My Son the Champ “Rematch”

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* This is the second part in the story, I tried to add as many of your comments to this part so I hope you enjoy it. My editor ran away so Ii do apologize for the little mistakes in the story but English is only my 4th language. Any comments will be appreciated. Also all characters are above 18.*

Two months had passed since the night I lost myself to my son. When I had woken up in his strong arms the next morning, I couldn’t understand why I had let this happen. Maybe it was because I hadn’t made love for over seven years, nevertheless, I felt horrible about it and when Jeff tried to have his way with me again, I explained that it was the first and last time that something like this would happen. At first Jeff still tried to force my hand a little but very soon he noticed that it just wouldn’t happen and pushed his manly desires for me to the back of his mind; even if he now walked around naked more often then he used to. As for me, I tried to forget that it had ever happened and started to go out more. Unfortunately in the middle of the night after a brief sexual encounter my pussy couldn’t help but remember my son’s cock and how he had filled it with energy while the men that I slept with until now just couldn’t.

“Mom could you pick me up after practise please? We have endurance training tonight.”

“Sure honey no problem. I’ll pick you up at 10pm”

As Jeff took his bag to leave for school I sighed for him. After a tiring day at college he would spend three hours at the gym, and the last time I had seen an endurance training, I had been sore from just watching them. As this was Jeff’s first week back at training, I knew he wasn’t looking forward to it. So to make sure I got my boy in a good mood tonight when he got home I made sure that the massage table was ready and that I had his favourite snacks ready before going to pick him up.

At 10pm I was in the gym to see the whole group salute their sensei, and applaud themselves for a practise well done. They all seemed tired as dogs and most didn’t really hurry to the locker room. As I spotted Jeff, I saw him following his coach to his office with two men that I hadn’t seen before. So knowing this could take a while I took a seat on a bench that was there for the fans.

A young blond girl who couldn’t be over 18 years old walked up to me to pick up her bag. Taking off her sweater, she revealed a very athletic upper body with a well filled D-cup, I thought that with her cute face and a body like that guys would drool all over her. As she turned to go to the locker room I noticed a big bruise right on her left kidney.

“That looks painful, make sure to put ointment on that, honey.”

Turning around she shot me a little smile but her eyes remained cold.

“Yeah some idiot taught those guys the Donkey Punch”

“Donkey punch? Never heard of that one, but be sure to block it next time sweets”

Her smile turned colder.

“You should ask Jeff, he is an expert at that one.”

At her tone of voice I could hear that she disliked Jeff so I guessed he was probably responsible for that bruise. Normally I would be upset thinking that Jeff would hit a girl, but then again, this was a mixed Dojo and you didn’t get stronger without a couple of bruises. God knows how many times Jeff had come home covered in them in the past 6 years.

Just after seeing the two men I didn’t recognize leave, the door of the Coach’s office flew open and I saw Jeff bursting out of it with surprising speed. After a hellish training, knowing my little boy all too well I rushed to the office to apologise for his behaviour; knowing he must have been rude to his sensei. As I got in, the old man kindly pointed out a seat at his desk and calmly sat down in front of me.

“Do not worry Mel, I know Jeff well enough to know he didn’t mean what he said and to be honest at his age I would have reacted the same way, I’m afraid.”

As I watched Jeff’s coach I admired him. He was in his late 60’s but he still could keep up with the training of young boy’s like Jeff who had two heads over him and were at least twice his weight. If I hadn’t seen him topless once during a practice in the summer I wouldn’t have believed that this little man could be muscular. Sometimes he just made me think about Yoda with his ever-lasting Zen attitude, but still strong enough to beat the crap out of most kids in the Dojo when needed.

“Yes but what exactly happened? Were those men here to tell him that he wouldn’t get another fight this year? I know he worried about that in the past two months.”

Knowing that even if I would be relieved that my baby boy wouldn’t have to fight anymore I knew that Jeff would be devastated about having to stop on a loss.

“No quite the contrary, those men where here to offer him his rematch against the Champ. Unfortunately I had to tell them we would think about it, and told Jeff it wouldn’t happen this year.”

A bit confused about why his coach who always bragged to me that he would turn him into a world halkalı escort class fighter had suddenly changed his mind, I asked him why.

