My Mother, Mine Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 — I wished …

Too bad my girlfriend has not offered to cook for me tonight. She has to go see a friend first, she said, and have a burger or something with her.

So now I’m obliged to have dinner with my parents. Or get some take away and eat in my room. But I hardly ever do that, because I’m paying my parents board and well, it would be a shame to pay double for a day’s meal.

So I go down and sit at the table, where my father is reading his paper and my mother is pottering about. My presence is noted, with warm affection by my mother and with a slight rustle of paper by my father.

“Come sit, Jack, we are having lamb chops with delicious new potatoes today, you favorite!”

That makes my father look up and put down the paper. While throwing me an absent-minded look over the heavy rim of his glasses, he addresses my mother. “You’re spoiling the kid, Lizz. Before you know it he’ll want to stay with us forever.”

“But,” a loving look from my mother in my direction, “you’d be most welcome, Jack, you know that, honey. The longer I can pamper my tall tree of a son, the better. It will be soon enough, I suppose, before Jane will rob me of your presence here altogether.”

That remark makes my father smirk, like I knew it would. It is the preamble to a long lecture I know by heart, about what a blessing being independent is for a young person, the benefits of making your own money – which I do, pa! — and of having your own place, culminating into his beloved story about how he left home at a young age to escape his father’s supremacy. Or no, dominance is the word he is using right now, which makes me smirk in my turn while I’m emptying my plate in silence.

“Did I say something funny, Jack?” my father wants to know.

My mother throws me a cautionary look — she knows her husband’s sarcasm and my apprehensive reaction to it. Usually I just let him ramble about, responding as little as I can, but this time it’s different. Maybe it’s what I know now about their bed habits and about that interesting collection upstairs in the drawer.

“An interesting term you just used there, Pa .. dominance,” I remark and watch my mother’s reaction carefully. Am I imagining things or did that word made her twitch ever so slightly? For my father it’s only an inducement to raise his eyebrows.

‘Interesting, you say? What is so interesting about it, Jack? Pray, do enlighten your ignorant father.”

With feigned coolness I study the next bite on my fork, before I shove it in.

“Well, it has those connotations, you know? Of tying people up, cuffing them, whipping them .. you get the picture, I’m sure.”

My father is studying my face as calmly as I just scrutinized my fork’s load.

“Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about, son. Dominance .. real dominance, has nothing to do with those impediments. They are just tools.”

The thought of the ample stock of those ‘just tools’ upstairs makes me sneer, which clearly annoys him.

“A dominant exerts his power by his innate authority, Jack, which you would know if you had any idea of what it is all about. But clearly you are as ignorant in this realm as in all others. Or let me nuance that a bit .. I do hope all those years studying the thoroughly interesting field of, what was it again? Ah yes .. the fascinating field of International Business Communication. Well I do hope that all these years of diligent study have made you at least knowledgeable in that realm. Other than that .. at your age I read papers, my son, and books. You know books? Those flat, carton covered piles of paper. You do know paper, right? P-a-p-e-r? “

“Can’t we,” my mother tries to intervene nervously, “can’t we just have a cozy family dinner? Jack is more often at Jane’s these days than here at home and .. “

Her voice trails off. One look of my father suffices to silence her immediately, which elicits a depreciatory snort from my side of the table.

“Papers .. yes, I seem to vaguely remember those .. but then again, our generation gets its info elsewhere. The internet, maybe you have heard of that, Dad? I can recommend it, it’s an endless source of information. But I know of course your generation has a bit of cold feet, when it comes to all things digital.”

“Don’t be defensive, son.”

Oh my god, there it is again, the ‘don’t be defensive’ gambit. There is no defense against that one. When you say you are not being defensive, the unavoidable answer will be “See? I told you. You’re being defensive.”

I so hate that! Almost every conversation I ever have with that moron ends like this. And although I know very well it’s his way of escaping the corner he has been pushed into, I have never managed to find a conclusive answer to that.

So I just remain silent and get up from the table as quickly as I can, to go to Jane’s. When I’m almost outside, I need to get back again .. almost forgot those cuffs! And the idea of the fun we will surely have with those cheers me pangaltı escort up again big time.

No fun. No fun at all. Let me tell you what happened.

