My realistic fantasy (why i messaged you)…

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My realistic fantasy (why i messaged you)…
So…I thought I’d type out my realistic fantasy. I sit here on Xhamster for hours some days trying to chat to people; some I click with, others I think are dubious individuals at best (tons of men pretending to be female….why?) and most of the others are either fake scammers or simply ignore me via the messaging. We all go through it (unless you’re superhot of course).

I’m the boy next door type. People say I don’t look my age (I’m mid-thirties) as I’m very youthful, so much so that if I dressed differently I could even be mistaken for a late teen or young twenties guy – you’d walk past me and probably never take any notice, although you may acknowledge that I’m handsome I suppose (well…girls have convincingly told me this). Slim, white, polite…sure they’re ten a penny as we would say in the UK but I come with a seriously filthy mind just like you reading this now.

Any way I browse through tons of porn here at Xhamster – often without getting my cock out and wanking my sweet nectar milk out as I enjoy teasing myself through all the hot action on the screen. That aching feeling in my balls begging me to release my sperm but I do not. I can go for days doing this that culminates to a HUGE flood of creamy load at the end of a heavenly, blissful edging session.

My fantasy is simply to find a girl who enjoys her porn like me. We find each other by messaging, sharing hot pictures and videos, commenting on our favourites scenes in detail; cum dripping out of tight fuck holes, wild orgies of naked bodies swapping over güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and trying eachother out, bukkake scenes of cum dripping everywhere….big cocks fucking and pumping, tits bouncing, arseholes twitching in and out quivering pleasure and yes of course…girls being DP’d, drooling from the orgasmic sensations of multiple cocks pumping their seed inside her at the same time as she is squirting her own her juices out.

Fantasy time. I find this impossible girl one day from a simple message. We chat for a bit and swap fantasies, talk about porn and fucking loads, our experiences, going over in detail about our favourite porn scenes just like when she sent me that hot stud fucking that heavenly slut like crazy and seeing her cunt just shoot cum everywhere before another guy stepped in to pour in his load after the creampie.

A few days later we agree to chat on the phone and exchange numbers. My palms are sweaty and weird things like a deep manly voice answering the phone is going over and over in my head. Alas, I hold off and wait until the exact day and time to call each other arrives. I look at my phone and take a deep breath and punch in the numbers. The phone rings and I’m praying she answers and all goes fine. 3 rings….is this normal?

She answers “hello” in a high pitched like voice. Hands really sweaty now and my heart racing somewhat. “Hey, hi I’m Dan from xhamster” I reply. We continue to make pleasantries for a bit before we move on the what we are both after – the fantasy. “So, okay erm….I guess we güvenilir bahis şirketleri can meet for coffee I suppose. Are you free tomorrow at 1pm?” she says innocently. “Of course, sure. Can you get to that coffee shop along the street I suggested before as I can get there” I say.

Before I know it things have gone well. The phone is back in my pocket and I’ve arranged to meet this fairly local ish girl who likes porn from xhamster so we can chat over coffee. The next day arrives…

Since I hung up that phone all I was thinking of was porn and her. Fantasies running through my head non stop, so much I could barely get to sleep. Lunch time arrives and I am there before her – I grab a coffee and it’s pretty busy. I look around and no one looks like her; this best not be a huge prank I tell myself. My heart is excited and nervous at the same time as I sip my drink pretending not to profile everyone around me like some sort of spy. My phone buzzes and a message pops up…. “hey. Be there in 2 mins, running late. Sorry x” appears. Phew!

I’m still pretending that I’m there to drink my double mocha choc whatever it is – then suddenly the door opens and she walks through. Unassuming, cute….normal. I’ve seen her naked in parts from sharing photos. She awkwardly smiles and gives a little wave after figuring out who this random guy is…to help I give a little wave and smile. My heart almost calms down a bit – nerves turn into excitement as every second passes. Fingers crossed she is genuine and not a total fruit loop. She walks over, takes her big coat canlı bahis şirketleri off and puts it on the back of the chair opposite me and says “2 mins, I’m going to get a drink okay”.

Coffee in her hand she finally walks over – I stand up smiling and politely greet her. Conscious and hoping she likes me I give her a peck on the cheek and this weird hug thing people do when they meet the first time. How very manly and macho….haha.

We chat normally for a bit as if we were friends. Mundane yet interesting stuff like how we are, anything interesting happening to us lately….well, it appears something interesting is happening. You see, we’ve met on the understanding that if we both go away from this little friendly, innocent hello that the next time we will be next to each other jacking off together watching hot porn.

Why not just fuck each other? Let’s keep things simpler for now and since we both love watching others fucking, sucking and being stretched open from big dicks we could at least make our xhamster masturbation just that little bit more of a treat. Two horny strangers, laptop out in a hotel room watching hours of the filthiest, hottest, fuckfest videos you can imagine. She chooses what she likes, I choose mine. I download it all…hours of the stuff as we are both in the same room masturbating like crazy.

The coffee meeting is over and she has to go. It was only a simple meet and hello for now and we quietly leaned in to each other talking about porn we like, our boundaries and rules we both agreed to. She turns her head as she walks off down the street and sees me disappear around a corner behind her walking in the other direction. With a cheeky smile she reaches for her phone and replies to me…”good to finally meet you. Would love to watch porn with you, how about next week some time?”. Message sent. It’s about to get filthy…

Part 2 coming soon… 😉

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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