My wyfe

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Part 1———

My wife, Julie, and I, William, met in Europe during a business trip. When I saw her, I was in love at first sight. I was not the only one. We were in a bar and Julie was surrounded by four or five guys that were flirting with her. She was enjoying it a lot. She was standing there, laughing and playing with each of them like toys. I was sitting at the bar, staring at her. She looked gorgeous.

Julie is 28 and I am 29. Julie is quite tall and pretty thin. She has a long and straight blond hair, green eyes, an ultra bright and sexy smile with generous lips… She runs a lot and has a firm body with nice curves. I am crazy for her mid size breasts. I can never prevent me from sucking on them each time I have the opportunity and feel her nipples hardening between my lips. She is very sensitive and she loves it as well. But my favourite part is her lips. I am totally obsessed with them.

That night at the bar, I could not stop looking at her smile, especially at her lips. She has wide and fleshy lips. As I was staring at her, I could feel my dick getting hard in my pants. . As I was looking at her playing with those guys, I was picturing the head of cock opening her mouth and forcing in between her lips. She was looking at me with her green eyes as my dick was penetrating her slowly to disappear deep in her throat. She was sitting on her knees, completely submitted and playing her tongue around my shaft as I was beginning to fuck her mouth without saying a word. I could see saliva spreading out her lips while my cock was going in and out her willing face.

“What are you looking at?!”, Jo asked me, taking me away from my dream.

“What?” I replied still in my dreams.

“Man, you have been staring at that girl for five minutes without saying a word!!”

“Do you know who she is?” I asked him

“Yes, her name Julie” he told me. “Do you want me to introduce you?”

“I don’t know” I said. The truth is that I was dying to meet her, but I was a little scared to become just one among the other guys that vainly were trying to make out with her.

“Come on lady, she is not gonna eat you!” he joked. “I whish” I told myself.

As we were making our way to her table, I could not take my eyes off her lips. As we were getting closer, my heart was bumping faster and my cock was getting harder.

“Hi Julie, I’d like to introduce you my friend William” Jo told her.

She looked at me with a sweet look before replying “Willy? That is something interesting…”

I did not know what to say and I could feel I was blushing. We finally exchanged a few words and Julie excused herself to go to the bath room. I had missed my chance to talk to her.

As the party was coming to the end, I run into her on my way out. She recognized me and asked if I was leaving. I told her yes and she asked if I would mind giving her a ride back to her hotel. Of course, I happily accepted.

We head up to my rental car and started chatting about common things such as where we were from, what we did …. Wanted to be a gentleman, I opened the door for her. As she was getting on the car, she gave me a deep look. Was she playing again? I was getting so obsessed with her that I though it was my imagination.

As I was driving back to her hotel, Julie and I kept talking about our lives until she asked me if I had a girlfriend. I told her that I did not have any at that time. She told me that she did not have any either. I told her I was surprised since she was surrounded by so many men. She explained me that those guys were just her “boys”, that she did not care about them and that she preferred to keep things like this. Out of the blue, I answered that I would never be one of her boys. She looked at me, smiled and asked me what I wanted to be. I could feel that I was blushing. She took her hand to the side of my face and started caressing me softly. “You look so cute when you’re blushing” she said.

My dick was getting hard in my pants. She noticed it and said “do you find me attractive?”. Her hand was on my arm now. “Hum, you are very sexy” I just managed to say. “You really think so..?” she told me with a grin on her face. As she said so I noticed that she passed her tongue over her lips. “What would you like me to do?” she suddenly asked as her hand continued to lower on my body. I could not believe what was happening. Was I dreaming again? She reached between my legs and said “as I can see from the bulge in your pants, there are a few things I could do for you”. As she said so she unzipped my pants and took my stiffed hard cock out.

