My Personal Alarm Clock Ch. 08

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Thanks to all of my readers. I enjoy seeing Literotica members saving me and my stories to their favorites as well as rating my chapters as this storyline continues. My many fetishes seem to ring true with a lot of you and I’m glad that you are enjoying. As they say, you can’t please all of the people all of the time, so any chapter that doesn’t resonate with you, feel free to skip the first half of this one. This may be one of them as dad and son get a bit closer. As requested, Sis will be joining in very soon… maybe sooner than expected, so don’t worry about the overall story taking a permanent turn. Remember… I have ManyFetishes…


As my consciousness awakens at around 7am, my eyes remain closed. I feel the usual sensation of a warm mouth surrounding my semi-erect cock. Raising my arms over my head as I lay there, I raise my hips as I stretch my back after a wonderful night’s sleep. My cock slides deeper into the warmth and I then relax and sigh deeply as I enjoy the sensation of being sucked first thing in the morning. I don’t know how people can stand to be woken up by the obnoxious sound of a buzzing box. I feel bad for my sister who bitched about it just a couple of weeks ago.

My alarm clock starts sliding up and down on my cock slowly, I feel its tongue pressing against the underside of my hard-on as it moves inch by inch up and down. That’s a little different. Mom must be working on new techniques. I involuntarily start raising and lowering my hips slightly, fucking my alarm clock ever so slightly. I hear a slight moan, I increase my movements a little. I feel my cock hit the back of the throat and I instinctively reach down and grab my alarm clocks head. When I do, my eyes flash open because my hands don’t grasp long soft hair as usual.


“SHHHHH!! Damn Matt!” my father says in a loud whisper. “Your sister will hear you!”

“Ummm, sorry Dad, but you caught me a bit off guard.”

“You’re not upset are you?”

“No, not at all, just surprised, sorry I reacted like that.”

“Your mother totally forgot that she had to be at Susan’s school to help prepare for graduation and had to leave. She was willing to be late in order to wake you up, but I told her to go and I’d take care of things this morning.”

“That’s cool, I don’t mind, just didn’t expect it.” I lay my head back down on my pillow and take a deep breath and think to myself, ‘I’m OK with this right? I mean it’s not like we haven’t touched each other, but this is the first time he’s actually taken me in his mouth… It feels good, that’s for damn sure and I certainly have no aversion to it…’. Then I hear Dad say… “Well, from the reaction I’m feeling as I stroke you, you seem to be alright with this.”

“I open my eyes and look down and see that I’m rock hard.”

“You assume right. Carry on.” I smile and wink at my father as he’s kneeling beside my bed.

Carry on, he does. Dad starts sucking me harder and takes me pretty much down his throat… impressive… I quickly get to the edge again and find myself about to bust and I grab Dad’s head and hold it still as I fuck his mouth with short strokes until I explode in his hot, wet mouth. A blowjob is a blowjob I guess and a willing mouth feels good no matter who’s it is.

“That was good Son. It’s been a very long time since I’ve done that. I hope I haven’t lost my touch.”

“It was damn good Dad. It wasn’t up to Mom’s standards, but you get a passing grade. A solid B minus… OK, maybe a B.”

Dad stands and punches my arm. “Thanks Son, you’re too generous.” He laughs and heads out of my room.

I lay there for a minute letting this new dynamic sink into my groggy head as I fully wake up. Interesting… not something I’d really given much thought to, but… interesting… As previously mentioned, sexuality in my house has always been open. No judgements, no preconceived notions… just do what came naturally. This could be quite interesting… my mind wanders…

I kağıthane escort get out of bed, shower and go about my usual Friday schedule, fortunately only 1 class to end the week and then I’m free for the weekend. It’s a busy weekend with my sister Susan’s high school graduation and immediately after that, her 18th birthday. My how time flies, I remember when we were both in grade school running around the playground. Two grades apart, but we were pretty close. As close as a brother and sister can be, but we didn’t hate each other or hate being around each other like other siblings do.

Sis’s high school graduation Saturday… brings back some not so distant memories as I remember mine from a couple of years ago. Nothing overly exciting, graduate, party with friends, fuck girlfriend, drink a little too much, go home, fuck mom, pass out… Nothing overly exciting, just typical… for me anyway… but I don’t think Susan is that wild, at least I haven’t witnessed any slutty behavior from her. She’s been a solid student, a hard working athlete and overall good person with lots of friends. She has a bright future ahead of her as she prepares to attend college. She chose to stay local also to save money by living at home so she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Friday night is guy’s night as my friends and I go out and do totally meaningless stuff with no real plan in mind.

