My Secret Dreams Come True Ch. 8

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It was a warm late September day. It wasn’t yet time for Will and I to go back to school but my brother had already started his senior year at the local high school. That afternoon was a boring one. We liked to lie by the pool but it wasn’t quite warm enough for that. Of course there was nothing on TV worth watching. It was about time for school to let out. I wouldn’t normally have done it but I decided to go pick Aaron up. Will used him for his own fantasies all summer. I felt bad but never stopped it. I hadn’t said a word the whole time to my abused brother and I wanted to talk to him. That and I thought it would be nice to see my old school again.

As I neared the school the memories came flooding back. I was a different person now than I was back then, even though it had only been a year and a half since I graduated. My most vivid memory came back to me. It was during my junior year. I had already come to the conclusion that I liked guys more than girls and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it. I was still scared by it and kept it to myself. Then on the first day of Biology class my world was turned upside down. Instead of the old teacher that had been there for many years, I saw a younger man sitting at the teacher’s desk. For this story I will call him Mr. Mercer. After we were all seated he introduced himself. He explained that this was his first year teaching on his own. He was about 5’10 with a slim, slightly muscular build. His hair was a light golden brown and his eyes were deep blue. He told us he was 25 years old. I was taken instantly, as were most of the girls in my class. While the girls made it almost obvious, I did my best to make sure no one so much as slightly suspected. I found it very difficult to concentrate that year and found my grades slipping. I still saw him during my senior year and thoughts would flood my mind and block out everything else.

Before I knew it I was parked in the school parking lot. I got out and went into the lobby to wait for Aaron. I took the chance to look around a little. Not much had changed. Just then I saw Mr. Mercer walk into the office! He was as handsome as he ever was. My knees instantly began to shake and my heart pounded. The door opened again and he stepped out. He saw me and must’ve recognized me because he came over to where I was standing. “Hi James,” he said. “What brings you ataşehir ucuz escort back here?”

“Nothing much. I just got bored and thought I would come get my brother and take him to do something.”

“Oh Aaron. That sounds nice. I must ask you if there’s anything going on at home. When I had him he was always so distant and he usually has a bruise or two. I talked to the other teachers and they tell me he’s always been like that.”

“Things have always been a little rough at home but nothing to worry about,” I lied.

“Okay, well how are you doing?”

“I’m doing pretty good. I’ll soon start my sophomore year at college. My dad has me studying Business Management. It’s not exactly what I wanted, but it’s not bad and I made some good friends.”

“I bet you get good grades too. Other teachers also told me that you were always a good student. That leaves the mystery of why your grades were as low as they were in my class.”

I just nervously smiled not knowing what else to do. He just stared at me for a moment. I felt his gaze burn through me. Then he said “Would you like to walk out to my car with me?”

Completely forgetting about Aaron I agreed. I knew he had me hooked all over again. I followed him to the parking lot like a lovesick puppy. For some reason I glanced down to see if he was wearing a wedding ring. Just as luck would have it he wasn’t. But since some men just don’t wear rings I asked him if he was married. He said that he was just casually seeing someone.

It turned out I was parked right beside him. He stood beside his car and looked at me again as if in deep thought. Then he said, “Since we’re both adults now and I’m hungry, would you like to go somewhere and get something to eat? It’ll be my treat.”

At this point I didn’t know what to think but I again agreed. We both got into our own cars and I followed him to a diner a few blocks away. We went inside and waited to be seated. We ordered our drinks and began to talk. We talked about anything and everything. I was too nervous to be hungry but I ate anyway. Sometime during the meal he asked me if I had a girlfriend. I told him I did but I broke up with her. When he asked why I didn’t say much of anything. Soon afterward he put his hand on mine. I jumped but made no attempt to remove it. I just looked up at him. I couldn’t ataşehir yabancı escort believe what was happening. Then he asked me if I wanted to go back to his place for a few drinks. How could I resist!