As she started stroking my shaft up and down, she said that she liked the way it look. My cock is not too long, 7 inches, but quite wide. I was speechless. She was smiling. She knew I was under her control. “I love sucking cocks” she said calmly as she lowered her face on me. Time had stopped. I could not believe what was going on until I felt her wet and warm tongue licking around the head güvenilir bahis of my cock. It felt so good. The tip of my fully hard dick was covered with salty pre-cum. Julie sucked it clean and said that she loved the way I tasted before swallowing a few more inches of my cock. As her head was slowly going up and down, I could feel Julie’s tongue playing hard with my dick head. Her right hand went down my balls, which she started massaging in rhythm with the movement of her head. I knew I would not be able to hold it for too long. She knew it as well and told me that she wanted me to cum down her throat; that she wanted to feel my hot cum fill out her mouth. That was too much. As we arrived on the parking of her hotel, my cock erupted into an orgasm, spitting loads of fresh cum in Julie’s mouth. I could hear her moaning as my juice was invading her mouth. She swallow it sip after sip and kept sucking me clean slowly. I was in ecstasy. She finally put my dick off my mouth and spread this excess of cum over her beautiful lips.

“That was good” she said as she gave me a little kiss on the cheek. As she said so, she opened the door and told me “have a good night.” I was not sure what to do. She must have noticed my interrogative look because she added “I never have sex the first night”, and she closed the door. She went around the car and stop by my window. She handed me out her business card. “Call me” she said before walking back to her Hotel. I stayed there, staring at her ass as she was getting into the reception of her Hotel. I did not realize what had just happen yet.

Part 2 ——————

Julie and I have been together for 2 years. After the night we met, we started dating and eventually got married a year after. We were, and are still happy together. Our sexual life was pretty intense. Julie loved ridding my cock as much as I loved fucking her. Julie was pretty open and curious when it came to sex.

During our honey moon in Paris, we were walking through Pigalle and its famous street full of sex shops. Julie had never been into one and asked me if we could get in one “just to see.” I gladly accepted and we went to the first we saw, the “Toys House”. As we got in, I noticed that there were mainly lonely men, looking at porn movies and…at my wife. At first I felt weird about it but quickly, as Julie was walking around and making comments out load, I realized that I kind of liked it. The movie section was quite boring so we decided to go to the toy section. There were all kind dildos, strapons, BDSM toys… As we were going through a selection of dildos, I saw a grin on Julie’s face. “Would you like to buy one?’ I asked her. “May be…” was her sole answer. She did not need to tell me more. We found a nice 8 inche vibrator dildo. After buying some gel with Julie’s new toy, we decided to go back to the hotel to try it out.

On our way back, Julie was all excited. She could not wait to play with the toy. That was getting me very horny and I asked her if she would masturbate for me until she reached her climax. She looked at me and said that we’ll do even more….

At the Hotel, Julie disappeared in the bathroom. This gave me time to set up candles around the room and to turn on some music. When I was done, I lay on the bed and waited for my wife. She finally got out of the bathroom, her new toy in her hand. She only was wearing long red socking. Without a word she climbed on the bed. She was standing on the top of me and started sucking on her toy. I could see her fleshy lips surrounding the fake dick. I could tell she was enjoying it as her recently shaved pussy was dripping over my body. She sat on her knee and, as she began caressing her pussy, she asked me to get undress for her. I complied with her request right away. She lay on the bed and asked me if I wanted her to fuck herself with the toy. I happily nodded. She told me she wanted me to jerk off with her.

I grabbed my fully erected cock and started masturbating in front of my wife. Sucking her lower lip, she inserted the full 8 inches of her toy deep her soaked pussy. She looked so sexy. Soon her other hand found her clitoris and she made circles on the top of it as she moved her vibrating toy in and out her pussy. She closed her eyes and forgot I was here. She was pleasuring herself like if I was not here. She was moaning loader and loader and sat back her knees. “Jerk off in front of my face baby” she suddenly said. “I want to feel your cum on my face and in my mouth” she added. I moved toward her face and jerk off hard against her cheek. “Open your mouth’ I order her. As she complied, I gave her my balls to suck. She was uncontrollable at this point. Her hands were furiously fucking herself as her tongue was licking the bottom of my balls and my ass. “Huummmmmmmm cum on me” she screamed as she reached her climax. White load of cum flew over to her lips and I shot the rest of my cum straight on her willing tongue. We were both moaning when Julie took my cock in her mouth to türkçe bahis clean it dry. I could not take it any more. I grabbed her head and looking down at her I asked “do you like your new toy?. She smiled “I love it.

