My wife and I pick up a girl from the bar

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My wife and I pick up a girl from the bar
Wife and I used to go to the Pub drinking on Saturday nights as it was the thing to do. in those days a glass of beer was 1.50 everyone got seriously drunk lots of friends would show up as we were in our early twenties. On this occasion a girl who was a year younger was with her mom, Lorraine decided we should sit with them for the evening, great idea as the daughter was real sexy and the wife had lived down the street from her when she lived at home so knew her quite well.
Being in our early twenties my wife like to dress sexy , she had a great body, she had always been a good at swimming and was on the local aquatic swim club, very fit, great ass, a little big in the shoulders and arms because she specialized in butterfly, was amazing to watch someone horse their way through the water doing that extreme swim technique. A bit of a clothes horse she would always spend a far bit of time preparing herself for an evening and would always have an appreciative male audience on the way to the bathroom. 5″ 8″ 130 lbs Mini skirts were the norm the shorter and tighter the better, panty hose, no panties, high heel pumps, black see through blouse with black matching bra, blond shoulder length wavy hair Yup she was fucking hot, she was a bit of a slut and had fucked her share of men but we were in love. How honest is that!
My wives friend Claire was also wearing a little mini skirt, sexy little shoes, no nylons a white top with string style straps bare arms, hair was a page cut with bangs and brown, drive you wild pretty, don’t know why guys never took any time with her, mistakes were made in that regards she was deadly.
So the evening progressed and as usual we were getting quite buzzed, around 11:00 the mother decided she was going to go home, Claire said she wished to stay, and I said that I would give her a ride home in the morning as she could bunk in with us tonight in our spare room. Mom did not even blink as her daughter was with the girl from down the street and her husband, what could happen, so she leaves and the wife and Claire start getting serious about the drinking. My wife was not one to be outdone, they start doing shots of tequila and beer chasers, some guys are paying attention as the girls were getting rowdy, dancing together acting slutty staggering around from all the booze, in those days you did not get told to leave they just served you more booze, it was awesome. We proceed to really make up for lost time after the mother had left and when last call arrived we were more than ready to hit the road back to our house
We get back to the house, I bring out the booze and pour us all double vodkas and orange juice, the girls were downstairs in the rumpus room, with the woodstove started, I turn the stereo on with Led Zeppelin shaking the house both were very drunk and it was looking like a passed out couple of sluts might be the order for the evening.
Rumpus room had a love seat and a matching arm chair, as they were in the love seat I sat in the arm chair, TV viewable by all, I always set the VHS up with a porn movie before we went out as wife just loved watching porn movies. Used to fuck her on the couch telling her how I wanted to do all the things going on in the movie to her, her sitting on the couch with her trimmed pussy over the edge of the couch seat and my face in her snatch, stick my cock in her box, pump for 10 minutes then back to the tongue fucking, I hated hair in my mouth in retrospect, but sex was amazing.
So its like 15 minutes and these broads are finished the drinks, so up the stairs I go to get more, same as last time double vodkas and orange , I return with the drinks and they are so drunk laughing and staggering around together dancing to the music they don’t notice I turn on the VCR takes 5 minutes before they see the fucking on the TV. Loud music, Too much Booze, Porn on the TV, fantasy right, never even crossed my mind.
I turn the music down, the two of them sit themselves down have a couple of drinks and my wife is telling her how much she likes porn movies leans in and kisses her placing her hand on her upper thigh, my wife kisses her neck starts rubbing her breasts, sucking her neck and feeling her tits, I swear they don’t know I’m in the room, not much of a view as wife is between myself and her new found lover. Claire slides down on the couch her skirt riding up showing her white panties, my wives ass is in plan view in her pantyhose. Wife starts removing Claire’s top lifting it over her head and I catch a glimpse of eye contact from Claire as she removes her top nice white bra and my favourite a front clasp, wife is sucking on Claire’s neck, and undoes her bra like a pro. Out come her tits, my wife moves her head down to start sucking her breasts, with Claire’s hands on the back of Lorraine ‘s head holding her as she sucked kaçak iddaa first one then the other breast slowly rising up to kiss her mouth and neck before replacing her lips on Claire’s great rack. The wife slides down off the couch pushes the coffee out and removes Claire’s skirt with an easy movement as Claire elevates her hips to make it easier, great view of her tits nice and perky, nipples stiff from being sucked.