“But he almost won last time, you even said that you wouldn’t be surprised if they turned down every single offer you gave them for a rematch? So why refuse it when they offer it?”

“You see Mel, when a fighter loses for the first time his confidence and his drive gets broken. Happens to all of us. So after a loss you take a break, then fight some easy battles to boost your ego again and only then, when your anger of losing has stirred long enough, you challenge the top again. They know that if they give it time Jeff will be ready for a rematch and they will lose the belt, so instead of waiting they want to finish him off right away. Also Jeff doesn’t have it in him to recover in 4 months. The last thing that will benefit him is two losses against the same man one after the other.”

Even if I knew that his sensei knew a lot more then me about fighting, somewhere deep in me, I knew that this was Jeff’s big chance and that if he spoiled this, he would turn bad again. So looking at his Coach, I said as calmly as possible what I had in mind:

“What If you tell those guys that Jeff will fight. You make Jeff train as hard as he can and if before the fight you think he isn’t fit to fight the champ, you just forfeit saying he pulled something in practice?”

His deep blue eyes looked at me as he pondered upon the matter. For a second I thought he would agree with me but then he shook his head.

“Even though that is smart thinking of you, it is against Ronin Gym policy to do this. The honour of the whole Gym is at stake with every match we fight, and I can’t just spit on that. Jeff is a strong fighter, he will get other chances.”

He looked honestly disappointed that he had to turn it down. Not willing to let this go, I used my most feminine weapons against the old man hoping that he wouldn’t be able to turn me down. So looking at him sensually and leaning forward a bit, I said:

“They don’t respect the honour of this Gym by forcing him to fight when he isn’t ready. So couldn’t you close your eyes on this and do me this favour? I know that Jeff will be ready.”

Standing up from his seat he came over to the other side of the desk and took a seat right in front of me. Leaning on the desk he placed a strong hand on my shoulder and looked at me with a paternal look that made me feel secure.

“You really love your son don’t you.”

“Off course I would give anything for his happiness.”

“Well then I will grant you this favour, if you will grant me just a small one in return.”

Smiling broadly from ear to ear, happy that I would be able to tell Jeff that he had his rematch after all. And as the coach’s tone of voice had been as calm and kind as ever I just nodded.

“Yeah sure what can I do for you?”

Smiling down at me he said:

“Well Mel, I’ve always admired that for a woman of your age you still are very fit. Keeping up with your son’s training and all”

Smiling at the compliment I thought that maybe he would ask me to help with the training of the girls since I often assisted him with Jeff’s training.

“And I always wanted to fuck the hell out of those tits of yours, so if you want Jeff to fight and make me forget about the honour of my Dojo, well then just corrupt me.”

He said as calmly as ever with the same kindness that when he had told me six years ago he would get Jeff back on track. Dumbstruck, not really know what to do, but seeing him now openly eyeing my breasts I knew that it would be the only way to give Jeff a chance to have his revenge.

“Okay where do you want me?”

I said looking down, blushing slightly at this awkward situation.

“Ah, good little girl. Well, let me first see that body of yours and see if that can rise my old cock on it’s own.”

He said, pushing his shirt over his head while staying seated on his desk. As for me, I slowly stood up and started to unbutton my blouse to reveal my tight tummy and chest he fantasised so much about, in a simple black lace bra. Seeing him lick his lips I knew that I must be the best looking woman he had seen in years, somehow that thought made me smile. Turning around I slowly unzipped the side of my skirt as I pushed it down and stepped out of it, still facing the door I bent over deeply before slowly removing my black lace boxer, wiggling my ass a little at him.

“Hmmm what a nice ass you have there.”

I heard him say just before feeling a sharp slap landing on my right ass cheek. Gasping I pushed my ass against him to keep it safe from his spanking. As I ground a little against him, I could feel his cock getting half hard already. Getting back up, I felt his hands opening my bra and pushing the straps off my shoulders. As my bra touched the ground, I pressed my back against him and taking his hands I placed them on my breasts as I kept using my ass to get him harbiye escort fully hard.

“Why don’t you take your seat back.”