She looked so dirty with cum all over her red lips. Quickly my cock was getting hard again. Looking at it, Julie said “that’s perfect; I want to fuck me so bad”. Those words made me fully hard in a minute. I pushed Julie on her back and put my dick right in her burning pussy. As I push my cock deep in her cunt, Julie said “do whatever you want to me. I am your bitch!” I started pumping hard in her pussy and gave her my fingers to suck. She swallowed them and sucked hard on them. “I would like to have a cock in my mouth” she moaned. I grabbed her sticky toy and pressed it against her lips. Without thinking a minute she started sucking on it like if her life was depending on it. She was so hot. “You’d like to have another cock filling up your mouth while I am fucking you, wouldn’t you?” I asked her. “Yes baby, I like it so much” she replied before resuming her toy sucking eagerly. I could not take it anymore. I took my cock off her pussy and shot my white juice on her breast and her face. Some cum drop in her mouth and I told her to keep sucking on her toy and to imagine that the cum was coming from it. She complied and began sucking on her to while rubbing her clit’ hard. She came in a minute before we both passed out on the bed.

Part 3——————————————

Back home, Julie and I were talking after having sex. We were both naked and still sweating when I ask her if she would like to have a third person coming into our bed. She looked at me and said that this could be nice. She asked me if I had someone in mind. I told her not really. She said she would like the third to be her best friend Caroline. She told me she had always wanted to taste a pussy and that she was very attracted to her. The mere idea of fucking my wife with her best friend turns me on so much. From the way she started breathing I could she was too. Then I asked her “what about another guy?” She looked at me surprised and asked me if I would not mine having another guy fucking her in front of me. In response I ask if she would like it. I reminded her about our Paris hotel experience and that I had found her so sexy. She said that if it was okay with me, it could be nice to feel two cocks fucking her at the same time. I turn her over and fucked her a last time before falling asleep.

The following week, I could not stop thinking about our conversation. Was she serious? Was she willing to have sex with a third person? Wouldn’t she be jealous to see fucking her best friend in front of her? I must say that I was more excited by idea of seeing her being fucked by another guy. What obsessed me the most was actually to see her sucking on another cock than mine, to see her lips surrounding another man’s dick until he gives her his juice.

That day, I decided to go for a beer in a bar just out of town. As I was sitting at the bar I met a guy, Tom, who was having a beer by himself. We started chatting and we got along very well. He told me he was not from here and that he would be staying around just over the weekend. That was the perfect opportunity I thought. I asked him if he would like to join my wife and I the following day for dinner. Since he did not any body in town, he gratefully agreed. We had a few more beers and I went back home making sure he had our address

At 7pm the next day, Tom showed up at our apartment. I introduce him to Julie before offering them to have a drink. I had not told anything to Julie about my plans. I had just told her that I had met Tom in a bar and that we got along pretty well and that I had decided to invite him for dinner. We started chatting about life, had a few drinks and a good dinner. By the end of dinner, everybody was getting a little tipsy with all the wine we had had. I offered Julie and Tom to move back to the living room where we could have a last drink and take it easy. They both gladly agree and we all moved to the living room’s couches.

Julie was a little drunker than we were and started flirting with Tom a little. I actually encouraged her and lead the conversation to sex. Tom said he had not had a girlfriend for quite a long. Julie, who were sitting close to him, brushed his chest in a provocative way and asked him how such a beautiful and sexy guy could be single. Tom laughed and looked at me a little embarrassed. I told him it was okay and asked him when the last time he got a good blowjob was. He told us to our disbelief that he had not had his dick sucked for months. Julie and I look at each other. We knew what would happen next. After a short silence, I asked Tom if he would like Julie to suck his cock. He looked at me not believing what he was hearing. He looked at Julie who just smiled back to him. I could tell she was getting horny. I could feel my cock hardening in my pants güvenilir bahis siteleri and I decided to take control of the situation.

