My Sister and her Cheerleader Friends Ch. 02

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Originally I was going to publish this story as a novella but decided it would be easier to read in parts. As a result, you’ll find each part follows on directly from its predecessor without any reminders of what has happened earlier.

If you would like to contact me with comments, please email me at my profile.

Special thanks to Alvalanche and Gunter99 for their patience editing this story collectively.


Part Two

Light spilled under the blinds of the disheveled room illuminating the strewn clothes blanketing the floor, the prints affixed randomly on the walls and the large queen sized bed that filled most of the floor space. Darren stirred under the sheet. One leg hung out of his bed and the blanket had slipped down, exposing his muscular back. His face was hidden beneath his pillow. His alarm went off again and he peeked out from under the pillow to check the time.

“Fuck!” he blurted out, immediately awake and on his feet, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

He had slept in and missed his morning run completely. He quickly threw on some shorts and a singlet, grabbed a towel, sunscreen, and bathers, stuffed it in a bag, and finally ducked into his bathroom to clean his teeth. Darren quietly slid open the lounge door and saw that all the girls were still sleeping. A few very appealing flashes of flesh made him pause but he reluctantly grabbed his keys and took off for his car in the lower level carpark.

By the time Darren made it to his Personal Training group with all his equipment in toe, the ladies were impatiently stretching and chatting in pairs with frowns firmly etched into their faces. Once the ladies saw him arrive though they immediately brightened up, some helping him set up why others tried to stretch provocatively when they thought he was looking.

The session went quickly with Darren’s mind elsewhere. The beach warmed up quickly and the sand began to fill up with beach goers, towels, and umbrellas, eskies filled with ice and drinks, cricket and soccer balls, laughing kids jumping the waves, and surfers swimming out further to patiently wait for that one great set. By the time he had finished, packed up his equipment, and waved goodbye to the ladies, he was ready for a swim himself.

Darren spread his towel out on a piece of sand, back from the water and away from others, and placed his bag on top of it. He took his singlet off and then fished out his bathers and walked up to the toilets to change. When he returned, he noticed two other towels spread out just in front of his. He plonked himself down on his towel and savoured the warmth of the sun on his back and sea breeze on his face while watching the beach goers cooling themselves in the water. Darren took out his sun screen and began to apply it across his arms and chest until something made him stop in mid motion.

Emerging from the waves, like Venus herself, was an olive-skinned beauty wearing a tiny white bikini. Her long lean body accentuated how her hips curved into an amazingly tiny stomach. Her bathers were styled to reveal plenty of cleavage and her white bottoms were cut high to highlight her curves and long, lean legs. Darren continued to stare as she weaved past other towels towards him, taking her long dark her in her hands and wringing the water out of it. When she was almost all the way to him he realised he was staring and made a clumsy attempt at pretending to look elsewhere.

He flicked his attention back to her when she stopped at the towel in front of him and carefully lifted it and began to dry herself. Darren noticed her high cheekbones but it was her eyes that caught his attention. He always believed that the eyes told you the most about a woman, and her eyes were spectacular. They were mesmerising, a light brown and framed by her light brown skin and long dark hair.

Darren knew he was staring and when she caught him and smiled he blushed like a schoolgirl. When had he suddenly become so easily embarrassed? He pulled his eyes away and noticed another girl standing to the side of the ‘Bond girl’ he had been ogling. She was short but slim, and had curly, mousey brown hair. She smiled at him shyly and he returned the smile. It struck him that she wasn’t unattractive but next to her friend, she seemed very plain.

He looked around, searching for a distraction, and remembered his sunscreen in his hand and dutifully began to apply it to his arms and stomach before making an attempt at his upper back.

“Would you like a hand?” a soft voice questioned.

Darren turned to see the raven-haired glamour rising from her towel and to hold out her hand to help, “It’s always so hard to reach your back on your own.”

“Yes that would be great” he responded not believing the luck he had had over the last two days.

He held out the lotion and smiled his best smile up at her and she rewarded him with a smile that sent his heart a flutter. He turned to give her access to his back and he heard her squirt the sunscreen into her hand.

“Is your name Darren?” sarıyer escort she asked.

He spun, looking up at her, “Yes, how did you know that?”

