My wife came home from work with a wet spot on her

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My wife came home from work with a wet spot on her

It had been a cold, snowy day when I finally arrived home from work. The house was still dark as I entered, so I checked my voicemail to find out where my wife was. She usually is home from her job before I arrive.

My wife is a registered nurse and works in a busy cardiac treatment center inside a local hospital. I listened to her voicemail saying she had a patient that required treatment at a more advanced hospital. She was riding with the ambulance crew to transport the patient and would be home later than usual. I took the time alone to get online watching porn until I heard her arrive at home almost two hours later.

I had been worked up at the videos I was watching but resisted the desire to masturbate. Instead, I decided to wait for my wife to arrive home. I met her at the door, and it was obvious she was hiding something. I asked if she had eaten yet, she said they had stopped on the way back into town, so she was not hungry. She said she needed to change and shower. She walked toward the bedroom with me following behind her.

Inside our room, I tried to embrace her as she stood, still bundled in her winter coat. She moved away from me asking: “What are you doing?” I thought this was an odd response, she usually removes her coat as she comes inside the door, but tonight she was using it as a barrier. Her jacket extended down about mid-thigh. “Just give me some privacy, and we can talk after I change and take a shower,” she replied.

I was slightly confused as she always undresses in front of me. At first thought, I began to leave the room before turning around as she started to unzip her jacket. She pulled the jacket tight around her as she saw me return letting me know there was something she did not want me to see.

I walked up to her as I reached out and started to pull her coat off of her, unzipping it fully. I leaned in kissing her again. I worked getting her coat off her, and as I pulled it free, she put her hands onto the jacket at her waist, keeping herself covered. I halfway said teasingly, “What are you trying to hide under there?” As she released her clutch on the coat allowing me to pull it from her. Her light blue scrubs revealed a dark wet spot at her crotch. Initially, I thought maybe she had spilled something on herself or even perhaps had some bladder leakage. Neither of which would have had her acting the way she was. As we stood there was a particular fragrance of cum in the air, the almost bleachy smell that is unique, it was faint but unmistakable.

I reached down between her legs, but before I could touch her, she almost whispered, “don’t, I am not clean. Let me go in and take a shower.” Her hands moved to cover herself, so I pulled the drawstring holding her scrub bottoms. As the tie was pulled free, her scrubs sagged on her hips. The wet spot between her legs was faint, probably the size of a can top, maybe 2two or three inches in diameter. I took her hands away, letting the bottoms fall off her legs leaving her standing in her pink lace panties.

I pulled her shirt and raised it over her head. I then unclasped her bra from behind her back. As we stood the smell of sex and cum was heavier. My wife then softly muttered, “Please don’t be mad at me, I didn’t plan this, it just happened.” As she spoke a dark hickey came into view on her right breast. The smell of cum and seeing the hickey got me hard.

I looked down to see her panties also had a wet spot between her legs that was much larger than that in her pants. I kissed her again as my hand reached down over her ass and between her legs. The spot was güvenilir bahis siteleri wet, slimy to the touch and sticky as I pulled my fingers away. “It looks like somebody had some fun today,” I said as our kiss broke.

My wife had a blush to her skin tone, “Let me go and take a shower, please?” I leaned in and kissed her again this time pushing a finger into the elastic leg opening of her panties. My finger pressed easily inside her very slick and wet pussy. My wife broke the kiss saying, “I don’t want you to be mad, it just happened, and I didn’t mean for it too.”

I asked my wife, “Tell me what happened.”

“it was in the back of the ambulance on the way back today. Tim, the paramedic, said he would ride in the back with me since there was no room for all three of us up front. We were talking, and he asked if he could kiss me, and for some reason I just said ok.” My wife replied.

“So, how did you go from a kiss to getting your pussy full of his cum?” I asked.

It was clear my wife was not enjoying talking about this, her face was flush, and her body gesture confirmed she really would have preferred to avoid the story and to get into the shower. The wet mark on her panties was becoming more substantial as she stood in front of me. She responded back, “It just sort of happened while we were driving down the Interstate.”

I did not reply as she stood wishing for me to drop the matter. She shifted her weight from side to side, but I was enjoying her embarrassment and was incredibly stimulated.