The night with Jane was a little unusual to start with, but not in the wrong way. Not at first.

Undoubtedly she noticed that my eagerness was greater than usual. Casually touching her breasts when kissing her at the doorstep was just a bit less casual than usual. Brushing my hard-on against her hip, standing next to her at the sink while she was making coffee was a tad more pronounced. And never before had I grabbed her hair, bending her head back to kiss her passionately.

It made her utter a little surprised “oh!” , but it was not quite clear what she thought of it. It must have made her wonder though, for since that sudden prelude on dominant behavior she was ostentatiously keeping her distance from me.

So we were sitting opposite each other at the table, having a drink and I was thinking what the best strategy would be. Coax her to bed, in our usual soft way and surprise her once we are at it? Or should I mention my plans beforehand?

Jane, my sweet Jane, I must say, does seem to be a bit of a prude in daily life. If you do not know her the way I do, you would have no idea what a squirming, screaming, wriggling bitch she can be once she is into it.

So the surprise attack seemed warranted, since she would be in the mood once my cock was inside that greedy cunt. On the other hand, I was a bit taken aback by her reaction to the hair grabbing. After the preliminaries we would normally have ended up between the sheets right now, not taking a break from nothing and sit at the table like this.

But, I was telling myself, maybe the hair pulling was a bit ahead of time. Meanwhile she was watching me keenly, with a look on her face that I couldn’t quite discern. Mm, I just hoped it was eager anticipation. It did not look like it, but it felt more comfy to just assume it was.

The cuffs have found their way under her pillow already, earlier this night, on the pretense of a bathroom visit.

While sipping our drinks we have been making small talk. Now she seemed to be getting impatient.

“Is everything ok, honey?” she finally asked me.

With a reassuring nod, I hastened to tell her everything was ok indeed. “I’m just drinking in the lines of my beautiful girlfriend”, I added gallantly.

Between her eyebrows a frown emerged.

“You just seem a bit .. distracted.” Hesitatingly she gazed at me and then she seemed to make a decision. “Don’t you want me, daddy?”

Sometimes she calls me that, more for her fun than for mine because she seems to have a daddy fetish, but now it sounded strangely exciting.

“Oh yes, baby, daddy wants his little girl!” and I got up and pointed at my groin. Even in my loose pants my erection was plainly visible. She licked her lips.

“My baby wants to put her lips on her daddy’s cock?” I was smiling at her.

Enthusiastically her head started bobbing, almost as if her mouth was doing its nice job already. Abruptly I turned and walked to her bedroom, where I sat on her bed and patted on it expectantly.

“Come on, baby, what are you waiting for?”

In no time she was at my side, watching me and my bulge ardently. In our normal routine I would undress her now, lay her on the bed, undress myself and let the party begin. Now, however, I just said “Strip!”

Obviously that took her by surprise. I had never asked her to undress herself in front of me before. Prude as she is, it made her even blush deeply.

“Come on, what are you waiting for?”

Maybe not very prudent to ask her to do something like that, but now that I said it, I could hardly take it back. Plus .. I felt like saying things like that to her. The image of my girlfriend cuffed seemed to have a powerful effect on my mind.

Shyly, her cheeks still deeply red she seemed to resign. She was wearing heels, a not that short but rather tight skirt and a blouse and she made a start to sit on the bed, to pull off her shoes. My hands stopped her.

“Heels last, baby. Or wait, just keep them on. Now stand before me and show your daddy what a fine girl he has. Show me, honey.”

With half closed eyes – she did not seem able to get herself to look at me while she was doing this very unusual thing — she unbuttoned her blouse and lowered it from her shoulders. Her tits are not that big, but firm and her nipples pertly winked at me through the white lace of her bra. Her underwear is always nice, but not that exciting. I made a mental note to get her to change that. Black lace, I was musing, with half cups .. or maybe even leather, or ..

Before the whole range of sexy lingerie had passed before my eyes, she was standing before me in her panties already. While lace as well, with a little girly bow. Apparently I missed out on the skirt stripping. Too bad, I could hardly order her to put it on again.

A questioning look is on her face pendik escort now. Now what, it seemed to ask me.

“Panties last, my little girl. Show daddy those beautiful tits of yours first.”

