My New Sister Ch. 03

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I got a lot of great feedback from chapter two. So here we go with chapter three.

* * *

It’s amazing how things in life can change. For the last twenty years, I didn’t know what my half sister looked like. I didn’t know the sound of her voice or the beauty of her face. I also didn’t know that five minutes ago I would have given her one of the best orgasms of her life, but there we were, John and Jennifer, two people who shared a parent, lying on my kitchen floor naked and in each others arms. After Jennifer had climaxed, I wanted to get my fair share and cum myself, but her pussy was still sensitive and I could tell that it would discomfort her, so we just lay here, enjoying the moment.

“Have I told you that I love you, John?”

“Not for about three minutes now.”

We were lying in a spoon position on the floor. When Jennifer went to say her next sentence, she rolled half way around to face me and look me in the eye. “I want you to know that I really do, John. This weekend I’ve fallen in love with you the way that brother and sister were not meant to love each other.” I could see her eyes start to water as the realization set in. Normally, falling in love is a wonderful thing, something that you want to tell everyone about. However, sometimes you fall for someone that you don’t want anyone to find out about. Usually it’s because you don’t think that people would approve of them. “They’re not your type,” they’d say. But this was different; this type of love was banned by every moral rule in existence. If anyone found out, the couple would be outcast from society, looked down upon. Incestuous love just was not accepted, and John and Jennifer Greene would have to live our love in secret.

“Even if it means severing ties to everyone I know, I vow to keep our love alive and secret. I love you too, Jennifer.”

“You’re so sweet. I’m lucky to have such a caring and loving brother.” She wrapped her arms around the back of my neck and rolled us over so that I was on my back and she on top, straddling my waist. She lowered her head down and our lips touched. While our lips and tongues danced together, I thought to myself that this was the most passionate kiss that I have had with her during this short weekend, and it felt as if our two souls were actually connecting, becoming one great and inseparable bond. She lifted her head and, ending our kiss, moved her mouth next to my ear whispering in a seductive voice, “Horny yet? Do you want to cum?”

“Yes, I want to cum and I want to cover your entire body in it.”

“Then let’s go big boy.” I thought that she was going to lift her hips up and lower herself onto my cock, which hadn’t softened in the slightest since I made her cum. Instead, however, she did something that I wasn’t expecting. She stood up and started walking toward the hall. I figured that she wanted some old-fashioned bedroom sex but then I realized that we did that already, and she seems like the kind of girl who doesn’t want the same thing twice in such a short period. She must have seen the puzzled look on my face because she said, “I’m going into the shower. I’m feeling very dirty.” When she said the word “dirty” like a veteran seductress, I swear that my cock grew another inch. I picked myself up off the floor, keeping my composure, the last thing I wanted was to look all excited like a hyper puppy. When I met up with her in the hallway she took me by the hand and lead me to the bathroom. Upon entering, Jennifer opened the door to the shower stall and turned on the hot water and then went back outside to the hall closet to get some towels. Meanwhile, I was looking at my shower and sizing it up for sex convenience. Living in a one-bedroom apartment ensured that my cleaning area didn’t have a bathtub. Although the stall might have been smaller than I’d have liked, it was still big enough for us to continue our lovemaking without the showerhead poking one of us in the back.

When Jen came back with the towels she placed them on the sink and opened up the door. The hot water had been running long enough that a collection of steam came flowing out. I didn’t want her, or myself for that matter, to get scalded by the water so I placed my hand under the stream to test it. Finding the water satisfactory, I climbed into the shower, turned around and held out my hand. With Jennifer taking it, I eased her inside, stood aside, and watched as the warm water splashed off her beautiful skin and ran down her body into the drain below us. She looked so sexy, like she belonged in a magazine, but even if she wasn’t I would always have a mental picture to keep forever. After I deemed her wet enough from the shower, I stepped between her and the flowing water placing my hands on her hips (yes her hips, not her tits; I was surprised too) and pulled her toward me, beginning another loving embrace that had us kissing like regular lovers. I could feel the moisture on her lips and somehow I knew it was coming from her and the ambient moisture around us. I nipped at her lower lip and she returned the etiler bdsm escort favor and then we both opened our mouths and extended our tongues so that they could once again meet and dance together. We kissed for minutes on end while we alternated who got to caress the other person’s ass as well as spinning around so that we both got a direct equal dose of the hot running water.

