My Neighbor

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About a year ago, I broke up with my girlfriend. We had been together for five years but had been drifting apart for a while. She was the last person I lived with. She was also the last person I had sex with. That’s right, I haven’t gotten laid for a year. I’ve never liked the nightclub scene and I have a hard time finding women to date.

So I’m spending a lot of time alone. And my tastes are getting kinkier. My latest fascination is with slow, teasing handjobs. The idea of being teased for an hour or two or three excites me to no end. However, I’m still not into extended denial. Not cumming just feels wrong to me.

I work as an IT Development Manager at a small corporation. I got home, changed into sweats and sat down to watch some porn. It was a long day and I was especially horny because of this gorgeous sales woman who was showing me her cleavage all afternoon.

Just a few minutes after I started watching, my sweats were around my ankles and I was stroking. I was watching one of the many videos from Rob and Jill where Jill is teasing poor Rob.

I was into it when I heard the knock. It startled me and I yelled “Who is it?” before I realized that I wasn’t in a position to answer the door.

“It’s me” said Peggy, my neighbor from a few doors down. She’s a great looking brunette, about my age. I met her last week in the laundry room and mentioned that I work on computers. She asked me then if I could help her when her computer is acting up. Since she’s never been to my apartment before, I’m guessing that’s why she’s here now. And, because it’s her, I want to answer the door.

“One second” I yell back. I pause the video and pull up my sweats. I give my cock a few seconds to get soft so that I don’t look too much like a perv when I answer the door.

She is holding her laptop. And frowning. She’s wearing scrubs which I’ve not seen before. In fact, I realize I don’t know göztepe genç escort what she does. “Hi” I say as a smile comes across my fact.

“I need to check email but when I turned on my laptop, the shitty thing wouldn’t connect. Can you check it out for me?”

“Sure” I say reaching for her laptop.

She takes a seat on the sofa as I head to my desk. I open her laptop and look at the wifi settings. Also, noticing her scrubs again, I ask her if she is a nurse.

She looks at me with a slightly unhappy look on her face. “Yes, I’m a nurse.” She says with a little bit of attitude. “Sorry I’m grumpy … suffice it to say I had to change my clothes twice at work today”.

A look of disgust moves quickly across my face. She sees it and lets out a little chuckle. “Don’t worry, it wasn’t that bad,” she tells me smiling. “But that topped off with my stupid laptop makes for a not good day.”

She heads over to my desk as I continue to check her laptop. “Can I use your computer to check my email real qui…”

I look at my monitor and see that I paused the video but didn’t minimize it. So she is seeing Jill rubbing Rob’s cock with one finger while holding a big vibrator under his balls.

I start to blush and Peggy smiles. “I love that site. And this is a great video. Were you watching this when I knocked?”

“Well, ah … .” I blush more.

“That’s why it took you so long to come to the door” she says smiling. “You cleaned up well; I had no idea until I saw this.” She hits play. We watch Jill tease Rob for 5 minutes until he finally cums. I hear Peggy say to herself “Wow, that is a great tease” as Rob starts to cum. I’m close to cumming myself.

She looks at me. “Can I try this on you? It looks like you enjoyed the video.” she says as she notices that I’ve gotten hard.


She tells she’ll be right back as she göztepe olgun escort heads out my door. She is back in 2 minutes with a magic wand vibrator and some lube.

She grabs my hand and makes me follow her from my desk to the open area of my living room floor. She pulls my sweats down and smiles as she takes them off me. She repeats with my underwear smiling more when she sees how hard I am. She pulls my hand down to get me onto the floor, and has me lay down. She moves my legs apart and sits down between them.

She places the vibrator under my balls and turns it on low. A quiet moan escapes my lips. She puts some lube on my cock and starts to stroke me. Nice full strokes that feel wonderful. Given how horny I am, it takes me only a minute or so until I feel my orgasm building.

As my moaning gets louder, Peggy lets go of my cock. “Time to start”. I feel a single finger rub up and down my frenulum. She also turns the vibrator up.

The feeling is amazing. It’s that perfect combination of teasing and contact; I know I will cum but the build-up is OMG slow.

My moaning gets louder and I start to rock my hips. She slows her finger down just a little. I can feel my orgasm, it’s so close, but I can’t get there. It is deliciously frustrating.

Peggy has a big smile on her face.

She keeps this up for quite a while. Her finger slows down a little more but she never stops. I’m thrusting my hips more strongly now and keep trying to get more contact on my cock.

I have no clue how much time has passed. She keeps gently stroking my cock with a single finger, avoiding the head. My hips continue to move and I can’t stop moaning and mumbling about how close I am to cumming.

“You are right there, aren’t you” I hear her say. I can’t reply other than to moan a bit louder and mumble a bit more.

A short time later, my orgasm göztepe şişman escort hits me like a freight train. The first stream of cum shoots as I arch my back . She speeds up her strokes and adds another finger or two. My orgasm keeps going for what feels like forever. When it finally ends, I collapse and Peggy removes the vibrator.

Peggy moves from between my legs to next to me. I close my legs and realize I have a huge smile on my face.

“Wow” is all I can think of saying.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was cool seeing how hard it was for you to cum even though I never stopped.” She looks down at my softening cock, “I think you should go clean up now and I’ll head back to my apartment.”

I sit up, look over at Peggy and tell her “You don’t have to go. Let me get us dinner or something. At least let me finish fixing your computer.”

“I’ll go home and change, I’ll be back in about 30 minutes for my computer. And you don’t have to get me dinner.” With that, Peggy walks out the door.

I’m a mess so I take a shower. When I finish my shower, I order enough pizza for two, hoping I can get Peggy to stay when she comes back.

Now that I can concentrate, I get her laptop working in no time. I’m watching tv when I hear Peggy knock and let herself in.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’m tired” I tell her. “But I feel great. What you did to me was amazing.” I pause for a few seconds, “Please, stay for dinner. I ordered a pizza and I’ll have more than enough for both of us.”

“No, that’s okay. I just want to check my email and get to bed. I am glad you enjoyed our session though.”

I try not to look sad that she won’t stay for dinner. “Your computers ready. If it doesn’t work when you get to your apartment, give me a yell and I’ll come over.”

“Thanks” she says to me as she grabs the computer and heads to the door. Just before she opens the door, she looks at me. “I’m working tomorrow noon to 8. Would you like to meet me at the hospital around 5? We can have some more fun.”

The smile hits my face instantly. “Yes, I’d love that. What hospital?”

She tells me where she works, how to get a hold of her when I get there and she heads back to her apartment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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