Finally, she continued, “Well, it became a very passionate, deep kiss.” Her voice was shaking as she paused before adding, “My shirt was gaping open in the front how those baggy surgical scrubs do, and Tim was striving his best to look down to get a flash of my boobs. You know how that bra sags away from my body when I am leaning forward, well, Tim paused the kiss and told me my nipples were hard and he thought it was hot.”

“So, did you allow him to feel them?” I asked

“Yeah, sort of. I mean when we resumed the kiss Tim’s hand went down the front of my shirt and inside my bra. He was fondling my nipple, and it felt really good. I don’t know what came over me.” She responded.

My wife paused again as if hoping this had satisfied my desire to hear the details of her exploit. I once again ran my finger inside the leg of her panties. It was evident the wetness had increased as I slid two fingers up inside her soaked pussy. I used my free hand to unfasten my pants and to pull my achingly hard cock out.

“Oh my god, this is making you horny!” She exclaimed in a surprised voice. “Let me take a shower and then you can do what you want.” She added.

With one hand stroking my cock and the other fingering my wife’s cum filled pussy I said to her, “I want to hear the whole story, in detail before we do anything, then I want to fuck your sloppy, cum filled pussy.”

“You are such a pervert.” Was my wife’s reply.

I pulled my fingers from her pussy and used the cum on my hand to stroke my cock and to lube it up. “Me the pervert? ” I asked. “‘I am not the one who
lost my panties while going 80 miles per hour down a congested Interstate getting filled with cum when I was supposed to be working.”

“So, you want to hear all the juicy details about how Tim’s enormous dick fucked your wife huh?” She said with an air of confidence in her tone. “Ok, then. Tim played with my boobs for about ten minutes while we kissed and made out together. I was getting really turned-on and knew I was super wet. I told Tim to just take my shirt off so he could see my tits. He did not waste any time getting my shirt perabet giriş off me and then pulling my bra down. He started sucking on my boobs and nipples driving me crazy. Are you sure you want to hear all this?”

“Yes, I want to hear the whole story,” I replied.

She continued, “While Tim was sucking my nipples like he was feeding on them he pulled the drawstring on my britches. I didn’t stop him, and he reached inside my pants rubbing my pussy over my underwear. He commented on how wet I was so I reached and rubbed his crotch over his cargo pants. His dick was hard, and it felt huge. Tim slid a finger deep inside me and sat back looking at me sitting topless on the squad bench. He pulled his fingers out of me and pulled my pants lower on my hips as I raised up. Tim slid them off me leaving me in only my panties. I fumbled with his belt, and he took his dick out, pulling his pants down off his hips. I got down to kneel on the floor between Tim’s legs and took his massive dick into my mouth. He was so big I could only fit the top portion between my lips.”

My wife stopped as she stared at my cock in my hand as I stroked myself. I was ready to shoot my load but wanted to hear the rest of the story and then to make love to her once she gave all the details of her afternoon. “Keep going, describe me the complete story,” I mumbled as I pulled my hand away from myself.

“Well, Tim was enjoying the head I was giving him as he sat back with his eyes closed on the squad bench. I stopped and asked him if he wanted to put it inside me. Tim pulled his polo shirt off quickly and then literally picked me up placing me back down onto the stretcher. He pushed his pants down around his legs while lifting my legs stretching my panties to the side as he thrust his huge dick inside me. It was so unbelievable the way Tim absolutely stuffed me, the pressure that was on my clit caused me to start to climax while he impaled me with his dick. I thought he would break the brackets holding the stretcher to the floor. I could not help myself and was hollering out loudly as I came and Tim then started to tell me he was going to cum. He got as deep inside me as he could force himself as he drained his balls.”