Saturday morning I wake up to the familiar sensation I’ve grown accustomed to and I open my eyes right away curious to see who’s head I’ll see bobbing up and down on my cock… Things are back to normal, it’s Mom. She stops and smiles at me and asks if it’s OK that she’s back to her usual task. I laugh and tell her it’s great.

“How was your father yesterday morning?” she asks

“Actually very good, he just caught me off-guard at first.” I replied

“Well, he told me not to tell you this, but he really enjoyed that and hoped he could do it again, but he’s kind of worried about bringing it up. He said you seemed OK with it, but he didn’t want to put you in an awkward situation if he asked you.”

Thinking for just a couple of seconds I said “I wouldn’t mind at all. I’ll leave it up to the two of you to come up with a schedule and I’ll be pleasantly surprised every morning not knowing who to expect.”

“It’s a deal! Your father will be very excited. You’re a good son. Now, let me get back to my fun…”

With that, Mom swallows my entire cock whole, down her throat until her face is flat against my body. I help her by raising my hips and feeling the sensation of her swallowing over and over again… An amazing feeling and Mom is the best at it. She’s able to hold herself there for quite some time and then I grab the back of her head and start to face fuck her as she drools down my cock. The little moans of pleasure I hear and feel thru the vibrations on my cock make me pick up the pace a little. I get a good rhythm going and Mom never fights back wanting me to stop and I finally explode all the way down her throat, she doesn’t even get a chance to taste my cum as I dump it straight into her stomach. When I do let her go she slides all the way up and catches her breath for a minute… “Wow, you really took control of what you wanted this morning, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, sorry Mom, I just felt extra horned up.”

“Don’t apologize… what made you so extra intense?”

“Not really sure… maybe it was the thought of Dad sucking me… Maybe I was thinking of how I’d like to do that to him also…”

“Well, I didn’t tell you this… but… you should… he likes to be dominated sometimes… Use him the way you want, he’ll like it.”

Wow, another tidbit of information to absorb and digest…

Busy Saturday ahead with graduation. Susan is the center of attention today as she should be and we’re all very excited for her as we head to the ceremony and post-ceremony party back at the school. It’ll be fun to roam the kartal escort halls there again for old times sake.

The graduation ceremony drags on as expected calling each graduate up by name, watching the line of identically dressed drones make their way up on the stage for the required handshake, snapshot and diploma cover.

Afterwards, as all the hundreds of families reunite in the courtyard we all smother Susan with hugs, congratulations and happiness for her having reached one of life’s celebrated milestones. When she and I hug, my mind had been wandering and I was slightly aroused. During the quick embrace I heard Susan make an inquisitive sound and she whispered in my ear “Feels nice big bro.”

The hug ended and I was too shocked to say or do anything so I just let it go and didn’t give it much thought not knowing for sure what she was meaning.

The rest of the weekend proceeded as usual and before we knew it, it was Wednesday, Susan’s 18th birthday. Mom, Dad and I didn’t get to have our usual family fun night Tuesday since Sis is done with school and no more sports practice nights.

I found myself a little bummed as well as with some extra pent up energy not having our usual Tuesday night romp and release. But I’ll survive, I always have the mornings to look forward to.

Anyway, as is our family tradition for birthdays, the special person gets to choose where we go out for dinner and for an activity afterwards. Sometimes a movie, sometimes bowling, sometimes bumper cars… hey, being kids was fun!

Susan chose her favorite Italian restaurant as we all knew she would and we had a wonderful meal with plenty of fun and laughter as Susan proclaimed that this week was SUSAN WEEK, what with graduation and birthday coming so close together. We all agreed and toasted (with our sodas) Susan and made her the Princess of the week and told her she could have anything she wanted as the royalty of our kingdom for the week.

As we were finishing our desserts, Mom asked Susan what she wanted to do next to celebrate turning 18 years of age, her choice of anything she wanted. There was a new movie out that I know Susan had been talking about so I figured that was what she’d say, but instead we all got a major surprise…

“I want to go home and do whatever it is you three have been doing every Tuesday night.”

A hush fell over the table as Mom, Dad and I all froze with awkward smiles on our faces.

“Whatever do you mean, Dear?” Mom said.

“I told you we’d gotten into an exercise routine as you inspired us with all of your sports activities.” I chimed in trying to throw her off track.

“If that were true, why didn’t you guys continue with your ‘exercise’ last night as usual?”

