My Late Night Neighbor

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Dedicated to my next door neighbor, who inspired this with her own late night ‘activities’…


The sound of her door slamming woke me. Or at least I think that was it…it could have been her barreling up the stairs at one o’clock in the morning. I’m not really sure. In any case, it doesn’t really matter…what matters is that where I had been sleeping, I was now awake.

But I’m a reasonable fellow, and the hazards of life in the city are such that neighbors slam doors. So I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.

Long minutes passed as she puttered around in her kitchen, which abuts my wall. She was loud, even for someone trying to make dinner at one in the morning. I started to become more awake, but was still sleepy enough that I might be able to recover from my stall and go back into dreamland.

But then it started.

As I lay there in the dark, on my back, doing my level best to sleep, that noise, that insufferable noise.

Half chime, half beep…the unmistakable sound of Instant Messenger.

It chimes when you post a message. It chimes when you get a message.

And she was very chatty.

There was a wall between us, so I tried to tune it out and go back to sleep. But I just couldn’t…

Whatever she was doing, whoever she was talking to, there were these pauses between the chimes…just long enough to prevent me from drifting off, but too closely together to tune out as one longer noise either.

So I found myself lying there, listening to her.

And then I heard it…or I thought I heard something.

A moan?

Was it there or was I imagining things?

There was the chime. Then the pause…and then, YES, there it was…

A moan…

A moan?

Now, I must confess I have a dirty mind, so it didn’t take me long at all to realize what she was doing: She masturbating while she was chatting on IM.

My cock sprang to life, rendering me fully awake in an instant.

To back up a bit, I’ve wanted to fuck Jade since the day she moved into my building. Her real name is Mao Ya, but she introduced herself to me as Jade; said it was just easier on everyone that way. She’s of Chinese descent, third generation by way of the West Coast. The woman is blessed with a rather full chest for her otherwise lithe frame, and she has hips that are music when she moves. Blessed with long dark hair, fine as silk, that falls to her shoulder blades. Skin the color of honey and brown eyes I get lost in. She can’t be more than 24, and apparently just moved her from San Diego. I have no idea what she does for a living, save that she keeps odd hours.

We met in the laundry room about six weeks ago, and chatted a bit. I am pleased to report that when she caught me checking out her pile of clothe to fold – or more specifically, the pair of white cotton panties atop that pile – she actually smiled at me. A most wicked smile, to be sure.

Now that I was really listening for it, I could hear her quite clearly. Her pattern spoke to one handed typing, pausing for the occasional two-handed shift-key combo.

Who was she talking to? Who had this power to make my neighbor run home to get on Instant Messenger so she could touch herself?

Lucky bastard, I thought, as my hand stroked my cock lightly. I was fully erect, throbbing with the desire to go kick down her door and take her.

It went on like this for some moments, the two of us sharing this masturbatory moment. I drank in the sound of her pleasuring herself.

Then suddenly it stopped, and I heard her slam the computer shut. Some sort of muffled curse drifted through the wall, and I swear I heard her say, “…fucking waste my time!”

Could it be that her unseen partner had booted her offline? I had no way of telling, but since the show seemed to be over, I rolled over and tried vainly to get back to sleep.

But then she began to pace. Clearly she was as wound up as I was.

The critical difference, however, was that I had to be up for work in about five hours, and she was just coming in the door.

Well, I thought as I pulled on a pair of boxers and a robe, if I’m not going to get the show, then she gets the ‘shut up, I am trying to sleep’ lecture. Not one I like giving, because it’s never taken well. And I particularly didn’t want to have to drop this on Jade, since I desperately wanted to get into her pants. But sleep was sleep, and my boss wouldn’t care that my neighbor kept me up with her masturbating.

So I marched out the door and down the hall. Striding up to the wooden door, I paused, and listened for any sign of life. The pacing appeared to have stopped for the moment, and I swear I heard a faint buzzing, but as the clock was creeping up on two AM, I was taking no chances.

I rapped lightly on her door and waited.

After a long few moments, I heard the chain being drawn back, and the bolt being unlocked. The door opened inward silently, and there she was.

I gasped in surprise. Jade was wearing a short grey baby-tee, a skimpy pair of pink mesh panties, and nothing else. I could see every pendik escort inch of her body, and I confess my eyes feasted long and well on her full breasts, lovely legs, and sensual curves.