Background music from Houses of the Holy, porno where some guy is driving a 9 inch cock into a blond with her knees up to her chest, my wife stops for a minute and has another big chug of her drink, Claire does the same, sitting in just her panties her breasts heaving from the attention of being sucked, heat from the woodstove, Led Zeppelin, porn movie is in full swing, porn guy is giving her gravy strokes and cums in her pussy with his cock balls deep, both women watching intently as he pulls his big cock out of her swollen fucked cunt, cum sliding out and down the crack of her ass onto the bed sheet. The wife slurs she is out of booze and needs another drink so up I go to get another round of drinks, Triples for the sluts and a double for me, I take my time stumbling around making drinks for us three, thinking what can I do this could be the biggest night ever about to come true. Its now or never I guess I strip my clothes off upstairs and leave them in a heap on the floor in the kitchen.
Down the stairs and the wife is naked, clothes on the floor, both women on the couch, wife with her hand in Claire’s panties, Claire’s head was back, eyes closed and wife is sucking her neck and tits. I put the drinks on the coffee table sit beside my wife her ass is turned towards me, I start stoking her back she shivers sucking Claire’ s neck as I slip my finger into her pussy she moans into the crook of Claire’s neck Claire’s hands are all over the wives tits and I’m finger banging her progressively with one two then three fingers, wife is going nuts, her pussy is frothing juice, Claire has two hickeys on her neck and her panties are soaking wet, my wife slips down the couch again removing Claire’s sticky panties, she never opens her eyes just lifts her ass and spreads her legs showing her smooth shaved pussy. My first shaved snatch, things were starting to change, women started to shave their pubic hair moving away from trimmed look to bald. My wife moves in slowly kissing her way into Claire’ s moist slick shaved sweet ass pussy, Claire never opened her eyes just slid down the couch a little legs spread. My wife spreads her cunt with both hands slowly moving between the girls trembling legs, her pussy so slick and open to my wives tongue, my wives ass is pouting doggie style. She looks at me and says ” fuck me ” wiggling her winking ass hole and soaking pussy at me. Claire leans forward looks at my cock smiling holding my wives head into her cunt, Claire cums shaking into my wives lips and tongue while staring at me . My dick is 6 1/2 inches normal in girth, but it felt like it was twelve and was going to blow up. Room smells like sex, Claire had just cum from having her pussy sucked by my wife , lusty sucking noises from the broad on the TV being spit roasted, hands on two other guys cocks. Music pounding out the tunes PERFECT
My wives head never moved she stayed licking that girls pussy. Claire’s head went back again , I maneuvered around back of my wife and my dick went all the way to the bottom, Standing over her back knees bent, I started pumping into my wife, she arched her back, moaned and gave Claire the tongue lashing she deserved. . As I slowly slide my over stimulated cock in and out my wives hot wiggling soaked pussy, Claire lifts her head back up opens her eyes and looks at me railing my wife, she opens her mouth and starts to have another orgasm. Eyes glazed holding my wives head smashed into her oozing spit slicked love hole ,her legs started shaking, she gives up another gut wrenching, belly quivering orgasm. I’ve had too much, my cock head is over swollen, wives pussy is squelching Claire is shaking uncontrolled.. No longer able too hold back I pull my cock out of my wives gaped pussy stand up and shoot my sperm from my balls out of my flexing cock muscle onto the tits and stomach of Claire and the hair of my wife as she licks at Claire’s spread hot quivering snatch. I lean forward and kiss Claire, our tongues flicking with mutual passion my cock and balls resting on her navel and tummy my ass in front of my wives head, Claire and I are really having a nice full on tongue and kiss session, I move down and suck her neck and down to her tits. I start to rub my cock up and down her body from her tits and mouth to where my wives head stopped me from going any lower, after about 5 or 6 full length rubs my wife lifts her head and runs her tongue over my balls and ass. Every time on the back canlı casino siteleri stroke, my wife would lick at the base of my balls and ass crack. slowly rubbing my cock on this foxy babes body, my wife sucking cunt and licking my taint was porn movie worthy to be sure.
