rubbing over my hole when suddenly it found the entrance open and in he plunged. No couple of inches first, but the whole kit and caboodle.

He slammed me into the seat with his thrusts, each one more urgent than the last. He was huge. It was lucky that the other guys held me; otherwise I may have been overcome.

“Take that.” He yelled as he stabbed me with his manhood.

“Rip his virgin arse apart.” That grandmother interjected, relishing that I was getting raped. She was worse than them.

The leader was now thrusting hard when suddenly I felt him grab me and pull me further onto him, burying his erection deep within my arse. He shot his load home and it spread through my rear, giving me a warm sensation.

“You’re my bitch now.” He said as he pulled out and watched his cum flow in spurts out off my rear hole, to dribble down my legs and drip to the ground.

“Serves you right.” That old biddy said, “You deserve to be fucked silly, young man.”

“Don’t worry grandma, we’ll take this piece of shit off the train and give him what for.” The leader told her.

They pulled the lever for the next stop, which came rather quick. As they pulled me to the doors the grandmother smiled and gave me the one finger salute and smiled at me.

“See ya sonny.” She grinned at me.

The doors opened and I was pushed out to land on all fours, on the ramp.

“Hey take it easy.” I said.

“Sorry, Simon.” Nathan the leader said, “It was a great show we put on back there. You think that they enjoyed it?”

“Yeah, especially that old biddy.” I said as I got to my feet and gave him a kiss hello, “How are you guys?”

“Going good.” The other two replied, as we all shook hands and hugged, “That was fun tonight, and our acting is getting better.” Ralph grinned.

“You were nice and tight too.” Nathan said as he held my hand.

We headed off too our flat, which we all shared. On the way I told them about the Presidents decision to cancel National Nude Day. They had the same opinion as me and stated, “That we should do something about it.”

As we levent escort sat around having a few beers we chucked around ideas for action. The best we came up with was to have a march and sit in at City Hall.

“Okay, it’s final then. We get everyone we know to march and have a sit in.” I said.

“Yep.” They all replied around the table.

“We better make some phone calls then.” I told them.

We all grabbed our mobiles and started ringing around our friends.

“Did you hear?”

“National Nude day cancelled.”

“Yeah, bloody politicians.”

So the conversations went into the night. By the next morning we had rang over 100 people and they promised to phone their friends and so on. Come Friday we would have a march of over a thousand people, if all went well.

Friday came around quickly. We had spent the last two days organizing people, where to meet, writing signs, what too wear or not to wear etc.

On the Friday morning we met at a car park two blocks from City Hall we all laugh and joked as we stood apprehensively. Eight o’clock came and I blew a whistle. Everybody stood still and quit talking.

“This is it.” I yelled, “Lets stand up to these bunch of pricks and tell them what the people want.” I said through the bull horn.” So lets go and show them our bare butts and our fucking tits.”

“YEAH!” Came the reply from the crowd as they started to undress. They put their clothes into bags supplied, which some of our friends would collect and store.

When they had disrobed they picked up some of the placards, which said; “National Nude Day To Stay”, “Up The Commie Bastards”, “Welcome To The Fuck Fest.” And so they went with equal rancor and feeling.

I walked to the front of the crowd and stood next to Nathan, “Ready?”

“You bet.” He replied.

We started to walk to City hall. Down the street we went as one. Stopping traffic and passersby as they stopped to gawk at our bodies and the signs. Some people honked their horns and yelled encouragement, while others yelled abuse. The reaction was mixed, but on the whole it was well accepted. Even some of the pedestrians joined us. The women taking off their blouses to expose bras or tits, while some of the men took off their trousers or undid their zips, to let their old fellow pop out.

The police showed up half way there and stopped us, “Where do you think your going.” They tried to intimidate us.

“City Hall.” I replied, “I have all the permits, which I handed to him.

The look on his face was a sight to behold. He was one of the old school that thought we must have been all fags, or dykes or kurtköy escort just somewhere in between.

“You better not cause any trouble, or I’ll have your arse.” He said gruffly to me.

“You can have it anytime you want officer.” I smiled at him. I thought that he was going to hit me there and then, but he just glowered and stalked away.

“Good one.” Nathan said as he squeezed my hand.

I gave him a quick peck on the cheek. “Come on we have a Fuck fest to keep going.” I yelled, as I started walking forward again.

When we rounded the next block we saw police all lined up at the doors to City Hall, a sea of blue and hot bodies. I always had a thing about men and women in uniforms. We neared their lines and I could see by the looks on their faces that they enjoyed seeing the crowd nude, tits, nipples, all size and shape of penis’s on show for them.

I turned around as I stepped onto the third step. The crowd hushed as one.

“Today we are here to let the government know that we, the people, deserve to be heard and that we have rights. They can’t stop free speech and expression in our society. We need to express our feelings. Show them, not from the sanctuary of the four walls of congress, but with each other out in the open for all to see and revel in. Whether it is gay marriages, normal marriages, friends or enemies. We need a day to throw off the shackles of society and be one with each other, no matter our skin color or type.”

I stopped and looked around looking at every ones faces. They were rapt as they listened to my speech. Some held hands. Others hugged, but all in all they stood and heard what I had to say.

“Okay that is enough of me. Come let us start our National Nude Day and enjoy this time, together.” I stated.


The crowd cheered as one. People started to hug each other and kiss passionately. Totally absorbed in the others body.

Women were going down on their partners, taking their cocks into their mouths. Men kissed men. Women were kissing each other and running their hands over nipples and breasts.

All that could be imagined and all that could not be imagined was happening right before my eyes.

Nathan came up and hugged me, kissing me on the lips. “That was beautiful.” He said as he gazed into my eyes.

I smiled at him and hugged him back, looking out over the crowd. Our cocks touched and I felt him slide down towards my penis, which was now fully erect. As he took it in his mouth I experienced sheer pleasure for what was to cum.

Even some of the police broke ranks and came over to pat me on the back and to join in with the crowd, throwing off their uniforms and laying down their side arms, as they went down in amongst the people.

Some even kissed me, both women and men as Nathan pleasured me.

As he bought me to an orgasm, I looked out over the crowd and thought, to myself, “National Nude Day Is Here Again.” And smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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