“We asked up and down the beach for the hottest guy and all the girls told us it was Darren and pointed this way!” she stated matter-of-factly.

Darren continued to study her fact to gauge if she was joking or not until she gave him a sexy little wink and let out a laugh.

“You’re nasty Liv!” the other girl laughed moving forward and reached out a hand in greeting. “We’re staying at your place. We’re friends of your sister! My name’s Ellie and this is Olivia” she said quietly.

“You ruin all my fun Ellie!” Olivia giggled and turned him back around to begin rubbing the sunscreen in. She did so slowly and he thought he caught her making a soft murmur of pleasure.

“Ellie. Could you give me a hand? He has such a broad back.”

Darren heard a pause where he imagined the girls exchanging a few frantic gestures, shakes of the head, non-verbal gestures and finally audible dragging towards him before he felt four hands on his back and shoulders and Olivia stated “There you go, much better!”

Darren had to admit that he was enjoying the touch of the girls hands, especially Olivia’s. After far too short a time, he felt them stop.

“There you go,” Olivia said standing. “Would you mind helping us put some on now?”

Darren was certain he saw a definite glint in her incredible eyes as she said it too.

“Sure,” he said, standing, and noticed with pleasure that both girls seemed to drink the sight of his chest, arms and rippled stomach in as he did so.

“How about you start with Ellie? She burns easier than I do.” Olivia laughed, passing Darren the sunscreen.

“Shut up,” Ellie said becoming bright red, herself.

Darren knelt down next to her and began to spurt the lotion into his hands while Olivia knelt with her back to him.

Darren admired how athletic Ellie looked. She had dimples just about the line of her blue bikini bottoms and lines up her spine that girls only get from exercise. Ellie reached back and moved her long curls away from her back, revealing her long, elegant neck. He reached forward and began to apply the sunscreen to her shoulders and upper arms before massaging it into her upper back. Olivia reached over and quickly unclasped the other girl’s bikini top and pulled the straps away.

Ellie gasped and grasped her bikini top to her breasts modestly before it could slip down. “Olivia!” she protested.

“I’m just worried about your tan lines, El!” she said innocently and flashed me another cheeky smile.

With Olivia leaning over Ellie slightly, when she turned to look down again at Ellie’s back, Darren took a moment to take another longing look at Olivia’s incredible cleavage. Shaking his head to clear it, he continued to work his way down Ellie’s back until he reached the top of her bathers.

“Don’t forget her legs” Olivia stated and Darren added some more cream and started at her ankles and ran his hands up her calves to her hamstrings. He noticed with a smirk, that she parted her legs slightly as he moved his hands up her thighs and Olivia leaned forward in seeming anticipation. He moved his hands up to the edge of her bikini bottoms and down again.

Olivia placed her hands down on his and looked intently into his eyes. He caught his breath under the focus of her gaze, “Remember her upper legs, too,” she purred, pushing his hands up Ellie’s thighs to the edge of the clothing, “sometimes her bikini rides up…” Olivia pushed his hands slowly under Ellie’s bikini and onto her firm ass cheeks. Darren heard Ellie moan softly and Olivia’s eyes fluttered shut as she continued to guide him. He felt his member become heavier in his board shorts and he took the opportunity to extend his thumbs to brush along the length of her soft labia lips.

Abruptly Ellie leap to her feet, “I just have to go to the toilet” she stammered rushing off with her towel in tow.

Olivia called out if she wanted her to come with her but Ellie just waved her off as she rushed off.

Darren looked at Olivia questioningly. “I think she likes you” she said by way of explanation.

He smiled, “She seems nice” he said, “but I’m more into girls with dark hair and incredible green eyes.” he smiled and winked.

She laughed and turned around before she lay down. Darren’s heart almost stopped completely. She wasn’t just wearing a tiny white bikini; she was wearing a G-string bikini. She lowered herself front-first on her towel before looking back with smoking eyes, “My turn.”

Darren looked around and noticed a few people discreetly watching. When he turned back to Olivia, she moved to get more comfortable and pushed her bottom towards him as she did, he forgot about them in a heartbeat.

He positioned himself behind her and leaned forward to massage her shoulders first, enjoying the feel of her velvet-like skin. She reached around silivri escort and undid the tie behind her back but, unlike Ellie, didn’t bother making sure she was completely covered. Darren ran his hands across her shoulders and down to the small of her back and then up again along the side of her back feeling the edge of her breasts as a result.