Her hands wen to her back, but I motioned her to turn around. “Just imagine you are doing a real striptease for me, baby! You must have seen those in the movies at least, you know how they do it!”

Her moves were not smooth, a bit clumsy even; obviously she still felt shy as hell. But I wasn’t going to make this easy on her, although I was willing to encourage her every move.

Slowly her hands on her back unclasped her bra and she took it off, wavering a bit as if she did not know what to do with it. Then she seemed to remember a striptease she had seen and her moves became more confident. There was even a smile on her face when she turned around and twirled the bra a few times, before throwing it on my face.

Well, her daddy could certainly appreciate such initiatives and I cheered her on ardently. Now her hips started actually swaying.. apparently she was finally sharing in the fun with me. She turned around again and wiggled her nice round ass right before my face. Then she bent over, hooked her fingers in the hem of her panties and entrancingly slowly started pulling them down.

Tentatively I reached out and touched her, first those cheeks, then between her legs .. she is soaking wet. I’m ecstatic .. it worked! It actually worked!

Clearly she was very pleased with herself too; a big smile enlightened her pretty little face. It became a bit less wide a smile when I ordered her on her knees, but she obliged.

“Now unzip your daddy! These pants are really getting too tight; something just has to get out!”

Again she did as she was told and without further notice, she took my cock in her mouth as soon as it sprang free. While she was licking the tip and the shaft, the way she always did when giving head, I took my shirt off and grabbed her hair again. This time it did not seem to startle her.

“Take it in, little one .. just pretend your daddy’s cock is a lollipop. You love lollipops, don’t you, baby?”

Still holding a handful of her hair I directed her head as deep down as I dared — I know she can’t do deep throat, it makes her gag. It did not last long before her head started to resist my pushing her down; with a gargling, choking sound she let my cock go and shook her head vigorously.

“Don’t push me, you know I can’t do that!”

“I’m sorry, baby”, I told her, but to be honest, this interruption of my elated images of how things would evolve tonight rather annoyed me. Better fuck her now, while she was still wet. At least I hoped she was.

She was. Unceremoniously I lifted her up and I dropped her on the bed.

“On your belly”, I said curtly, while I got out of my pants swiftly.

To further my annoyance some more I saw her throw a bit of a worried look at the covers .. Oh lordy, she was worrying about her heels on her neat bed! Well, soon she would have some other things to worry about, I told myself.

Without further notice I covered her body with mine and fumbled my cock in, not that easy in this position, but I wanted to take her from behind. She loves that, I knew and hopefully it got her in the designated mood quickly.

As soon as my tip was in, she let out a soft moan and obliged by lifting up her butt conveniently and I had no trouble sliding all of my shaft in. With a deep sigh she relaxed whatever was left to relax and started pushing her hips up to meet my thrusts.

For now I was fucking her slowly, that was what would make her pant and moan and groan, until she made those high pitched sounds like a cat in heat, which would be my signal to pump her hard. This time, however, I was planning on a slight change in the routine. Chuckling to myself at that ‘slight’, I checked if the device I brought for utter bliss was within easy reach.

While my sweet pussycat was moaning and groaning under me, I sped up a little, not really slamming her cunt yet but close to it.

Ah .. there she was, meowing softly. Without hesitation I pulled out almost completely, which elicited a little protesting shriek from her. In one smooth movement I grabbed the cuffs and both her wrists and pinning her down with all my weight, I put the cuffs around them. With a loud click they were locked . Actually I would have preferred to tie her to the bed, but too late I realized that that would take two cuffs. Next time, I promised myself.

There was no instant reaction from my Jane under me. She was laying completely still .. in shock, as it turned out ten seconds later.

“What are you doing! Get them off, me, immediately! You hear? Get them off!” she creamed like a madwoman.

“Ah, honey, I just want to try something new .. calm down, those cuffs won’t hurt you! Just wait and see, I’m sure you will love it,” I was soothing her in the lowest voice I have in my repertoire.

It did not work. rus escort Totally infuriated she was twisting her body under me, fighting so hard she almost flung me off. Tears were streaming down her face and she was screaming and screaming, to GET THOSE THINGS OFF!

All that frenzy made me fear she might hurt herself, so I told her I’d take them off, if only she laid still and let me do it. At first she did not even seem to hear me, her frenzied body kept bucking, until I shouted in her ear as loud as I could “Let me fucking uncuff you, you slut, keep still, now!”