She spent a moment looking me over, taking in my frame in a way that almost made me wish I’d tied the robe shut.


At long last she giggled. “What is it, Will? What brings you to my door in the wee hours of the morning?”

I opened my mouth. No words came out. My brain had gone completely by the boards, swept aside in the fierce competition between my cock, which was once more fully erect, and my eyes, which simply could not stop staring.

“Will?” Her voice was soft in the half-light of the hallway.

I said nothing of course, but to my credit I did manage to shut my mouth and blink once. I think this convinced her that I had come over with a purpose because she giggled again and reached out to take my hand.

“Was I making too much noise?” I nodded dumbly. “I’m sorry, I’ll be good.” She turned to go; I watched her blue-black hair move in time with her body, like a living thing, liquid in its grace.

She was about to shut the door when she noticed I hadn’t moved. A look of mild concern stole across her pretty face. “Did you lock yourself out? Poor thing. I did that last week. Thank goodness Marty was around to let me use his phone.” Jade smiled again, a winning smile, full of warmth.

It did not escape my attention, however, that her nipples were very visible, pressed against the fabric of her baby-tee. And there was a funny light in her eyes, almost a heat.

“Come on in, and we can call the Super. I think there’s a fee for calling this late, but I’m sure he can unlock your door.” I nodded again, still stunned by her beauty, but increasingly aware of the fact that this vision was going to drag me into her apartment in short order. Wicked thoughts began to build in my brain, as it recaptured control.

“Yes, I’d like that,” I got out at last, “the phone, I’d like to use the phone.”

“It’s in the kitchen, come on, I’ll show you.” She leaned in, brushing her body against mine as she shut the door behind me. Her breasts felt like fire against my chest. Worse, she smelled amazing. For a woman who’d been masturbating only minutes before, her body smelled faintly of lavender.

Jade locked the door and then turned and sashayed off toward the kitchen. I just stood there and watched. The sway of her hips made my mouth dry, and the sight of one pert buttock peeking out from under her slightly askew, pink panties was just too much.

I must have groaned, because she turned and caught me staring.

And smiled again.

That same smile that she’d given me in the laundry room that day.

I smiled back weakly, my brain fogged with lust for this woman.

“Come on,” she said, I’ll call the Super and then fix us a drink, while we wait.” I didn’t even think to protest that I wasn’t locked out, that my apartment was unlocked. Why bother?

We went into the kitchen, where I had the distinct pleasure of watching her bend to get an address book from a low shelf. The panties were fabulous, for they concealed everything and revealed everything at the same time.

She straightened, looked at me and smiled shyly as she handed the book to me. “It’s there on the inside cover.”

In that moment, I had a blinding flash of insight and took the phone from her with a most determined look on my face. Over the next few minutes, I dialed the number, talked to the Super, and hung up – all without ever actually activating the cordless phone she gave me.

“Well?” she asked, her elbows on the counter as she leaned against it, facing me. Her legs were magnificent, resplendent with the smooth sheen of what must have been dancer’s muscles and her toffee-colored skin.

Seriously, my mind was in top form right then, despite the sleep depravation. “He said he’d come by around seven and let me in, but that he couldn’t make it.”

Pause for effect; watch the concern develop on her face.

“It’s ok, I’ll just crash out in the hallway. It’ll be fine.”

Watch for it…yep, there it is, that faint look of horror on her face at the thought of anyone sleeping in the hall.

She put one hand on my arm, her touch warm, and her beautiful face full of concern. “Oh, no, you can’t do that. You stay here with me.”

Protest…but not too hard. “No, I couldn’t. You’ve done enough already.”

“No, I insist. You stay here and I’ll take care of you.” She nodded to herself, as if making up her mind on some level. “Yes, let’s have a glass of wine and then we’ll find you someplace to sleep.”

I nodded, seemingly reluctant to accept, but conceding the obvious wisdom of her plan. She smiled again, and turned to get a bottle of wine from the pantry behind her. I watched her go, and I watched her come back, my cock twitching at the simple sight of watching her move. She’d selected a pinot noir, Smoking Loon, and I had the distinct pleasure of watching her strain to open it, her breasts moving in the most wonderful way, maltepe escort a sensual contrast to the grimace on her face.

