My Very Hot Wife

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My Very Hot Wife 2

This story is true, it took place over an 18 month period, only his name has been changed the rest is the way the encounter occurred, and I have the tapes to refer to for accuracy.

My wife is 35 years old, five foot, long blond hair, 38dd breasts and a great ass. By her third date with John her ass was no longer virgin.
Her and I have spoken about these stories and she wanted to contribute to the writing.
This next encounter is told by Joyce as I wasn’t there to record it.

Hi everyone.
After my last encounter every time the phone rang I ran over and picked it up with anticipation. When John left Sunday morning he said I’ll call Monday and maybe stop by for a blow job, I was salivating to give it to him. As you may or may not know I love to suck cock and swallow cum.
No call, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, by Thursday I was getting depressed. Thursday evening Al and I were watching TV around 8:30 PM when the phone rang. Al answered, Hi John how have you been? Oh well shit happens yeah I’ll get her, it’s for you and he smiled at me. I said hi babe thought you had ditched me, No way having trouble with my wife these last few days, I understand. Hold on while I go upstairs so I can talk.
Al turned the TV sound off and I put the phone on speaker. After a few moments I said ok now I can talk. Joyce the last four days all I’ve thought about was you. I know darling after you left I kept those panties on until 4PM and that’s when I took a shower, I wanted to smell you all day. I didn’t brush my teeth until Monday because I wanted to keep your taste in my mouth. Stop I’m getting a hard-on thinking about it, good.
I’m trying to arrange a fishing trip for Saturday till Sunday, a friend of mine says I can use his boat. It’s a thirty foot cabin cruiser and we can go out in the bay and anchor. Will Al let you go? Call me in the morning, by noon and I’ll let you know. By big guy, by love.

Do you want to go? Hell yes! Ok but just this one time as all I’ll have is your story on the trip. Great, let me suck your cock, I need some cum now. Ok.

The next morning John called at about 11, hi sweetie how my girl? Wet and ready for our fishing trip. That’s great I’ll pick you up at around bahis firmaları 2PM Saturday afternoon, ok what do I need. Your street clothes, a pair of panties bra and heels? I can do that.

Saturday at two he pulled up and off I went, after we left the neighborhood I leaned over and stuck my tongue down his throat and then put my head down and kissed his dick.

Joyce you have no idea how much I’ve looked forward to this, and me too babe. The ride was long and but we finally arrived at 4:30. You hungry? I could go for a cum shake or a burger. The shake you will get later lets get some food, ok.
After burgers and fries and several double vodkas we got to the boat. We got on board and went in side. I’d like another drink please, ok but you’ve had four already, don’t worry I’m not driving, ok.
I went into the state room and put on my outfit yellow lace thong, matching bra and black 5” heels. I opened the door stepped out and had a tongue in my mouth and a hand on my clit. Wow I guess you like the look? You know it. My juices started flowing, he took me into the bedroom, take those panties off! You got it, I laid down and that huge cock was going in easily, all I could say was your cock feels great push it further, and he did until our public bones we mashing together. Oh my god oh my god baby fuck me fuck me. He did for about five or six minutes and then as I was about to explode he tensed up and we came together, I almost passed out I came so hard. It took a long time to calm down, He rolled off with a cute smile and said are you hungry I just smiled and said all the time.
The next half hour he feed me cum and vodka, what a great combination. ( ladies if you’ve never tried it you should )

I had my hand on his cock and it started to twitch. Honey I have something for you, as I started to message the cock with more vigor. What is it doll. Well the last time we were together you took my ass before I could say anything, yes I know, shush what I’m saying is I’d like to offer it to you willingly now. Really? Yes and Al has never had it so I hope you know how I feel.

God I’d love it, I rolled over on all fours stuck my ass up as far as I could and said make me cum. The next thing I felt was his large wet warm cock at kaçak iddaa my rosebud and then in it went. I was tight but knew in time he’d stretch me to accommodate him in all my orifices.

