Nanna Akkana Thullu Pt. 01

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My first sexual experience goes back to twenty years ago. I was doing my graduation and my cousin sister arrived to our city with a job offer in hand. She is 6 years elder to me and I was excited to have a sister all of a sudden. My mom was a government employee, pa had his business and used to travel a lot. We lived in a small house with a single bedroom occupied by me. so obviously it was shared with her from now on.

Everybody left home by 8am, but my sister used to leave by 6.30am and she was the one home early before us. I used to spend a lot of time with friends after college, and was the last one to enter. It was routine lifestyle, but my sister’s arrival was a nice company, to me atleast. We used to talk a lot and share moments of our current state of affairs.

Our talks slowly started to linger into the private space of each of us. She was the first to talk about her boyfriend during her college, and later I started to explain how I had a series of girlfriends. She was startled and reacted ‘what?. I explained how I got dumped by one to find another, to another one and so forth. Tiny pockets were the cuplrit, basically! She giggled and said she will raise my pocket money from now on, I was happy. Obviously, I started to explain my routine with her and she was getting really close to me and our bond was getting stronger by every passing day.

Many days, weeks and months passed, now it was mid-winter and I happened to fall sick to the blues. She stayed back at home after applying leave, both to take care of me and also to break her routine life. After a nap, I was up and felt bored to death. It was then, that she opened her baggage to take out photo album and hand it out to me and started to talk about her good times and college days. She had a pretty face, about 5’3″ stature, always clad in chudidar and looked shapeless. Nothing very different from now, except a few more kilos to add over the photo’ed days. Browsing through, she was quite elaborate with each and every passing picture and happily recalling her memorable days. After a few turns, came some pics of a western Indian beach. I was quite stunned to see her in smaller clothes and actually visualise her *inner being. She was not that skinny, flat, plain and boring. She has mass at the relevant places and the dress she wore definitely hid them from the prying eyes. Mine atleast till now!

She wanted to skim past those pics quickly, but I held back insisted on the stories and she was blushing. It was pretty obvious, that she had been with her boyfriend in that trip with other couple’d friends. The explanation was slow and came with deep and hot breath. It was very private, but she wanted to speak about it. I was happy that she was happy with those memories, but it was more than that! I started to feel her there.. my desires for her was seeded right there! But she was my sister, cousin but still a sister!

Again days, weeks, months went by, but we were getting closer to each other and took liberty to talk a little *dirty at times. I always fantasize her whenever I jerked off. Slowly my mind started to accept incest’ed mindset.

There was an occasion of a marriage function at our native and my parents had to attend them. Sister and I were not very interested in such family gatherings and denied to join them. So we were left back at home for a couple of days, however a death of another relative added few more days of just us two at home. On the first night of us together, she stayed at her friend’s place. I was both angry and feeling lonely. She arrived next morning and said she too had applied leave for a few more days and asked whether I could take leave. I said maybe from tomorrow, but today there was an important lecture.

I returned home early after the lecture and found the door locked. I thought she left to work, but after about an hour or so, the door opens and a man of her age rushes out leaves without even looking at me. Shocked at that sight, I stood wondering for a while and quickly entered to find her in the kitchen and found the bedroom all shabby and filled with musky smell. It was obvious that they both had sex in my bed. I simply sat in front of the TV and she came out with coffee for me and herself. I küçükçekmece escort saw directly into her eyes and she was blushing, shy and content.

She spoke to me in a soft and pleasant voice, ‘yaarigu helabeda’. (meaning, ‘dont tell anyone’). I simply nodded, yes! Many thoughts started to linger in my mind, especially on the hot action that had preceeded.

Late into the evening I asked who he was, she was silent. When I assured not to speak about it with anyone, she said her friend’s boyfriend. I was shocked to the core now, but she was laughing at me now. Quickly she pleaded me not to disclose the matter to anyone, else her future-life would be in jeopardy. I again nodded. After her confession, I was pretty sure to make love to her.

That night when we slept, she was facing away from me and I couldn’t control my urges and my wanker was hard, out, and busy in my hands. Next morning I got up late as I had decided to stay home and she was already up, freshened and had breakfast ready. She asked me, what was that happening behind me on the bed in the night yesterday? I lowered my head in shy, she laughed. After a quick freshening, had breakfast with her and went to borrow my friend’s bike. To my surprise, she was already dressed to go out. She smiled and asked where to, I said a movie and a long ride. She looked very happy! DDLJ the movie, rendered both of us pretty silent at the end and we took off quickly on the bike towards a hill station nearer to the city. She was hugging me like a girlfriend and I was cruising cherishing every moments of the humps and bumps of the route. It was about an hour for sunset and we both were behaving like love birds, Raj & Simran.