Claire is sucking on my tongue possessed with her new found sex friends, I stopped moving forward and left my ass open and cock hanging down my wife took the bait and sucked on my cock and licked my sweaty balls and man crack. This was new for me having a tongue slowly rimming my ass hole and pulling on my cock while she sucked and licked Claire’s cunt in between.
Sucking Claire’s tits my cum has mixed with her sweat disappearing on her glowing body, my wife turns to get another drink sitting on the floor between the couch and coffee table, her lips nose and chin smeared with the juices from having given Claire two orgasms, we all have a couple of drinks me sitting beside Claire and the wife sitting on the coffee table , I jump up to put another record on with a chubby my wife on how she has not cum and her cunt is throbbing for release. Claire pats the couch and my wife sits beside her, both of them entwining arms and locking their lips in a kiss only women can understand. Claire maneuvers my wife onto her back kissing and licking down the side of my her body. I have some Black Sabbath on the player, Claire gets on the floor in front of my wife and with no resistance the wife spreads her thighs and displays her trimmed pussy to her new girlfriend, Claire licks my wives eager smooth thighs to her slick and spread cunt lips, around the outside and over the top of her clitoris
and down into her pungent sweet hole. While Claire was making my wife shake from her tonguing I Kissed my wife on the lips tasting Claire’ s pussy on her lips and alcohol on her breath, holding my balls she gently squeezed my junk and stoked my cock, moaning at me how good it felt having a women licking her pussy while she jacked me off so happy with our new found dimension to sex. She grabbed my head and kissed me shoving her tongue into my mouth and convulsed from the kiss of the women between her legs, one hand holding my head and the other holding Claire’s face into her cunt my wife shook her hips and jammed her tongue into my mouth, what a view of the wife sliding her cunt up and down Claire’s face. I lifted myself up and my wife grabbed my cock and pulled it into her mouth, she sucked at the end and pushed her head as far as it would go to the base of my cock back to the top and flicked the end. My cock was not taking this lightly and responded by being stiff again, stepping over her body I stood on both sides of my wife and placed my cock into her mouth, she opened and my cock went to the back of her throat, I throat fucked her like this for a bit and it was amazing but too unstable so I got off the couch my wife whispered loudly to me. FUCK HER HONEY I WANT TO WATCH YOU FUCK. stepping off the couch I approached Claire from the back got on my knees and placed my cock into her swollen pussy sooo hot and slippery, we fucked doogie for like 2 minutes and my nuts were on fire, I had to pull out or give her the sperm.
Damn nice pussy real tight, good, soft and hot. I moved the table a little more, Claire laid down getting on her back spreading her pussy inviting me back in, I got on my knees and rubbed the head of my cock at her entrance, she was moving her hips to allow easier entry, and my wife had moved up over our sexy nymphos face. My wife squats over her face and starts sliding her pussy up and down Claire’s mouth chin and nose. My cock head rubbing up and down her pussy slit, Claire moving her hips trying to catch my cocks head when she moves just enough my stiff cock slips in just enough so as not to be able to slid past her hole. It was so hard you’d think it was going to break. Ahhh, the moment of truth, her cunt was so hot as I slowly sank my cock into her soft passage, she lifted her hips to allow my cock to go all the way to the bottom, she was purring under my wives spread ass sliding up and down her mouth and my penis in her depths, slowly she ground she hips in small little circles with her cunt and legs spread as wide as she could. My dong felt like a porn stars cock looks going into her hole back and forth, wide open spread legs begging me to fuck my cock into her over and over, slowly pull it up and then all the way down as far as I can go.