He whispered, as he skilfully made my nipples erect under his strong hands while nibbling on my earlobe. As I broke away from his caresses, I saw that his cock was making a tent in his training pants, so slowly, I pulled them down, revealing a little 6 inch cock.

“Why don’t you play with yourself while I have fun with your breasts love, after all it would be a shame if you didn’t enjoy yourself.”

It wasn’t his words that made my hands fall into my lap and my fingers start to caress the softness of my now moist lips, but his tone of voice. Somewhere deep inside of me I felt like giving myself over to that calm but dominating voice. As I pushed two fingers in my now wet pussy and used my other hand to pinch my clit, I once again felt his strong hands on my breasts, slowly massaging them, playing with my nipples, and sending shivers down my spine.

“Mmmmm six years I’ve been waiting for this, now why don’t you ask me nicely?”

Again more affected by the authority in his voice than by his actual words, I looked straight at him and in between moans, I asked… no begged him:

“Please Sensei, please fuck my breasts.”

“Good little slut!”

As he said this, he placed his smallish cock in my cleavage and slowly pushed my breasts over it as he started to use my breasts to massage his manhood.

“Be a good little whore and spit in that cleavage.”

Normally, I would be offended by this kind of language, but the way he said it, just made me look down to that cock in between my breasts. Then, as sensual as I could, not trying to be trashy, I collected my saliva and spat in the space between my breasts. Wrapping my breasts around his cock again he started humping them for a few seconds before stopping.

” That won’t do, on the desk with that slutty ass of yours.”

With a firm but still gentle hand he pulled me up and made me lie back on his desk. As my head dropped over the far edge of the desk I could feel his hands on my legs.

“I know a better way to lubricate a cock.”

With one hand on my pelvis, his thumb rubbed my sensitive clit. He slowly started to push the head of his cock into my soaking pussy. Moaning with pleasure at his touch, I had to suppress a giggle at the thought that such a small cock was taking such good care of me. But, as previously said, it wasn’t my pussy he was interested in. After a couple of minutes of stroking his cock in and out of my pussy, he pulled out and moved across the desk and placed his cock just in front of my face.

“Why don’t you give it a couple of licks and taste yourself, you little cunt.”

“Yes, Sensei.”

I said, as I darted my tongue over his shaft, tasting myself. Then, as he spat in my cleavage he placed a leg around each side of my head and started to fuck my breasts with the energy of a teenager. As I could feel his cock pound against my breasts I started to finger myself again, feeling closer to a real orgasm then ever, since the night I had with my boy. Then, not knowing why, I poked out my tongue and started to lick the hairless ass of my son’s Coach.

“Mmmmm that’s it you little bitch, just like that.”

Just as the first wave of my orgasm washed over my entire body, I felt his strong hand grip me by the neck and pull me off the desk. Pushing my on my knees, my face pulled towards him. I saw his cock starting to spew out cum. Never in my life had I seen a man shoot such a huge load. As the first three spurts covered half of my face, the rest was aimed at my breasts, tummy, and pussy as he jerked his cock off till the last few drops. Then as my own orgasm died out, I felt his cock against my lips, and I swallowed his full length, cleaning his balls from the last of his cum.

“I think we should meet more often Mel.”

He said, as he pulled out and offered me a towel to clean up.

As I walked out of the office, slightly blushing at what I had done, I could see that everyone was outside already. As I walked towards the car, I could see Jeff leaning against his side, his face set on stormy weather.

“About fucking time.”

Just as I was about to answer, not too happy about his attitude after all I had done to get him his match, I heard the door of the Dojo open up.

“Yo Trask, special menu till the match. Thank your mother.”

Looking over at Jeff’s face I could first see that he was confused, then as it slowly reached him that his coach had used his ring name and mentioned special training, his face lit up like a child on Christmas morning. Getting in the car I could see that he was feeling on top of the world again.

“Now Jeff, since your exams are in three weeks you are expected to pass them. If you fail your year, you don’t get your fight in 4 months.”

But I knew I would have to remind him again tomorrow as his mind was elsewhere. Taking out his cellphone, he ikitelli escort quickly dialled a number he seemed to know very well. After a few rings the person answered:

“Hey are you free tonight?”