The place we sat together watching sunset was surprisingly deserted with not a soul around. We were sitting here hugging and cuddling, as the night started to fall, our desires took charge. All four hands were busy feeling each other’s body and mine was a first hand experience. When I said that, she was surprised and asked what the hell was I doing with my girlfriends. She was getting even more close to me after that. It was uncontrollable to hold back my desires for her. My first words of desire to her blurted out of my mouth. ‘Akka ninn thullu beku nange!’ (Sister I want your cunt!). It was too straight and blunt, she looked straight into my eyes for a moment with no expressions and with a smile planted a kiss on my lips. wow! I was shocked at her response than my own usage of words that followed mine!

After a deep kissing session, she responded equaled blunt asking, ‘illae keiytiya?’ (will you fuck me right here?). I was shocked, but the darkness, deserted and cold atmosphere demanded an yes. Yes it was! For the next couple of minutes we were busy fondling each other and smooching.

Suddenly she got up, dropped her pant with her wet panties to her knees and bent over the ledge we were sitting. I was shocked at her fearlessness and was sitting stunned with opened mouth, she looked at me and asked ‘enu innu kuntidiya?’ [why are you still sitting]. I sprang up, dropped my jeans with my briefs and took out my half erect shocked jack and tried to penetrate.

I was a novice and she quickly understood and stood up, pulled her pants and dressed up lightning quick. Shocked again, she said, ‘Sorry I should have understood that it will be your first time, lets go’. I was a bit disappointed, but pulled my pants up and started to catch up to her and took the bike ride back home, but it was a very slow and pleasurable ride with her hands in my pants all the time possible en-route. Half way riding down the hill, she stopped at a place not noticeable and gave me a blowjob of my life. I cannot forget that experience, ever!

We reached home, she resumed to kitchen to cook food as we decided to keep our outing as much unnoticed to others as possible. We had dinner and then after an hour of talk and fondling, we hit the bed.

As usual, she was facing away from me and I was disappointed and ashamed of my inexperience and loosing that opportunity to bang her. After a minute, she quickly turned to me and asked, ‘ashtena?’ (is that all?). I was silent for a moment, she sat up and kurtköy escort looked at me and then quickly pulled her top with her brasserie and slept on her back. That sight of her divine pot with the cherry tipped nipple were looking divine in the dusky light of the city light seeping through the windows. She slowly turned her face to me and I advanced to kiss her. I placed my right hand on her flat tummy, she shivered.

That feedback was too intense to a first-timer like me! Every movement of my palm over her naked body sent shivers all through her body and I was watching her expressing face all the time. Once I reached her boobs, she looked at me and I again started to smooch her and fondling her left tits with my right hand. After a couple of minutes, I broke the kiss and my lips went directly to her hardened right nipple. She moaned quite loudly. It was the first moan from my action on a woman in my life. I quickly looked at her face. She had closed her eyes. I stopped my action and was looking intently at her. She opened her eyes, both in frustration and curiousness as to ask why. It was after then that I took off my top, and got down the bed. Her eyes followed me, and I leaned side to her and with both my arms, I lifted off the bed and instantly blushed and laughed at my action.

I kissed her in my arms and made her set at the side of the bed. I unzipped my pants with my already dripping wet briefs with a lot of pre-cum since the evening and kicked them off my feet. Without a word she slipped my wet dick into her mouth and slurped quite loudly. I held her face in my palms and planted a deep thanking kiss. I held both her hands and pushed her gently on flat back on the bed and pulled her bottom wear to render her in the birthday suit like myself. she rolled her eyes to me and her legs bent and her cunt open towards me as an invitation. I slowly took my face a dive towards her the meeting of her legs and the smell was similar musky on the previous day’s. With my tongue out, I simply slurped her vaginal opening and she moaned the loudest till date. It was quite scary and hissed to her to quite down, but she crackled to a tiny laughter and so was myself. I asked her again in lust, ‘akka nin thull keiyla?’ (sister shall i fuck your cunt?), she replied immediately in heaving breath, ‘nin thunne nanage beku, keiyoo bega’ (I want your dick, fuck me fast). I responded, ‘idu nanage first time’ (this is my first time), and she replied ‘adu nanage gothadh mele, ninna bega manege kardondu bandiddu’ (after I came to know about that, I rushed ourselves back home soon).