After what Jennifer deemed enough, she pulled her lips away from mine and with her arms still around my neck she looked down at my crotch and the stiff symbol of life poking out from it’s curly hair nest. “You’re excited aren’t you?” I just nodded my head. “You want to fuck me with your long, hard cock?” Another nod. “You want your cock to penetrate my pussy and thrust in and out, bringing us both to orgasm? Well then pick me up, and pin me against the wall and fuck me harder than you’ve ever fucked anyone before. That includes your little girlfriend.” My jaw dropped, it had to. How did she know? “How did I know? I can see the reaction on your face. This morning while you were still asleep I went looking through your closet for something to wear before I decided that nothing would be best. Anyway, I found your little “Box of fun,” you know, the one with the vibrator and the ben-wa balls, oh and that little porno film that you two made. I got up really early. Anyway, I watched it long enough to finger myself to a nice cum.” My face had to be red, it had to be. “Don’t worry about it baby. I think it’s hot that you have that hot little piece of ass and still want to fuck me. You do still want to fuck me, don’t you?” I couldn’t speak so I used my customary nod. “Well then what are you waiting for?”

I shouldn’t have been waiting; I should have been fucking her. Jennifer’s back was to the showerhead so I turned us around so my back was to the water and her’s to the back wall. Reaching around and grabbing the underside of her thighs I lifted her up off the ground and like she told me to do pressed my body against hers, which was pressing up against the wall. Even though the wall had received some wetness, it was still dry enough to provide some traction and not let her slip down so easily. We were in position and everything was set. Jennifer against the wall, the surrounding steam, some ambient music would have been nice but I didn’t think that far ahead. I just needed to slip my dick into her waiting pussy. I looked at her as if to say “Guide it in baby, put my cock inside of you.” Jennifer got the message. She removed a hand from my neck and I pulled my hips away from hers to allow room for entry. Jennifer grabbed my cock about an inch below the head and pointed it toward her opening, nodding her head. I moved forward and could feel her moist pussy lips with my cockhead. Pushing forward, my cock entered her and Jennifer removed her hand from my cock, replaced it around my neck and leaned her head back, feeling relaxed and pleasured from the stimulation she was already receiving.

I pushed my member completely into Jennifer’s hungry pussy and held it there. With our pelvic areas touching we moved in together for more kissing. While our lips and tongues moved together and against each other, I started once again to remove and insert my cock from my sister. Our fucking was rhythmic, completely in harmony, and although her legs were wrapped tightly around my waist so that she wouldn’t slip down, I was still able to pull out enough with each thrust to ram back in, delivering enough stimulation to keep her content. Usually, if my cock gets teased and stimulated enough to the point of almost cumming and then left hanging, it takes forever for me to actually shoot off my load. But my sister’s beauty and sexiness must have had a different effect on me because instead of my cum moving back down to my balls, it seemed to stay right where it left off from our session in the kitchen. I was going to cum, and soon.

I kept fucking Jennifer with her pinned up against the wall. Our bodies were colliding with every movement, my balls slapping against her asshole, her tits jiggling every way possible, and moans of love and lovemaking escaping both our mouths. I moved my right hand from underneath her thigh up to her lovely left breast and started my handwork, all the while feeling the cum moving through my cock.

“Oh John, fuck me Johnny, fuck me with that wonderful fucking cock of yours. You made me cum baby, now it’s your fucking turn, oooohhh shit, fuck me baby, fuck me hard.” Normally I’d want nothing more than for both of us to cum. This time was different; I needed to get off this time, especially after coming so close the last time.

“That’s it, Jen, tell me you want it you fucking slut, tell me that you want my cock in your fucking pussy.”

“Oh, John, I want your cock, I love your fucking cock, I need your hard cock inside of me. I need it inside me, need it to fuck me, use me as your little fuck toy, I’m your fucking whore! Fuck me like you mean it!!” Her words were getting me excited and I fucked etiler elit escort her with even more energy than before.