That finally did it. With trembling fingers I managed to unlock the cuffs and then I stared down rather helplessly at my sobbing girlfriend. What to do now?

I rolled off her and sat upright against the headboard, waiting for her to calm down. She didn’t. Of course I should have lifted her up right away and wrap her in my arms to comfort her, I knew that.

But I was just too appalled myself to do that. Appalled, but also considerably annoyed. She made me feel like a barbarian, a brute .. she made me feel like my father. And that was not exactly a feeling I could appreciate. So it took me a while to reach out for her.

She completely surprised me by yelling “Don’t touch me, don’t you dare touch me! Just leave me alone!”

Shrugging I got off the bed and gathered my clothes. If this was the way she wanted it, that was ok with me. I didn’t forget to grab the cuffs.

When I reached the door, my rational self got the better of me. I could not leave her like this. So I walked up to the bed and sat next to her.

“Honey … ,” I started, thinking hard what to say. “Baby, I’m sorry .. I had no idea you’d be so much against .. well, against things like these. I just thought it might be something we could explore, together, you and me. That it might add a nice new dimension to our lovemaking.”

While I was talking to her she had rolled over, staring at me through red, swollen eyes. After taking a deep breath, she said in a very tiny voice “Just leave me be for now, Jack.. I can’t talk about it now. We’ll talk later, ok?”

“But I can’t just go and leave you like that, all upset.”

“It’s ok, Jack, I just need to calm down by myself and think what we should do about .. about this!”

“This?” Now I was raising my eyebrows. “We’ll just not do it if you dislike it so much, that’s all there is to it.”

“No, Jack.” Now she sounded calm and very determined too, I might add. “Obviously there are things amiss in our relationship, if you think you can just jump me with .. with this!”

The disparaging look that accompanied her words did not help much to conciliate me. Abruptly I got up.

“Ok then, we will talk later. Try to get some sleep, I will call you tomorrow.”

And I was out.

No fun, no. No fun at all.

When I get home my stomach tells me I’m hungry, which is no doubt a reaction to the heavy emotions of this evening.

In the kitchen I find my mother still up. And she is crying. Oh my god, another blubbering female! Didn’t I have more than my share tonight!

But this is not my headstrong girlfriend, this is my mother and she has done nothing to bother you, I’m telling myself. And it looks like she can use some comfort from her big son.

So I stand behind her chair and wrap my arms around her shoulders.

“What’s wrong, mum?”

“Oh,”, she turns her head and looks up at me, “how come you are here? I did not expect you to be home, you always stay with Jane when you are seeing each other.”

“Let’s not talk about me, mum, I’m not the one crying here.” Although I could be crying easily, I feel so dismayed by Jane’s reaction. “Just tell your devoted son what makes you cry.”

As she turns her head again, I feel a deep sigh travel through her body.

“I .. I can’t tell you, it’s between your father and me.”

‘Did he hit you?” Now I’m getting angry. Even more angry than I was already, apparently. Amazing, really, I had no idea I was still this mad.

“Hit me?” Now her voice is shaking, “Why .. why would you say that? He never hits me, you know that!”

“No, mother, I don’t know that,” I say curtly. “But ok, let’s assume he did not hit you. But obviously you two had a heavy argument.”

She looks up at me again, studying my face. “You look upset. Did Jane and you had an argument too?”

I shrug. “Don’t wanna talk about me and Jane now, mum. I wanna know about you. Did he hurt you? What was the fight about?”

After a slight hesitation she gives away.

“It was about something that was missing and no, I can’t tell you what it was. Anyway, it got him so mad and I could not convince him it wasn’t me.”

Oh my god, the cuffs! He found out about the cuffs and she had to pay for it. Jeez! I can hardly tell her it was me. So I wrap her tighter in my arms and stroke her arms, nuzzle her hair .. anything I can think of to soothe my poor abused mother, meanwhile thinking how to get even with that brute, that barbarian, my father.

I’m lost in thought so deeply that I’m not really paying attention to what my hands do and suddenly I notice that those hands are accidentally brushing the side of her breasts. It startles her as well as me and I drop my hands alongside my body right away.

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