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This story is gong to be an ongoing story about life with my wife how we started out and all the way to the present time.
I will make it in short stories so it won’t get to long and drawn out, but first off I am not a writer so their will be many
mistakes and somethings might not get explained very well but if you have questions just ask in the comments.
My wife and I met when we were young she was still going out with her first boyfriend he still lived at home with his parents
I had my own place and used to invite them over all the time cause I really liked her and wanted to be close to her.
I used to be what people would call a badboy or tough guy I
was five foot six but very muscular and strong I had a somewhat hairy body and the beginning of a beer belly because I
did alot of drinking and bar hopping I only had a few close friends but knew alot of people and most of the people I knew
thought that I had layed many women because I used to tell them I did, and I would describe how I fucked their brains
out with my big cock, but that was far from the truth, I did have many chances to fuck many different women but all I ever
did was take them out and parade them around so people would think that I had many girlfriends.but in reality I was afraid
to fuck them because I had a small cock and I was embarrassed to get undressed in front of them and the few that I did fuck
I had gotten very drunk so they wouldn’t remember anything. I used to show off that I had alot of money also, which was
somewhat true, most friends thought I was big shit lol, I used to make my money by doing mechanic work at home and had friends
doing most of the work and I would collect the money and pay them a small portion. When Lisa and her boyfriend Eric came by
I would invite them to spend the night, but told them there was not to be any sex in my house cause I didn’t want their sex
juice’s on my bed, that was not the real reason but that is what I told them, I used to have a peek hole into the bathroom
from my bedroom and I would peek in at her when she was taking a shower, I had jerked off many times while watching her.
I used to try and get Lisa drunk when Eric was at work but she would refuse most times saying Eric might get mad, I said dont
worry about him he could deal with me if he didn’t like it, she wasn’t really much of a drinker so she still declined my offer.
I know she liked me or at least she was impressed with the image I portryed, Once they broke up I was able to take her out I
would feel her up but I was so afraid to try and fuck her because of my phobia, but finally after about our sixth date I
had summoned up the courage to try and go through it with the help of alot of alcohol for me and some for her, we had done
it in the front seat of my car it only lasted about 15min but in that time,I guess she came because my front seat was soaked,
She never said anything negative about our lovemaking so I was eager to do it again, it soon began canlı bahis şirketleri to be a everyday thing,
She moved in with me, she was really in love with me and wanted to get married, she had told me she didn’t want me fucking
other women anymore since we were together now, So after her constant nagging to get married
I gave in and married her. We started a family soon after, I was a very jealous guy and didn’t want her going anywhere
by herself or looking at anyone else, I guess it was my insecurrities that made me like that, I wanted her to be a stay at home
wife and she was happy to do that, We had two girls and a boy, I had kind of slowed down on my going out partying, but still
partyed at home. We lived in a neighborhood where there was alot of teenagers and many used to come over and party with me,
We partyed in my garage while the wife stayed inside with the c***dren, On rare occassions the wife would come out and have
a few beers with us, she would bring us out some snack’s and I would tell her to stay and drink a beer or two with us, When
she left the guys would comment on her saying how cool she was I would tell them stories of how I fucked and how freaky she
could be in bed which was a lie, but the guy’s believed it and commented on how lucky I was, Now my wife wasn’t no beauty
queen but she was pretty and very cute, she was five foot four dirty blond hair a little thick with nice round ass and nice
size tits.
After awhile business got very good so I opened a shop in town, I would stay late working all the time till my wife started
complaining saying that she is home all the time and it was very boring and when I did get home I was always drunk.