“I start special training for my rematch tomorrow morning…”

I could here some stress in Jeff’s voice.

“Common you know I didn’t mean to hit you that hard.”

Another pause, I got an inkling that he was talking to that girl I had spoken to in the Dojo, and it seemed she still held a grudge.

“Fine, I’ll find someone else.”

With that, he hung up the phone and stared out of the window for the rest of the ride home. As we got home, he headed for the shower as I started to heat up the food. I then also rushed to my bathroom to refresh myself and put on a light nightie and a silk robe, coming back down, I placed the snacks on a plate and waited for Jeff to come down.

“How did you get the sensei to change his mind?”

As his voice boomed right behind me, I gasped and nearly choked on a piece of chocolate that I was eating. Regaining my composer, I took a deep breath and turned to him.

“I said that if he was afraid to let you fight, he should let you train for it, and if he thinks that the day of the fight you aren’t ready to face the Champ, he’ll forfeit the match saying you pulled something at practice.”

Jeff looked at me very seriously as if he could see that I wasn’t telling the whole truth.

“And he agreed with that?”

“Off course he did, because I promised him that you would be ready to take on that guy this time. And that since they were so cowardly to rush the rematch, he shouldn’t hesitate to pull you out if he thinks its not a good time to fight.”

Jeff just shrugged his shoulders then and dug into the snacks I had heated up for him, knowing it was the last unhealthy food he would get until his match was done. Then hearing the mail alert on his pc he sighed.

“Well that’s the special menu for the coming months, better go check it.”

Now even if he loved training, the special training had always been something that he didn’t enjoy as it pushed him to his limits, but usually he would wait to open up the mail until he woke up the next morning. So as he turned around, I grabbed his hand, knowing like only a mother could know that something was wrong.

“What’s the matter honey? Isn’t that something for when you wake up.”

“Well except if you are willing to do me a big favour there’s no point in waiting.”

He said in a very cold voice. Now keeping in mind what had been a little favour earlier, I was reluctant to know what a big favour would be, but not being able to see my son this upset I asked anyway, knowing full well that it was more then I would like to do.

“Well special menu is, as you know, no sexual activity for all that time, and I thought that maybe after a good upper thigh massage…”

He looked at me trying to size up how far I would let him go. Then seeing that cunning glint in his eyes I stopped breathing, fearing he would ask me to fuck him again.

“You could pull out that vibrator I’ve been hearing so often lately and give me a little show while I take care of myself.”

As I heard his request I felt relief that he hadn’t asked for more, and shame that he had heard my newest purchase at the same time. Biting my lips as I hesitated for a second, then I took my son in my arms and gave him a big loving hug and a big kiss on the cheek. I pushed him in the direction of the massage table.

“I’ll tell you what, while I go get it, why don’t you strip down and go lie on the table, I’ll give you a full body massage and then we’ll take care of that little favour of yours.”

Smiling as he took off his shirt and made his way to the massage table, I ran upstairs to pull off my nightie and put on a red bikini thong under my robe. Then, grabbing my “gladiator” as I called him, a huge dildo that was the same size as Jeff’s cock, I made my way back to the living room. Jeff was waiting for me on his back on the table his cock already in full glory like only a young man anticipating sex can have. Slowly disrobing, I took the bottle of massage oil and gave Jeff a little look that meant that he should know better. At that moment, I cursed my childish enthusiasm that had led me here, somehow happy that he hadn’t forced me to go farther then I wanted. I had offered more then asked.

As he turned over, I straddled his waist and started to spread some oil all over his back, making sure my hands took care of his worn out muscles at the same time. Then, as his back was fully relaxed I poured some more oil on my chest and went to lie on him, using my upper body to massage his back I could feel his excitement growing, my hands teasingly caressed his sides and hips. As I pressed my breasts hard against the lowest part of his back and his ass, I slipped a hand under his hip giving his cock a little squeeze. Feeling him shifting under me, I pushed myself a bit up to let him turn around, only to get his fully erect cock slapping my face again. But instead of being shocked, I pushed my face against it as a cat would, then slowly as I kissed his lower abs, I used my breasts to massage his huge manhood, Smiling at him as it was funny that this happened again.

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