I stood up and walk toward to the couch on which Tom and Julie were sitting. I grabbed Julie’s hand and ask her to sit on her knees in front of the couch. Tom was speechless. I asked him to stand up. He complied without a word. Julie was breathing harder already. We could see Tom’s dick forming a bulge in his pants. I told him to unzip his jeans and to take his cock out for Julie. Hesitant, he undid his belt and let his jeans dropped on his ankles. He did not have any shorts underneath. His erected cock was standing a few inches from Julie’s face by now. Tom had a quite big dick. It was as wide as mine and maybe a couple more inches. Julie could not wait any longer. She looked at me and I nodded.

She grabbed Tom cock with her right hand and started squeezing it slowly. “I like the shape of your dick, Tom” she said as she opened her mouth and moved her head toward to his meat. I heard Tom moaning as Julie took the head of his shaft into her mouth and stated sucking on it. I was so turned on. As I was staring at my wife’s face going up and down another man’s cock, I released mine from his jail and began stocking myself. Julie was doing a good job on Tom’s cock. She was even able to deep throat him from time to time. Tom was enjoying it so much. He grabbed her head and started fucking Julie’s face. Julie loved it and pulled up her skirt. She pulled her G-string aside and rubbed her clitoris as Tom deepened his hard cock in her mouth. Julie was getting crazy and swallowed his cock with eager. It was the first time in almost 2 years she was sucking on another cock than mine. She could not stop sucking and licking Tom’s meat. Soon though, Tom’s began moaning loader. We knew that he would not hold it any longer. Julie looked at me on the side. I knew what it meant. “Tom, you may cum in her mouth if you wish” I said. He did not wait for me to tell him twice. His cock erupted in Julie mouth. Julie swallowed as much as she could take but Tom was cumming so much that some of his juice got out Julie’s mouth, dropping on her naked breasts. I could not believe what was happening. Julie was sitting in from of me, another guy’s cock in her mouth, with lot juice running down her throat and her naked body. I called her out as I was close to an orgasm as well. She quickly moved toward me and I shot loads of hot cum on her sticky face and in her mouth. She cleaned my cock dry and step back looking at us.

Tom was sitting on the couch, still not realizing what had just happened. Still standing up, I was looking at him and at Julie, whose face was covered with cum. She was smiling and was cleaning up her face with her fingers before sucking on them. Suddenly she said “you both got to cum but you still owe me”. As she said, she stood up and walked toward to me and whispered into my ear “I want to feel his cock in my pussy while you fuck me up in the ass” As she said so, she turn over and walked toward Tom.

Tom’s dick was hardening again as he saw my naked wife climbing on to him. Spreading her legs in front of his face she said “I want you to suck my pussy before you get to fuck me”. Tom complied without a word and began licking Julie’s wet hole eagerly. Julie was moaning instantly and started moving her pussy on Tom’s face. As she did so, I moved toward to her butt and spreading her butt cheeks, started licking a tight asshole. Julie was so happy, having two men licking her desiring holes before fucking her. Soon, she went done on her legs and let Tom’s hard cock filling up her pussy. As he was penetrating her, she let out a big moan and start fucking him like a porn star. “I want to feel you dick up into my ass William” she begged me. I did not wait a minute, put her butt cheeks aside and push the head of my cock into her little hole. Usually, it was a little hard to get into it, but that day, Julie was so excited that I soon have my whole cock into her ass. Once she got used to me, Julie started moving on the two hard dicks that were filling her. She was insane; “fuck me! Fuck me harder! I love your cocks so much!!” she screamed. I had never seen her like this. She was enjoying it so much. She moved her hand down to her clit’ and reached her climax. All her body was shaking. I grabbed her breasts and she pulled her head in my neck. “That feels so good… thanks William, thanks…” I took my cock out of her ass, knowing she could not take it any more. She then rolled off Tom and lay down on the coach. “Come over here” she said to both of us. “I want you to cum all over me” she added. We both began stroking ourselves and soon erupted on the body of my willing wife. She had cum on her breast, on her belly, between her legs. She moved her hands down her body and spread our juice all over her. She was somewhere else.

After resting a little, Tom told us that it was time for him to go. He had a long road the following day. He thanked us for this unforgettable night and took off. Julie and I were still laying on the coach. Julie look at me, gave me a soft kiss and said “next time, we’ll fuck Caroline…”

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