Darren then leaned forward to rub the sunscreen along her arms, and, as a result, pressed his chest against her back and gently placed his hardening groin upon her near naked bottom in the same motion. Darren feared he had gone too far until he felt Olivia push her bottom back to meet his motion.

Darren reluctantly moved back and rubbed sunscreen into his hands, then started moving his hands up her legs, then calves, and slowly to her hamstrings. As he moved up her legs she lifted her bottom higher and looked over her shoulder to catch his eye with a cheeky smile.

“Do you think I look good in this?”

“God yes! Your body is amazing,” he replied staring down at her perfect brown bottom.

“I’m glad you think so. Could you put sunscreen on my bottom now then?” she purred.

Darren didn’t need a second invitation and started to run his hands over her perfectly rounded bottom.

“Do you mind doing my front?” she said.

Darren tried to answer but it just came out as a jumbled mess, “Ye.. I mea…if it’s..”

Olivia smiled and turned over, her perfectly rounded breasts slipping out from under her untied bikini tops. Darren’s eyes almost popped out of his head.

“Could you start at the top” she said cupping her breasts suggestively.

“Ah Hum”, came the sound of someone purposefully clearing their throat, “I hope I’m not interrupting something?!” Ellie said smiling as she approached. Olivia re-tied her top and said, “No I think we’re finished…for the moment”

Olivia stood up and took her towel in her hand before turning to Darren who was still kneeling, stunned and confused about the turn of events.

“Thanks for helping us with the sunscreen, Darren. We’re off to cheerleading training,” Ellie said, taking her own towel and giving him a peck on the check.

“Yes, thank you,” Olivia purred, running her hand town his chest and slowly leaning in to kiss his cheek. She hold his gaze with an intense look whose effect was magnified by the beauty of her eyes.

Darren watched them leave, particularly the way Olivia’s bottom rose and fell with each stride, and imagined himself sandwiched between those cheeks someday. Once they were out of sight, Darren decided to cool down with a swim and he did a bit of body surfing until he felt his mind had cleared somewhat.

Had he been blessed in some way, drunk a love potion, or had his own personal genie? He would have been happy if he had any of the girls that seemed to be throwing themselves at him, even once in his lifetime, but to have them all eager to be with him all in the past 24 hours was insane. He didn’t even seem to need to go after them. They were finding him.

Darren went and used the outdoor shower, dried himself, and then headed for the gym. Perhaps some exercise would help him figure out his next step. He hadn’t even seen his sister yet, but he felt like kissing her feet to thank her for bringing her friends to stay.

He couldn’t wait to find out what would happen that evening.

My Sister & the Movie

Darren could hear the music spilling into the corridor the moment the elevator doors slid open. As he walked closer to his door it was obvious that the music was emanating from his apartment. He dropped his gym bag, fished around in his bag for his key, and finally fitted it to the lock and swung his door open. Inside his apartment furniture had been pushed up against the walls of the lounge, but that was not what drew his attention.

The girls were in the middle of practising a cheerleading routine in full uniform. Well, almost full uniform; the girls had the typical short skirts, long socks, and tops on, but all of them had their tops tied up to cling tightly around their breasts and show off their toned stomachs.

“Hi Darren,” one of them called out, and then abruptly the music stopped. There was a second’s pause and then excited clattering and movement as a wall of girls rushed over to say hello, kiss his cheek and give him greeting hugs. It was hard to figure out who was doing what to him in the press.

“Ok girls, step back. God! It’s like you haven’t seen him in four years, instead of me.”

Stepping through the smiling cheerleaders was his sister. He recognised her immediately, except he didn’t. Darren couldn’t remember the stunning blond that stepped up to him with a smile that took his breath away and eyes that glittered with mischief. He wouldn’t remember the girl with full ruby red lips that were made to be kissed. He struggled to remember a girl whose wavy blond hair spilled down around her shoulders and back, framing her perfect features. He certainly couldn’t remember şirinevler escort her pale blue eyes that seemed to glow with their own light. And, as she reached up to wrap her arms around his next and pull him down in her embrace, he definitely could remember THAT body.