He did what I asked and I blew my cookie twice before he unloaded another large load of sperm into me.

For the next two hours I had cum and vodka. I realized then that I was falling in love with his cock. Hon would you fuck me again? I sure will, John rolled over and in his beautiful cock went. We fucked for what seem like and hour I came four times and then he once again let go, god I love warm cum.

We were both getting pretty drunk cum and vodka is great and I admit I don’t know when to stop. It was about midnight, we were still up when we heard footsteps on the boat. What was that I asked, I don’t know let me go see, John got up and put on his shorts, I pulled up my wet panties and grabbed a t shirt the back door open and there was a big black guy. John looked and said Hi Mark, Hi John, I thought you were going fishing? Something else came up, it was apparent to see what we had been doing as I was covered in cum and had soaked panties both front and back showing large stains.

Mark got any beer yeah I’ve got about six left I’ll get them for you, thanks. Should I change? No I like the look and besides I’m fucking you when he leaves, ok good. Why is he out roaming around at midnight. Wife left him so he’s been alone for five months, bet he has a very full nut sack. I’m sure he does, he saw the twinkle in my eye. My concern is he may want more then a blow job. But there has to be an awful lot of cum? Right! Yeah I suppose. You’ve had a lot of cum already, never enough cum, besides I could pump it into a glass and I could drink it. I’m sure he expect you to pump it out of him, I have no problem with it if you don’t. Besides the sooner he leaves the soon I get fucked again.

John here’s the beer, thanks. Mark this is Joyce, Hi Mark how are you? Great you? Never better. I’m a bit of a mess at the moment, you look fine to me. Well thank you sir.
John says your alone, yeah wife left five months ago, why? Found a guys with a bigger dick. Sorry about that, well you guys have a beer and I’ll be out in a little bit. The door closed.

Joyce kaçak bahis really looks good man, thanks and she loves to suck cock and drink cum. Really? yeah for real. Wow. If your interested she could jerk you off in a glass and drink it. Really? Yeah but that’s it then you go. Ok it’s a deal. Joyce, hon come out, she opened the door and stood there in wet panties and a t shirt, what’s up baby? How would you like some more cum? I’d love it. Mark’s nut sack is full, you could pump it out in the vodka glass and, I know what to do with it, Mark you ok with this, yeah Lets go, John get my glass, got it, Mark lets see your cock please. He stood up and out came a very large dick, it was larger then Johns and quite a bit fatter, how nice, come her big boy. Joyce pulled off her t shirt showing off her 38s and said can’t jerk a guy off unless your tits are bouncing around and your nipples are rock hard, right? Yes was all mark could say.

It took her four minutes and Mark let go of a huge load, Joyce cooed at him, again? Please another four minutes and she had at least six ounces of cum. Again? nope I’m empty, looks good. She lifted the warm sticky concoctions to her lips and drank. Mark smiled your are my kind of woman, thank you sir, she held up the glass tipped it towards him in a gesture of thanks and finished it, you taste great. Thank you and you can do that anytime you want. Well thank you sir.

I’ll see you next week buddy, you guys have a great night, we will. Mark was gone, Well how about the good fucking you promised me?

John spread he legs rubbed the head of his cock on her wet pussy lips and pushed, oh god lover I can really get use to this, me too. Now lets fuck, yes. yes, yes.

Sunday morning John’s car pulled up and Joyce got out, waved goodbye and came in the house. I was sitting at the table drinking coffee. Good morning, hi hon it’s a great morning. Joyce your covered in cum, yeah it’s a good look for me don’t you think? Any more coffee? Full pot, well get some and tell me how it went.

A note from Joyce.
I have to admit I didn’t tell al about the anal or Mark until mark was also fucking me but that’s another date and story. If you enjoyed these first three date let us know as the affair went on for 18 months and there were many date and al relies on the tape for accuracy. To any female readers believe me try cum and vodka it’s great!

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