My Sister’s Visit Part 3

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My Sister’s Visit Part 3
I sat on the edge of the bed watching as Ryan sorted out the clothes he had bought and was quite excited and I realized that I had been in my robe all day which to be fair wasn’t unusual but I guess strange as I have guests however it was all very natural and even as Ryan and I chatted my robe was open and my cock hanging down and yes, Ryan did have a few quick looks but he was far more comfortable with the situation now.
I pulled back the cover and took off my robe before laying naked on the bed with my soft cock flopped to one side, we carried on chatting as Ryan slowly took off his shirt, he had a nice smooth cheat and then dropped his shorts leaving just his boxers which were the last item to come off, he stood there for a few seconds with his limp cock hanging and everything seemed normal and he was more confident now, after all I did suck him off earlier in the day.
We both lay naked on the bed chatting, “Did you enjoy me sucking your cock this morning?” I asked him, “Oh Yes” he said, “You are so good at it Uncle Frank”, I smiled as I looked down at his cock which was now getting semi hard as we talked about our morning activity. He confided in me that he had never sucked a cock before and seeing the enjoyment I got from it he felt it was something he wanted to try, well we all have to start somewhere.
He asked me for some tips and all I could really say to him was to do all the things that he enjoyed receiving and he wouldn’t go far wrong and he seemed happy with that advice, I saw him looking down at my cock which was starting to come to life again, “Uncle Frank?” he said and I guessed what he was going to ask me, “Yes you can” I said back with a smile and opened my legs so he could get between them and beckoned him to kneel in between my legs which he did.
He looked slightly nervous as you would expect and looked at it for a few minutes as if asking himself if he really wanted to do it and then her reached forward and took hold of my cock and slowly started to rub it, I just laid back with my eyes closed enjoying his every touch.
He bent down and I could feel his warm breath on my swollen helmet and when his tongue touched it send shock waves through my body, I felt his tongue licking all around the head before running down the full length of my throbbing cock before running all the way back up again and then taking the head into his mouth.
I felt his hand under my bottom as his fingers were searching for my crack, I wiggled a bit to point him in the right direction and was sure my cock got harder as his fingers found the spot and as he pushed his head down on my cock his finger penetrated my arse, “OMG!, Wow!” I cried as my cock hit the back of his throat and he gently started to bob his head in time with his finger fucking kaçak iddaa my arse, the feelings running through my body were electric and if Ryan had learnt this through watching then what would he be like with a bit of experience, awesome thought!.
He had his finger up me right to the knuckle and that was enough as my whole body tightened and my cock started to pulsate, “Oh Fuck YES!” I cried as I felt my hot cum hit the back of his throat but he didn’t pull away and frantically tried to swallow before the second lot hit, “Mmm” he cried softly as he swallowed everything I could throw at him and then kept sucking every last drop out of me and he still had his finger up my arse.
He slowly pulled up, “Damn Uncle Frank, That was yummy” he said as he licked his lips and then gave my cock a quick kiss before rolling back next to me, I was regaining my breath after such an intense orgasm and smiled across at Ryan, “Good job” I said cheerfully satisfied with his first attempt, or was it?
I must have drifted off to sleep as I was woken up by my sister Val with a nice hot cup of coffee, “Morning Bro” she said cheerfully as she sat on the edge of the bed, Ryan was nowhere to be seen. “Morning Sis” I said trying to focus on my sister sitting on the edge of my bed in a skimpy dressing gown and me laying naked in bed with just a thin cover from the navel downwards.
“Do you ever think about the past” she said in a soft voice running her fingers lightly over my chest, “Yes I do” I replied back trying to contain the smile that then broke out and I put my hand onto her bare leg as she continued running her fingers around my chest.
“I think about it a lot, about how those early experiences have made me how I am today” a statement that she totally agreed with and we then reminisced about our early days and how things started and as we spoke I could feel my cock rising and then I found my hand had gone across to the other legs and was gently rubbing the inside of her thigh and her fingers were now lightly rubbing my stomach getting lower and lower with every turn and getting ever closer to my obvious erection hidden under the light cover.
She laughed as she remembered the first time she saw my cock, how sweet it looked being all small and hard and how she sucked it for the first time like daddy showed her to do, “And now look at it” she said as she pulled the cover back exposing my throbbing man meat, “Its huge”
As she twisted her body to get a better look my hand went further up her thigh and I could feel the hair around her wet pussy confirming that she was totally naked under her gown, she didn’t even flinch when my hand made contact.
“Yes, how embarrassing having mum and dad watching you suck my cock for the first time, but you did a great job” I said smiling and looking perabet güvenilir mi at Val’s face all lit up with her memories.