My wife was shaking and moaning on Claire’s face, Claire’s tongue sliding over her brown star digging into her cunt and up to her clitoris my wife ground her cunt and ass on her mouth, shimmied, shook, and secreted her love ejaculate all over our girlfriends face, shook so hard she leaned forward putting her hand above Clare’s head. Claire just kept on licking, my wife vibrated on top of casino şirketleri her slowly opening and closing her legs at the knees softly letting her cunt be licked again and again moaning and shaking over and over my wife climaxed again on her face trembling and shaking, her pussy oozing female jizz. Shaking with a cunt sated by orgasmic lust my wife finds her way to sitting on the couch her fingers massaging her pussy swollen from being fucked and licked for almost two hours. She looked so hot, hair was a mess with the sticky residual of my cocks sperm, sweat from the heat of the room, droplets of sweat dripping down off her tits, her tits shinning heaving with lust, pussy dripping for more soaked with her cum and from being licked by this sex dynamo underneath me
Watching my wife being licked and her body shaking so much, racked with orgasm after orgasm my cock was starting to get to that point boiling of no return. Claire was moving her shaved pussy so perfectly, a small little circle, I would pull my cock back out to the purple knob head ,she lifts her hips up and I push my cock right to the bottom, small circle, pull out, and back in. Too much, had to stop I pull my cock out and leaned back enough too take in the view, her pussy moving to try and make me return, it is sticking straight up proud. Her smooth snatch begging for fucking my cock twitches and leaks some pre cum which she wipes off with her finger and rubs it on her lips like lipstick, I slid my cock back into her burning hot pleasure zone and kissed her on the lips, tongue into mouth tasting my pre sperm, and my wives cunt juice. Now I m drunk fucking with a fox my wife and I picked up at the bar, she is I ‘m thinking the best slutty fuck I’ve ever had, and my wife had just creamed on her face . I threw my head back and ground my pelvis into her soaking pussy lips and grunted my first load into another woman since taking my wedding vows.
Spasm after spasm my cock head bulging as each shot of sperm soaked the inside of her naked cunt hole. Her cunt flooded with my life and c***d bearing seed she whimpered, trembling, pulling me into her body, wrapping her legs around my back, and her arms around my neck, holding my in her sweet slippery pussy. Welding herself onto my cock she sucked my lips and said I’m cumming, the feeling was incredible her cunt muscles squeezed my cock as she orgasmed with me inside her cunt. Slow rhythmic contractions caressing my seed releasing cock, her pussy juice mixed with love seed slowly squeezing out from around my cock over my balls and down her ass crack . I realized was grasped in the embrace of a women who is being bred with the seed of a married man and making sure it was going to take. You can just tell by the way she hangs on, moving her cunt, keeping your cock inside her love hole as long as possible, she has been bred.
I pull my cock out of her hole and admire the gape that has been left behind, my wife is admiring her female lovers open pussy, my cock glistening with her cum juices we are all spent for the moment looking at this beautiful women we have discovered. My wife gets on her knees and kisses her softly and says lets all go to bed we can do this again tomorrow. We turn off the VCR close the lights slowing making our way upstairs to the bedroom, my wife held my cock all the way to the room kissing my neck as we watched Claire’s ass move in front of us to the bedroom. Cum and pussy juice shinning on her inner thighs , opening the door we all made our way to the bed like we had done it a million times, we really were tired, drunk and glowing we all slid into the bed the two women together my wife in the middle, my fingers gently going in and out her pussy and that was it. It was over we all passed out just like that.
The next morning was not even awkward, my wife was so hung over she couldn’t get out of bed even to say goodbye, Claire went downstairs collected her clothes while I put mine on in the kitchen, we jumped in the car both smiling at each other with a new found adoration and closeness of a women who has just given herself completely and has been bred voluntarily by a married man with consent of his wife. Smiling she held herself close to me until we arrived at her moms house, the kiss was the one you have when you’ve been fucking someone and really have discovered another persons sexual soul, deep, and passionate. She was rubbing my pants whispering in my ear how much she enjoyed last night, asking for it to happen again, I slid my hand under her skirt she had no panties on and I fingered her lightly and said I would do what I could to make another threesome happen. She kissed my again and spread her legs as she got out of the car making sure I got another look at her cunt, closed the door and slinked up the walk to her moms house twiddled her fingers goodbye and went in the house. GOD my head was pounding I drove back home downed 3 Tylenol and drank a big glass of water, slid into bed hoping to not wake the wife, she did not move, she slept all day, I made her dinner, did not talk about it for 3 days. Was there to be a next time?

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