He paid the bill and I followed him back to his apartment. My whole body was shaking as he unlocked the door. It was a nice place for a teacher. He motioned for me to have a seat and I plopped down on a big overstuffed dark blue couch. He disappeared into the kitchen and came back out moments later with two beers in his hand. He handed one to me and sat himself down in the black recliner a few feet away. I took a few gulps of the beer and sat the bottle down on the glass coffee table in front of me. Not knowing where to look so I looked over at the big screen TV in the corner. I saw his reflection and that he was looking at me again. I turned to look back at him and found him sitting beside me with his hand up on my thigh. His eyes gazed steadily into mine as his face slowly came closer to me. His lips lightly brushed against mine then he planted them, his tongue invading my mouth. My hands moved up to his strong shoulders as I returned his kiss with equal passion.

He pulled back and a big grin was on his face. “I knew it,” he said as he began to unbutton his shirt.

“Knew what?” I asked as I followed suit.

“That you had a crush on me. I always noticed you staring at me. I was staring at you too, but then you were my student. I couldn’t afford to do anything. You’re not my student anymore.”

When he was finished talking he stood in front of me in only a pair of black boxers. Knowing what he wanted I finished undressing and got to my knees. My hands moved to the elastic of his shorts and slowly pulled them down to his ankles. He stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Now here in front of me completely naked was the man I had wanted so badly back when I was 17. I felt like I was in a dream. But it wasn’t a dream, It was real.

I looked up and his beautiful cock was inches from my face. It was only semi hard and was about 5”. I felt like it was my first time all over again. I gingerly reached up to touch it then put both hands around it. It grew a little more. I licked the tip to get a little taste. It was a little different from Will but it was still good. I wrapped my mouth around ataşehir escort bayan the head and swallowed it all down my throat like a starving man. After Will’s monster this was nothing. It grew another inch in my mouth. Now it was fat and a little over 6”. I looked up at his face. His eyes were closed and he had a look of ecstasy on his face. I took it from my mouth and ran my tongue along the underside back and forth. I heard him moan and his breathing became heavier. Encouraged by his moans I licked every inch of his pole. Then I took it back into my hot throat and sucked it just the way Will taught me.

It wasn’t much longer until I sensed he was close. I was going to suck harder and make him cum quickly but instead he stopped me. He got down on his knees and brought his lips to mine again, his tongue searching for a taste of himself. Then I felt his hands on my shoulders pushing me back. I fell back on the floor and he pushed my legs back. I felt the tip of his fuck pole pushing against my ass hole. I relaxed myself to let him in. He slowly pushed in until the whole thing was buried up my tight rectum. I was worried that I wouldn’t be tight enough for him but if I wasn’t tight anymore he didn’t seem to mind. He thrust in and out, slowly at first, but picking up speed. I did my best to grip him when he pulled out. His hands roamed my body while his tongue continued exploring my mouth. My arms wrapped tightly around him to hold him close so he could push deeper. After a few minutes he started pounding me. Then he pushed in hard and held it there. I felt a hot blast of cum splash my insides. He pumped for a few more seconds until h was done spurting. Then he fell down on top of me still buried deep in my ass, sweat drenching both of us. Neither of us moved until our breathing and heart rates returned to normal. Then he picked himself off of me and told me if I wanted to I could take a quick shower.

I washed up and dressed. On my way out he grabbed me and gently kissed me and said, “You can come back any time, and you can bring your boyfriend.”

I left with my head spinning. I don’t remember much of the trip home. I do remember Will waiting for me at the front door. “Where were you?” he asked in a flat tone. “Aaron came home on the bus a half hour ago.”

“I got lost in memory lane,” I said as I brushed past him. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back close to him. He pressed his nose to the base of my neck. He dragged me up the stairs and to our room. He threw me on the on the bed and ripped my pants off. I felt his hands on my ass cheeks. Then I was kicked to the floor and he jumped on top of me knocking the wind out of me. His glare throwing daggers at me.

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