“Thank you Frank” she said smiling as she gave my cock a little squeeze, “Great memories” she said as she stood up from the bed facing me and pulled the covers right off me and looked down at my naked body laying before her, my cock upright and rigid.
She opened up her gown and let it slip to the floor and not a word was said as she clambered onto the bed and straddled me lowering herself down and gyrating along my cock as she looked into my eyes and smiled.
She raised herself up and taking my cock in her hand she positioned it between her legs and I could feel her wetness on the tip of my helmet, slowly she lowered herself on to me, “OMG!” she said as my cock entered her and I could feel her cunt muscles tighten around it as inch by inch it started to fill her up until I felt her arse cheeks on my balls.
Very slowly she started to ride me with her hands on my chest for balance, her moans got louder as she built up a rhythm and it wasn’t long before she was riding me like a bucking bronco, it seemed like 10 years of frustration was coming out all at once and the more she rode the more I thrust.
At one point I thought the bed was going to collapse such was the intensity of movement and the twins, wherever they are, could not fail to hear what was going on and for all I knew they could be peeping through the crack in the door, nothing seemed to matter as we went at each other hammer and tongs and I knew I was about to blow pretty soon, Val started crying out as her body shook with a very intense orgasm and I could feel her warm juices running down my balls and I thought that this was it, my balls tightened and I cried out as my cock pulsated filling Val’s belly full of hot man seed, “WOW!” we both said simultaneously as Val collapsed onto my chest and I just held her tight as we regained our breathing to somewhere near normal.
My cock was still inside her as we held each other close and I realised that I had never lost my feelings for my sister and from what just happened it was obvious that she felt the same way. With my arms around her and feeling her soft skin it brought back all kinds of memories and it was such a nice feeling, we must have laid there for ages just holding each other feeling the bond that had been rekindled.
The smell of eggs and bacon came into the room as the twins were making breakfast prompting Val and myself to get up from our comfortable embrace, I slipped my robe on and we headed downstairs to the kitchen where the twins were busy, “Good Morning” I said with a cheerful look on my face and sat at the table watching while the twins put the finishing touches to the breakfast.
Nancy tipobet giriş looked divine in her night shirt and I just got a glimpse of her pink panties as she bent over the stove. Ryan was more conservative in his tee shirt and shorts.
Val soon joined us having used the bathroom and we all sat down to eat the breakfast which the twins had lovingly made.
We chatted about the plan for the day and that we were going to visit Mike who had offered to put them up for a while and I decided to go for a shower while Val and Ryan cleared up the breakfast things. Nancy was going to sort out her clothes and being the gentleman I am I let her go upstairs first and I followed close behind which gave me the perfect view of her new panties.
Her arse was nicely rounded and her panties fitted perfectly and as she took steps I had a clear view between her legs and the tight fabric around her pussy, I am sure she knew I was looking as she exaggerated a wiggle as she climbed the stairs slowly.
She went into her room and I went into mine and took off my robe and stood naked as I sorted out my clothes for the day laying them out on the bed.
I sensed that I was not alone and turned my head around to see Nancy standing in the doorway watching me, “Mmm” she said looking at my bare arse, “Thank you for helping us out Uncle Frank” she continued in a very soft voice and as I turned to face her I could sense some life in my dangling cock and I could see where her eyes were pointing.
“You are so welcome” I said with my arms open beckoning her towards me for a hug and I could feel my cock stiffen as we embraced and I felt her nipples pressing against my chest.
The hug took far longer than it should as I felt my cock pressing against her and my arms lowered as my hands grabbed the cheeks of her arse pulling her closer.
Her head was on my shoulder as I slipped my hands inside her panties and lifted her allowing my cock to slip between her legs, “OMG!” She cried softly in my ear as she felt my cock hard against her pussy an I spun her around gently laying her down on the bed while getting on my knees.
Her legs opened so I put my arms under her and raided her legs up and buried my head into her warm damp spot and started to lick her panties tasting the juices that were seeping through.
Her moans got louder as my tongue got to work and when I pulled her panties to one side and as my lips hit on her swollen clit it sent shockwaves through her body.
Her juices tasted so sweet and she was now so wet so I pulled up and teased her pussy lips with the head of my cock before plunging deep inside her, she cried out as she tightened her muscles around my throbbing shaft and I soon built up a quick rhythm with my balls banging against her arse cheeks with every thrust.
I felt her cumming just at the point that I felt my cock pulsate and shoot my hot spunk deep into her belly and she gripped me tighter as I filled her up. She smiled up at me with a dazed look as my cock softened and I lent down and kissed her sweet lips.

To Be Continued…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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