At last, I stepped to her and put my hand on her arm, causing her to start and stop straining with her task. “Allow me.” I took the bottle and pulled the cork out, then, after letting the bottle breathe for a moment, poured her a glass.

Something about my being so close to her made her nervous, because she bit her lip and looked up at me, her brown eyes consuming mine. Jade took the wine glass with a shaky hand took a long pull.

I stepped back, not wanting to press the point too hard, and sat down at the kitchen table. She remained by countering, draining most of the glass in a few nervous gulps.

So there we were, both of us obviously aroused, watching each other.

Finally, if only to break the silence, I asked her for a glass of my own. She nodded slowly, preoccupied and then turned to her cabinet to get me a glass. Unable to find one she cast her eyes about, before spotting one on the table behind me. She made no move to come get it, however, since I was blocking the way.

It was clear that she wasn’t afraid of me, just afraid of what she would do to me if she got to close to me again.

Another long silence passed between us; I watched her shift from foot to foot, and wondered if she wasn’t doing it deliberately to create some friction with her underwear. She caught me looking, and giggled nervously.

Unable to stand the tension any longer, I decided to roll the dice. “So, Jade, what was all that … noise … you were making when you came in this evening.”

She stopped shifting, looked at me, and licked her lips. That peculiar light was in her eyes again, a haze that seemed to shimmer across her eyes, telling me that powerful emotions were at play.

“Noise?” she asked in a small voice. “What noise?” I knew then that she was playing with me deliberately. Well, two could play that game.

“Yes, noise. When you came in, you woke me up by slamming your door, then rummaging around in your kitchen, and then, after about twenty minutes, I started to hear noises coming from your kitchen.” I looked pointed at her computer.

“I’m not sure what you mean. What did they sound like?”

Jade walked over to stand in front of me. Her breasts were suddenly level with my eyes, and I could see that she was aroused; pert nipples pushed against the grey baby-tee, calling for my touch.

I looked up at her, “Your Instant Messenger for one, that’s what kept me awake, but there was something else…” I trailed off, watching her, noting that her she was breathing faster now, and that her lips were wet and full, her mouth slightly open. I could smell her at this range, and to my pleasant surprise, there was the faintest waft of sex underneath the lavender, hidden, but definitely there.

I nearly had her…

Anyway, in for a Penny, in for a Pound, right?

“It sounded like moaning, I think. Like you were using your computer, but moaning.” I deliberately let my face look mostly innocent, showing just the slightest knowing smirk.

She was quiet for a moment, leaving my mind whirling with the thought that I’d overplayed my hand; that this beautiful, sexy woman was going to ask me to leave and never speak to me again.

Then she leaned down, her almond eyes boring into mine, before moving over to whisper in my ear, “That was me. I was touching myself, teasing my pussy like he asked me too.”

Her voice was husky and full of need. It made my cock twitch just to hear her. Her breath was hot on my ear.

“So what made you stop?” I croaked. She was so close to me I could barely stand it.

I wanted her so badly at that moment, but held myself perfectly still.

“His wife came home. He broke the connection, leaving me here, hungry.”

I let one hand drift up to caress her arm. She shivered.

“Did you like it? Did you lie there and listen to me?”

I swallowed and nodded, painfully aware of how hard I was.

She leaned even closer, her body brushing up against mine, “Did you stroke that big cock of yours while you lay there listening to me?”

“Yes.” At this admission of my interest, a small shuddering moan escaped her lips, coursing into my ear and destroying what little self-control I had left.

“Did you think of me while you stroked your cock. Did you think of what it might be like to have me? To take me and bend me over the table and fuck me?”

“Uh huh…” I was frenzied with lust for her.

Her tongue flicked against my ear. “So what are you going to do about it?” she moaned into my ear. “Are you going to fuck me? Are you going to punish me for waking you up? Are you going to make me suck your cock?”

Her fingers danced across my erection.

That was it, it was too much. Any semblance of control I had left went out the window. I reached for her, hooking my arm around her waist, and pulled her onto my lap, hungrily seeking her lush, full mouth.

We kissed for what seemed like forever, my tongue dancing against hers, kartal escort before she broke contact, coming up for air. I shifted quickly, moving to nibble on her neck, tasting her sweet skin, and reveling in the way she shivered against me. I’d pulled her tight against my body, enjoying the crush of her full breasts against my chest, savoring the way her body heaved with passion.