“I can feel it, Jen, I feel the cum moving up through my balls, I’m going to cum soon, Jennifer, I’m going to cum!” The hand that was on her breast had a grip that wouldn’t let go, as if I was hanging on for life. “Jen, I’m cumming baby, you’re sweet pussy is making me cum!” Her right breast was unoccupied at the moment but that soon changed as she grabbed it herself and squeezed with the gusto that I was giving the other. Hearing my announcement, she made a request.

“I want you to cum on me, pull your fucking cock out and cum on me.”

“Say, say it again bitch, like you mean it this time!”

“I want you to fucking cum all over me, shoot your cumload all over me baby!!”

“Oooohhh, I’m cumming, Jennifer, I’m fucking cumming my love!!” Pulling my hips back all the way, my cock appeared out of her pussy making an audible pop after the head was completely out. I made a thrusting movement forward and my cockhead pushed forward burrowing it’s way through my sister’s small patch of pussy hair and slid up her stomach, stopping only when my balls rested up against her pussy. Her hand moved from her own breast down to my cock, which was then wrapped with her fingers that moved up and down just a few times before my cock exploded in a fury of white, creamy streaks. One, two, three squirts of cum-filled streaks landed on her belly and the underside of her tits. More cum oozed out of my dick but the main explosion was over and we stood motionless. Both my hands were now cupping her ass, as if to hold her up but it was I that needed the support. I decided that before I dropped her, I had better put my sister down. So I leaned down and sat her ass on the part that stuck out from the shower wall to hold shampoos and soaps and the like and then sat myself down against a wall, directly underneath the showerhead. The streaming water was once again cascading down Jennifer’s lovely body, this time washing away the cum that I had just recently placed on her stomach, but before it was all gone she rubbed as much of it into her sexy abdomen as possible.

* * *

After our little escaped in the shower, we used it for what it was meant for, only we decided that we should use it one at a time. Jennifer went first and then I washed up right after. When I got out of the shower I expected to see her in my bed, naked, waiting for another round of passionate love making. However, when I walked in my room, she wasn’t in there. After I had completely toweled myself off, I went into the living room to look for her, still naked. As disappointed as I was that she wasn’t in my room, I was even more disappointed to find her sitting on my couch fully clothed. “Get your clothes on little boy,” she said, “I got a naughty idea while in the shower.” Although I had only known her for about a day, I knew that her idea would be worth getting dressed for. I went back to my room, got dressed, and reported back to the living room. “Get your keys, you’re driving.” We got into my car and she gave me a street and an address but no name of where we were going. When we got to our destination a huge smile crossed my face as I pulled into the parking spot closest to the door. I shut off the car, we stepped out and then headed into the local adult bookstore.

I had actually been here a couple times before to pick up the toys that my girlfriend and I used and a couple of porno movies but I didn’t know the address, which is why I was surprised about our destination. We walked around the whole store, looking at every rack and every item. After spending a good twenty minutes there, Jennifer said she wanted to look around by herself and headed off to the other end toward the movies. I went back to the dildos and vibrators looking over the products, deciding which one would be quality without costing the most. I decided to just go basic and picked out a standard “bullet” vibrator that was gold in color. I went to the cashier and paid for it while Jen was still busy looking at the movies and rushed to hide it in my car before she saw that I had purchased something and inquired about it.

I met up with her in the movie section. She was looking over a group of movies in the orgy section. She said that she wanted to rent one and that orgy was her favorite subject matter in porno movies. She picked one up off the shelf and showed it to me. It looked brand new and familiar. Then, on a hunch, I put the tape back and lead her to the “arcade.” Sure as shit, there was the box cover on the now playing display and we went back into the viewing room together. I inserted a five into the receiving slot and then cycled through the channels until we found what we were looking for. Reaching our desired channel, the scene that was on was just ending and fading out and a couple seconds later the new scene started.

