Naked Mother Ch. 03

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“Oh mom…please get the towel yourself…I came back just to watch some baseball on TV.”

“No Andy…I can’t get it myself.”

“Any problems mom…are you OK.”

“Well, thanks for asking….but you know honey…I don’t have anything on…..I am all naked in the pool. ” I loved telling it.

“Oh God”

“Yes honey”

“Mom….how did you walk out to swim.”

“Naked”…I replied with a sexy smile.

“Then you might as well walk out naked….he said with a naughty grin.”

“I’m beginning to feel cold…….please help me.”

“No mom…just for once….I don’t feel like helping you…I’m not gonna get you the towel. In any case, it is too hot a summer for you to feel cold.”

“No darling…I’ve been in the pool for pretty long…I’m really feeling cold.”

I was enjoying it. I was all naked in the pool and my horny son was refusing to get me my towel.

He was helping me by not helping me.

I pretended to beg for the towel again. He refused again.

“Oh God, I don’t wanna die of cold.”

“That’s right mom…better to be seen naked than die of cold….he said with a wicked smile.”

“I guess you are right…can you just go back to your room so that I can walk out of the pool.”

“No way mom….I intend to stay here till you walk out.”

“You are gonna miss your baseball on TV….I reminded him with a smile.”

“No way mom….it can’t be better than catching you naked.”

“You naughty boy…it’s really cold.”

“But you are so hot mom.”

“Oh God, surely I’m not let myself die of cold.”

It wasn’t really as cold. But I couldn’t care. I now had a chance (or maybe an excuse) to walk out of the pool naked.

I was getting pretty excited by it all. I could notice the hard on in Andy’s shorts.

I moved forward and then…..first my shoulders…..then a part of my tits…then the whole of my boobs… belly…..and then…..aaah…..finally my pussy…. and my thighs……my legs…..I was out of the pool absolutely naked. Yes absolutely naked… hottest exhibitionist fantasy had come true…..I was fully naked in front of my son. I had no towel to hide myself…..nothing……just the sky and the air around my naked body.

I could have used my hands to cover my tits or even my pussy. I did not. I was loving every moment of it. I was all naked and my son was looking at me.

I decided to talk to him.

“You are so unhelpful…a towel was all I had asked for.”

I could have gone back in. But I was talking. It istanbul rus escort was a ploy to let him watch me naked. It was exhibitionism and voyeurism both at once.

Andy stood there enjoying what he had seen.

“Don’t hope to see momma naked again.”I said.

I turned my back at him…..letting him watch my butts as I slowly walked back.

He walked behind me watching my round butts swaying from side to side.

Back indoors, I asked my son, “So you would be watching baseball on TV?” I knew he was looking at me naked.

“Well, mom its so hot. I’ll take a quick shower before watching baseball.”

And he disappeared in this bathroom.

Back in my room, I deleted the SMS. I was wondering if Andy would be masturbating.

I went back into my room and stood before the mirror looking at myself in all my naked glory. As I looked on I said to myself….Wow this is what my son got to see…..he must be having a blast in the bathroom masturbating to me.

I walked in to my bathroom and was soon showering and fingering myself. I jumped into the bath tub and began to soap myself even as I masturbated and played with my titties. It was the best fun I had ever had naked in the water. I experienced one watery orgasm after another.

A thought ran through my mind, “Will my son ever see me naked masturbating shamelessly?” The idea was enough for another powerful wave of orgasms to grip me.

Then I moved out of the tub and wiped myself dry with my towel. I slipped into sexy skimpy bikini and walked into my son’s room.

He wasn’t there. I heard some noise in his bathroom. I was glad. I knew it I had driven him hard enough to need to masturbate in the shower. In any case, I could read about it in his diary.

A minute later, he walked out with a towel wrapped around him.

I smiled and asked him, “So where was the baseball you wanted to watch on TV?”

“Oh mom, it’s hot….I decided to enjoy a shower instead.”

“You know honey…you took unusually long time in the shower. Did you really enjoy the shower?” I asked with a seductive smile.

“Sure mom,I did.”

“Do you like this lingerie I’m wearing?” I asked as I smiled again.

“This is no lingerie mom…..this is a bikini……a real skimpy one.”

I could clearly see the bulge in the towel.

“I guess you’ve wanted to see momma naked for some time. And that is no sin… crime…..just being a little naughty. I hope you are not disappointed with what you saw.” I said and kadıköy escort smiled again.