My other hand hadn’t been idle, I must admit, running up under her baby-tee to trace its way back down across the sheer expanse of her silky smooth skin. She shuddered at my touch, and I reciprocated by moving my hand down to cup one pert buttock. Her legs straddled me, and I took full advantage as I rocked her forward with my hand, grinding her against me.

She mewed softly in my ear, her hands fluttering against my back in delight. I kept at it, using both hands now, silently cheering myself on as I felt her grow more and more aroused. I could smell her now, smell her arousal, smell her wet pussy broadcasting its need; the heady combination of her scent, her sex, and lavender almost made me swoon.

Her nipples were rock hard against my chest, pressed into me as she clung to me, her lean arms thrown around my neck and shoulders for support.

I actually stopped for a moment, noting with delight that she kept grinding against me, bucking her hips rhythmically. She’d moved her body to position her vulva against my hard shaft, and was clearly enjoying the friction.

Even as I snaked one hand down into her panties, I used the other to haul her baby-tee up and over her head. She didn’t protest in the least, raising her arms quickly to assist. In exchange, she pushed my robe down and off me.

Her breasts now confronted me in all their glory, round and full for a woman of her petite size, and blessed with dark nipples. I took one in my mouth, biting gently against the hardness, and smiling to myself as she moaned loudly.

Long, happy minutes passed as I nibbled on her breasts until she was positively frenzied with need. At last, sensing she was close, I pushed my other hand down, letting my middle finger slid past the tight bud of her asshole to rest on the warm, wet entrance to her pussy. From the way my hand was positioned, I had little access, but I made the most of it, pushing my middle finger in.

Jade shot upright, the heat in her eyes gone, swept away by a look of naked hunger on her face. She grabbed my hand and pulled me up and out of the chair, dragging to me to her bedroom.

Needless to say I did not resist.

Although I was to see it many times, in that moment, I had no sense of my surroundings until I found myself falling backwards onto her white down comforter. Before I knew what was really happened, she’d stripped my boxers off and was kneeling next to my head, the lovely shape of her ass filling my vision as her mouth engulfed my throbbing cock.

Her mouth was simply amazing, gripping me gently but firmly as she bobbed up and down the length of me. All the while, her tongue formed a warm, firm base of friction, coursing against my skin in the most delightful way.

I don’t know where she learned how to do suck cock like that, but Jade was very talented. She was possessed of an enthusiasm for it that only comes from a genuine enjoyment of the act, and I lay there for a blissful eternity, listening to the wet noisiness of her talents, aching with the need to cum, willing myself not to, forcing myself to be still and remain relatively calm.

She took this as a challenge, and began to stroke my shaft with one small hand, even as she gently squeezed my balls with her other.

It was a far better treatment than any man deserved. And, ever the gentleman, I felt obligated to reciprocate. So, after a few moments of maneuvering her so that I could remove the delightful pink mesh from her without making her stop her heavenly ministrations, I pulled one leg over and placed a hand atop the small of her back. With just the slightest touch from me, she lowered herself onto my face, filling my senses with her wonderment.

To my pleasant surprise, her pussy was completely bald, the result, I would later learn, of a thrice-weekly shaving ritual; her labia were smooth and wet as I ran my tongue down the length of them to nuzzle the tiny epicenter of her clitoris. Jade shivered and moaned loudly, her pleasure muffled by my cock in her mouth.

She tasted amazing.

I’m proud to say my tongue made short work of her, leaving her loudly crying out her orgasm as she fell off to one side, her fine hands still clutching my cock. She bucked against me, my face wet from her sweetness. I ran my hands over the wonderful contours of her ass before rolling her off of me. She collapsed onto the bed, mewling with desire and exertion as I moved out from under her to crawl over next to her. I kissed her, knowing she could taste me even as I could taste myself.

Jade writhed in pleasure and returned the kiss enthusiastically. I could feel her recovering, getting excited again, her body pressing against mine as I ran my hand down her back to cup her ass. With the other, I took a great handful of her blue-black hair and pulled gently, forcing her head up so I could nibble on her neck again. I sucked and bit a greedy path from her jaw line to her collarbone, noting with pleasure her little yips of pleasure.

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