I stammered, trying to come up with a plausible answer and when I could only muster idiotic sounding Um’s and Uh’s, Dad stepped in… “I wasn’t feeling 100% last night sweetheart so we took the night off.”

“Nice try Dad, I know something has been going on, it’s not like I couldn’t sense it… or smell it when I’d get home from volleyball practice on Tuesday nights… Spill it… I’m 18 now, you can let me in on the family secret.”

While the three of us hemmed and hawed, Mom finally spoke up “OK Princess, we’ll talk about it when we get home. If everyone is done with this wonderful meal and evening, we can head back to the house.”

We all patted our stomachs, thanked the host on our way out as we are regulars there and they always take good care of us, and piled into the family truckster.

The mood was still light, but after a couple failed attempts at small talk during the drive home we just rode in silence. I wondered what Mom and Dad would tell Susan once we got home. This was pretty much in their court to tackle, I was glad to just be a spectator.

We get home, we all take a seat in the living room and Mom takes the lead role…

“Susan, we hadn’t planned on talking with you about this right küçükçekmece escort away, eventually, yes, but not right on your 18th birthday. I need to ask you this and you need to think about it… Do you really want to know what we’ve been doing Tuesday night’s. Are you absolutely sure. Because once we tell you, we can’t un-tell you… Think about it.”

Before Mom said the last word, Susan blurted out “YES!”

“I’m serious, think about this for a minute.”

“Mom, I’ve been thinking about it and wondering for a few months, I’m positive.”

Mom looks over at Dad with raised eyebrows and Dad simply gives a half-nod in the affirmative and Mom takes a deep breath and with a heavy sigh starts to tell Susan about our loving family…

“Honey, you know we’re a close family, it’s something your father and I really worked at as we raised you and Matt. We wanted to be the unusual family that actually gets along and enjoys each other. A family that wants to share time together and do things together. At the same time we didn’t want to smother you and your brother, we let you be your own people. We think we’ve done a decent job as parents and I hope that you and Matt think so too.”

Susan and I both responded in synch “Absolutely Mom”

“Thank you, I wasn’t looking for confirmation or approval, but it’s nice to hear that you both feel that we did a good job. You’ve both turned out to be great kids… I’m sorry, adults, now that you’re both over 18 I have to remember we don’t have ‘children’ any longer.”

Mom continued “So, as you also know Susan, your father and I are rather open and carefree… and we haven’t hidden our sexuality from you and Matt. We haven’t bounced around the house naked, but we also didn’t freak out if our robes happened to untie and open in front of you kids. We wanted you to realize that it’s OK to be natural and feel good about your bodies and see that others can be comfortable with who they are. We didn’t grope each other constantly, but we made sure you saw the passion your father and I have for each other with kisses and playful slaps on the butt for instance. The bottom line is enjoy life and enjoy whatever feels right.”

Then Dad chimed in… “Your mother and I were a little late to the ‘free love’ era of the 70’s, we were just kids back then, but our parents were the same way when we were growing up… free, open and… sharing… What we’re trying to tell you is that we both come from sharing, carefree sexually open families and we wanted to instill that openness and freedom in the two of you… If you so chose to embrace the lifestyle. We’ve never pressured or even suggested things, we were a bit more subtle than our parents actually.” Dad said with a chuckle.

Susan had been listening closely and intently and with Dad’s pause and slight laugh, she simply said “So, tell me, I’m ready. I think I already have an idea, but I want to hear someone say it.”

“Fair enough.” Mom said. And with that, she stood up, walked over to me and gave me a deep, passionate kiss.

I don’t know who’s eyes got bigger, mine or Susan’s. Mom caught me completely off-guard but within micro-seconds I was opening my mouth inviting her in and we kissed deep and hard with me reaching for the back of Mom’s head and grabbing her hair. We broke the kiss off after a few seconds, not wanting to overdo it.

After the initial shock and after picking her jaw up off the floor, Susan smiled and said “I thought so…”

Mom quickly made mention of the fact that it was a family affair, not just her and me, it was all three of us, with Dad. That’s what our Tuesday nights were… Family Fun Night…

As Susan let it sink in for a few seconds, she simply stood up and I was afraid she was going to storm out, but instead she walked over to Dad and planted a big kiss on him. This time it was Dad’s turn to be caught off-guard but he quickly gathered his composure and went with it.

After the kiss, Susan said “I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time Daddy.”

My father visibly shook when he heard his beautiful princess call him Daddy…

“And there is something else I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.” And Susan knelt down in front of where Dad was sitting and started to unbuckle his belt…

To Be Continued…

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