The scene took place in a bar, with a couch, pool table, jukebox, and the bar itself. It etiler escort took me a moment to realize that this wasn’t just any orgy scene, it was a lesbian orgy scene. There must have been twenty women, mostly blondes but some brunettes and one or two redheads. The scene started out by the jukebox in the back corner then panned to the pool table which was sprawled with dildos and vibrators of every shape and size as well as a sybian (which in case you don’t know is basically a saddle with a vibrator sticking up out of it and can vibrate hard enough to make a woman pass out). Then the camera moved to the bar where women were popping champagne corks and drinking. It took all of about ten seconds of drinking before they were excited enough to start taking off their clothes. My cock was hard as a rock in anticipation of the oncoming events and I leaned over and whispered that fact into Jennifer’s ear. She looked me right in the eye and giggled before she lifted her shirt up just enough to expose her bra and then pulled down the cups, showing off her tits. At the same time I pulled down the zipper on my pants and pulled out my cock.

I reached a hand around her back and grabbed her far-sided breast while leaning my head down and placing my mouth around the other nipple. Meanwhile, Jennifer took her hand and wrapped it around my hard exposed cock and started stroking up and down all the while watching the movie on the screen whenever her eyes weren’t forced closed from the pleasure she was receiving. I learned very early that my sister’s nipples are very sensitive and just basic titty sucking was enough to bring her to climax given enough time. Although she wasn’t yet climaxing, she was moaning load enough to compete with the noises coming from the movie screen. Jennifer altered the speed to which she was stroking my cock, starting out slowly, then working her way up to as fast as she could, then back down to a slow steady rhythm as well as changing the grip pressure on my cock. When I could feel my orgasm start to build and the cum move through my balls, Jennifer started her own orgasm, screaming louder than the women in the movie. To help the process along she slid her free hand down her pants and started stroking her pussy. Her breathing was getting faster and her back arched as the utterings of a powerful orgasm escaped her mouth.

“Mmmm, that feels so good, you’re mouth is so warm on my breast. Suck on my titty baby, I can feel it, I’m going to cum. Suck my titty baby, I’m cumming, oooooooo, it feels so fucking good, I need to cum, make me cum, suck my tits baby. Ooooooo, oh baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, you’re making me cum, oh here I cum!!” While in the midst of her orgasm, I used my hand to tweak the nipple I had a grip on and increased the suction on the nipple in my mouth, almost to the point that it turned purple. After Jennifer came down from her orgasm and her breathing slowed she pulled her hand out from her pants. What emerged was two fingers covered in her juices. She held out her middle finger for me to suck on, which I did with pleasure. When I licked and sucked off every lick of delicious pussy juice, Jennifer singled out her index finger and took it into her mouth so she could enjoy the taste of herself.

Meanwhile, me own orgasm was building up and I was about to cum. Still sucking her finger and eyeing me in a very naughty and seductive fashion, Jennifer started stroking my cock faster and after only a few short moments my cum was escaping my cock, shooting straight up in the air and landing on my sister’s clenched hand. After I stopped shooting, Jennifer released my cock and lifted her hand up to her mouth and licked every drop onto her tongue and held it out to show me before swallowing every drop. While sitting in the movie booth, enjoying the aftermath of our orgasms, the door opened up and the female clerk stood in the doorway telling us that our behavior was not allowed in the viewing booths and that we would have to make a purchase or leave. Disgruntled, Jennifer and I straightened ourselves up and walked out, back to the store floor. Jennifer told me to go back to the car while she stayed behind to buy me a present. About five minutes later she came strolling out with a black bag and climbed into the car.

“What did you get?”

“I’ll show you later. Let’s go back to your place.” I put the car in gear and headed back home.

* * *

After we got back to my place, we spent a good deal of the afternoon doing things that normal brother and sister did like have lunch, watch TV and a good old-fashioned R-rated movie. Around five I started getting very horny again which surprised me a lot because Jen and I hadn’t been doing anything sexual and the movie didn’t have any sex in it. I was just horny and I needed to fuck. I stood up and walked into my room, took the vibrator that I bought and inserted the batteries before putting it in the nightstand drawer. Before heading back out I took off my shirt and threw it aside. Walking back to the living room I was pleased to discover that the brother-sister bond between was strong enough to know that we both wanted the same thing. Jennifer was on the couch, stark naked with her arms on the headrest and her legs crossed. I smiled while holding out my hand to help her up. We walked to my room hand in hand and prepared for another round of sex.

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