By this time the c***dren were already in jr. high school and didn’t need their mom around all the time so I told her she
should come in to the shop in the afternoons and she could help out with some of the office work, she was happy to do it,
In the afternoon when work was done me and a couple of the guys would just hang out and drink, I would invite my wife to
join us, we would all have a good time and after a few times of doing this I noticed that some of the shorts that my wife
would wear you could see her panties and I only noticed this because they were bright green, now back in earlier years had
I seen this I would have thrown a fit but I found it exciting and decided not to say anything to her and just enjoy it, I
know my wife hates to wear panties cause she says they are uncomfortable. I waited for the day she wouldn’t wear panties
then one day as we sat there drinking I caught a glimpse of her pantyless pussy and my cock got instantly hard, now it was
hard to see the light and angle had to be right before you could see but I could tell that the guys had all gotten a good
look at one time or another it was those nights I would fuck her for all I was worth and thinking of how them guys had seen
my wifes pussy. About a year ago I had decided to go süperbahis hit the gym a couple times a week it was there that I had befriended
a younger guy named Josh he was twenty one years old we used to talk about girls together and how many we had fucked, for
me it was a lie but I had no doubt he was for real because he had a very bubbly talkative nature about him that made people
want to know him including many men at the gym, he was thin but had a good sized cock and very thick. I had
wondered even before the incident with the shorts, what my wife would think if she had seen a guy like Josh naked, Now I
wanted to find out, I just had to come up with a plan. I decided to approach Josh I asked him if he would be willing to
try and seduce my wife but not go so far as to fuck her just see how far she would go, he just looked at me and laughed
till I told him I was serious and would pay him, he then asked me what she looked like I showed him a face pic of her
and he said not bad then asked don’t you have three k**s what’s her body look like, I told him lets take a ride to my
house and take a look so off we went when we arrived and I introduced him as an out of work friend from the gym which
was true. When we left he said she was nice and her body was okay just not his type but then he asked how much I was
willing to pay, we agreed on a price. I went home and told Lisa I had hired Josh to do some work around the house as it
was an older house and needed some attention, she was happy to hear it. the next day I drove Lisa to the shop and told
her I was going to pick up Josh and show him what has to be done at the house, the next two days me and Josh had put
up spy cams in the house so I could catch every moment I didn’t want to miss a thing. The following week I told my wife
that Josh would be coming over in the mornings and she should find things around the house that needed fixing. the first
day not much got done but he did have her laughing a lot. the next day I could see him getting a little touchy feely
with her but she didn’t seem to mind as it was all good natured.the first two weeks were mostly them getiing to know each
other he was only coming over twice a week. at the beginning of the third week I sat in my office to watch things at
home, The first thing I noticed was when Josh had arrived my wife had not changed out of her night clothes whitch was
a tshirt with no bra and sheer pajama shorts with no panties something she had never worn around anyone but me, she must
really be comfortable with Josh. As they sat and drank coffee Josh told her wow you have some beautiful nipples, with that
comment lisa blushed and folded her arms over her tits and said I hadn’t showered yet so thats why I hadn’t fully dressed yet
Im sorry, Josh laughed and said no don’t get me wrong I love it I prefer it if you never wear a bra around me, with that they
both laughed then Lisa said yeah but I don’t think my husband would like that, süperbahis güvenilir mi Josh shot back what he doesn’t know won’t
hurt him right, Lisa sighed and said I guess. After the coffee Lisa went around showing Josh things that had to be done
as she showed him he would deliberately rub his hand or arm over her tits, Lisa would jump back each time and would sometimes
playfully slap him and tell him no, she then excused herself to go take a shower, Josh yelled leave the bra off.
When she returned she was fully dressed, Josh pouted and said now I have no incintive to work but he would still find reason
to get close to her and playfully rub against her. When he left the house he came by my shop to collect some money and asked
me if I still wanted to go through with it, I asked him how far do you think she will go, he said he wasn’t sure because
she was very famaily oreintated always talking about him and the k**s but he was pretty sure he could get her to do something
naughty, I then asked him if he was attracted to her and he again said she was not his type but it was a fun game to play
especially for money, I then asked would your cock get hard with her he just laughed and said his cock practically stays
hard he said money and pussy is what he lives for. I told him go see how far she will go. That afternoon when Lisa came in
I told her Josh had come by to collect some money and said that she had worked his ass off, she laughed and said she had not
but she had some painting for him to do later and he didn’t think he was going to like that. The next day not much went on just
the usual flirtting that Josh did, but he told me when she had gone to take her shower he waited a few minutes then went and
knocked on the door saying he had to take a leak bad she told him to use the other one but he said he wouldn’t make it so she
opened the door and she had put a towel around her but she stayed in there as he peed, he said he turned side ways to talk to
her as he peed and she just stared at his cock as he peed, he said she was blush red and he asked her you have seen a man pee
before haven’t you she just nodded yes, he said he offered to wash her back but she said she could manage.
We had not put a cam in the bathroom so I missed that. The next day while they were drinking coffee Josh told her it was his
birthday Lisa said you should have told me before I would have made you a cake, Josh said what I really want is for you to go
braless again, I had failed to mention that was a one time thing she did. she then said I can’t do that im sorry. As they were
working Lisa was bending over the kitchen sink washing things when Josh went up behind her and began rubbing her back he asked
if he could please remove her bra she said fine only cause it’s your birthday as he unbutton it he slowly began rubbing his hands
up and down her sides then he begins working his hands under her tits and is soon massaging them she has her eyes closed as she
lets him play, my cock is rock hard and im ready to cum but I hold back. She then stands up turns around and takes her shirt off
she tells him I know what you really want for your birthday and reaches for his cock she clumsely pulls it free,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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