Simone’s chest was hard to miss. As they pressed against him he couldn’t imagine more perfect sculptured breast’s even if Michelangelo had carved them himself.

“Simone?!” he stammered after he finally let him draw breath and stepped back. “You’ve certainly grown up!”

He stepped back and took an appraising look at the rest of her. Simone’s stomach was impossibly small in comparison to her large breasts and her legs looked so smooth and fit that he couldn’t help but imagine how they would feel wrapped around him. Wait a minute! What the hell was he thinking?! This was his little sister for God’s sake!

Darren shook his head to clear the inappropriate thoughts that had flooded his mind, before returning his sister’s smile.

“Do you like my place?” he asked.

“I love it! I wish that I could move up here permanently!”

“We all do,” Olivia purred, favouring him with a seductive glance. Simone caught the look and threw a handful of chip’s her way.

“Olivia! That’s my brother,” she scolded, before turning back to Darren.

“Watch these girls, Darren. They have been pawning all over photos of you for months before we came. They are all a bunch of little sluts, so be careful!” she giggled.

Darren looked behind Simone to see the girls hiding knowing smiles or openly nodding. Lucy even looked his way while licking her finger which immediately made his cock twinge.

Darren winked. “I’ll keep a close eye on them!”

Simone took a moment to give him an appraising look over and reached up to run her hand from his shoulder and down his arm.

“The girls said that you were muscular,” she stated, giving his arms a squeeze, “and they were right. Have you got a six pack?”

Darren smiled and lifted up his singlet to reveal his rippled stomach. Simone’s eyes widened and, almost in a daze, she slowly moved her fingers gently over his taut abdomen.

“God you’re hot” she breathed in little more than a whisper and then seeming to catch herself, she tore her eyes away from his body and back up to his eyes, “you must drive the girls crazy up here?”

“Not really. I don’t have a lot of time between work and gym. I have a feeling my luck’s changing though” he said suggestively.

Some of the girls laughed, snapping them out of there private moment.

“Anyway it’s nice to have you up here to visit, Sis!” he grinned.

“It’s nice to be here!” she returned his grin before abruptly spinning around to the girls who were watching the encounter with interest.

“Come on, girls; time to get back to practising the dance element!”

“Can we practise in front of Darren?” Libby burst out excitedly. “It’s always better when you have someone to give you feedback.”

“It’s ok with me,” Simone said, turning to Darren. The girls all looked up expectantly.

“Yes, sure. Where do you want me?”

Olivia whispered something to Ellie and Ellie chortled under her hand.

Lucy darted over to his side, took his hand, and led him to sit down on the floor with his back to the couch.

“Wait, girls. Shouldn’t we be putting on our bloomers?” Simone said, concern written on her face. “We don’t want to scar him!”

“It’s fine. You don’t mind, do you Darren?” Olivia said with mock empathy.

Simone looked a bit unsure but the others grabbed her arm and dragged her into starting position to begin the routine. “Could you start the music Darren”

Cheerleading Routine

Darren jumped up and began the music before quickly resuming his spot on the floor and the girls began. The dance was a series of tumbles, lifts, and dance steps. He enjoyed the sheer athleticism of the routine, the beauty of the form, the synchronicity of the moment, but most of all he loved what a great perve it was!

The girl’s breasts bounced with every lift and fall, and their small skirts lifted with each jump. Lucy’s breasts bounced straight out of her top at one stage and during one high lift Darren had a nice length of time staring straight up Olivia’s skirt, but no one seemed to notice except for him.

One of his favourite parts was near the end of the routine, when they moved almost on top of him, turned and bent over to look cheekily back at the crowd. This would have been sexy even if they were wearing bloomers over their underwear, but with Lucy within arm’s length, he almost came right then and there when she revealed her long toned legs leading up to her taut butt only covered in a G-string!

He flashed a look along the line of scantily covered asses bent over in front of him and thought that this must be what heaven was like. Darren also couldn’t help but notice how amazing his sister’s bottom looked in her high-cut panties. He decided, then, that he liked Cheerleading, and would definitely be attending the competition in three days!

At the end the girls all clapped themselves and jumped up and down, which gave Darren another demonstration of how beautiful their breasts looked, jiggling, before Simone asked, “what did you think Darren?”

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