We adjusted ourselves on the bed and I started to rub my dick head on her pussy and pushed it gently inwards, with her guiding hand ofcourse. It disappeared with little effort, in her experienced pussy. She left out an pleasurable ‘aaahh’, so did I. After a brief halt, I started to heave in and out, sometimes pulling out too out to pop off her love hole. The reinsertion used to happen almost immediate and effortless. My tempo gradually increased, she had crossed her legs over by heaving buttocks. She was matching her hip movement to match mine and the room as filled with love music from our voice-box, thumping loins, squishing love machines and the mild creaking of the cot. I was kissing her every often and watching her enjoy my lovemaking. I was on cloud9, I was bedding my sister. We both communicated as needed and encouraged each others action. ‘Akka nin thullu sakath agide, dina keiyona?’ (sister your cunt is superb, shall we fuck daily?), to which she used to say, ‘Ninage ista bandange keiyo nan raja’ (fuck me as you wish, my lover). After a few minute, I was reaching my climax, she understood and said me in my ears, ‘Olage bidu nin rasa na, idu nin modalane keiytha’ (come inside me, as this is your first fuck). I barely listened or understood as I had lost my worldly senses and was spurting ropes of cum inside my sisters woomb!

After about 15 minutes, I regained my senses and found myself on top of her, with numb dick. A tiny guilt was lingering my mind. After a moment, I thought my limp dick was out of her pussy, but only to my surprise to hear the pop as I slid beside her. She left a pleasurable tiny maltepe escort ‘ah!’ and smiled at me naughtily. I was happy, to hear her reaction and the tiny guilt vanished when I found that she was not showing any hint of guilt. I kissed her again on her lips and gently pulled her on top of me. She was giggling like a teenager with my every touch on her body. Our lips were busy exchanging kisses, brief, long, shallow, deep and all the kind of variants we tried. At one moment, she sat on my hips, her hairs gravitating towards my face, her beautiful breasts jiggling light and her hips gyrating over my slowly hardening dick.

I knew it was coming, it was her turn to fuck me! Without any hesitation she said, ‘eega nan saradi’ (now it is my turn). I said, ‘ninanna purti nagnawagi nodo aasay’. (I desire to watch you fully naked). She replied, ‘ondu yele noolu illawallo maiyi mele’ (not a shred of thread is on my body) and I immediately replied back, ‘belakillawalla, light haktini?’ (no light, shall turn it on?). She jumped with shy and shock and said ‘no’. I said, I will cover the windows completely, so that nobody will know that we are awake and she agreed. I covered the windows with thick layers of screen and turned the dimmest of the light. she was indeed looking beautiful on the bed, with absolutely no clothes on. She looked like a teenage bride waiting for her groom to eat her away. I leaped on hear, we both giggled, played around for a while. I went on to lay down on the bed for her, it was then I noticed the wet patch on the bed, witnessing our lovemaking.

She bent over my dick and did her traditional slurping suck for a few times to make it hard and crossed her legs across and guided my love-machine in her lover hole. With a little jerk, her mature and much used lower mouth ate away my hot dog effortlessly in a single gulp. she started to move her hips up and down with precision. I was in heaven, so was she with her own actions.

In between I blurted our, ‘experience counts’. She stopped instantly, stared at me for a moment, and got off me with a popping release. I had hurt her feelings and quickly got back and grabbed her, but she struggled off to the bathroom. I waited at the door, she came out, I went in and took a leak. When I returned to the bedroom, she was picking up the clothes to put on. I was feeling very disgusted about my own words. I simply said ‘sorry’. She looked back at me into my eyes and I apologized once more. She dropped the clothes in her hand and said me to lay down, she was calling a bluff and laughed at my condition. By now, my dick had shrunk back to normal size.

She was really a goddess of sex! She let her hair fall over her shoulder and laid down on me barely touching and our foreplay resumed to revive my towering needs. In no moment, my tower was up and her tunnel ate it up, and her ultra precise hip heaving was driving me crazy again. For the first time I cupped both her boobs and kneaded them as gently as I could, every now and then chewing her nipples rising my upper body from the bed, and still getting humped by the never stopping sexual assault from my sexy elder sister. I was spanking her bottom every now and then, encouraging her tour of desire. Slowly I sensed my orgasm building up and noticed that she too was getting even closer to hers. she like an angel, took both her hands and bunched her hair upward toward the ceiling, also showcasing her open body to my feasting eyes. In a few strokes, her body started to arch back and her movement slowed and deepened. In a matter of time, I felt her vagina spasmodically waving over my over bulged dick. A shrill of passionate shriek passed out of her mouth. I almost sat up, hugging her arched body and started to continue movements. Maybe that had her orgasm elongated and finally it ended with my climax.

We both fell back to the bed in the same position and in a matter of moment, we both lost ourselves to the sleeping goddess. It was my first time, my first night, with my first girl, my sister! we woke up late next morning, content, she still lying on top of me. We only understood the amount of sexual secretions, when we started to separate from each other to only find out both skins glued from our cum. The bed had a foot dia patch witnessing of our intensity of our union. Our incest’ed affairs continued for more than a year till she stayed in our place, whenever we got chance. She is now married to a loving husband, have a child and leave in a different city. I happened to visit her this year, but that is another story!

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