I wanted to touch myself so bad I could barely stand it. I asked, “So did you both get dressed then? I can’t believe his partner did not hear you both and ask anything about it. ”

“That is the next part of the story. Tim’s partner, Thomas was listening to us. When we got done, Thomas asked through the window if it was his turn yet. I was embarrassed while I was laying on the stretcher recovering. Tim’s dick was limp now but dripping cum from the tip. I was laying with my feet propped up in front of me as Tim said he thought my panties were ruined as his cum began to stain them. I could feel it leaking between my cheeks too. Thomas had stopped in a Walmart parking lot along the way. He got into the back, and we were still about half an hour from home. Thomas took his dick out of his pants, he was half the size or smaller of Tim. He asked me if I was ok with him joining in. I nodded yes, and he got my ankles up on his shoulders, pushing my panties to the side again as he sank inside me. I enjoyed the thrusting but did not climax again. Thomas lasted a long time and while he was thrusting Tim had redressed and got out the back door. He was driving us while Thomas continued. Thomas was sucking my tits, and he came deep inside me when he finished. We were back at the hospital when he got done. I didn’t want to go inside because I was so messy and could feel myself leaking. I decided to just wear perabet güvenilir mi the hospital scrubs home and leave mine in my locker.”

I was so turned on. I looked and saw that not only had the cum spot on my wife’s panties increased, but her inner thighs were also wet. I reached my thumbs inside the elastic of the waist of her panties and pushed them straight down her legs. The crotch was filled with cum that had leaked and pooled as we talked. I dropped them down to the floor as she stepped out of them. She mumbled, “let me get into the shower so we can play.”

I wanted her the way she was, dripping with other men’s cum. I pushed her over to the side of our bed. I turned her around and then pushed her forward with her ass on the edge of the mattress. I spread her legs and her cheeks looking at her well-used pussy, her vaginal lips were still swollen and gaping open, they were reddened and slimy. The cum had leaked down her perineum area, and her puckered anus was slick with cum.

“Baby, I am sticky and messy.” I heard my wife say.

I bent forward and licked her ass tasting the mixture of cum with her own.

“What are you doing?” she said as there was a gasp and moan of undeniable pleasure. “Oh my god, you know both of them came inside me, and I am not clean.” She was now moaning as gruting as she tried to speak. I kept licking, working my way to her messy pussy as she began to push her hips back into my face.”Oh, baby, that feels so good, don’t stop!”

My wife’s pussy was sloppy and slick as I licked her, I could tell she was close to climax. The smell of her pussy and the accumulated cum was overpowering as I had my face buried in her sweet folds. I knew I would not last, so I stopped and stood behind her. I spread her cheeks wide to expose her tight ass and spread pussy as she lay over the edge of the bedside. I wanted to fuck her ass but drove my cock deep inside her wet, cum filled, sloppy pussy making her grunt. The slick, wet feeling inside her was unimaginable. My sife began to climax, and that pushed me over the edge as I added my load to her already full pussy. As my cock throbbed, spewing jets of cum I pulled out of her as I aimed for her tight, wrinkled little hole, She was already lubricated from the leaking cum along with my saliva. Without warning, I pushed my entire length inside her as she gasped and yelped in surprise. Her anal muscles squeezed my shaft almost in a milking action as she was still climaxing. I had trouble thrusting in her as I continued to cum. Her ass was so incredibly tight, it clasped around my cock tightly as I felt myself cum for what seemed an infinity.

I remained inside my wife’s tight anal passage till my cock softened and slid out. She was still breathing hard as her limp body lay on the edge of the mattress, half dangling off the side. I gazed at her and thought to myself I had not ever seen her look so incredible or hot. She was consumed entirely, unable to move. She had spent a vast part of her day fucking, three men, taking multiple loads of cum. Her pussy was parting open as a stream of frothy, thick, white cum slowly came into view and dripped onto the floor beneath her. She was softly snoring, now slumbering in and out of sleep.

My mind was racing as I looked at her figure in front of me, realizing entirely what had happened and what I had performed. There was no context I could conceive of to explain it. I could feel my cock stiffen again, the room filled with the exotic aroma of cum and sex. I once again spread my wife’s cheeks gazing at her beautiful holes. I craved to see another man take her, enjoy her and make her cum hard. I ached to watch as his balls contract, and he spewed his seed deep inside her. I knelt in the puddle of accumulated cum as I stretched my tongue out to softly lick her protruding labia, savoring the fusion of cum. I could detect her softly moaning in her sleeping state.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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