“Now that you have seen momma naked tell me what did you like?” I asked him with a naughty smile.

“You are really sexy mom and your…your…boobs mom.”

“Did you notice anything else that is sexy, honey?”

“That place down below…’s a little hairy there.”

I was thrilled. It was my hottest exhibitionist fantasy come true. My son had seen my pussy and was telling me that. I decided to talk about it.

“Oh darling…you liked that….it’s not called “that place down below.” That’s your momma’s cunt…..also called pussy. I hope that adds to your word power.”

I could see his cock getting bigger in his little towel. In fact his erect penis had lifted up the towel to the point where I could see the inside of his thighs and pubic hair just below the penis.

“I hope you don’t need another shower. Showers can be real fun in the summer…looking at you I just get the feeling you need to spend some more time in the shower and cool yourself”

I had just said this when his cock just got even bigger and the tip of his penis made its way out of the little towel. It was oozing pre-cum.

“Oh mom, I need a shower.”

“Do you think momma needs any surgery to get bigger boobs?”

“No mom…..yours are bigger than tennis balls and they are bursting out of your bikini any way.”

“Bursting out…..what does that mean honey… you see momma’s nipples?”

“No mom.”

“So what makes you think they are bursting out.”

I wanted to tease him and arouse him like crazy for another shower…..or another round of masturbation if you’d like to call it.

“Well there’s so much cleavage on display and I can see a big part of the breast coming out just below your armpits.”

“Oh Andy that’s the way bikini bras are these days.”

Meanwhile, there was another thing bursting out…..his cock from his towel.

I walked up to him and punched him gently on his chest. The blow caused his towel to fall down completely exposing his bulging cock.

“Andy it’s natural justice… caught momma naked and now you are naked in front of momma.”

I picked up his towel and placed it on his shoulders. I kissed him on his cheeks while I let my side and panties touch the side of his erect rod.

“Yes honey…..I can feel it… need a shower…..and you need it badly. Sometimes, it is OK to give in to the temptation if it is too irresistible. Just kartal escort go in and have some fun…and don’t forget to thank momma for all the fun you have in the shower. It is really hot…even momma could not resist the urge to go out swimming naked. Just think of the fun momma had all naked in the swimming pool on a hot evening.”

“Go Andy……enjoy yourself naked in the water…..Momma knows how young boys need to enjoy themselves naked in the water when it gets too hot. Go in Andy cool yourself and don’t feel guilty. It is safe and healthy.

“There is nothing wrong in taking a shower twice the same evening, if one is really feeling hot and needs to cool down. So go in Andy and take your time…don’t be in a hurry to finish things off. I know honey you can’t wait any longer.”

I was wondering if he’d realize that I was asking him to go in and masturbate in the guise of taking a shower. It was double talk at its hottest.

His erection seemed to suggest that he understood it all.

“Oh mom.”

The next minute, he vanished into the bathroom and closed the door.

I went into the kitchen and got busy cooking. Minutes later, I was ready to serve his dinner. Andy returned from the shower. He had only his boxer shorts on.

As we settled down to eat. I looked at him and with a naughty smile, asked him, “Did you enjoy your shower, darling”? I still had only my bikini on.

“Off course mom, I did. Showers are great in summer.”

The next day, I couldn’t wait to read what Andy had noted down in his diary.


June 23


This is incredible. I got to see mom naked coming out of the pool. Oh God, she was simply stunning. I could not wait to go in and masturbate. I wonder how often mom goes swimming naked when I’m not home.

I was in heaven when she walked into my room in that sexy bikini. She punched me and made my towel fall down. It was fun standing naked in front of momma with my cock all hard and oozing pre-cum. She walked up to me and my hard penis was touching her panties…… was electrifying…..was it accidental…..or did mom… it to me.

And she wanted me to go in for a shower with such a sexy and naughty smile on. She wanted me to thank her for the fun in the shower. What did mom mean? Was she asking me to go in and masturbate… her. Oh God…..does mom know that I masturbate to her…..or does she not.

Oh God what am I thinking. And mom wanted me to think of her having fun all naked in the pool. This is driving me crazy. I am hard again. I need to masturbate again before I go to sleep. And of course…I’ll be masturbating to mom……she is simply too sexy. If only I could tell mom that I masturbate to her and masturbate right there in front of her.


Next evening, I asked my son for a tennis match.

To be continued…

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